I don’t want or need an apple watch or fit bit that runs my life. I just wanted to track steps when i play tennis or golf and thought it would be interesting to see the sleep tracker. So for all that, it’s a great device. Simple, easy, light, non-intrusive. Perfect for what i needed and a really good value. My only complaints: heart rate is generally accurate, but bounces all over the place — it will show 60, then 93, then 117, then 60 again. . Over time it seems to be ok, but it’s all over the place. Other complaint is the clock setup — the view changes itself and i can’t figure out how to change it back. Right now it’s an analog clock view, which is not what i want and i can’t change it back.

He is very happy with the fitness tracker and all of its uses–he especially likes the step counter and does use the sleep monitor as well. Although most people rely on their smartphones to handle everything these days, he also likes the fact that it acts as a watch as well, which he finds handy both at work and school, keeping him more on schedule (notice most kids no longer wear watches, but they may be making a comeback). This tracker is also very easy to recharge, which is a good thing because he does not like to take it off.

I mainly bought it as an activity tracker. The pedometer works great, it keeps track of my walking distance even if i’m not moving my arms. All the alerts works great as well. The heart rate monitor seems a bit buggy, it’s almost always 10 beats behind my actual heart rate. There were a couple of times when i was running and i synced the app, it showed that my heart rate was around 80 during my 20 min run, when i know for a fact it should be closer to 140 at least. The sleep tracker is also inaccurate, as it only measures the times from 11:00 pm through 7:00 am. I did expect some type of drawbacks considering the price, overall, i am happy with this purchase.

It’s not too bulky, the battery lasts a long time (1. 5wks between charges for me), and the app works well. The alarm on it just vibrates, but it’s plenty to wake me up so now my husband doesn’t have to wake up with my alarm anymore. I like the ‘move your body’ notification. I originally was going to buy a pedometer around the same price as this, but i’m glad i went with this instead.

The ulvench fitness tracker is exactly what you would expect from this affordable product. It accurately tracks steps, monitors your heart rate and sleep patterns. The product itself works well. The battery life on the tracker lasts about a day, but does charge quickly through any usb port, which is handy. The app it pairs with (veryfitpro) has the tendency to constantly run and deplete battery power for your phone, unless you force stop it after opening it every time. While this is inconvenient it isn’t a deal breaker.

I bought this towards the end of last year in october or november and as of today, in early to mid july, the battery is dead. It will not take or hold charge though it says that it is full. I guess i shouldn’t be disappointed for a $20 something dollars product but i am. I certainly never drowned it or had it fail otherwise. The accuracy and so forth was not perfect but it was pretty good, and i was overall pretty happy with it, but i regret that it died on me. The other thing is that if you have any kind of regular sleep pattern like shift work it only seems to detect your sleep in the usual roughly 11 p. Range, doesn’t detect naps, and i’m not sure how discerning it was between light sleep and lying still awake in bed.

After sending two trackers back, i tried this one and love, love, love it. I wanted one that would record cycling as well as walking, sleep monitor, heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, distance traveled. It has everything i wanted and works well. I also like that the time is shown in white which is easy to read. If you’re looking for a tracker with these (and more) options, get this one, you’ll probably love it too.

I can see everything on the app from my steps to my sleep. It’s an alarm, it receives text messages, and it has a workout timer for walking running and biking. My battery lasts me a week and a half (even then it’s not dead i just see the battery is low). Connect to the app was a little confusing so i’ll tell you now that you have to charge it up before you use it. It only takes an hour or less to charge. My only con about it is that the heart monitor is not accurate. No way my resting heart rate is at 59 beats per minute. I have a naturally fast heart rate that’s consistently over 100bpm.

I’ve had this for almost a week now and i think it is really great. I don’t know what others were expecting from the app, but i found it to work very well. I bought this mainly for a pedometer and a watch. The fitness tracking may not be 100% spot on, but at least close enough to give you an idea. For the money this is great.

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I wanted a fitness tracker that was budget friendly. I took a chance on this one knowing how cheap it was, and it paid off. Yes, it is actually waterproof. I was skeptical of it at first, but as a dishwasher it spends a lot of time underwater, and it has held out fine. It is quite accurate on heart rate and step count too.

Never owned a fitbit, but this is a much less expensive and just as good tracker. I initially bought it because i’m in heart failure and needed to track heart rate and steps ~ the heart rate monitor is pretty accurate (when comparing with my bp cuff), and i like that it lets you set goals for steps and sends you little trophies when you hit them. I don’t use the ‘phone’ functions, where you can pair with your smartphone to have it send you your calls, texts, etc. The charge lasts at least a week, and love that it’s waterproof.

 i was searching long time good fitness tracker and tried 6 different trackers. I can say, that this is a best choice for this price. About physical properties: quality of assembly is perfect. Plastic, glass and silicone strap is perfect quality. About functionality: there is so many functions. Measurement of steps and pulse is very accurate. For me, great possibility is receiving events from phone, when you have your smart phone on silent mode. I can say, this was my best choice.

I found the watch over a week outside and it still was working. Too bad i found another just like it with different colored bands that has a lot more features and cheaperi have been wearing this watch for a while and absolutely loved it until i lost it this past week. I’m lost without it and plan on purchasing another.This was my second fitness tracker watch and by far the best, easy to use and easy set up. Here are the specifications for the Ulvench Fitness Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【 14 More sport modes Tracker 】—Such as walking, running, bicycle, hiking, climbing, badminton, basketball, Yoga etc. To better tracks your activity data all day long, including GPS, steps, distance, calorie consumption and more;
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor 】—24 real-time continuous heart rate monitor to help you adjust your workout and keep health; Auto sleep tracking to records your sleep duration and quality, effectively sleep quality analysis can give you good suggestions to adjust yourself.
  • 【 IP67 waterproof stand & Key Features 】—IP67 waterproof Ulvench fitness tracker can be used when swimming or diving; Call Alert and Hang up, Message and SNS Remind, Sedentary Remind, Remote camera shoot, etc. By connecting to the corresponding APP via Bluetooth, ensure that you won’t miss important Call and Message.
  • 【 Built-in USB Plug 】—Easy to charge with any USB block and computer; no charging cable or dock needed; one single charge gives you up to 7 days of working time.
  • 【Warranty and Support】 — Supports Android 4.4 and above or iOS 7.1 and above; Bluetooth 4.0 Ulvench support RISK FREE 100% money-back guarantee in 30 days, 1-Years Replacement Warranty and life-time technical support. Package Contents with 1 x Fitness Tracker and 1 x User Manual

I don’t notice it most days since the size and shape fit well against my wrist. It’s also durable: i have a rather physical job with lifting heavy loads, moving large things, and fairly constant movement and this thing has survived getting knocked around a lot. The only drawback i’ve found is that the “raise arm to light” function drains the battery quickly if you are an active person. I turned off that function and am happy.

Love itafter 3 lost fitbits i decided to buy something less pricey. This product in my opinion is better than fitbit. It tracks calori a spend throughout the day and also per activity. It tracks heart rate, steps, distance walked and alerts me when i’m not moving my body, when i’m sedentary. Also, i put it on a friday and by monday the battery was more than half full. And it is water proofhighly recommended.

I have been wearing this for about 6 weeks. This smart watch is so much more than just a fitness tracker. I work a lot and with different hours. Sometimes i am not sure how much sleep i get. ) this watch helps me keep track of deep and light sleep. I have to be alert for my job, so knowing i got enough sleep is critical. The fact it’s waterproof is another great feature. No worries about messing it up when you get a chance to take a swim or just need a quick shower. I have been trying to be more active but definitely not obsessed with working out. Simply wearing this knowing i can see the results for the extra efforts inside of the app is encouraging to me. Much like that good feeling of checking off things on your to-do list. It serves as a reminder of my goals and provides incentive. I can set my own goals inside the app and the watch will buzz and light up when i reach my goal for the day. If you are looking for a little nudge to help keep yourself healthier and motivated but don’t want to invest in something much more expensive than this is what you are looking for. Oh, and it works great for alarms and incoming call alerts too.

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I spend busy days in the pharmacy and wanted an idea of how much i walked each shift. As i am also 5 months pregnant, it is extremely convenient to have a step count, heart beat measurement, and date with time right at my wrist. I love leaving my bulky phone on the counter instead of having it weigh my scrubs down and appreciate that i get notifications without being obvious in checking them. I would definitely buy again.

This is my first smart watch so i cannot compare it to either an apple watch or fitbit. But on its own, this watch has exceeded all my needs and expectations. Basically i just wanted a waterproof pedometer, but this does so many other neat tricks. It has vibrating alarm clocks and phone alerts, goal setting, heart rate monitor, and trackers for walking, running or biking. If you reach a goal, you’re alerted with a special vibration and a little trophy display. I don’t use the app regularly but i think it’s perfectly adequate, so i’m not sure why it gets negative press on the reviews. One thing i really enjoy is while it’s charging, the watch face shows a battery filling up with bubbles. Then when it’s done, the bubbles are replaced with a winking face. For around 24 bucks, this has been one of my favorite purchases ever.

This fitness tracker is perfect for what i need. As a swim instructor, i was looking on amazon for an inexpensive, waterproof watch to be able to keep track of how long we’ve been in the water. Finding a waterproof fitness tracker, including a clock, for a price less than many watches was amazing. It’s easy to use, has many other features and really does work in the water.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Inexpensive, easy and WATERPROOF!
  • Calories burned!!
  • Works as a pedometer and watch!

I really like this fitness tracker. I actually bought a different brand and the package disappeared off my porch so i was refunded by amazon and chose this one instead. I am glad i did it is comfy to wear even at night. It has several options which i am still learning them but i do love it and you couldn’t beat the price thank you for a great product.

Stopped connecting to veryfitpro app after 2 months. I have tried all of the fixes they suggest in ‘very bad english’ and nothing works. So i basically only have a watch now. I am shocked that they don’t have better interpreters for their product instructions when they sell to usa. Something most overseas vendors should start paying attention to when selling to usa. It definitely affects how i feel about buying on amazon overseas products.

I got a purple watch and really like the slim style. The battery lasts a week and you can preview the whole text message, which is very handy. Only thing is that i have to re-sync the watch with the app everyday. I have my bluetooth on always but some how the settings reset overnight and i don’t get text message or call notices anymore unless i go into the app and reset the settings again. I have the iphone 8, so perhaps it is not entirely compatible with the watch. It also doesn’t have the weather option.

I have had it less than a week, and i like the physical tracker. The problem is the app you have to use. I was doing laps in the park yesterday, checked my heart rate, i am well in to the fat burn zone. But when i synced to my app later that night, it has logged me at that time with a resting heart rate. I was 230 steps from my goal last night so i was walking around my house during seth meyers monologue. According to my app, i was asleep. How can i be logging my last steps and asleep?.The tracker seems to be correct, the app is garbage.

If you want a simple, ‘starter’ fitness tracker, this is a good deal for the price. I got one for my husband, and talked a friend into one as well, and we’re all pretty happy with it. It is fully waterproof – i’ve worn it several times in the pool. However, the action of swimming laps somehow presses the button. It even somehow sometimes does the long press to start and stop activity tracking. I’ve tried to start up activity tracking, got in the pool and 2 seconds into swimming, the long press is activated and it stops the tracking, and i’m given a message about a really short workout :-). I’ve tried this several times with the same result. I’ve watched waves lap up and activate the button. So tracking lap swimming as an activity is impossible. But it does still measure your heart rate while swimming.

I have gone thru two fit bits and they cost a lot more, if you are looking for a cost effective tracker this is a good choice. The only down fall i see so far is pulling the strap off to charge the tracker. . It’s very hard to pull off. Don’t expect trackers to count your steps when you are walking slowly / casually, so you may think that it’s not working properly but it’s actually tracking your ‘fitness’ walking.

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I was hesitant about getting this as to whether our nephew (12) could use it separate from an iphone. He and his brother had it connected to their ipad, i believe, in no time and he loved it from the start. We gave it for christmas and asked recently if it was working well and how he liked it. He said it was great and he loved it, wears it everyday. I said ‘so i can give them a thumbs up?’. And he said ‘give them 6 stars’. The other thing the customer service is great. I contacted the company several times after i purchased as i was in such doubt about this working. They answered all my (many) questions quickly and were very patient even with repetitive questions to make sure. They also were not pushy and said if i felt it was something he couldn’t use they were completely willing to let me return it with no hassle.

Pros : not uglycustomizable clock face. I fully charged it when i first got it and have only charged it one other time since, its been about a month. The pedometer is pretty acurate if you walk more than like 8 steps at a time. You kind of have to get it going to start counting. It always works outside but sometimes indoors it doesnt count my day to day in the house walking. You can customize step length. It is waterproof, but it doesnt register button pressing if its wet. Screen is brightcons : the app is pretty bad.

I’m definitely pleased with my purchase. Design, function, and sturdiness (it’s waterproof too) meet my needs. I use it to track activity, heart rate, and sleep. Also have it synched to my google fit app. I have tried out most of the features, but find i don’t need them all (especially because the watch battery life is shorter the more alerts you have active). I have friends with much more expensive devices that cannot believe what my tracker does for under $25. I may get a few more to give away as gifts. Took away one star, only because if you’re looking specifically for the sms or calendar notification features, the functionality is limited at best. Plus, a few messages and calendar events would get caught in this glitchy loop where i would keep getting new notifications on my watch for messages and calendar items i had already viewed and/or responded to from my phone. I just turned this feature off.

I’ve worn it a few weeks and really like it. I bought it because i have been diagnosed with afib. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is because the heart rate isn’t 100% accurate. It’s like i have to wait a few seconds to get an accurate reading. Then the number starts climbing. It is a good product for the money. If your trying to stay on a budget it’s not bad. If you need an very accurate pulse reading spend more money. Or get this and a pulse oximeter.

I bought this brand so that i can wear it on my weekly swims. I bought two different colors but unfortunately only one bracelet can be bind to app at a time. The tracker is great keeps perfect time, heart rate assumingbly, tracks 3 exercises, has options for varied types exercises and is a great sleep tracker. My only heartache is i have to unbind one when i want to wear the other.

I am absolutely loving my new fitness tracker. It is everything and more that i had hoped it would be. It’s easy to use, easy to read and most of all it’s helping me with my steps and monitors my sleep.

Update- it finally rebooted after a charge overnight and is counting steps, it does have a decent amount of delay time but it’s not frozen like it was before. I was so excited and loved it. Received it friday it’s now monday and last night realized it stopped recording my steps. It than this morning started again and now stopped at 2355 and won’t move. I tried rebooting it and everything i don’t understand, and yes i waited for it to maybe catch up.

Update: band broke after 8 months, but hey for the price // original review: it has an excellent battery life, maybe 2-3 days in use. Alarm, message and call notification and camara function works good. Step tracks are ok, sometimes when you drive in a bumpy road or while brushing your teeth, it counts steps. Heart rate is great when you are not moving too fast, if you start moving too fast it kinda way off; i did my research and this is caused due to a technology issue, even the real fitbit experiment similar issues, the best way to ‘solve’ this issue is by putting the sensor close to an artery/vein and hold your arm still for few seconds. But, it is a very cheap tracker, so don’t expect an iwatch.