The app is super easy to use, and i love that it tracks sleep patterns 😊😊also, i’ve had it on for almost a whole week and the battery is still almost full100% recommend.

 i have added a video to show some of its basic functions; there are more features you can use, when you pair it with your smartphone, such as using the watch as the shutter for your phone camera. I tested the heart rate function and it gave me the results fairly quick. I like this watch’s slimness as compared to other smart watches. Charging: it was hard to remove the straps at first, i suggest you wiggle it a little- it won’t break as it is silicon i believe.

Had this tracker for about one week now. Overall i’m very satisfied with the purchase. It’s fine manufactured, good looking and fit well, even on my 10 years daughter’s wrist. The spacer, sleep monitor, heart beat are accurate. There are 7 languages options. This one also show messages, wetchat message, incoming phone call, e-mail notification and more other functions. These are the similar major functions as my wife’s apple watch. But the display is much smaller. Sometime it is hard to read the message under sun. The battery life is good so far, after almost one week’s use, the battery indicator just dropped one bar.

I have been wearing the tracker for about 12 hours now. It does track sleep accurately but it doesn’t tell you on the watch itself, you have to go into the app. This tracker tracks your steps and calories burned but you have to sync it to the app it doesn’t show in real time on the watch. But the heart beat tracker is real time. I gave i 4 stars because i would have liked for the tracker to show me calories and steps in real time , although it only takes a couple of seconds to sync to app.

I’ve never thought about using a fitness tracker before. Because most of them are too expensive to me. But when i saw this great price tracker, i decided to try it. I’ve used it for about a week now, i wear it every time when i do exercises. It works quite well, and help me to keep a more proper way in exercise s. It’s easy to be charged and the battery can last quite long time. I can see the date and time on it. It shows the step count on the screen. This tracker connect with iphone easily. The only downside part is that it is hard to pull out the charger usb.

I received this product very quickly, only 1 day after i placed the order. Less expensive than fitbit, easy to pair with my iphone, easy to check the data, nice looking. Love it~ i recommend this product.

The black and red colors are really matched. The size is great and all the data is easy to read. I bought it for myself but my daughter took it. She couldn’t wait to wear it to school.

Key specs for Tepoinn Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch Smart Watch Waterproof IP68 Color Screen Step Counter Calorie Tracker Call SMS Push Pedometer Watch for Women Men Kids:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【LCD Color Screen and Light Sensor】0.96-inch LCD Color Screen offers excellent HD image quality, 5-levels of the screen brightness can be set in app; Adopt the newest Dual-color strap, rated as one of the best gift for friends and family.
  • 【Main Feature】Color screen, waterproof IP68, heart rate monitor, activity tracker(pedometer, distance, calories), sleep monitor, alarm alert, sedentary reminder, camera remote capture, connect GPS, wrist sensor, no disturb mode, call, SNS and SMS alert.
  • 【14 Training Modes】Walking, running, cycling, hiking , fitness ,treadmill, basketball, tennis, climbing ,badminton, dynamic-cycling, yoga, football, dancing (Attention: the first 3 modes are defaulted and preset in the bracelet and can be displayed. Other 11 modes need to be set in the App).
  • 【Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Tracking】Adopt the latest HR sensor, automatic heart rate tracking without an uncomfortable chest strap, it can help you better understand your health. Automatically detect your sleep during 9:00 pm to 8:00 am, and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep,light sleep and awake time. Set a silent alarm and your tracker will wake you with a quiet vibration.
  • 【Smart Notifications】It will vibrate to let you know if your phone receives a phone call, SMS text messages and SNS messages like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc. Support system iOS 8.1 or above,Android 4.4 or above.(not for PC, iPad or Tablet,Samsung J3, J5, A3, A5, HUAWEI P8, P8 Lite).

Comments from buyers

“Amazing fitness tracker, with bonus features!
, Great fitness tracker!
, Great fitness tracker

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I love my new fitness tracker. It will be awesome, as i’ve just bought a new scale and tennis shoes too. Its time to hit my goals and my fitness tracker will definitely help me with that. I like that the band is adjustable, so it fits perfectly.I also like that i just pull off one band and plug into a usb charger to charge. I dont have to keep track of another charger.

I like that it tracks my light and deep sleep. I also like that i can see how many step i am getting each day and make a goal and intentional effort to reach my goal.

I had a fitbit blaze and it was big and bulky, and after 1 day i would have to charge it. I have been using this for 1 full week, day and night and the battery is still at 3/4 full. The pairing with my phone was simple and the app has been ok.

I got this for my daughter and she loved it. Easy to use and she normally used it for tracking her calorie intake and step counts. And it looks sleek and stylish too.

I am looking a fitness tracker for my 10 yrs old. After some research, i finally get this tepoinn fitness tracker. So far, it works great and my daughter loves it. Manual is very detailed and the seller even send out quick guide through email. I haven’t had any connectivity problems yet. The band feels comfortable and tracking looks accurate. My daughter wears it with fitbit versa at the same time. The numbers on both devices are close. The only downside i have is to remove the band for charging. It is a little hard for my daughter to remove the band so i need to do this for her.

I have been wearing the tracker for a few days now. It came with a very useful free app that you can customize your own settings and functions. I personally really like the sitting alert, which vibrates and reminds me to move around every 15mins(you can customize the time). It really helps me since i lose track of how long i’ve been sitting while i am in the office focusing on the work. There’s so much more to explore. Another thing is i like how they design the charger on the tracker itself, so no extra cable for charging, very very convenient. Definitely recommend this product.

My favorite thing is the sleep tracking. It monitors deep sleep as well as light sleep. The app is easy to read and tracks weekly so you can see your progress. I am really impressed for the price because you get a lot for the money.The heart rate monitor is pretty accurate as it matches the reading on my blood pressure machine.

I was going back and forth deciding whether or not to drop $200 for a fitbit for about a year when i saw this pop up in a fitness facebook group i’m in. I decided to try it out because it’s cheap enough i wouldn’t be completely upset if it was garbage. ————-pros:battery lifesleep trackerentertaining appcons:heart rate trackerworkout tracker over time———when i got it i fully charged it before using it like some of the reviews said. It’s been a week and it has 4/5 bars left so the battery range is pretty good. I’d say the most accurate thing is the sleep tracker. I get up to use the bathroom at night usually and it even tracks that. The one time it did mess up is when i was awake for more than an hour at 3am, then when i eventually fell back asleep it erased the previous data and said i only slept 2hrs. The app is hilarious, unintentionally. It was clearly made by someone who’s first language is not english, so there are some funny typos. For example: hiking = pedestrianism.

The tracker works great at an attractive price, and i enjoying using it. It does everything i need with a clear and easily-accessible user interface in both the tracker itself and the app that can synchronize data with ios health. I can gets alert and can read text messages / imessages directly (i turned off the e-mail alert, but that is also available) from the screen of the tracker, which is in color. The band is comfortable and good-looking. A firmware update was available the first day i received the item from mail, so be sure you check for available updates through the app from time to time.

It seems to do okay with sleep tracking, telling time, going off when i get a call/text and telling time, but i bought it so that i could measure my calories burned throughout the day and it doesn’t accurately measure my steps. Update – they got in contact with me and send me a new one.

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I thought this might be a chincey wearable that would break or stop working after a few months. Still in great condition after two months. That and battery life are the only two things i care about so i cannot speak for the heart rate and any app functionality. With the heart rate function turned off, i can use it for pedometer function only for about 10-12 days.

Overall this is a great product and i continue to use it daily. The step counter, exercise tracker, etc is great, and it really gives what i need. The only reason i am giving it a 4 star is because of the heart monitor. It is generally accurate, but not very consistent. It tested it against a polar heart rate monitor that came with the chest strap, and it had a 10 to 20 pulse accuracy diff compared to the polar. However that was only generally when sitting or not very active. Once i got active, or on a treadmill, the heart rate monitor on the tepoinn was all over the place. My polar was matching the treadmill monitor at between 155 – 165, while the tepoinn said i was exercising at a 128. Again it is semi-close, but i do not recommend this to anyone with a heart condition or arrhythmia that needs it accurate. I would still buy it again for my personal use, but not for someone who needed the heart rate accuracy monitor.

I bought this activity tracker after looking around for one for some time. Let me just say it’s perfect for my needs. I can track my sleep, steps, exercise activity and what i truly love, i receive notifications from my work email, fb messenger, etc. Without having to look at my phone. 5/5 for exceeding my expectations and at such a great price, wow.

Before i start a review, i am a dental student, and i deal with many patients from day to day. Recently i wanted to track my heart rate, so i decided to give this tracker a try. All i needed was an accurate hr reading, so my review is solely focused on the hr. I tested this device with an oximeter that i use during my practice and surprisingly everytime i read my heart rate it matches with an oximeter. I am confident with my activity tracker, and i am happy with my purchase.

I love that they price it this low yet it offer comparable features with the expensive brand f*tb*t, you know what i am talking about. The steps count is pretty accurate, it monitors your sleep and your heartbeat. I love to swim and the fact that this watch is waterproof makes it perfect for my lifestyle. For a bonus, this watch also supports smart notifications, meaning it will alert you if you receive call, sms, social media notification etc. The only downside is it is hard to pull out from the band. Maybe because this is waterproof that’s why they have to make it super tight.

It’s an okay fitness tracker, you get what you pay for. There are several things i dislike and i have only had it for a few days. The accuracy of sleep tracking is completely off. I fell asleep around 9:30pm one night and the tracker shows i fell asleep close to midnight. It can definitely use some updates. For example, i want to edit my sleep time to reflect the correct start time but the app doesn’t have an option to do that, unless i’m missing it?. The instruction manual is awful. It’s pretty much written as if english is a second language for the manufacturer and there are so many typos, it’s very frustrating to read. Battery life seems okay, i’m not having to charge it every other day like my fitbit.

Amazing fitness tracker, with bonus features, i love that this fitness tracker does more than just count my steps and sleep patterns. It has great features of telling you when you get texts, phone calls, and alerts on all of the main social media sites. It also can be linked to your camera on your phone. Hard to believe it does all that for the price.Works seemless with my iphone. The step count seem pretty accurate to what im actually walking. No complaintsjust a heads up: when you get it you need to charge it right away to activate it. Pull harder than you think on the bands and then insert it directly into a usb charger. It charges quick but it took me a while to figure out what i was supppsed to do, it has instructions that says this but having never inserted anything that looks like the hub of this tracker directly into a usb i didn’t know what to do right away.

I wanted to try one of these at a decent price to see if i would invest in a more expensive one. This watch has everything i wanted. I can’t beleive it was only about 35. It’s waterproof, reads everything from my i pad. Averages everything for me, comfortable. I have a small wrist and it fits perfect which is unual for my wrist. Lots of room for larger too. Tells me if i have a call or message on watch and then i answer it on my phone.

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This is a great fitness tracker and a nice watch. This watch, fitness tracker is very well made. The battery charge lasts for days and charges quickly with a usb port. This is my third fitness tracker, so i have tried a couple and this one is one has left a very good impression.

Very happy with this tracker i bought for my pre-teen son. He likes the cool/ sleek look and comfort of the material. It’s a breeze to charge and sync. The colored display is easy on the eyes. The app is self explanatory. I love that it tracks and analyze his sleep (a bonus, in addition to tracking exercises). The battery life is surprisingly long after 24/7 wearing. Heart rate sensor tested against an iwatch, same result exactly. Overall a satisfied customer.

Super comfortable and stable. The design of the closing is really nice because there is a small button which can hold the extral watch band stable without moving. Easy to wear and keep it stay comfortable on the hands.Functions are just like the descriptions on the page. Charging is easy and the battery feels should stay long.

Overall it works as expected and as one should anticipate as well. Visually the tracker looks sleek and one thing that i noticed is while being under the sun (make sure the brightness is set to the max. . ),i can still see everything clearly and legible to understand. Its waterproof but i personally like to still be careful about making the device wet. My readings are accurate to my perception and experiences so far not just during fitness but also with the heart rate monitor as well. Upon working out with the tracker and sweating,during my resting phase,i try to clean the sweat from my wrist,just to keep things extra clean and i also want to protect the trackers sensor as well. I would advice to keep the app installed in the latest version just to enjoy a more ‘error free’ approach and to avoid the crashing of the app. The previous version at times forced close on me but i updated it to the latest version and its even more stable than before. For the first time use,i would advice you to charge it for at least 5 hours to keep the batteries in tune to adapt but after regular use,it last me roughly 8 hours on a single charge. Be also careful of removing the straps to the side to put the tracker to charge as you can damage it if its not used correctly due to the pins.

The band is very well made and was very easy to setup. You would have to take off the bands and plug the device into usb power port to start the sync process just like it’s mentioned in the guide. Build quality is good and the app provides good details like anybother fitness trackes.

I wasn’t expecting this fitness tracker to be very accurate consider how cheap it is compared to other options however i was pleasantly surprised. I first tested the heart rate monitor and compared it to the monitor built into my samsung phone. Both devices read exactly the same. That sold me instantly and after a week of use i am loving this thing.It’s very comfortable and it tracks everything accurately. I will be using this to track my heart rate during bike rides and training sessions a lot. There’s really no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fitness tracker when this thing can do it all for 40 bucks. I highly recommend you give it a shot.

Really a nice product who likes to workout and record their activities. I really like the various inbuilt activity modes. The size is apt and no too big or not too small on the wrist. Operation is not too difficult as well. Once anyone goes through the manual that comes along with the product, one can easily get a hold of the tracker. Overall, i feel its a great product for around 30 bucks.

I receive my refund today in full 3/4/2019. They charge me $8 for the refund. Basically my wife did not like the style. The strp countervis inacurate. I walked 10 steps and counted 27, the quality of the material is ok for the price. I did not liked the screen it display only 1 second.

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