This was everything i wanted and more.

A nice, sleek and simple to use watch, i like it because it’s very minimal just how watches are supposed to be in my opinion just with a little modern kickhappy with this purchase :).

My neice enjoys it and its a great product.

The design of the watch interface is quite outdated but pretty easy to understand. The product is still satisfied for the price.

For this price it’s the best in the market, easy to use and long battery life, love it.

This device came in a nice box with simple directions. The app was very easy to use and paired with the device seamlessly. It’s very light weight and comfortable to wear. I would suggest this device to anyone wanting to save on the more expensive brands and still get the same functionality.

Key specs for tugamobi SmartBand SB101,Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor,Activity Tracker Watch with HR, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor,14 Sport Modes(0.96″ Color Screen,IP68):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • OLED 0.96″ screen
  • 24H heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • Message alert, pedometer, calorie burned and multiple sports mode
  • Built-in USB Plug to charge with any USB block and computer; no charging cable needed;
  • Automatically lightened up when you turn your wrist towards you

Comments from buyers

“Pros and cons
, OK, it is a bit cheesy but.
, Very comfortable

Very like this product 👍 i can also see my message and phone alart, it’s really convenient.

This is my first time having a fit band. I got this product to remind me constantly having exercise and i really enjoy having this one. This product is really powerful with multiple functions and its lightweight amazes me as well. I take one star out since it is hard for me to pull of the band and charge it. It is still a decent deal though.

I like that it is very light and slim. The band is easy to use while working.

The band can be used right out of the box. The only complaint i have is the product is not best-looking among all of the smart bands out there.

The tugamobi is very good value for the price, i perviously owned (and lost at the gym) a fitbit and i am very pleased with the features the tugamobi offers at a fraction of the price. Most of all i really like the device interaction with the app, the fact that one can chose the exercise type it’s a plus for me, it has many to chose from and as i don’t normally do only one thing i really like that feature, they even have a “yoga” setting which it’s quite uncommon; will give a real time heart rate and calories burned, plus a weekly chart to check the performance and quality of the workouts. I also like the sleep monitor as one is able to check hours of deep sleep, helped me to understand why i have been feeling so tired, i was not really having enough sleep. By monitoring it, i can now force myself to go to bed earlier. All in all very pleased with it.

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Quality exceeded my expectations.

I got this product for my 12 year old daughter. She likes that it came with a black and teal band. She loves teal but sometimes it just clashed with her outfit so she could easily change the band to black. Very important to a preteen girl. 🙂 she has told me numerous times she loves this watch. I would recommend and will probably be buying one for her younger sister too.

Amazing product, definitely worth the price. It monitors everything pretty accurately, especially the sleep. Have recommended it to all my friends already:).

Okay, this thing is a bit cheesy and good luck with the directions. You’re on your own when it comes to learning how to use this bad boy. I only wanted a heart-rate monitor – and this thing works great for monitoring my heart rate. (i have manually confirmed its accuracy many times). The app is actually pretty cool, but you have to teach yourself how to use it, too. Here’s a helpful tip; you can only have 3 activities programmed on this bit at any given time, and it took me forever to figure out how to change them. I did not need ‘bicycling’ so i switched it to ‘workout’. Once you get to the screen that shows your 3 activities (open the app, click on ‘device’, click on ‘more’, and then click on ‘activity display’) you have to swipe the name of the activity in order to delete it. Once you deleted it, you can click on the + symbol in the top left corner of the screen and add whichever activity you want.

I have been considering having a smartwatch for a while. However, the price for apple watch, fitbit, or other big names is not that friendly to a first time user like me. So i decided to purchase this smart band because of a friend’s recommendation. Though the price is much lower, the quality looks fine and it has all the features i’m looking for – pedometer, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring. This band is also very easy to use that i barely need to read the user guide. Simply download and connect with the app, and all functions are very straight forward. I would highly recommend it to people who are looking for a smartwatch but don’t have brand myths.

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My smart band arrived with easy to read instructions. I had it fully charged and ready to use in under an hour. It’s lightweight, and has round features so you don’t feel it biting into your wrist during the day. The screen is very clear with lots of different brightness settings – it was very easy to set up in the app. I use it mostly for step counting and sleep monitoring, and have found both to be as accurate as other more expensive fitness trackers. It interfaces perfectly with my phone and i so far haven’t had any issues with connectivity. Overall a superb deal for the price.

Sb101 is definitely the kind of product i would recommend for ppl who are new to smart band, especially when buying an apple watch is way out of budget. For starter, the health related data it collects is precise and well understandable that only presents the statistics i care about. Secondly, it can sync to most apps in my phone and notify the user in a short lag, which is my favorite part of a smart band that can reduce the amount of time and effort taking out my phone. With this price and functionality, i think the product has pretty good bang of a buck value.

The smart fitness trackers arrives quick via prime. I was a little shocked that it came without any bubble cushion inside of the packaging box around the item’s own box. What i like about it the most is that the basic operation including charging and strap swapping are fairly easy. Also the material is lightweight.For the cost i get a smart wear that has heart rate monitoring and color screen which feels like a great deal.

It looks exactly like the photo. Very easy to use for the first time user and you can customize your band for your preference. It helps me track my sleep quality and motivate me to do 10000 steps a day.

This watch/tracker is very comfortable and the app has been easy to use thus far. The charging is very smart, with no need for extra cords, making it environmentally friendly. And the extra color change bands is a nice option. I have used the alarm option which vibrates on your wrist, and wold also be nice for couples when one person needs to get up, but the other does not.

My reason for buying this watch was rather silly. I have a fitbit charge 2 that i wear all the time. If i don’t have it on my wrist i really know something is missing. We went on a week long lake vacation last week, and i knew i couldn’t wear my charge 2 to swim in the lake. So i bought this cheaper generic watch to wear while swimming, fully expecting it would quit working after the first time underwater. To my surprise it continued to work during the entire week never missing a beat. I pretty much stayed in the lake everyday.

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It looks like a high-quality product. This device is a good replacement for fitbit and even coming with a replacement belt. The belt also is not fixed to the watch so you can change a new one if you want. Nice value for this tracker. This device doesn’t have snapchat or music or anything fancy, but it performs it’s core functions flawlessly. The swappable bands in different colors are really fun too.

It was hard to remove the straps the first time, because i was afraid of breaking it. I’ somewhat technically challenged, so i probably had more trouble getting it charged the first time, downloading the app to my phone, & syncing the 2 devices. I have not tested accuracy, but suspect that the heart rate, steps, & sleep time are accurate. There were youtube videos which helped, since i’ve already misplaced the card with cursory instructions on it. Time, steps, heart rate, & a few other things can be accessed on the device. Sleep info & more details are accessed on the phone app.

I do like this fitness tracker. The heart rate is very accurate as is the pedometer which is the main reason i got it. What i dont like is it has limited excercises to program in. The ones that they do have r accurate woth calories burned, but not many to choose from. The sleep option is worthless. It only records sleep from 11pm to 8am. For people that go to bed earlier or sleep in it does not record it. There were a few times i was awake and it showed i was a sleep. I hope this helps people decide. The battery holds for a week if u turn off the wrist sensor.

Very affordable smart band that does its job. Easy to use and tracks steps to helps with fitness goals. I have recommended this device to friends and family. Will be purchasing another smart band for the family.

Very good quality and the performance is great. Definitely will recommend to my friend.

Purchased in order to monitor heart rate during exercise and it does that as well as counting steps.

Accurate step and distance measurement thus far, purple band looks decent and wears comfortable indeed.