This band is very easy to put on and takeoff. I know that i used to sell jewelry and change watch bands all the time, but this one is extremely easy and comes with a good kit to help you. I would recommend not forcing it, that will often break the little arm that helps you push out the pins.

When i first received the bracelet i loved it but couldn’t figure out how to take some links out. The instructions were much too vague and you needed a magnifying glass to see them. However, i immediately emailed the manufacturer ten yun and she immediately send me back an email with directions to a you tube video ‘how to adjust fitbit alta hr stainless steel band size’ by peer bruce. The video was very clear and i was able to make my bracelet the right size. It is very unique and i receive a lot of compliments and ‘where did you get that?’. I’m very happy with this product.

Very professional and sparkly.

I’ve owned a fitbit alta for a year and tried a silicone band—hated it—and a few different leather bands that don’t hold up for long. I received this silver white crystal fitbit band for christmas and am very happy with it. I own a regular wristwatch with the same crystal rows and always loved the look. This band is the first one that’s made the fitbit feel like a piece of jewelry. Ok, still a little clunky because of the tracker, but it’s much better than the other type bands i’ve tried. I really like that i hear an audible “click” when i snap the bands in place on either side of the fitbit. The other style of bands never did fasten all the way and sometimes the fitbit would fall off my arm. I don’t wear this when i sleep. I rate this four stars because the tool provided to take out links is flimsy and broke when i tried using it, so i had a repair shop remove the links. And i cannot comment on the longevity of the product since i just got it. Overall, i’m pleased with this gift.

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For me, this was very difficult to get the clasp open. I had to pry it off, and that is just to be able to actually put it on. Once around my wrist it was even more difficult to open the clasp. After wearing for two days, i developed a red irritation spot on my wrist from the metal. The band wasn’t tight at all and was a good fit, but the metal just didn’t agree with my skin. It is nice enough to wear to a dressy event if needed, but i wouldn’t recommend wearing every day.

Love this fitbit band i like to wear it when i go out looks dressy.

Can’t figure out how to take a link out to make it fit.

Great customer service, this band is very pretty and easy to install. When mine broke they were quick to contact me with a resolution. Would do business with them again.

This is a pretty fitbit band. . It’s jewlery and so much better than the plastic band. My husband removed links in less than 5 minutes (i bought 3 bands). If you don’t want to tinker with removing links, take it to your local jewelry shop. It’s so easy to change bands, once you understand how they come off and on. Now the fitbit fits in with my jewelry and the price is ridiculously low for the quality.

Here are the specifications for the TenYun for Alta HR & Alta Bands Replacement Luxury Color Crystal Embellishment Bling Man & Woman Stainless Steel Metal Band Strap/Bangle:

  • Compatible: replacement bands/accessory band/watch band/metal band/wristband/bangle for Fitbit Alta hr & Alta smart fitness watch (not included smart fitness watch)
  • Size: Fits all wrists sizes from 5.5″ – 8.1″ Easy install, fast folding clasp allowing for simple operation and security.(Comes with a tool, resize the band, easy adjustment)
  • Style: fashionable and fits with different outfits. Luxury crystal embellishment Bling bling personalize your Fitbit blaze with this refined Strap compared to Fitbit Alta hr & Alta
  • Material: high quality Metal material for added comfort and durability, Smooth and comfortable & made of high quality zinc alloy material with rhinestones brings you lots of compliments
  • Packaging Included: Replacement metal bands+adjustment tool TenYun warranty. Order with Confidence with a 1 year warranty for replacement or full refund without return the item
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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Difficult at first, but easy in the end – I’m happy!
  • Very Pretty!
  • Suitable for short term use