I was so disappointed when my fitbit charge hr wristband broke. I ordered the umtele replacement band hoping i might be able to salvage my fitbit. Though there were no instructions, it assembled easily and looks and functions just like the original band, though just a bit smaller. Thanks for the ‘new life’ for my fitbit.

I love this band arrived on time and i was able to assemble it myself, def would reccomend this product.

It looked just like the one i previously had and was super easy to switch over.

This is a fantastic replacement band for the fitbit charge hr. It was super easy to put the reader into the new band.

I am very happy with my replacement band. It’s exactly like my original band but now i got to get the color i like instead of the original black.

Really appreciated the inclusion of the tiny screwdriver to help me put everything in place. My fitbit is good as new now. Speedy delivery and great product.

UMTELE Replacement Bands for Charge HR, Soft Silicone Interchangeable Strap with Metal Buckle Clasp for Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Wristband, Navy, Small

  • UMTELE provides an excellent solution if you want to personalize your Fitbit Charge HR or just replace the broken band. This replacement band perfectly fits for Charge HR but not for Fitbit Charge or other Fitbit fitness tracker
  • This replacement band is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. It also has a water and rust resistance stainless steel buckle, which is reliable to lock the band securely
  • Because of the premium materials, the band is rain, splash and sweat resistance but not swim proof or showerproof. From work to workouts, this band can always give your wrist a comfortable fit with style all day long
  • Repair tools kits come with the band, which include screwdriver and triangle skid sheet. These tools are used to remove the Charge HR from the original band more safely and efficiently.
  • IMPORTANT STAEMENT: The procedure of disassembling requires professional and careful operation. It is highly recommended to learn about how to disassemble the wristband before you decide to do so. We will not take any responsibility for any damage of your device caused during the replacement process
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Everything arrived on time and complete. The provided toolkit was perfect, i was able to remove the old band and replace it with the new one without difficulty. The color was exactly as in the product description and the band fit properly.

This is a good replacement band, however as others have said, it doesn’t come with the charger clip. If your charger is not staying plugged in well, you’ll want that in addition to this band. (my charger clip had already had to be glued back into place once, so i knew what was up when the charger wouldn’t stay in, and ordered both)all this said, it was pretty easy to put the whole thing together. Just be patient and do all of the repairs on a light surface because those screws are tiny.The driver with the kit is magnetized, which was my only hope of getting those screws to get back into the holes after replacement. The old band essentially fell apart when i started to replace it, except for the part covering the front under the display. I had to gently pry that part off, but it wasn’t too scary. The band is slightly smaller than the original, so if you’re on the higher end of a band, size up. The small barely fit my wrist but it buckles on the last hole, so i’m keeping it.

Pretty easy to replace with the tools provided.

I want to give a big thanks to umtele for your unbelievable quick response to my first review of this product. My friends like the color i choose and say it looks good on my arm.

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The product itself is great. Works well and in perfect condition. No extra screw or instructions, which would help. Also, i ordered the ‘navy blue’ and it was a lot lighter in color when compared to the photo.

The band is so similar to fit bit you can’t tell the difference and fit was perfect.

The replacement band fit my fitbit charge hr perfectly. It was easy to change and i really appreciate the tool included with the band. The only reason i did not give it a 5 is the band is shorter than my original. My original band was a small and i had lots of overlap. This band has very little overlap. If you order a replacement band you might consider ordering a larger size. Other than the length of the band i am very happy with this band. The shipment was on time and packaging was good.

Love my fitbit hate the bubble defect. This saved me from buying a new one.

Not the best quality – definitely not as nice as the original fitbit bands. You can tell this one is a knock off.

I opted for these over the other bands because this one had prime shipping for the same price. Ours came with tools & also the clasp & rubber ring. There was no need for parts from our old bands. (purchased two bands in different colors if you see this review more than once.

Fits smaller than original fitbit band. Had i known, i would have ordered a large band.

UMTELE Replacement Bands for Charge HR, Soft Silicone Interchangeable Strap with Metal Buckle Clasp for Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Wristband, Navy, Small : Easy to replace and has the tools to do it with.

Saved $200 because i was ready to buy new fitbit.

I broke my fitbit trying to use the tools and replace the band.

I’ve never replaced a fitbit band before, so some instructions would have been helpful. Took a little while but i figured out how to get it replaced.

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However, came w/no instructions. Tougher to change than expected. Watch youtube videos multiple times. Easy to break fitbit part when changing bands.

I replaced my fiancé’s band and it was a piece of cake. Had it fine in less than 10 minutes. I’ve used it for almost a month now and it’s still holding up great.

Looks good and worked well, wanted to change the color of my wife’s old fitbit from the original purplish color to blue for my some to use. But, the band did not come with the plastic u shaped piece that comes up each side near the display screen. The ad doesn’t say it does but all the pics show a fully assembled fitbit so i guess i assumed wrong. Not an issue if your keeping the same color or have black but may be and issue if your changing colors.

This is a nice band and it’s good that it came with tools. The negative is that the previous screws didn’t work. It would be nice if it came with spare screws too. I ended up getting another band that came with screws.

Works great as a replacement band for charge hr. I had no problem removing the old band and placing my fitbit into the new one i orderd, after watching a short youtube video for instruction.

This is an ok replacement band, but it is obviously not actually made by fitbit. It looks almost identical but the plastic moulding is off. Two of my original (tiny) screws aren’t long enough to reach the plastic on the band so they fall back out.

The main problem i have found is the holes in the band aren’t big enough for the little securing thing on the band clasp.

Cheap, and the band holder broke within 4 months. So now, i use a braid rubberband to hold the excess band down.