After having my standard fitbit alta for about a year the wristband started to fail. There was a little crack inside where the fitbit latches on and and that made it so the wristband would occasionally detach, that’s why i decided to buy this replacement set of 3i get to chose which color i want and the bands are actually skinnier than the default band. The reason why i’ve rated this at 4 stars is because the band is made of a harder material than the standard band. That means if i’m using the computer and resting my wrist on the desk it’ll start making an indent on ny wrist and cause some discomfort. Overall i really like the price point and the options of this product.

The blue is more of a light navy. I was hoping for a royal blue as pictured. Fitbit alta hr and alta bands, konikit soft adjustable replacement band accessory with secure watch clasps for fitbit alta and alta hr, pack of 3 (black+royal blue+grey).

I like that they are a little thinner in width than the original ones. Love the clasp, now i don’t have to worry about losing my fitbit.

Bought these for my husband since his old band was destroyed. Attached easily and securely.

These were a gift for my sister. They were just what she wanted. They fit her perfectly and were easy to change the bands on her fitbit alta.

The fact these attach more like a watch band is amazing. I’m always petrified to lose my fitbit so the buckle gives me some piece of mind. After nearly a year with these bands, i’ve had one get the loop, that secures the excess band, stretch out and another has busted but only because it was hit by a softball during a game. Overall, happy with these and looking to get more.

Closure is different than the one that comes with the fitbit and was pressing into my wrist so i had to get used to it. Otherwise, great value for a multi-pack.

  • band that buckles for my Fitbit and this seemed like a great deal
  • Decent replacements
  • Strong, Comfortable, Durable, and Sized Well
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Vetoo Band Compatible for Alta HR/Alta Straps, Soft Adjustable Replacement Band Accessory with Secure Watch Clasps, Pack of 3

I wanted a band that buckles for my fitbit and this seemed like a great deal. I could get my “go to” black band and have a pop of color with the royal blue band. The gray band isn’t of much significance, but it’s nice to have. Royal blue is bright, like in the picture. And royal blue is, well, blue. This band is dark in color and has shades of green. I looked on sherwin williams website – they call this color “loyal blue. ” i can’t imagine anyone using the color, but to each his own.

Amazed at the quality and affordability of these bands. The “fit” seems as though it would easily range between fitbit’s own “small” and “large” sizes quite well. I’ve always needed one of the largest settings on the “large” fitbit bands, and these fit comfortably and feel far more durable than fitbit’s own supplied bands which obviously needed replacement.

Right fit and they look great.

The light-colored band, mine was gray, got discolored on the inside of the bank pretty quickly. The bands are very easy to change out from one color to the next, so if you want to have lots of color options, this is great. They are still the regular fit-bit type of rubber wrist band, so if you don’t like that standard band, you might not like this one. Hope this helps future purchasers.

Very pleased with this product. Great price, seems to be good quality and arrived on time.

Bands work great, good value for your money. Like the different colors and the adjustable bands.

Shipped in way to big of a box. I thought i picked size small and can not see on my order for sure.

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Nearly as close to the quality of the original band that came with my alta fitbit. The edges aren’t as smooth but otherwise its great. Now i won’t worry about losing my fitbit and i look forward to purchasing more colorful bands.

This was a gift, which she loved.

Quick shipping, i expensive replacement for my old band.

Got them for the wife and she loves them.

I purchased these bands for my son and he loves them. Only problem is the buckle won’t stay on the black band. It’s been defected since the day we received it. Other bands are perfectly fine.

Great bands, just what i was looking for at such an affordable price – would buy again.

Very happy with these bands. I have had my fitbit for over a year and have purchased 3 other bands and these are by far the best. Made from the similar if not identical material as the original band that came with the device. These bands are a bit narrower than the original. In my opinion the latch on these are more secure than the genuine fitbit one. Love the colors and you can’t beat the price for 3 bands.

Fits the band perfect and the buckle clasp is much nicer than the one that snaps.

For the price, they’re a decent replacement. I used the (pretty light) grey first and it had visible dirty spots fairly quick. Eventually the loop broke off, so i didn’t use it anymore. I think i used the blue next and the flat end absolutely refused to stay in the loop. It got annoying enough i switched to the black. It’s working for me now, as expected. Again, for the price, not a bad deal, but i’m sure i could have found better quality replacements as well (which i have to have, my original broke, i’m surprised i didn’t lose it).

I love it and the price is unbeatable. I have always struggled with fastening the band that came with my fitbit, the clasp is so much easier to deal with.

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My fitbit band broke so i ended up not wearing it for about 6 months until i found konikit bands. I’ve been wearing it for about a month and it’s holding up so far. 3 bands for the price was excellent and the quality is decent.

I actually like these better than the original.

Bands appear to be durable and built well.

It fits well and looks good. My only negative would be that it is not as soft as the band that came with the fitbit. The material is just a bit stiff. Now that might change over time, not sure. I have been wearing it daily since it came and so far i am happy.

These are easy to connect and disconnect and are very comfortable. I love the different colors.

Colors don’t look the same as displayed, however, product is good. Fits perfectly on my alta fitbit. Only downside is they get kinda dirty but i suppose that’s expected when you wear it all the time. For the price, items were great.

So far these are exactly what i wanted. I bought a large band with my alta, but it was way too big, and i almost lost it once while traveling because it only had the two pins to secure it. I love the watch clasp on these.

Nothing fancy, just functional.

One size fits all, however the metal clasp rubs and is irritating. Most of the time this does not bother me, but at the end of a hot,sweaty run it can be annoying. Also would like to have more rings to hold down the excess band. For the price, very sturdy and will let a long time i am sure.

This product was an excellent substitute for the original band. I had a lot of problems with the original band i felt i would lose it or it took me longer to close than any watch i had.