I bought a cheap timex that just didn’t work properly and it made me aware i should really read the reviews. This seiko exudes quality and is so easy to work out and it was for few dollars more. At least i know this is a brand i can really trust.

We ordered four of these for our local fire department’s training facility after going through two sets of the under $15. Our training officer is very pleased with the feel and function of these stop watches.

Light weight – easy to use – ergonomically designed, easy to view. My only concern is that in bright sun, it is hard to see the numbers on the face of the unit. I believe the unit will last many years – it is very power sensitive and the battery has lasted a long time.

Good product, does what it’s supposed to. Except it doesn’t pour my gatorade when i finish the workout.

I bought this for my husband who wanted a stop watch/timer for running. It cost a little more than others, but you can’t go wrong with ‘seiko’.

It’s been through quite a lot, including a literal flood, and kept on working. Great reading in direct sunlight, no button lag that you might find at cheaper price points.

  • Good timer, Bad watch
  • Great features no-delay reset
  • Easy to use good for simple timing

I judge a timed dog sport and i needed an affordable stop watch that actually started and stopped when i pushed the button.

Well made, sturdy, works perfectly. Nothing else to say besides: highly recommended.

Seiko timepieces have always been something that i have been pleased with. This is an excellent quality timer with a moderate price. The only downfall that i find with it, is it does not keep good time at all if you are using the watch capability. It loses about 5 minutes every week or so and that isn’t great. So for that, i only give it 4 out of 5 stars. The other functionality is easy and i would recommend it.

I have owned seiko stop watches before. Resist the urge to spend less money, you will only be dissapointed. The biggest difference between the seiko and the less expensive models is what i call ‘button lag. ‘ this is the time it takes between you pressing the start button and the clock actually starting the timing process. Might not be such a big deal if you are timing a mile run or a marathon but if you are clocking a 20 yard or 80 yard sprint(like in softball)it is a huge deal. I also time ‘pop-times’ which are glove-to-glove measurements from catcher to 2nd base or 2nd base to 1st base on a double-play. These occur in under 2 seconds so a 3/10-5/10 button lag is huge. What good is a stop watch if it’s not accurate?.

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A little confusing to use but once you have tested it out it meets my needs. It purchased has too many functions a simpler item would have worked as well but none were available. It is durable and fits the hand well.

Features of Ultrak Seiko 10 Lap Memory Timer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Measurable up to 100 hours in 1/100 of a second; split/lap time measurement
  • Store and recall of up to 10 split/lap times; memory recall during operation
  • Two separate displays for split and lap time measurements
  • Dot-matrix mode available; time and full automatic calendar
  • Lithium battery; water resistant

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I was leary after reading some poor reviews, but overall i am glad i made the purchase. I really needed a stopwatch that would hold more lap times, but this was excellent for timing individual races. It is great seiko quality and easy to use. When i tried to get lap times for 2 girls running the mile it didn’t hold enough of the times for me to go back and get all of their laps. I do like it for simple timing though.

#1 reason why i like this product: this stopwatch has no delay or having to hold one or two keys to reset (like i have to do with my polar hrm watch). I use this to time bicycle riders sitting on back of a motorcycle so needed large numbers, easy to use, and sturdy clock. I am able to get time, then re-set to zero fast to time the next rider. That’s all i use it for and it works great. It has a ton of other features, but what sold me on this is there was no delay in reset to zero.

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I use it to time radio and tv scripts i’m writing. Handy and sturdy and easy to use – what’s not to love?. And it’s a seiko, so it’ll run forever.

I bought this stop watch for psychological testing. While the device itself does not beep (unless you change the mode/set an alarm), the actual motion of pushing the start/stop button does squeak if you push it too fast. Others say they can’t hear it at arm’s distance so i might just be a little ocpd. If you push the start button and release it slowly, this isn’t an issue but it is a bit of a pain to get used to.

This is the second of this model that i use for timing various events. It’s design is very good in how you select various functions and set the timers and the master time base. The world is full of various brands of timers, but you can not go wrong with a brand like seiko.

I purchased the timer as a gift for my trainer. She needed a good stop watch and kept striking out at the department stores. She loves it and it works great.

Measurable up to 100 hours in 1/100 of a second; split/lap time measurement

This is really simple to use. It is really simple to reset. And seems to be well put together.

This is the 2nd one i bought. The first one i purchased several years ago and it still works great. For testing purposes, it was important that i found a stopwatch that didn’t beep, so this was perfect.

Used to count reps, now i time each exercise. Very sturdy and easy to use.

I have had one of these watches for three years, and it has always worked perfectly, something that other industrial use stop-watches, acu-split etc. Have not been able to do for me. Recently my wife borrowed mine to use for testing the kids in her class, and i had to promise to order one of her own to get mine backthis watch features flawless time keeping and a 10 split memory. If you need a dependable watch for industrial, sporting use, (or even kindergarten testing), you will be pleased with this watch.

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Ultrack seiko very good, a nice product good price for a nice watch, and very happy whit these product on my stock.

May cost you a couple bucks more than another timer, but you’re buying quality and won’t need to buy this item again-ever.

Store and recall of up to 10 split/lap times; memory recall during operation

There are many many brands of very cheep stopwatch out there, don’t bother with them. Pros:solid water resistant constructionno button lagvery good tactile feedback on button press. 10 lap recall timer with one button press lap advance. One button press reset ( two if the timer is running one to stop one to reset) this is extremely important when you need a fast turn-around to time the next event. Good feel in the hand with a nice weight, you know it’s there. Dependable, does what it’s supposed to do day after day. Cons:the price may scare you a little next too all the ultra-cheep options, but the quality you get is well worth it. I wish the lap recall was more like 50.

I would buy it again, if i need another stopwatch.

I’m a trainer in southern cal, and love my new stop watch.

This watch has plenty of features for timing (including lap and cumulative functions). It is not waterproof, but is water-resistant.

This is a high quality stop watch. Has many more features than needed. Just neeed it for exercise timing. It would be nice that it is back lit.

It’s so nice to have the timer start and stop when the button is pressed (something lacking in cheap timers). It’s been very reliable and easy to use, highly recommend.

Bought a few, like this the most.

Two separate displays for split and lap time measurements

This stopwatch does everything i need and more. It has a solid feel and is easy to read. It does not feel like the button will stick etc. Like other stopwatches i have owned. Treat yourself to one worth a few extra dollars for the quality.

Dot-matrix mode available; time and full automatic calendar

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