Did love the design but was not for me.

This was easy to change out on my watch and is very pretty. I also have small wrists and it actually fit well. There was an issue of the dangling piece kept getting stuck on stuff and am not sure the metal won’t bend. This is great to wear for an evening out but not necessarily for everyday wear.

This leaf shaped band fit perfectly on my versa. I received many compliments on it. The only downside was that after wearing it for awhile i noticed i had to retighten the band as it loosened up with wear. Overall, i was very happy with my purchase.

Wooo, this band is everything. I’ve never been a ‘watch person’ and this band just feels like a very pretty bracelet that’s completely functional. I wear it all the time without any issues. It’s a little tough to put on, but tough is also a strong word. To me, its completely worth it because it makes my wrist look really pretty.

I’m really pleased with this product is cute and very sexy.

The color matches beautifully with my watch, the chain is a little long for my thiny wrist. It’s so nice to have a dressy band instead of the silicone.

I think this band is so pretty. Beautiful rose gold makes it look so nice.

The chain part can be irritating to the skin.

So comfortable and so pretty. I have a small wrist and was able to adjust it to fit comfortably. Only issue is fitbit does not make it easy to change out the band’s and i did not like sleeping in this band.

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Comfortable and easy to remove. More difficult to put back on. Just wish it matched the rose gold a little better. It is close but not a perfect match.

I’m a bit worry before this band arriving. I know this kind bracelet band probably won’t work out or it will break. Just have a try for it’s nice and sytylish look. But when i got it, i fall in love with it soon. Perfect for lounging around or going out. I also love the dangley chain it has. It’s really a good decorative accessories for my versa watch.

The color of the metal is very bright. I hope it will shine like this all the time.

This bracelet is an elegant and makes the versa look stylish. When i went out to party, it dressed my versa up so that i got compliments. With a small wrist, this band seems a little longer for me when i use the clasp to tighten the chain so that the versa sits snugly on my wrist. But the tassel pendant as well looks beautiful. I like it and will buy another color in the next few weeks.

Great look great addition to fitbit.

I received so many compliments on my band.

Was supposed to be rose gold, not gold. As you can see even the box is marked rose gold. Ok, so they made good on the band. Just know that the rose gold does not match the rose gold fitbit.

It’s a beautiful and unique band, and really nice quality. I’ve worn it many times since putting it on my watch, and it still looks very nice. There has been no color change or peeling at all.

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UooMoo Band Compatible with Fitbit Versa, Leaf Shape Stainless Steel Bracelet Women Replacement for Fitbit Versa Smart Watch :

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