Okay, but it tends to disconnect if you move it slightly.

Yes, it was exactly what i needed.

I got this as an extra charger to keep at work so that i can keep my original one at home. The cable fits my fitbit surge just fine and it charges fine as well. The cable also came with a screen protector. My review is minus a star because the screen protector doesn’t fit the screen of my fitbit and it doesn’t look as if it will stick for very long. It is sort of a rectangle shape so although i had to cut it to fit one way it won’t fit the other regardless of which direction you turn it. Other than that i am so happy to have found this seller who gives a great product at an even greater price. I did not receive a discount or compensation for this honest review.

The connector to fitbit is too loose.

Everything arrived as promised and in working order.

Perfect for what i needed, came on time and works like the original and totally worth the price.

Have ordered several times from this seller. All times product just as expected with quick shipping.

  • Worth Every Penny!
  • This worked better than the cord that came with the Surge
  • The plug has to sit just right for it to charge which is really annoying.

2-PACK Fitbit Surge Charge Cable (1 piece 1ft+1 piece 3.3ft), TUSITA® Replacement USB Charger Charging Wire Cord With Screen Protector and Silicone Fastener for Fitbit Surge

It fits the fitbit surge perfectly.

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Works just like the one that comes originally with the fitbit surge.

I bought this to replace a lost charger. I had to jam it into my fitbit surge.

Everything is exactly as expected.

It was a bit of a snug fit into the fitbit on the first couple of charges, but now, this replacement cord is my go-to over the manufacturer. I bought it while waiting on one that i left at a friend’s house to arrive after leaving it across the country.

Works great for a extra cored to carry in my pocketbook.

I needed a spare charging cord for my fitbit surge and this fills the bill perfectly.

The screen protector works the same way all screen protectors work; pitiful.

The extra length on this cable really comes in handy at work. Cable arrived on time and in excellent packaging. Just order same cable for my wife’s fitbit charge hr, so she can charge on her desk. The standard cables with the units are way too short.

Charger works great and was delivered on time.

This charger was a bit tricky to fit in my fitbit surge, but with a little elbow grease, it eventually did what it was suppose to do. It was a little loose fitting once i got it to cooperate, but it’s nothing that will affect the watch. As long as it wasn’t loose to the point of falling out by its self with any sudden move, than it’s tolerable.

This worked better than the cord that came with the surge. The oem cord kept slipping out of the watch back and had to be propped up just so in order to keep it in there. This cord just snaps in and stays. Works well with the replacement surge, too.

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Needed a replacement and this works great.

Decent cable but i am not sure if the problem is with the design of the fitbit or in the plug contacts. The plug has to sit just right for it to charge which is really annoying.

Fit was a little tight but i would rather have that than to loose and falling out all the time. It charges the fitbit just fine.

I wanted a spare charger for my fitbit surge to leave at my office. Charges just as quickly as the official one. It uses clippies instead of a magnet to connect.

I am always losing my chargers.