Gives me text alerts, i haven’t used the fitness aspect of it yet, but otherwise it’s a great watch. It provides its function very well. Update: it’s been about one month and you can sleep with it, sleeping with it is slightly uncomfortable along with wearing it sometimes. It gets irritating a little while wearing it throughout the day. Battery life is amazing, i’ve really only charged it 3 times since i’ve had it. It gets four stars for the uncomfortable wear throughout the day.

I absolutely fell in love with the vibets. Doctor told me i needed to track my blood pressure and this is the greatest way to keep track. The app is easy to use and i haven’t had my watch since i purchased it a week ago and i’ve only charged it once and it’s still at a 50% battery life. The only thing i’m a bit disappointed about, is that it will not detect my phone so i get alerted when i receive calls, messages or calendar events. Hopefully i’m just doing something wrong, but besides that hiccup, i love it.

I planned on using it for biking, but i use it more for receiving texts and fb messages. I enjoy the step counter and will use it for biking in the spring. This is a superb device and the price is amazing for what it will do.

I charged it christmas day and just barely had to plug it in again yesterday (jan 28). It works great for my needs. I like that it can show my texts and calendar events from my phone too.

Used for tracking steps, and everyday watch.

Wife and i both needed a reliable pedometer to track our daily steps for our works wellness program. The pocket ones never tracked well and our cell phones seemed to always get left at our desks so that was no use when you want to get ever last step. You don’t really even know it’s there on your wrist most of the time. I put mine on 1st thing monday morning and it stays there till thursday night when i go to bed. The battery life is that good and it’s water proof so you don’t loose out on no steps. The one fault i have is if you forget to open the app on your phone and sync it before midnight, you will have zero record that you ever took a single step that day.

Key specs for Vibets Pulse Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker Watch, Waterproof Smart Bracelet with Step Counter for Walking, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women and Men. USA:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✔ SMART BRACELET – Continuous Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor ( Sleep Tracker ) – Our smart band automatically tracks your heart rate ( HR ) in real-time and provides comprehensive data on the quality and duration of your sleep using the VeryFitPro App
  • ✔ WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH ACTIVITY TRACKER – Accurate step counter ( Pedometer ) that tracks total distance, pace and duration of the activity. Built-in calorie counter that measures total calories burned for the duration of fitness activities. Contains IP67 Waterproof rating
  • ✔ FITNESS TRACKER MULTI-SPORTS MODES WITH GPS – There are 14 sports modes like Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming and more to help you track your workouts. Using the GPS on your smartphone, you can see your workout route and gather your performance stats: time, pace, calories, and total distance traveled using the VeryFitPro App ( Support Android 4.4 and above, iPhone iOS 7.1 and above ).
  • ✔ BUILT-IN USB PLUG – No cables or accessories required for charging. The armband is slim and you can easily connect it to any USB port yielding up to 7 days of working time with each full charge . The adjustable wristband is one-size-fits-all and is super comfortable for women, men and kids of all sizes. Your wearable tracker also receives alerts from calls, SMS, calendars and various SNS ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more ).
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Comments from buyers

“Great fitness tracker for incredible value!
, This is the best pulse ever !!
, Great watch for the price

I had “won” a fitbit at a white elephant gift exchange last christmas. Thought it would be good for me to keep track of my (lack of) daily excercise. Anyhow, i ended up giving it away as i wasn’t being disciplined enough to use it. Recently, i decided i really needed to take fitness more seriously as, although i am not overweight or in horrible physical shape, i do work at home sitting behind my computer all day. And, i have had issues with my sleep for many months. So, i came across the vibets pulse and have been using it daily. Very easy to charge out of the box and so far i am still on my first charge. The app is essential and linked up easily. I have not yet explored all the functions but so far i love the sedentary reminder which gets out of my chair every 15 minutes for a stretch and to give my eyes a break. I have also been inspired to take daily walks as my daily steps were pathetic.

It arrived quickly , plug it into usb for couple hours to charge up the battery. I was pleasantly surprised how simple it worked, just 1 button. I don’t see any reason to pay anymore for an activity monitor. This watch does everything an athlete needs including heart rate without a chest strap. It’s simple and straightforward to use, pairs to my iphone with veryfitpro app. It even activates the gps and camera on my cell phone.

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I got it for my 12 year old son on christmas, charged it on dec 27th, and it still has a charge. Granted he doesn’t wear it every single day, the thing still has a charge. And there’s no on/off switch, so it’s not like its sitting in a drawer turned off. Amazingplus the features are truly awesome too. App is a little tricky to navigate once initial pair with phone, but after you get the hang of it it’s no sweat (pun intended). Comparable to my samsung gear fit 2 fitness tracker, only difference is the pulse screen isnt in color. Other than that it can do everything that mine can.

I was searching for a sport watch to help me with my running training and found a great one with vibets. I use it the whole day and track all my activities. It is precise and the data transferred to my mobile phone is easy to evaluate and helps me to plan my next goals. It proved to be resistent to water, as i ran using it under heavy rain.

Counts my steps, lets me know when my phone rings, shows a portion of a text message and has multiple alarms. I absolutely love it and feel like i got a great deal.

Very lightweight, practical and the battery lasts for a long time. I’m very happy with my vibets watch.

Does everything a more expensive fitness tracker does for a better price.

After a bad experience with a cheaper $14 model from a lower tier brand, i am happy to find a superior product that matches its actual description and comes at a good price. Easy set up, long battery life and super easy to use. This fitness tracker looks and feels awesome. It has all of the features i was looking for, plus the app is really nice and syncs with my iphone seamlessly. Also, it comes with a very nice-looking gift box, a manual and lots of photos. I especially like how the usb charger unplugs from the wristband itself without the need for yet another cable or charger.

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Really inexpensive and works great.

The price was right for this fitness tracker. I bought it for a friend, as an intro device, and as a motivator. She has been pleased with it, and it has worked to get her moving more.

It’s a nice watch, but it annoys me there’s no power button on it which the listing didn’t make clear. Tapping the touchscreen doesn’t activate the screen for time about 80% of the time, and flicking my wrist doesn’t help much either. I also question it’s accuracy, some days it logs very few steps for me at work when i know what the baseline should be. It’s a good choice if it’s your first and you’re not sure if you want to put a lot into a fit watch, but it’s not without its own flaws.

The product was shipped on time and it’s really good. Good functions and ice design. App seems to be working fine with iphone x.

I am really happy with this fitness tracker. The battery has lasted days and days. The step tracker seems to work pretty accurately and i like being able to receive sms notifications. I dont know how accurate the heart rate monitor is, but i know it does work pretty good for the most part. The app was easy to download and simple to navigate. I love that this fitness tracker will still track even if you get to far from your phone. The fact that it was so cheap is even better. However, i haven’t had it long, so hopefully the excellence continues. I would definitely recommend it.

Product works well easy to program with a smart phone. Battery lasts for over a week without charging.

Works just as good as a fitbit.

The device is mostly accurate and the app is working fine. I liked the feature of switching to metric units (first thing to do), also you can set the step length (which makes measurement way more accurate) and the fact that the app does not force you to register (yes). One star subtracted as the tracker is too big for my wrist – i can wrap it around but the part with display is so large that it hurts the arm when i wear clothes over it.