Just wish i could buy silver, gold, and rose gold in one set.

I was a little skeptical about these when i ordered them, but i have to say i am a huge fan. They are quality and look great – easy to swap out too. They’re softer than the original band that came with my hr 2, which tended to cause my wrist to peel. These ones, however, don’t do that to my arm – they’re so soft i hardly even notice i’m wearing ithighly recommend.

Wow for the price, 12 different bands, easy to switch out once you figure it out. Fit bit bands are interchangeable when i looked on amazon there were hundreds at many difference prices to choose from. I choose these, durable, nice looking and enough colors to match what you are wearing.

I bought these after the band malfunctioned on my fitbit. So far, the gold band has been holding up fine. I can’t complain about the price for 3 bands.

I love the band’s, although i have a hard time removing them to change out. Watched multiple videos, but still have a difficult time removing the bands.

I loved the colors even more in person. The bands are comfortable and easy to install. Well about as easy as the originals.

I can update at a later time however right now i very much love these bands. Wearing the rose gold colored one. These bands are slightly smaller around than the original fitbit. I have extremely small wrists so i still wear it almost all the way tight. I would totally buy these again. They are flexible and seem of good quality.

Sometimes they don’t want to snap in and it takes a bit more effort than it should.

Lighter colored bands get dirty very easily and don’t clean per the instustions given by the seller.

I bought this set after buying a single replacement strap about a year ago. The strap held up but the colour changed a little as i use my fitbit all the time. Decided to buy a set of 10 and the colours are great and the product is durable. I would definitely recommend, as they held up better and longer than the strap that came with my fitbit.

I purchased these for my daughter for christmas and she absolutely loves all the choices of colors in the set she received. She changed them everyday to match her outfits. We did have one band that was defective and i wrote the seller regarding this and they were so kind to replace it with a set that had the color that was defective and 2 other bands for her as well. She received those as well and loves them. Would recommend these to anyone looking for fitbit bands.

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I have very sensitive skin and the band that originally came with my fitbit cause my skin to become red and itchy to the point where i could it anymore. After trying several other bands, this band is easily my favorite. It is extremely light feeling, cute, and most importantly doesn’t irritate my skin.

This band is definitely better than the one that comes with fitbit charge 2. I like that it has all the little holes in it so your skin can breathe. I think the style is cute and it feels like it will last a long time. Here are the specifications for the Vancle Replacement Bands Compatible:

  • Replacement Band for Fitbit Charge 2 Only, Fitbit charge 2 Heart Rate NOT INCLUDED
  • Multi Colors Fitbit Charge 2 Bands for women men Available: Here are variety of Colors and new arrival colors (Rose Gold, Champagne) Fitbit charge 2 bands small large available for your Fitbit charge 2
  • Two Sizes for your fitbit charge 2 HR: Fitbit Charge 2 replacement bands Large for 6.7″ -8.1″ wrist, fitbit Charge 2 bands Small for 5.5″ – 6.7″ wrist
  • Fitbit charge 2 bands with metal buckle ensure the stability and security for your fitbit charge 2 Heart Rate
  • One-year warranty, Resend new replacement wristband for your Fitbit Charge 2 or full refund without return

Nice variety of interchangeable fitbit bands. Easy to interchange, but band itself was somewhat stiff and took some time to break in and become more flexible and easier to clip. All in all they are very durable bands and easy to interchange, would highly recommend.

This is an affordable yet beautiful accessory for my fitbit.

I only wanted a new black one because my old strap broke, but i bought this pack because it was only a couple dollars more and had extra straps/colors. I have changed out the colors a few times and like the options.

Bands are very stiff, not flexible enough. I bought another brand, much more flexible.

I was really disappointed in the band my fitbit came with and had ordered several to try that were considered breathable. Most of them broke or were discoloring after a few weeks of use. I have been wearing this band for several months now and there are no signs of discoloration and i feel it dries faster after a workout which is the main reason for my purchase.

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These are nice bands, could be a little more flexible but i’d buy them again. Can’t even tell a diff between the real ones.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Buy this band!
  • Finally a band that doesnt irritate my skin!
  • Great Fit, Great Colors

I have only used one of the bands so far, but i have no issues with it. Great price for three bands.

At first, they are a little stiff right out of the package, but they are very bendy and flexible as i attach them and use them more. They attach to my fitbit perfectly, are durable and pretty good quality.I loved the color pack i chose. I’m thinking of ordering another pack later with different colors.

Needed a replacement band for my fitbit but didn’t want to pay the fitbit price. As i was looking up alternatives i found these and i love them. They are just as comfortable as my original. They are a little stiff straight out of the bag but after a couple days of wear they fit just beautifully. Love the colors and the design.

I can finally love the way my fitbit looks on my left hand. I used to lament the fact that i had to wear my ugly fitbit on my left wrist just above my beautiful rose gold wedding set. Now with the rose gold band on my fitbit, it looks striking and beautiful. I’ve been wearing the rose gold band for two weeks now with no sign of peeling or scratching. I love the color choices i now have, i can swap it out with a color to match an outfit, perfect for parties.

I’ve been using these to dress up my fitbit (the original black is a little boring) depending on my outfit and they work great. The color variety is good, easy to attach to my fitbit, and good quality. Been wearing every day and no signs of wear and tear yet.

Great colors, although there are some i wont use it was cheaper to buy the whole set than look for individual colors. I switch them all the time to match what i am wearing and the are removed/connected easily.

Great quality in the structure and color. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Fits just perfect and it comes in a lot of great colors, always great to have extra bands to change out to match what you are wearing and also in case your old band breaks.

I was ready to pay this much for one. Now i have more extras than i will ever use.

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Lots of colors at a reasonable price. Purchased for a neighbor who overpays every time she breaks a fitbit band. She is still wearing the first one out of the pack a month later.

The bands themselves are great but the color rubs off in a matter of a couple days.

Very good quality replacement bands. The original fitbit band broke. These are better quality than the name brand product.

I bought these for my wife who couldn’t possibly ware a fitbit band that didn’t match her ensemble. Using a different one each day.

I like the variety in this pack, these are very durable, and soft. They snap on to my fitbit easily. I ordered the large, but i wish i would have ordered the small, because they are pretty big, which is fine, i should have measured my wrist, first. I would certainly recommend these to add a little color to your wardrobe.

I hesitated to buy these for about 2 months thinking that they would be subpar, or a cheap knock-off version of the original bands. I was also concerned that the bands would not stay clipped onto the fitbit. These bands are excellent, i am able to change them everyday to coordinate with my outfit that day. I have a problem with a couple of the bands getting them unhooked from my fitbit but i have never had any of the bands release or fall off during daily wear. Love these bands, will be buying more of them.

The bands aren’t as flexible as the original fitbit band. They are harder to secure but they might become more pliable over time. I’m very disappointed in the colors of the metallic bands and the dark blue band. The rose gold one is not as pink as the picture shows and the gold one isn’t as bright. It looks like it’s in between silver and gold. The dark blue band is also significantly darker than the picture shows. All of the other colors are great though and they snap into the fitbit perfectly.

You can switch them out to match every day outfits. If you have smaller wrists perhaps you may want to buy small. My wrists aren’t big and size large is longer than i expected. I wear my watch at the 4th hole and still have wiggle room.

Ordered these to replace my charge 2 band which had started letting go. Fit better than the original and the price can’t be beat.

I’ve had these for months.

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