Very nice looking bands and fast delivery. After about 2 months wear the color is beginning the wear away where the band goes through the fastener.

When i went back to macys to purchase another fitbit charge 2 as a christmas gift they only had the teal colored wristband left. I guess that is the least popular color. I said no problem i will just get some wristbands from amazon. I was wearing the black one and showed it to her. She said that’s the same band. I then told her they were on amazon for $6. I purchased 4 colors but have not worn the others. I can say that the black is exactly like the one in the box from fitbit.

Except for the navy blue color i chose, this band is surprisingly similar to the original band that came with my fitbit charge 3 in every way. After wearing it for 2 weeks, it has proven to be comfortable and durable, just as the original one was. I would not hesitate to buy this band. In full disclosure, i was given a complimentary band for my evaluation.

Accurate color, no trouble connecting to my fitbit. Other bands i own stain when in contact with denim, i have not had that issue with this band.

Are you tired of the white or black band your fitbit tracker?. I got a really beautiful rose gold silicone band to replace it. There’s many other color choices, too. It’s very easy to change bands on your fitbit, and you’ll appreciate the ability to have your favorite color.

Gotta love the charge 3 band’s snap-on, snap-off mechanism.

  • The metallic are my favs!
  • Excellent Replacement Band
  • No one will know it didn’t come from Fitbit.

Looks as good as the band that came with my fitbit charge 3.

Actually bought a total of 4 bands. The thing i my like is that the fastener is the same color as the band which is one thing i looked for since my fitbit is rose gold and a silver fastener would look funny.

I purchased the band in gold. I have several other bands, but this is the one i wear most constantly. I am an asian, and this color is very neutral on me, and don’t feel i have to switch bands to match the colors of my outfit. I only wish it had a ‘snap’ type closure as the original charge 3 band does to make putting on and off a little easier. I do start to see tiny creases on both sides of the band around the clasp and holes. For the money, though, this is a great value, and i love it. Would order again when necessary.

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The delivery of this item was very timely. The product was exactly what i was looking for.

They fit as expected and are super easy to change. Great quality and awesome price.

charge 3 bands
charge 3 bands
charge 3 band

Premium Material:

Vancle straps for fitbit charge 3 are made of flexible TPU material. Soft, durable and very comfortable to wear.

charge 3 bands

Connector Seamlessly:

Precisely made connector seamless fit.

charge 3 band

Extra Strap Holder:

The one fastener rings with nub can help to keep your Fitbit Charge 3 band from coming loose and falling off.

charge 3 band

Multiple Holes Design:

Precise alternative holes allow you adjust the fitbit charge 3 bands in a suitable size, no matter men, women, boys or girls.

charge 3 band

charge 3 bands

charge 3 band

charge 3 band

charge 3 band

charge 3 band

charge 3 band

charge 3 band charge 3 band charge 3 band charge 3 band charge 3 band charge 3
10-Pack Fitbit Charge 3 bands 4-Pack Fitbit Charge 3 bands Woven Nylon Breathable bands for Fitbit Charge 3 Leather bands for Fitbit Charge 3 Metal bands for Fitbit Charge 3 Soft & Durable bands for Fitbit Charge 3
Compatible Devices Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 3 SE Tracker Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 3 SE Tracker Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 3 SE Tracker Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 3 SE Tracker Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 3 SE Tracker Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 3 SE Tracker
Size Avaliable Small fits 5.5″- 7.1″ wrist; Large fits 7.1″-8.7″ wrist Small fits 5.5″- 7.1″ wrist; Large fits 7.1″-8.7″ wrist Fits 5.5″ — 8.7″ wrist Fits 5.5″ – 8.1″ wrist Small fits 5.3″-6.9″ wrist; Large fits 6.9″-9.0″ wrist Small fits 5.5″- 7.1″ wrist; Large fits 7.1″-8.7″ wrist
Use Occasions Sports & Outdoors Business & Party Sports & Outdoors Business & Party Sports & Outdoors Business & Party
Multi Colors

More Colors: Various colors available for your Fitbit Charge 3, Newest color silver, rose gold and gold accessory band for fitbit Charge 3 and fitbit charge 3 SE only, Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition and Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker are not included.

Fit and looks just like the original fit bit bands.

The color of this band matches my charge 3 perfectly. It is also more flexible than the band that came with it which makes it much more comfortable. It’s easy to put on/take off, which is important to me because of my arthritis. Definitely a great addition for my charge 3.

These bands fit perfectly to my fitbit. Nice variety of colors with the look and feel of the original.

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I’m on my second fitbit and i automatically knew to look for the vancle bands since they held up so well with my last fitbit. A great variety of colors and very durable.

Better than the original strap.

These bands seem absolutely as good as original fitbit charge 3 bands for a great price. There is a choice of colors, they are durable, and they attach to the fitbit perfectly.

Buckle Design: Special design buckle are the same color as the fitbit charge 3 band, which is personalize to match your mood and outfit in daily life.

I purchased the silver band and was pleasantly surprised at how dressy the silver color was. I would purchase this again.

The band is exactly what i wanted. I am going to get several more colors. Very easy to attach and clean. Very happy with the quality and affordability.

They are just like the original black band mine came with. Although i have only used one so far, i am very satisfied.

These bands are great quality and fit perfectly. They arrived quickly and have a great selection of colors. I would definitely order them again. I love being able to change the band to go with what i am wearing.

I purchased these bands to change out my original one for my charge 3. They are very easy to replace and put on and they help me to accessorize my outfits better.

They fit my fitbit three well, i like the option of having all the colors and i did receive the colors that i ordered.

Small and Large sizes for option — Charge 3 band Small fits 5.5″- 7.1″ wrist; Charge 3 band Large fits 7.1″-8.7″ wrist.

It matches my rose gold fit bit perfectly. This is the same band my charge 3 came with just a different color.

They fit just like the original band and allow me to match my outfits better. I’d pay more if the package included more colors. When the vendor provides more selection, then i’ll definitely buy more.

These fit just as well as the original bands and give me a nice variety of colors to match my wardrobe. The metallic colors are especially nice to wear for a dressier look without being too flashy. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

I got these bands to be able to switch out my charge 3 with my outfits. I really wanted the rose gold to match the actual fitbit and am very happy the rose gold is the perfect color. I love the metallic ones- they have a shimmer to it and they are so pretty. I’m really happy about this purchase and i know i’ll get a good use out of them all.

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This band is exactly like the $30 band made by fitbit. In after market bands, it is sometimes hard to find one with a buckle that isn’t silver. My fitbit charge 3 has the rose gold case, so i was delighted to find a band that has a buckle that matches the band (black, in my case).

I like that i’m able to change out the colors and the bands are sturdy and comfortable i forget i’m wearing my fitbit.

Just as durable and good quality as the band the charge 3 comes with. Now i can mix up the colors to match my outfits. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Premium Material: Vancle bands for fitbit charge 3 are made of flexible TPU material. Soft, durable and very comfortable to wear when you exercise, sleep and beyond.

I love being able to change bands to match my outfits.

I typically don’t write reviews but this one is worth it. Can’t go wrong on this purchase.

This band is a little off color than mint green but it is a beautiful color none less. The customer service of this company is wonderful.

These bands all fit the tracker very well, and all colors passed the tug test. The only real noticeable difference from the band the fitbit came with is that the buckles are plastic and the fastener is a slightly different shape. They do smell a bit rubbery but after one wash the smell went away.

I bought the bands for my fitbit charge 3. I like coordinating my bands with my outfits and these are great. The bands are durable as well as colorful.

Look good but haven’t used them yet, as they will be on the spot replacements.

1 YEAR WARRANTY — We take responsibility for Vancle products.

I liked this replacement band for the charge 3. The rose gold compliments perfectly with the rose gold face of the charge 3. It fit on really well and is comfortable.

I like the look of the band. They have a nice metallic effect to them that looks nice. They stay on well and are easy to change. They are a little stiffer feeling at first and the finish just rub off on the edges over time but that happens on most replacement bands.

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