Way too big and doesn’t have a clip to wear anywhere else except your shoe. You also cant return this item so purchase with caution.

Very easy to set up for first time use, 5 minutes or less to set everything. The hardest part was reading the small print in the instructions, but i followed everything written and it worked the first time. The unit is extremely lightweight. I cannot feel it at all on my foot, and the color blends in enough with my shoes (basically white) that no one really notices i’m wearing it unless they are staring at my feet. I took a short walk and counted my steps while i walked, compared them to the pedometer and it was spot on. This will certainly help me track my steps.

This is the best pedometer i’ve ever owned and over the years i’ve purchased several only to lose it within a month or so. Having the pedometer placed on your tennis shoes makes this pedometer so extraordinary. I don’t belief i’ll lose another pedometer — this pedometer is secured with a shoelace on your favorite walking shoe. One thing i suggest is to lace it on the third set of holes so this way it doesn’t move around and stays in place very securely. Also the pedometer is accurate and for me that is extremely important. Don’t hesitate to order the pedometer — you will love it.

I needed something i could strap to my shoe at a reasonable price and this walking pedometer fits the bill superbly. I thought i might have to buy two of them – one for my walking shoes and one for my hiking boots – because they are a slight nuisance to unlace them from one set of shoes to put them on another. But my husband had the perfect solution. Instead of threading my shoe laces through the side slots, i thread an extra lace through the slots on the pedometer and tie the pedometer to my ankle. It stays in place and keeps perfect record of my steps. Best of all, i can now take my shoes off and put on slippers and still keep track of my steps.

My fitbit broke, so i got a garmin fitness tracker. The garmin was not tracking steps like my fitbit, so i bought track4life to see how accurate the garmin was. Guess what, i like track4life way better than fitbit and garmin.It is so easy to use, just thread it threw your shoe laces and hit the reset button each morning when you put your shoes on. The track4life counts steps just like my fitbit did and the numbers are always showing. My only suggestion would be to make the device black, so it blends into the shoe better.

No brainer for step counting. You attach once, steps are counted and you can menu through for distance. I reset every night so i keep a daily tracking. It appears to be very accurate comparing against friends apple watch step counter. I only need step counting so anything more is over done.

Track4Life Walking Pedometer Multifunction Shoe Lace Step Distance Calorie Counter from Splash Proof Running Health Activity Fitness Accurate Tracker. Great Measuring Your Exercise Progress!

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE, attach it to your shoe lace instead of your pocket or hip, run or walk Freely, It will track every single step without miscounting, so you can enjoy your exercise worry free. Note: the device is meant to be worn towards the user. Please refer to the user manual for precise instructions on how to use the device correctly.
  • GREAT GIFT for that person that likes to walk or run on a daily basis, they would just love the convenience and ease of this practical sports device. Backed by our 24 month No questions asked Guarantee!
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Step, Distance and Calorie counter helps you have complete information of your improvement and be motivated to go further each day!
  • MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS ACCURATELY, keep track of your daily walking routine with the Track4life Pedometer. Accurate and easy to use, unlike pendulum or 3D designs, this reliable device will always show the right step count.
  • ALWAYS READY, just attach it to your favorite shoes and it will be there when you need it, you donĀ“t have to worry about misplacing it, and enjoy your Favorite Outdoor Activities while measuring the Calories you burn, or the Distance you covered!
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I don’t own a fitbit, and i wanted to keep track of my steps, both inside the house and wearing my ‘outside’ shoes. I love this tracker for ease of operation and for reliability. I have 4 of them so i don’t have to take them on and off the different shoes i wear.

All i wanted was a simple pedometer and i really love this one. You have to unlace your shoe and lace it up again with the pedometer in the middle facing the right way. I think it’s greatly accurate and does exactly what i wanted it to do. No bells and whistles just a great little gadget.

This is the best for counting steps. Bought this one for a friend.

I am very happy with this pedometer. You will be surprised how many steps one takes each day without realizing it. It also measures how many miles you walk and how many calories you burn. The seller also contacted me with tips on how to use it properly and i did not ask. I thought that was great customer service. I am a hairdresser and wore it to work and all my co-workers wanted to know how many steps i took just in a days work. That just shows you how much fun i am having with this pedometer.

I love the fact that yiu can lace it to your shoes. It doesnt flop around and it doesnt make clicking noises whenyou walk.

Would have given 5 stars, if this would have been able to clip to the shoe strings. With it lacing on, you can’t move it to other pairs of shoes very easily.

I love it, i didn’t want to wear anything on my arm to track my steps so this worked beautifully the first day i receive it i counted my steps and then look at my track4life and it was dead on it. So far it has been wonderful i would definitely recommend it.

I finally found a good pedometer. This fits on your shoe and you don’t even feel it there. I find it to be accurate, durable and motivates me to reach a goal each day. Log some steps on my pedometer – i’ll take the stairs. Would highly recommend this product and the seller who sold it to me.

It is easy to use just put it through the shoe laces and start walking. It is so light that you forget it is on your shoe. The numbers are clean and easy to read. It is easy to set and reset. It also tells you everything you need to know about your steps. The walking pedometer tells you your steps your distance traveled your calories burned. It works great and the cost is very reasonable. The customer service department is great and very helpful if or when you need them. This is a great company to buy from.

So i guess i didn’t realize this was metric not imperial so i had to convert my stride length and weight all into metric measurements which was fine, i walked around the house and it counted every step. I’m taking it to work tomorrow and since i’m a nurse and run around all day it will be put to the test, i’m going to compare steps against my iphone and fitbit, and i’ll update this review on how it performs. So far though seems to work good, fits my shoe fine and wasn’t uncomfortable or too noticeable, it does make a clicking sound while walking.

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So far i love it, especially for the price. I put it on shoes that i basically live in 95% of the time so i catch the majority of my steps. I have counted steps to check its accuracy and will say it is fairly consistent. Sometimes just off by one to two steps so i just aim my goal higher to make up for the extra counts. While i do like the product, it does miss out on steps in the morning and at night when i do not have shoes on. Also i’m not sure it will work for someone who wears several different shoes during the week because it would be tedious to move it to different shoe laces. And it would not work with shoes that do not have laces so take that into consideration.

Track4Life Walking Pedometer Multifunction Shoe Lace Step Distance Calorie Counter from Splash Proof Running Health Activity Fitness Accurate Tracker. Great Measuring Your Exercise Progress! : The first thing i did with my tl-16 was compare its accuracy with another pedometer that i had purchased at one of the big box retailers by simply walking a known number of steps while wearing both pedometers. The tl-16 was more accurate than its predecessor. Be sure to read the operation manual that comes with it. The most common mistake is to fasten it to your shoe with the pedometer facing in the wrong direction. The numbers on the step counter should be right side up (readable) as you look down at your shoe. The second common misunderstanding is that the pedometer shuts down automatically when you stop moving, but once you take your next step it powers up again. Don’t be concerned if the display window goes blank while you are motionless. I’ve received two emails from the supplier since purchasing the tl-16, one of which included faq about the pedometer. Have only used the step counting mode since that is how i set my exercise goals for now, but there are modes for distance traveled and kcal expended as well.

I really like this product and simply use it to track my steps. Honesty i didn’t realize it went on shoe laces even thou. It says as much in the description. So i was actually bummed about that because i wanted to place it in a pocket or hook to my waist however i am used to it now and really love it and at least on a shoe lace there is less chance of loosing it. I haven’t used other functions yet but for simple step monitoring this product works.

This is the 3rd pedometer that i’ve tried/purchased in less than 2 weeks. It is the only one that has total accuracy (the other two were a wrist band style and the lanyard style, both of which were very inaccurate). For the money, you can’t go wrong with this. But be sure to set your stride for best accuracy.

We tried many pedometers on amazon’s website this one like the other ones is accurate to a point. None of these truly count your footsteps perfectly they’re always off by a little bit it seems to be that way we found this one to be the most accurate or closest to the steps that you actually take. Sometimes it freaks out when we removed it from the shoe shaking in a little bit and it’s adds a few extra steps but it seems to be working ok, it is like a three or four star item, we think it’s worthy of four stars and hope it’s review helps others if anything changes will update. So for the price which was about $16 is about right for the quality of the product and the accuracy that it does deliver. Another good point on this one is that it is able to be worn when it is raining3. We feel the construction is well-made on this item compared to the many others.

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It came with a spare battery, l1131f. Foolishly i bought the amazon recommended cr2032.

This shoe-style pedometer is easy to use and doesn’t self clear easily which is a good thing. It works best with athletic shoes/laces. I like it and would recommend it to others. I bought this because i cannot wear a fit bit and this is a good alternative and relatively inexpensive. Much better than a pedometer you wear at your hip.

I love this little pedometer. It’s fun to have it on my shoe. I couldn’t take one on my belt, the things just kept popping off, landing on the ground or worse. This little dude sits on my shoe and away we go. And equally important, the customer service with track4life is top of the line, as good as it gets. You will top quality personal service.

This item is worth the extra dollars to purchase. I’ve used many free and cheap pedometers and they are not as useful or accurate as this one. My only comment is that i use this for indoor athletic and dance aerobics and i’m not sure about the accuracy of the counting because of the nature of the exercise. Pedometers are used to count steady strided and paced exercise, unlike aerobic workouts. I’d love to see a pedometer that counts the different steps and actions of aerobic workouts.

Haven’t had this long enough to write a raving review. Just received it and it appears to be working nicely. Did not have a problem with the positioning, as it appears others have had. Directions were self explanatory and easy ‘install’ on my shoe.

I run and walk on a treadmill which tracks my distance and tells me my speed and things, but it cannot tell me how many strides i take. I wanted to know how many steps/strides i was taking without guessing, so i researched some about the different kinds of pedometers, and then i found this one that seems to use the most accurate technology, but this one is very inexpensive and had good ratings from others. It was easy to put on my shoe and it is easy to operate. It can track distance if you program it for the length of your average stride, but i vary my stride a lot by running and walking at different speeds, so i don’t bother with that. It turns on automatically when it senses movement and off when movement has stopped for a while. I just leave the display on the step-counter and glance at it when i want to see the count.

This device is on my running shoe. When i had a question about mileage, it was answered immediately, and i discovered i had set my stride incorrectly and had to increase it.

I was using my phone before this and kept thinking i walked more than it recorded. Since switching to this one attached to my shoe, i feel it is much more accurate than the phone. Only thing i would change is the size, i would prefer it to be smaller.

Pretty accurate, just a bit hard to reset our pout on proper mode.

I put it on my new shoe laces. I can’t wait to actually use it. Looks really simple to use is what i really like. I didn’t want anything on my wrist to count steps, distance, and calories. You can just lift your foot up & check about many steps you have so far.

Purchased this pedometer for my 80 year old mother at her request. She managed to get in on her shoe and set it up without assistance and it is working as advertised.

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