This is a good medium range general purpose stop watch. It does pretty much anything you’d want a stopwatch to do. There are some stopwatches out there that will do some specialized things, but this one will suit the needs of most people.

I really enjoyed and appreciated the water resistance and superior time-telling. It lasted 25 months, rather than the advertised 60 – that’s my only complaint.

Works fines the light is not as blue as seen in the picture if that doesn’t bug you then it ok.

I love this device, it is nice for messuring the work in industrial engineering.

I use this stopwatch for work in research, and it replaced a bunch of cheaper stopwatches. This stopwatch is perfect for this purpose. It has a nice size/weight, feeling solid and professional. As far as i can tell, it’s quite accurate, and it has a nice range of features. The only problem that i have with it is that there’s no option to turn off its incessant beeping with every button-press. Conveniently, though, one can take off the back panel and move a small piece of electrical tape (conveniently provided by the manufacturer), and the speaker is disconnected.

I love this stopwatch, it has an excellent backlight but after this purchase, then i noticed it had a california prop 65 warning. What part of this stopwatch is toxic and can cause cancer?.

Ultrak 360 Stopwatch

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 30 dual splits recallable memory; lap and cum splits
  • Large 2 row display; electro-luminescent display
  • Time, calendar and alarm; measures to 10 hours
  • Lithium battery; water resistant; includes Lanyard
  • 3 Year

This very affordable stopwatch has all the functionality i could want – in particular, it has the ability to store split times for future recall with the touch of a single button, while continuing the clock for the next split time.

I purchased this to take with me to the track to time my sprints and it works well. I wish it was easier to keep track of splits but as long as you have a planned routine, it’s relatively easy to backtrack which times go with which efforts/distances.

Great for running and tracking your time. I also use it to track my time with swimming.

Fast, as expected, and a great price.

Good watch for my purposes which is just time and distance. If you want to track heart-rate or upload results you’ll need something better but this was fine for my purposes.

I like that i can record more than one time, which helps when i have more than one athlete in a race.

I use this in classes, presentations, all around. I had another but it got lost after a class. Replaced it with the same unit immediately. That’ll tell you how much i like it.

I can’t argue with the price. Features i needed are all present, backlighting is really wonderful.

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I use this watch to time curling stones. I am only afforded a quick glance at the numbers before i have to switch my attention, so it’s important that i get an accurate read. The buttons are easy to access and the numbers on the display are big enough that this is very easy to accomplish. Like almost every stopwatch, it doesn’t turn off, but i’ve had it over a year and have yet to replace the battery.

After going through a couple cheap stopwatches whose buttons were very ‘touchy’, this gem has been going for a couple months now – zero problems.

Ultrak 360 Stopwatch : (i think i’ve already filled this evaluation out) good simple light stop watch. Not super easy to master, but that’s just because all our gadgets today do more than we need.

I’ve been using the ultrak 360 on my daily runs for a couple of weeks now. Since i run at 6 am, the backlight comes in very handy and the larger display lets you read it with a quick glance. I used to have to wait until i ran under a street light to see how i was doing on my time. The buttons have a very solid feel with a slight tactile click so there isn’t any doubt that you’ve pressed the button. Overall, i’m definitely satisfied with the investment.

It’s hard to see it at night (even with the light) unless you hold it at a very specific angle (with the top tipping towards the ground). But, it’s a great stopwatch besides that.

This well featured stopwatch is water-proof for use around the pool. When i’m counting laps, the stopwatch around my neck dips into the pool as i submerge the lap count board. Also, many watches are waterproof if you don’t operate the buttons very much while wet. Again, this one stays operational. I don’t know the true extent of it’s water resistance, because it is awkward to swim while holding the stopwatch.

The stopwatch feels well built and sturdy. I have used it for 2 weeks now and works great. The backlight is bright enough for me to use outdoors at night. Very happy with my purchase.

Like everything about this stopwatch. The only thing that’s missing is a countdown timer. If it had that it would be perfect. Nice and large to see the displays well.

This is easy to use with little or no help from the instructions. I’m glad the price is reasonable, too, because i keep losing the dumb things. I’ve lost one watch in over 50 years. I’ve lost two of these in the last four months. (yes, i did that on purpose.

I just started running a few months ago and still do several intervals of walking rests between periods of running. I wanted to be able to accurately track the time intervals and use it to calculate distance run out of the total. I purchased this stopwatch to record running time vs. Walking time, and the lap function works well to track this information. A pushbutton on the side turns a backlight on/off for night viewing. The size fits nicely in my palm and it comes with a cord to hang around the neck. The face shows you both the total time (lower) and the time of the last interval (upper), as well as the lap (or interval) number, and the digits are large enough to read easily. I’ve used the timer for about 3 months now and had shopped for awhile before deciding on this one, and i’m very happy with my decision. For the price, this was a good value for all the features.

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Stopped working after about a year of moderate use. The buttons simply stopped working.

Solid piece of technology at a reasonable price. Only complaint is that the manual which comes with it could be much better – seems to speak in shorthand. I have been using it for a month – and it gives me just what i was hoping for.

I bought this over six years ago, and i can’t say i’ve been kind to it. I’m a runner, and this thing has spent hundreds and hundreds of miles in my sweaty palms and pockets, and i’ve dropped it plenty of times, and it still just works. Lightweight and fits comfortably in my hand. It took six years, but i finally had to replace the battery. Inside is an ordinary cr2023 battery, there are six small screws holding the stopwatch case together, and i needed to remove a tiny screw inside to remove the battery. But still a very simple fix, took all of three minutes to get it open, swap the battery, and close it back up again. My only complaint is that a couple years ago, the backlight stopped working. The numbers were still perfectly readable, but if you needed to read it in the dark, there was no way to light up the screen after the backlight stopped working. However, that was apparently just a battery issue, because after changing the battery, the light works again. That, and i never needed the light anyway.

This product was shipped and delivered in a timely manner. As a personal trainer, this stop watch gets used more than any piece of equipment on the floor. It is very durable, the buttons start and stop the timer without a glitch. Totally recommend and will reorder.

This is by far the best stop watch i have ever used for training. The buttons have never been ‘touchy’, and always start and stop the watch, or enter splits, with no errors. It also allows for a display of fractions of a second beyond the first 1/2 hr or 1 hr of time, a feature a lot of watches do no have. The split feature is incredibly useful. There are a large number available, surely more than most will use in their training. All of the splits are recorded to an accuracy of less than a second, just like the normal watch function, and it evens shows the elapsed time between splits. I would highly recommend this watch to any serious athlete.

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Some problem setting the correct day/date section. I had to learn to use the recall splits for multiply runners in distant races. I recommend send 1 backup battery along with stopwatch in case of emergency need at a track meet.

I’m a usatf level 1 track coach and have used many stop watches. Not much to say about a stopwatch other than it does what it needs to. I’ve beat this thing up and it still keeps going. And i have to say, i didn’t think this watch meant that much to me until i thought i lost it at a track meet. Luckily, i found it and now know that i don’t want to lose it again. It’s a very reliable watch that keeps lap times as well.

Exactly what i needed for timing track workouts and races for my team.

A solid stopwatch that is very easy to carry and use while running. Lives up to expectations and is more than worth its cost. Pros:buttons don’t double click, lights up on-click for 3 secs but very useful, recalls with laps and split times, buttons work perfectly (no double-clicking), quick and easy to use instructions, basically a stopwatch that comes with everything you need and doesn’t fail to expectations. Cons:lanyard seems to be a shoelace and batteries are probably drained halfway since there is power button.

First of all it is so accurate that i think my reaction time may be making it off. It has an alarm for taking it on the road. Consider it your portable alarm clock that you can hang on your neck. It has a light which i use mainly for unlocking my car door in the morning. It has the time, so if you don’t have your cell phone, you can still know the time. It is compact and most people don’t know what it is when you’re using it.

I use this when coaching a youth soccer team, and so far (after a month of use) i really love this stopwatch. The display is really easy to read, even on bright/sunny days, the buttons have a good quality feeling and i like the way it feels in my hand. Navigating through the features is pretty intuitive, but i did need to reference the included instructions for initial date/time setup. After getting the date/time set, i haven’t needed to look at the instructions again. Overall, this is a very good stopwatch.

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