I bought this rather skeptically. I didnt want a cheapo pedometer that would break, but i didnt want to spend too much either. I read most of the reviews, both good and bad. I ordered this timex pedometer almost a month ago and i am more than pleased w/ it. Dont be discouraged by the one star reviews other people have written. Is the pedometer 100% accurate?. No, but i find it hard to believe anything could count exactly every step you take w/o being attatched to your shoes. Any pedometer is a device meant to give a good estimation/approximation of steps taken. This is a great, reasonably priced pedometer. I wear it on the waistband of my pants while at work and it stays on through constant movement, scraping against things and exposure to extreme heat and cold. The package even included an extra battery, which by the way, i havent had to use yet.

It’s hard to snap open to check the number of steps–my fingernails get chipped trying to pry it open. If there is a release button, i haven’t found it. Also, it doesn’t always record all steps, especially on unlevel terrain. It records accurately when i am walking on a treadmill however.

Inexpensive, easy to set and is very accurate. I have purchased the same pedometer in the past and found it to be durable, simple in design and accurate. No need to spend a lot of money to stay fit. I put this on every morning and get to check out my activity at the end of each night when i take it off.

I use this to keep track of the miles i walk and it does the job.

This is my second timex digital pedometer and after a lot of research due to breaking because of mishandling my last one during a move, i can tell u quickly buying something else was a big mistake because the first one i replaced it with wasn’t even close to this quality and cost way more so i returned it and continued to try and find something comparable to the timex and after several attempts w/others (all name brand & pricey) i was so ready to get back on amazon and order another timex pedometer. It is a fantastic pedometer and gives me the modes i need and by it having a cover there isn’t any way it ‘s going to have any buttons accidently pushed.

However, i gave this to my mother as a christmas gift and it broke not even a week after receiving which is why i didn’t give it the top rating. However, it received 4 stars because of the excellent customer service i received. I contacted the seller and explained to them the situation. About a week later they got back to me, apologized, and agreed to send me another one. Since i do not live with my mother anymore i requested to have it shipped to her address in another state and they got it to her within a week. Great customer service and great product once i got it one that worked.

Had to lower my stride length setting twice before it would read even somewhat accurately. It looks and feels to be very cheaply made. For someone like me, not a serious walker, it is okay, but if you are really into walking i suggest you might be better off spending a little more for something better.

Key specs for Timex Basic Pedometer:

  • Counts steps
  • Tracks distance in Miles or Kilometers
  • Calculates calories burned
  • Easy to read display
  • Includes spare battery.

Comments from buyers

“Takes a Licking And Keeps On Ticking
, But, they break
, Perfect simple pedometer!

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This little gadget does pretty well for the job it is designed to do. The reason for 4 stars is with a couple of small issues i’ve had with it. A couple of times, i thought the cover was shut, but it needs to click to make it run. The other slight problem, that even though everything was in place, it just didn’t record my steps. This has happened only once or twice, so just be careful where the pedometer is placed and if it’s closed properly. Having said all that, the rest of the time, it has worked well, counting the steps properly. It’s a great aid for those who don’t want all the other data that comes with the more expensive models. I would buy this again, for the price and simplicity of use. Try it and see if you agree.

I walk every day for 30 minutes. This item did however arrive with ‘a dead button battery’. After i replaced the button battery, the pedometer has worked just fine. Don’t ship new timex merchandise with expired dead button battery in it.

It has settings for your weight and your stride. So it does take a bit to set it up, but when done, it keeps pretty accurate distance. We have used these on cruise ships and have found we walk about 5 miles a day. With it set properly, it can read out distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burned. The calorie counter is especially nice as when you are on a cruise, there is a huge tendency to indulge in the food. Knowing how many calories you burned by walking around the ship lessens the guilt when dining. Therefore i always wear the pedometer on the cruise ship. Unfortunately i wore it when i went swimming, and it quit working. Since the pool was fresh water, i unsnapped the back and rinsed it out really well.

I love using a pedometer, especially when tracking my steps each day — and trying to keep track if i can make it to 10,000 or more. I like this one because it closes and is straight forward. I don’t need to know how fast i was talking (that’s for the gym, or when i’m using my runtracker gps app on my phone), this is just for steps. I’ve been using this style for at least 4 years now (because of using it so much, or better yet — abusing it, i’ve had to purchase more than one) and am happy that i can just jump on amazon to order one.

This is a sensational pedometer. It has a cover so you do not mistakenly hit the reset button. It is accurate and has a convenient clip on feature. It is the best pedometer i have owned.

This is an excellent pedometer, simple to use, very accurate, holds on to your belt securely, it is also easy to replace the battery, i would recommend,.

I have owned two timex t5e011 pedometers and liked both. But i think i will try a different brand this time. ‘ both were maintenance free, easy to use and to read, reasonably accurate, and, importantly for me, provide an incentive to walk a bit more than i would otherwise have done. Each week i record my steps, and a couple of times a week i check to see how i am doing. For accuracy, i once borrowed my wife’s pedometer (an expensive sports model) and wore both for a week. The two differed by only 5 steps. One important thing about using the timex t5e011 is to be sure to wear it on your belt or waist band above the back of your hip. I had it on the side of my hip one week and was disappointed that it had counted only maybe 1/10th of my steps. I tried it above the left corner of my left hip pocket and it has been fine since.

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But it really does what it’s supposed to do, for a very good price. When a physical therapist suggested i get a pedometer, i first tried the cheapest thing i could find from my nearest ‘world’s largest private employer’ outlet. Well, it might have had the same basic chip inside; i don’t know. The trouble was this: the buttons were exposed, so there were several times that the ‘reset’ button was accidentally bumped. That isn’t a problem at all with this little thing. It is very light, but seems sturdily put together. It is very easy to learn how to use, as it isn’t cluttered up with extra features that i don’t need. Overall, i’d have to say it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Bought this to track my movement. Nothing fancy, but works well. It stays on, does not get accidentally reset, and based on comparisons to other pedometers, seems to read pretty accurately.

We are firm believers in the 10,000 steps a day fitness routine and find we really are more active when we can keep track of our steps. When we don’t get enough we can hop on the treadmill for more. It’s a fun, competitive family activity and you would think modern science and technology could give us a simple pedometer that is reliable and that works. After trying to get by with the ‘sportline’ brand of pedometers as sold at dicks, target, and elsewhere for some years, we would find these to frequently need batteries, show false counts, and the clips to break off. Then in frustration, we came to amazon and tried the timex pedometer. After using one for 3 months, we just bought another one to replace a sportline that quit and wouldn’t work even after a new battery. I don’t know about pinpoint accuracy or some other fine points like the other functions i don’t use, but if you want a good basic pedometer, you can’t go wrong with the timex brand. If these are like my watch they should last for years. The clips look rugged enough to last as well – a pet peeve of sportline plastic clips that frequently break off making the unit useless.

I had to download instructions off the internet because what came with the pedometer was such small print it was hard to read but that’s my only complaint.

Use it for walking, counting steps. It was easy to understand as to getting started. It was easier for me to use.

I’ve been using this every day for 4 or 5 weeks now. Every time i have counted my steps and compared to what this pedometer says it has been very close. It’s easy to use and i have not found any issues with it.

It’s a wonderful little pedometer, but it’s plastic body can take just so much stress on the belt and will finally give out. I’ve had three and even with ‘babying’ they have both given all—and the belt clip breaks. Timex should put a metal clip that will last. These have got to made stronger so the machine will last. Timex once said,’takes a licking and keeps on ticking’, about their watches.

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I had another model that needed to be calibrated but it was so complex that neither my husband nor i could figure it out. This is simpler, but i suspect less reliable. I’ve worn it for about ten days and comparing its total with my mental idea of my activity level, i think it’s fairly accurate for the price. I dropped it after a day or two and it rattles, but it still seems to be working fine. I find that opening it to check the read-out is a little tricky for me.

I was looking for a decently pedometer at a decent price to assist in my exercising. I’m sure if you buy a very expensive pedometer, it’ll make this one seem very insignificant. But for the everyday man/woman who wants to get an idea of how many steps or calories they burn, this is a very good product. It’s sturdy, it’s fairly accurate and it’s a good price. I’ve had a few friends buy a $5. 00 pedometer at walmart, but they feel very cheap, fall off constantly due to weak clip, and are either very sensitive or not very responsive. This pedometer is a good balance between price and (good)function.

I have been using the timex t5e011 pedometer for several months now, recording my total steps as part of my health program. I run and walk on a daily basis. I even washed it with my running shorts (a common problem). I only had to replace the battery. Easy to open cover protects buttons from resetting. A big benefit over expsosued button models. Accurate measurement of steps will walking and running, both on the street and on a treadmill.

This is the 3rd 1 i bought over the last ( i think ) 6 years. 1 lost, 1 as a gift and 1 i used for the 6 years. The 1 i used went through the wash, i opened it up took out the battery and set it in the sun for that day. I then replaced the battery and used it for another 3 years. It then just lost it’s mind and would not work right. So i ordered a new 1 and don’t expect to have to replace it for 5-10 years. That is if it don’t go over the side of the boat. I did try others and always found fault and returned them. Simple, accurate easy to program and logical.

Hi: i had my daughter order me this pedometer. The best one i ever used in the last 20 yrs. It’s the most easiest pedometer to set up. The only complaint i have with it is the clip broke off after a year. So instead of tossing the thing in the garbage i used my imagination. I took a piece of cotton material and hand sewn a pouch for the pedometer. I measured it so the pedometer would fit tight in the pouch. Then i hand sewn a strip of velcro on the flap to keep the pedometer from falling out. Hand sewn the chip clip on the back side of the pouch.

It’s tough, easy to set up, and easy to see your progress. I wear one all day every day and they last me about two years. Other pedometers typically last me around a month.

I had been taking a walk that i thought was about 2 1/2 miles. The ironman said ‘naw, more like a mile. ‘ disappointing, but most likely true based on the time the walk takes. My fastest stride is a stroll. I had measured it at 17 inches which would give a little more distance than the 1. 5 on the meter would, but wouldn’t make up the difference between 1 mile and 2 1/2.

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