The battery life has been very impressive, and i love the ease of charging this via usb. The different sport mode options are an added bonus, whether doing yoga, running, or just working out in the gym this has something for every one. Lots of functionality built into a pretty inexpensive tracker. I love the color screen module and interface. It doesn’t feel as antiquated as others i have tried in the past.

Granddaughter likes it and wears it all the time. Easy to recharge since there is no ‘cord’ to find as the port is built into the device.

This is a great little activity tracker. I love the interested usb charger so i don’t have to find a cable i just plug it into a usb port.

I bought this to get me moving to loose weight. My old one (which was a different brand and expensive) was extremely inaccurate. However i just took someone’s advice on here that said the app that goes along with the step tracker is great and it is not. It does sync with my phone and tracker but so far i can not get it to send me notifications and it does not have a camera like it claims. I am going to keep messing with it to see if i can get it to work. If you are looking for a fancy one keep looking but if you want something basic it’s great for the price.

I was looking to try something different out as far as a wearable watch/tracker goes, and decided to try this one. In comparison to my samsung gear, the vigorun is much lighter, the battery lasts considerably longer, and is more water resistant. Another plus is that since i have skinny wrists, the fitness band fit me without having to purchase a smaller bandwhen i wear the gear s3, i have to charge it every day, and while i’m willing to wear it while working out, i can’t wear it if i want to go swimming or take a shower. The vigorun i wore for 6 days before it needed to charge, and had no problem with it working while i took a shower or went swimming. It has many of the same features as my s3 such as step tracker, different activity modes available, the weather, do not disturb (which is a must), alarms, as well as notifications. This will sync up with the google fit app, but if you use samsung health, you will have to download a third-party app to sync your activity. The device was very easy to setup through the app and i also liked how you could customize the size of your stride to the device–never seen that option beforeif you are looking for something to wear while you are working out, then this fitness tracker is amazing. If you want a lot of the functionality of having a mobile phone on your wrist, then this item isn’t for you. I’m so used to having my s3 all the time, that i missed the ability to reply to text messages and answer calls while away from my phone. Since my daughter’s other fitness tracker won’t work unless her phone is on, i’ll be giving her the vigorun to use and i’ll be going back to my s3.

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Works well like just like the brand name counter-part. Four stars because i’m not too keen about the band material.

Vigorun Fitness Tracker Color Screen, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Watch, IP68 Waterproof, Sleep Monitor, Step Calorie Counter, Pedometer Wristband for Women Men Kids

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ❤ All Day Activity Tracking & Set Goals: The fitness watch will record your all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and more; Connect the GPS on your cellphone to show your run stats and the map of your workout route. Set customizable steps, sleep time and weight goals to get you and kids moving to develop a healthier lifestyle.
  • ❤ Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracking: Equipped with the latest sensor, Vigorun fitness tracker will accurately track your heart rate automatically Manually and continuously. It will comprehensively analyze your sleep and offer a precise sleep quality data (Deep & Light & Awake Sleep). You can even check a weekly curve on the app.
  • ❤ Powerful Functions & IP68 Swimming Waterproof: Screen brightness adjustable, weather display, wrist sense, 14 sports mode, GPS tracking, silent alarm alert, sedentary remind, Call Number Displays, Message Reminder (Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.), remote camera shooting, Multi-language shift. Super water resistance allows you to swim and take shower with this band on your wrist (avoid exposing to hot water)
  • ❤ Built-in USB Plug & Long-Lasting Battery: Built-in USB plug makes it easy to charge in any USB port or computer, no cable needed. One single charge gives you up to 7-10 days of working time
  • ❤ Wider Compatibility & Warranty: The fitness wristband requires smartphones with  iOS 7.1, Android 4.4 or above, supports Bluetooth 4.0 or above. We will offer prompt reply, friendly customer service, 30 days no reason to return & 12-month worry-free guarantee

I was not expecting a response from this company. Amazingly surprise, it was a very nice email; letting me know about a possible replacement for the one tracker; that did not work as expected. I did purchase two trackers. One work very good and the other, did not work as i wanted. Just by me receiving an email from the vigorun customeer service; it did cause me to believe, that i am dealing with a reputable company. Let’s see what will be the outcome.

Came quick and seems very user friendly. I would recommend to friends and family.

This is the best one of all the purchases i’ve made on amazon. So simple and only takes 5-10 min to set up.

It is my first water proof tracker and i love it. Battery lasts a long time when not on wrist-motion-turn-on function.

For the price, i’m not sure if there’s a better value out there as far as wearable tech goes. It has great battery life and is waterproof, which is a plus. I got the red model which is pretty sleek, although i wish more colors were available. My only gripe is that the sleep function doesn’t seem to work all the time. It worked perfectly the first night and it was awesome to see my sleep patterns, however the last few nights it hasn’t tracked any data. This could be something on my end, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Also be aware that you do have to download a custom app to activate and use this fitness band, which can be annoying depending on the user. The app is decent enough for basic functions, however all your data gets transferred into apple health which is awesome.

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The hardware part works fine but the band is already filthy. I thought it was made of a different material. But for the price, it’s perfect.

I bought a blacking before, and now i can change to wear them. This bracelet fit me perfectly. It has many functions, and easy to connect with my iphone.Thanks for the great product.

This fitness tracker has it all. Heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, step pedometer (tracker), and gives you sms alerts from your phone.

I have a fitbit which i absolutely love. My seven year-old nephew is completely obsessed with it. I purchased this for him for christmas and i was amazed with the quality and the abundance of really useful features. What was most amazing was the incredible price.If you’re contemplating a fitbit, definitely check this out first.

Getting it to take pics is a little tricky. My only problem is it will not stay connected to bluetooth. The main reason i got this watch was because of the bluetooth feature and it alerts me to texts from my phone like my previous watch did but this one falls off of bluetooth constantly so i hardly ever get the watch to vibrate when i receive a text msg on my phone. The battery life is decent, the instructions say it can go 5 days without a charge but once it gets half way, it goes on the charger for bout 45 mins (every 2 days for me). I like the sleep feature as well. I use it as my alarm every morning which having something vibrate on my wrist vs the alarm from my phone or clock with those annoying sounds that make me want to just throw it against a wall, is so much better. Just tap it to stop the vibrations and ‘good morning’ lol. I chose a blue band since its my favorite color but i’m wondering if they have bands that you can switch to your liking.

This helped me learn about myself. I am not as active as i thought. Learned about my sleep habits.

Vigorun Fitness Tracker Color Screen, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Watch, IP68 Waterproof, Sleep Monitor, Step Calorie Counter, Pedometer Wristband for Women Men Kids : I only take it off to shower. I love this product, it is reliable, user-friendly and very informative. I don’t like that it does uses a lot of battery life on my phone, but it’s well worth it.

This watch has a clear, easy-to-read color display showing time, outside temp, weather, steps, heart rate, and more. I like the way it shows my heart rate whenever i want to find out what it is. It also tracks it and displays it on the easy-to-use phone app. The app was somewhat difficult to install at first, but i worked a little at it and got it installed okay. I am over 60 so learning to use a fitness tracker was a little foreign for me, however i found that using this watch was easier than i thought it would be. I don’t know how it knows i’m sleeping, but it does seem to get the hours spent in bed right. I also wonder how it knows the difference between my deep and light sleeps. Altogether, a pretty great little fitness tracker.

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For the first month was perfect, then there was water inside of it and couldn’t see the screen. Two days after that the belt broke. Besides that, was pretty good.

Monitors sleepstepstextsalarmscalendarsweathersleepwater proofand moregreat for kids.

Mine will not hold charge for longer than 20 hours. The one my son and husband have work great hold charge for days.

I love how lightweight it is and looks sleek and more than the price they sell for. I wanted the big name one but could not afford. I love all the features and that it is waterproof. I surely won’t submerge in water. I hope to have long life with this. The digital display is nice and big enough to see. So far very pleased with this purchase.

My smart bracelet is working great. Disappointed that i did not get a pink color as i thought i ordered. I ordered the bracelet to see how much i sleep and it tells me that i sleep 3. 1 hours a night as i thought.

Well, it’s my first smat watch, so i expect really a lot. So cute color, i really fell love with color😘 and it has simple design which really fit me. Unfortunely, this is too big for me😥 so i think i need to buy another band. Except that, it’s really awesome watch.It works very well, easy to charge, app is amazing.

This little tracker is amazing. We had problems syncing with an iphone but with a samsung it was fine. We have been using it for several months now, daily. She is a very active kid and it works great.

It’s lighter than apple watch. I love this tracker i wear it everywhere. Very easy to use and paired with iphone, very use friendly. It is comfortable and accurate. I hope the battery can lasts over a week on a chargethe price through and functionality is great and i highly recommend it to anyone.

Very light, do not know you have it on, long battery life. Issues: hard to remove band to charge, but would give good seal against moisture. Manual is lacking in detail, could be better done. Screen hard to read in daylight.

After browsing through some similar product for the fitness tracker, i ordered this vigorun. It is lightweight so i can wear this anytime, simple to pair to mobile and to use, and has features that i wanted.

I really like this fitness tracker, it looks amazing and it works very well. I am able to use it just as it is intended and it works very well.

This is my first fitness watch, so i am very impressed with it especially for the price. I am fascinated that it can keep track of so many aspects.