It is really cute i loved it. The first time i put it on one of the bands broke. I wear a small band on the fit bit. I wish it was a little larger so it didn’t leave impressions on wrist. Will have to figure out how to make one.

Makes me feel like i’m wearing jewelry and not a fitbit. Make sure you measure your wrist and get the right size.

I love my band it’s beautiful. I will have to tighten it a little. Overall it’s a heavier than i thought it would be which makes it feel strong. Shipping was great price was great. It’ll look great to wear for a dressed-up evening.

It mixes well with bracelets and doesn’t look like a fitness watch when you are dressed – like at work or out.

It lasted for a over a year. Not sure if i am going to keep my fitbit or not.

This is a great gift item if you know a female friend that wears the charge2 fitbit. The band seems like it may be small but is actually a stretchy cord that will hold the fitbit close enough for the heartbeat tracker to work. The band is attractive and just sparkly enough to wear with either casual or a dressier look. For an added look we twisted the band once and personally i think it enhanced the look. Check out the photos if wearing it regular and then with a twist. One note, the grey one i think would have looked better with the silver connectors rather than the black but that is just my personal taste.

It makes it possible to wear my charge 2 with out looking like i’m at the gym. My only quibble is that the color wears off the fake pearls. The stone beads are great and will last forever, so i’d prefer it if it were all stone and crystal.

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I love the gem band, though i keep loosing one of the gem. I keep having to reconnect it. The silver turns my wrist really black. Other then that it seems to be ok. I srill have to try the other one.

This is a nice fitbit bracelet. It fits well, not afraid of it slipping off and it makes the fitbit look expensive. There are two things i noticed about the product that keeps it from being a five star. When my package arrived, the box was half opened and the bracelet was misplaced. The bead that hangs from the bracelet has fallen off twice but i have been able to tighten it and so far so good.

I like it much better than the basic band that comes with charge 2. I feel like its getting looser on my wrist but it could be due to losing weight, or it could be from stretching out each time i take it on and off but it still makes contact where it needs to for the chrarge 2 to work.

However, after only a few weeks the elastic part holding the band started unraveling, so i had to get a different band.

Love how these dress up my fitbit for work or going out.

Cute, but too big for my wrist. My fitbit won’t read my pulse, because it’s too big. Here are the specifications for the Tomazon for Fitbit Charge 2 Band:

  • Kindly Notice:The recommended wrist size is between 5.7 inches to 6.9 inches, for larger or smaller wrist, maybe it works too tighten or loose; so please measure your wrist before purchase
  • Fashionable handmade beads crystal bracelet wristband for Fitbit charge 2; 3 colors available: Pink, Gray and White; Package inclued watch band
  • Only Made of high quality natural stone, durable elastic rope, unique stylish, smooth, comfortable, beautiful colors, feminine and elegant looking, increase your beauty, enjoy your life
  • Round band stretch over the hand and fit snugly around the wrist, no buckle needed, comes with the adapter on the band, no tool needed, easily to take on / off
  • This stylish watchband is perfect for girls and women and is a good choice as an exquisite and shiny gift for any occasion:Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s day etc
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Only lasted for a couple of weeks. I loved the way it looked but it stretched out and the rubber bands broke way faster than the should have.

Can’t comment much on how durable it is because i just received it but the looks and fit alone i love it and highly recommend it.

I am super sad i had to send this back, the sizing was bigger than what was described but it sure was cute.

Cute and stays, but the clear beads rub on the colored round ones and rub the color off. Maybe when putting the beads on it would be helpful if this was considered. The hanging bead has stayed on, but the ‘hanger’ it dangles from has tarnished to a copper color in just a week. Update: the stretchy string is fraying.

This is one of the cutest fitbit charge 2 bands that i have every purchased. I’ve received several compliments when i wear it out. It’s easy to attach and looks great.

I was super excited for this product. It took a while to get delivered, but it was worth the wait. I wanted a band that looked cute for work and not sporty. The beads are not cheap material and are sparklie. The clips that connect to the watch are sturdy and do not unclasp on their own. My only concern with this product is the band. The band is made of two strands of thin elastic. I am hoping that it will last and they won’t pop. Update: two months before it popped.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is a great gift item if you know a female friend that
  • Love it!
  • Cute and stays, but the clear beads rub on
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Received this band about a year ago. It is comfortable and stylish. The only issue i have is some of the beads are starting to fade from normal wear and tear, but it still looks beautiful. I recommend that they use more glass beads instead of painted so it lasts longer.

It dresses up my fitbit so it’s not so bland looking. Everyone thinks it’s just a bracelet. It’s not too dressy but can work for casual or dressy.

I’ve only had it for a week, but love the way it looks & the elastic band does not feel flimsy.

Gorgeous bracelet – and very easy to get on and off. I have issues with other bands i’ve ordered from other companies.

This beaded band is perfect for everyday wear. The charge 2 is somewhat bulky for my small wrist and this band makes the device look and feel less bulky. I have the pink and i get compliments all the time. I will be ordering the other 2 colors.

Bought it as a gift-twice-nice but breaks within about 2-3 months. Not worth it but user did use it every day and maybe was rough on it. Cute but not for daily use (unless you want to buy a new one every few months). Would not buy again-not worth $20.

Would have given it a 5 but it was tight. Love it – just wish there were size options.

It’s pretty but my wrist little and my fitbit did not look good.

I switch this out with my regular band for special occasions and even to work and i really like it.