This is what i have been looking for; a simple stopwatch. My previous stopwatch had many features that i was not interested in, and confusing multifunction buttons which, if accidentally touched would launch into something that could not be easily stopped without looking at the manual. This is cheap, easy to use, runs on three aaa batteries that are easy to replace and has an on/off button to save batteries. It is a little bit inaccurate but the good thing is it is consistent. In comparing it with the us naval observatory time signal, over twelve hours, it proved to be 1. So i put a label on the back that said: “true time = measured time x. ” i know have a ten dollar stop watch that is as accurate a one of the very much more expensive models. If this stops working in a month, i will buy another one because it only costs ten bucks.

The travelwey stop watch is a basic, no frills stop watch. Exactly what i was looking for. Excellent product at a reasonable price.

I had the previous version of this watch and was completely dissatisfied with it. Due to my review, the company contacted me to make it right with an updated and better version of this stopwatch. Not only is that a great way to please your customer but the product is way better than the former. All the extra and unnecessary buttons that were there are gone.

This stopwatch is perfect for me. I use them for timing standardized testing, which means they absolutely cannot make any noise. I love that they use 2 aaa batteries that are simple to remove. Since we don’t test every day, i like to remove the batteries when not in use. The display is large are easy to read so i know my test administrators will have no issues with accurate timing. 2 of the stopwatches sent to me were the discontinued style that made noise. I emailed them late at night when i discovered the issue. When i checked email at 5am, i had an answer that the replacement stopwatches were shipped and i’d be able to use them for my testing in three days.Can’t find better customer service than that.

The stopwatches function exceptionally nicely. They are cost-friendly, productive, and supply the principles you need them for. I purchased a pair to assist my dash mentor get periods for our athletes. For the cost and the good quality you seriously just cannot beat it. I would surely advocate them to anybody on the lookout for a cheap but trusted stopwatch.

Specially for the rate, this stopwatch is superb. I will have to admit, it is essential that you preserve monitor of the manner in which the stopwatch is running. The only ‘problem’ i have with this stopwatch is that if you are not thorough, you could find by yourself likely into the setup operate, and quite possibly altering the proper time. After you make this error one time, you most likely is not going to make it all over again. Acquiring explained that, just make certain you continue to keep monitor of which method you are in. As an example, if you strike the mode button to go into the stopwatch manner, and then you use the stopwatch, all you have to do is strike the mode button one time and it will consider you back again to your foundation display, which is exhibiting the day and time. Even so, if you go into the stopwatch mode and soon after waiting a small while, you make a decision you never need to have to use the stopwatch, hitting the mode button 1 time will not acquire you back to the time/day display screen. At that position it is uncomplicated to get rid of track of where by you are. If you have a great memory, and can remember the personal codes for every single method (this code is demonstrated by certain and specific days flashing which signify the manner you might be in), you might under no circumstances reduce track of where you are but my memory is just not that superior, and for minor whilst i just had to continue to keep monitor of wherever i was. Ok, sorry for rambling, owning explained all this, this is an great product, even at two times the cost.

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I have had a week or so and already components of the digits are likely darkish. (for illustration, the prime of the ‘7’ is not demonstrating so it appears to be like a ‘1’). *update* just after leaving a just one-star review thanks to the display, i was instantly contacted by the firm and a substitute stopwatch was sent. Following a couple of weeks, its display is continue to perfect. I’m switching the variety of stars to 4 to replicate the company’s work in earning issues ideal.

I am on oxygen and need to wander 30 minutes 5 instances a 7 days. I use a walker for my 1/2 miles hike which is uphill the full way, (some areas pretty steep). I should relaxation 4 periods to get my respiratory below regulate and by working with the stopwatch, i can evaluate when i walk and when i rest. This 1/2 mile is my driveway and we stay out in the nation. It would be impractical to discover a flat space as we live in the foothills of the cascade mountains.

  • Simple, does the job!
  • Basic, easy to use.
  • This stopwatch is perfect for me

Travelwey Digital Stopwatch – No Bells, No Whistles, Simple Basic Operation, Silent, Clear Display, ON/Off, Child Friendly, AAA Batteries (Included), Black

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  • WHILST MOST STOPWATCHES on the market contain extras, like time, date, alarm; our customers told us that they never use them and it makes the stopwatch more complicasted to use and set up. So, we listened, and have removed them completely. Additionally, we have increased the display size and added an on/off switch, just what our customers asked for.
  • VERY SIMPLE TO OPERATE – The Digital Stop Watch is very simple to operate with minimal key presses to control: Start, Stop and Reset. The counter contains minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second.
  • AAA BATTERIES – Whilst virtually ALL stopwatches on the market contain button cell batteries which can be difficult to find and hard to install, the Travelwey Stopwatch uses standard AAA batteries which are included in your purchase.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – The Stopwatch is made of hard plastic and is extremely light weight ideal when handheld on the wrist or stowed around the neck with the lanyard
  • MULTIPLE UESES – This versatile stop watch can be used in sports, soccer, referree, athletic or for timer activities with the family or classroom.

Easy to read and manipulate.

Cheap and flimsy but some highlights: runs silent (no beeping when you press pittons), on:off swotch, easy battery access — but too easy. The back that’s supposed to shut and keep the batteries in falls off all the time. I had to place tape over mine to keep it from randomly falling off and getting lost with the batteries exposed. They sent me a replacement and it did the same thing.

This is really, really easy to use. On/off button is marked, right button stops and starts the count. But, there was a plastic spacer on the cord (it’s the square bit visible in the item image). It has no functional effect, it was just covering the knot in the cord, so no biggie. But the battery case has fallen off a lot of times in a few uses. I put a piece of tape over it, so it doesn’t happen again, but it was annoying. I still feel more positive than negative about this product.

It is effective specifically as described. If you might be just striving to keep track of time and you don’t want much too a lot of extra features that can complicate the procedure, this will do the trick. It seems additional durable than the a person i initially ordered at the huge box sporting merchandise shop (and returned the up coming day) but it is really however plastic and should not be uncovered to way too considerably abuse. My only grievance is that the battery doorway is extremely loose and pops off effortlessly. I set a piece of tape about mine so it does not fall off and get dropped. This machine usually takes two aaa batteries.

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Cheaply manufactured, buttons rattle. The stopwatch froze the first couple of situations i employed it, experienced to eliminate the batteries to reset it. So i was unable to get an accurate time on the pieces i was operating on. 😡 now it seems to be working fine. 😕just have to maintain your eye 👁 on it to make absolutely sure it is not frozen.

 this stop enjoy is just what i was seeking for. Simple, to the issue, receives the position carried out. Good massive shows and retains my do the job outs on monitor.

The enterprise has produced wonderful improvements based mostly on customer feed-back. This stopwatch is no purposeful and extremely easy to use. I would remarkably advocate it. They sent me a new improved 1 to check out.

I bought this simply because i specifically just wanted a no-frills stopwatch to depend off ninety seconds involving sets at the fitness center, and for that goal it is really been surely good. That mentioned, the create high quality isn’t really good even for a cheap stopwatch and each the battery go over and the minor plastic point that lengthens or shortens the lanyard has fallen off. I totally lost the battery cover and now deal with the batteries with tape, and when i put the lanyard holder again on it felt like it truly is gonna fall off again shortly. But the clock part does operate ok, so it is really ‘good enough’, but you could do better evn for inexpensive.

Like that it basically just a stopwatch with out all the other stuff that normally clutters these products. Place in battery and prepared to go.

We do neurocognitive assessment of patients with sports concussions and dementia. This stopwatch is great in several aspects. It does not make a chime or noise, and does not upset the patient. It is incredibly easy to use while juggling other materials.

After buying the sportwatch 220 i found it to be unuseable because the buttons are very very very bad bad bad i had the need for one i could trust everytime i chose this travelwey and wow it is as good as an analog stopwatch. I wasted 10 bucks on trash so i just figure i paid $18 for this one and it was still worth it to have a very very very good good good. You can’t go wrong with this sw.

I didn’t realize that it uses two triple a batteries, which makes the timer really heavy compared to other similar models. I use it to time my workouts at the gym and due to its weight it is constantly falling even when i wrap and tie it around a piece of equipment or my belt. Every time it falls the battery lid pops off. Also it is not true that it is completely stripped down. Apparently they left some code for a split timer behind and some combination of buttons presses, which i have yet to deduce, causes the display to occasionally flip between two different counters. On the plus side it did come with batteries, the display is nice and big and you can turn it off. Overall though i prefer my previous counter even with its annoying beeping and duel counters which at least i knew how to predictably dismiss when i accidentally accessed them. (marathon adanac 3000 digital stopwatch timer with extra large display and buttons, water resistant- yellow).

Just what i was on the lookout for.

I like that these are virtually fool-proof: no a lot more supporting center-college athletes figure out how to commence a stopwatch for themselves for the reason that this has one and only just one method–stopwatch. No much more alarms beeping randomly on stopwatches for the duration of classroom time or car or truck rides. The major disadvantage is the way the batteries go in. It truly is just a tiny sliding door that will take some small batteries (included). If anybody basically runs all-around with this for athletics, they will eliminate the battery protect and batteries. A minor athletic tape fixes that.

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Appreciate that it has on/off for the reason that it must enable with battery lifetime. Typical stopwatch controls, quite simple to use.

Requested this stopwatch for my career as a bodily therapist. I have two problems with the stopwatch that definitely are ‘deal breakers’ for me. Very first, i perform testing with clients such that the look at must cling from my neck all through the day the two to absolutely free my fingers to help a affected individual in the party of a loss of balance and also to have my check out ‘at the ready’ as a result of the day as i vacation from house to property. Sadly, the use of aaa batteries makes the view cumbersome as well as significant on the neck. I did not foresee this in buying the enjoy. Following a small time period of time the bodyweight of the check out gets very unpleasant. Second, i need to have the capacity to use the ‘lap time’ element. In my situation, i want to mark the very first time at the completion of 5 repetitions of an exercise but allow for the time to operate a full 30 seconds as component of a concurrent check. On this product, at the time the initially lap time has been marked, that time is displayed on the view and there is no potential to see the time operating ‘in the background’ as a result i do not know when the thirty-second mark has been arrived at. Or else, the enjoy does show up to be devoid of all the cumbersome capabilities of calendars, alarms, etc that make employing other stopwatches a pain if you unintentionally exit the wished-for ‘mode’.

It can be design is a very little far more difficult than a basic stopwatch due to the time and alarm capabilities. I do iq tests and use this usually. If i had read through the description that points out the functions i would have known about the time & alarm.

Adore the simple guidelines. Shopper assistance is the very best i have skilled in a extensive time. I received it to use as a prevent enjoy as a swim staff mother. It has the days of the 7 days at the major for the intent of environment the date. Regrettably, when working with the stop check out method the times of the week are all there with fri, sat, and solar. I found this a bit distracting. The corporation adopted up with me about how i liked the product so i questioned about the days of the 7 days. I been given a great, qualified, well timed response.

This review was written in september 2018. There are multiple reviews for prior versions of this product, please disregard those, as it has changed. It seems more often than not we suffer products that have too many unusable features, unintelligible instructions, and require complicated procedures for achieving simple functions, yet fail to perform the most basic of tasks. Thankfully this is not one of those products. Pushing the on/off button turns it on or off. Pushing the start/stop button starts or stops the timer. When timing, pushing the lap/reset button freezes the display so you can see the lap time, but the timer continues to run in the background, and lets you know it’s still running by flashing the colon (:) between minutes and seconds. Pushing lap/reset again unfreezes the display and displays the running elapsed time. You can push lap/reset as many times as you want to freeze/unfreeze the elapsed time. Pushing lap/reset when the timer is stopped resets the timer to zero.

No features you don’t want that confound and complicate what should be a simple device. This is perfect, simple, and easy to change batteries with low cost common aaas. The watch is light weight and has a cheap feel about it. If you drop it on a hard surface i’m sure it would break. Even though, i’m ordering a back up in case they quit making it.

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