These are very nice and useful. No extra bells and whistles to deal with when having to time someone else.

I use these stopwatches in roller derby. As the head non-skating official for a league i am responsible for a lot of stopwatches and also training people how to utilize the stopwatches in a variety of positions. These stopwatches are amazing simple. No clocks, no timers, no alarms, no beeping. It’s the perfect simple stopwatch that has held up really well.

This stopwatch arrived yesterday. I dialed the naval observatory time-signal and started the watch at 4:28 pm. Today, at 4:28 pm, the watch indicated 24 hours and two secondscan’t beat that for accuracy. I would not buy a multi-mode stopwatch. It is too easy to push the wrong button.

If you are looking for a simple stopwatch, this is it. There are two buttons on it: ‘stop/start’ and ‘reset’. The numbers are huge, so if you are looking at the timer from far away, you will be able to see it easily. I use this in guided reading groups, and the nice thing about it is that the lanyard is long enough for it to sit in my lap,and the numbers are large enough that i can see it easily while i am teaching. If you are are teacher, you know that it is not useful to let kids keep track of timing when teaching because they will be so focused on when they are done that they can’t concentrate. Therefore, this is a useful feature for someone like me. The only thing that disappointed me, and i should have known this but not being stopwatch savvy, i didn’t, i thought that ‘timer’ meant that it would have a timer that you could set and have beep. If you are looking for this feature, you should probably look elsewhere.

Really like the simplicity of the stopwatch for timing yoga poses. I probably hit the start and stop 20 times a day. The only problem is that the reset button started falling off after about 10 months of use. I returned it to cei (amazon purchase) and was send a replacement. If the cap falls off you can still use it and you can put it back on with some difficulty. I intend to carefully push down the caps. I probably was just pushing down the corner of the reset cap. The caps should be re-designed. I would buy it again given the warranty.

I purchased one of these stopwatches when i first started graduate school in january 2008. It has been a trusty companion since then. I trained as a psychologist so i used the stopwatch for psychological assessment. I love that it is super quite in it’s operation, and also very simple. A few weeks ago, the top right hand button fell off. Since i have loved this stopwatch and have had it for nearly 10 years (hard to believe) it was well worth purchasing the same model to replace it. Would definitely recommend this stopwatch if you want high quality and quiet operation.

  • I love that it is super quite in it’s operation
  • Great use for test taking
  • Silent stopwatch

I’m an sat tutor and i was looking for a silent stopwatch that my students could ideally bring to the sat test center. Unfortunately, i was disappointed to find out about the audible clicking on this one that would likely irritate the test proctors. However, it certainly has its good points. It only has 2 buttons: start/stop and lap/reset. This makes the operation very simple. I use it for many other things other than sat. I use it whenever i am timing myself. However, i would recommend a silent digital stopwatch over this when it comes to standardized test-taking.

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I am a psychology trainee and have to do a series of psychological testings that require the use of a stopwatch. The mere idea of getting timed on tasks can be very anxiety provoking to most people so the fact that this stopwatch is silent is a great feature. The desing in itself is very comfortable for one hand grip and the number display is quite large which allows me to see the time at a bit of a distance. The only issue i have found with this stopwatch is that the buttons can be a bit hard when pressed. Overall it is something i am willing to deal with for a great product. Highly recommended specially for people who are doing psych testing or need to be discrete about timing things.

I bought this stopwatch to replace a stopwatch i bought at a sporting goods store that claimed to do everything under the sun. Supposedly the sporting goods stopwatch could be programmed using various combinations of three keys. The instructions actually contained the statement, ‘push button b while depressing button b. This stopwatch, the ultrak 400, performs the basic stopwatch function without any setup or programming. Its large face is easy to read. After several months of steady use the buttons haven’t given any indication that they are going to wear out. I’m very happy with this stopwatch and would recommend it to anyone who wants reliable stopwatch function without multi-button programming hell.

Silent timer – great for neuropsych testing. But the buttons pop off too easily, with sharp metal pins underneath that make it uncomfortable to keep using.

I’m a neuropsychologist and this is perfect for testing. Big buttons, silent, only one mode – stopwatch. Best stopwatch i’ve ever had.

Features of Ultrak 410 Simple Event Timer Stopwatch With Silent Operation

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Start/stop and reset
  • No other features; ideal for volunteer timers
  • Measures to 10 hours; silent operation – no beep
  • Lithium battery; water resistant; includes lanyard
  • 5 year warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I use it for timing speechs and other events at ‘toastmasters meetings.

I use for this work for assessments.

I wanted a simple way to time myself running/walking and track my progress over time. I need reading glasses (not a good thing to have on when you’re running) so i was looking for a stopwatch that simply had a start timing and stop timing ~ no fancy gizmos that i was never going to use. Simple, simple, simple, well constructed, inexpensive, perfect. Hit the right hand button, it starts timing, hit it again, it stops, hit the left hand button and it resets to zero ~ that’s it, that’s all. I’m very happy with my purchase ~ it was exactly what i was looking for.

Worked just as i expected it to. I like that it does not make any noise since i use it for public speaking. I also never get lost with additional options. It has one main job which is timing.

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Recently took my boards exam and i have to have a timer because it will take 6hrs. Thankful for this because i finished mine just on time. Easy to use and silent timer u won’t hear anything.

I have not used the stopwatch a great deal yet, but plan to shortly. It seems to work well and it appears that the battery can be replaced when worn out. A feature that other stopwatches i reviewed did not seem to have. So far, i am very satisfied with this purchase.

Start/stop and reset

Two buttons: stop/start and reset, if this is what you are looking for, i recomend this stopwatch. This is a very good stopwatch, simple and accurate. I run laps and i like to check the time that i spend on each lap so i have control of my pace. This watch is perfect because you only need to stop it, reset it, and start it again: this only takes a second. I had before a stopwaatch with very complicated features like 10 laps memory and it was driving me crazy because i needed a lot of time to reset it. I also like it because it doesn’t double tap.

I work in animation and have to time movements of characters by live event. This is a simple and easy to time walks, and hand movements and other movements that i act out. The timer came before they said it would and it really looks nice. The lcd is large and easy to see. There is only to buttons to worry about. On the right start and stop and on the left reset. The seller was fast getting it to me.

Fairly large, but i like that it is silent, so when i’m timing tennis players they can’t tell i’ve started the watch. I also like that it times only one thing at a time so i don’t have to push all kind of buttons for split times, etc.

This works great i have had it for some time and it’s still going strong. I love that it does not beep because i use it in my bowenwork practice and people need to relax and have quiet surroundings.

I bought this for my daughter to use to keep track of time while taking the sat. Because it had a silent feature, i thought it would be fine. The proctor would not allow it. I give the stopwatch 4 stats because it worked as advertised. Can’t assess it completely as we have not really used it for any length of time. Do want people to know this may not be allowed during sat and act testing.

As a neuropsychologist, i use a stopwatch. You can get cheaper ones, but i always get this model. Smooth crips buttons, ergonomic or whatever in your hand, and no beep. Yeah, how’s that, i’m a stop watch snob.

No other features; ideal for volunteer timers

In other reviews, a couple of people mentioned that this has a countdown feature. Other than that, the stopwatch seems to be fine.

I got this stopwatch mainly for its silent operation as well as its ease (no extra functions and stuff). I use it for psychological testing that requires a silent stopwatch. It does the job great– excellent timing, a nice hand-sized thing with big clear numbers, no extra functions to hamper trying to accurately time answers. My complaints would have to be that you have to push a little harder than i expected to make the time start/stop, and also that there is a plastic ‘click’ noise when you start and stop, so technically it’s not ‘silent. ‘ in other words, the people can tell you’re timing them, it’s not absolutely quiet because you have to push hard enough to hear the click to start and stop it. Other than that, though, it’s great. I usually use the rope part and safety pin it to my shirttail so it stays in my lap during testing.

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I needed a stopwatch for timing video sequences. I didn’t want to have to squint to see numbers. I didn’t want to have to be careful which buttons i was pushing. I didn’t want any beeps or clicks. For those considerations, this stopwatch is serving very well. Easy to see, easy to hold, easy to operate. The only odd thing is: there is no ‘off’ button (that i have found). I expect that the battery will fail me when i need it most, because that is, after all, the way of things, but i imagine the power drain of such a simple device is pretty low, so it’ll be awhile. For the price, i and the person for whom i purchased it are quite pleased.

This product is a stopwatch, not what i think of as a timer. I read the other reviews, some said it was a stopwatch (starts at 0, press start, the display goes to 1, 2, 3, etc. Some reviews (the one star reviews) said it was a timer (start at ‘x’ minutes, press start, watch the display go down 5, 4, 3, etc). The item we received looked 100% like the product image, and worked 100% as we expected = a stopwatch with zero beep when buttons pressed. Udpate 14 feb 2014my younger son used the same stop watch for his sat test, the sat administrator did not allow it. The device is totally silent. It was allowed when my older son took act a year ago, but not allowed when my younger son took sat a month ago.

Completely silent operation makes it great for psychologists or anyone who conducts psychological testing.

Best stopwatch for neuropsychologist.

It’s good but the buttons are a little stiff so if you’re not careful to press the button hard enough it won’t track the time. I like the big display, it’s very easy to read and it comes with a string so i can wear it around my neck.

Measures to 10 hours; silent operation –

I absolutely love these watches — they are very simple stopwatches with only two buttons: start/stop and reset. The only reason i’m not marking these as a 5 is that i’ve had instances where the caps on the buttons have fallen off. However, after writing directly to the company, the broken watches were replaced for no charge, even though i had owned them for a while. Would definitely purchase again.

Lithium battery; water resistant; includes lanyard

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