I was tired of wearing through fitbit bands while at work. I feel like this band is going to hold up. I will probably never buy another plastic band again.

Very nice product and very fast servie.

It’s like a really tiny chain-link fence watch band with a magnetic tab at the end. It often loosens itself somewhat, so i was concerned that it might not credit me for all, or at least a high percentage, of my steps, but that hasn’t been an issue. The only problem i have with it is that it won’t come off over my hand, so whenever i have to remove it to charge it, i have to disconnect the band from the watch itself. Not a significant issue, just a little inconvenient.

1 inches, but i have xl hands and can barely get this band on. Once it is on it seems to work just fine. Wish the band was a bit longer.

Love this compared to the band that comes with the fitbit. The only bad thing is the magnet sticks to everything on the outside of the band. Constantly grabs onto my desk drawer.

Feels comfortable and i like the look.

What i like is how it doesn’t make my wrist stink like the original fitbit band does, one downside is it does kind of smell weird for a metal and comes loose with vigorous movement, but nothing that can’t be managed. I recommend a larger magnet to keep its grip as well as making a longer band so people with larger hands can slide it off.

It fits great and is a good price.

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Nice quality exactly what i was looking for. Comfortable and yet still dressy.

Really like this replacement band. It’s so simple to put on/take off. I was concerned it would slip around at night since i’m a restless sleeper but it hasn’t.

Is there a larger size than large for this band?. It does not fit over my hand to get it on my wrist. I need to disconnect the band from the fitbit to put it on or take it off.

It magnetized so you might pick something up at times.

The band looks great and feels great on the arm.

This band is very nice, the magnet holds really well, it’s so much lighter and has a very elegant look.

I’m very happy with the band. The fit and finish are excellent and the magnetic closure is much stronger than i expected.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It’s like a really tiny chain-link fence watch band with a
  • Transforms the Fitbit into jewelery.
  • Way better then origins band