Excellent value and accuracy for my purpose. Ever since my fitbit died on me, i have been looking for a replacement. The app is good enough for tracking my activities and heart rate. Both hardware and app user interface are good too. I would definitely recommend to a friend if they are interested.

Should have switched a long time ago. Love that i can sync my data to google fit and take it with me if i ever want to switch devices. The battery life is so much better, it costs 1/4 the price and looks better. Highly recommend the pinhen mesh metal band.

I love the price and the ability to sink this with the android fit app. The mi app for my s8 is still quite buggy but does enough of what i want it to do to make this device very useful. I use it as my alarm clock, even though it is hard to find the settings for it in the app. I wear it all the time and battery life is upwards of 10 days on a single charge. It uses a proprietary charger and in my opinion should be a micro usb plug but that may increase cost or affect the waterproof rating.

Pros: long battery life, fairly accurate heart rate monitor, water resistant. Cons: difficult to see display outdoors, step counter is less than perfect. I primarily purchased this item to complement my sleep as android app and receive more accurate sleep data. It works quite well for that purpose when used in conjunction with the mi band tools (separate purchase) by tracking movement during sleep as well as my heart rate every 2 minutes. The heart rate monitor appears to be pretty accurate while i am at rest. I have taken my pulse manually several times and then compared it to what the mi band 2 reports, and they have always been very close. Keep in mind that heart rate can vary somewhat even over the span of a few minutes. I have not tried measuring my heart rate while working out or during cardio exercises. The step counter works pretty well, but it never reports the same number of steps as my phone (although there could be a number of reasons for that). The only real downsides i have found is that text displayed while outdoors on a sunny day can be quite difficult to see.

I bought it to track my bpm and sleep activity mostly. I use ‘sleep as android’ and ‘tools & mi band’ apps to track my movement and bpm to get a really detailed summary of my sleep. I found it to be very accurate with the apps i am using. Tools & mi band allow me to adjust and improve the quality of bpm reading from mi band (you can adjust how many readings per minute and do continuous heart rate monitoring with the app). I had a samsung gear fit2 pro for a week and i got better readings with mi band and tools & mi band app than with the fit2 pro and the s health app. Other great things mi band can do is notify you of phone calls, texts, snapchat, calender and other apps you choose through the tools & mi band app (i know i am pushing this app a lot but it really allows a lot of features that much more expensive wearable have that this wearable is also capable of doing). This only notifies of the event and maybe contact name, text on the display is limited. As far as an activity tracker, it counts steps and collects your heart rate. You can use google fit to make it a much more powerful tool.

Bought this for my 9-year-old so she could track steps and i could track her sleep. Works fantastic and actually tracks more and better data than my husbands fit bit flex (which was purchased to track sleep only) the mi fitness app is easy to use and understand. She’d been wanting a step tracker but i didn’t want to spend too much in case she didn’t really use it or it got lost. I felt the vtech one was too little kiddish for her and it didn’t track sleep. Love this band and so glad i purchased it on the recommendation of a friend.

  • Excellent fitness tracker
  • Great value for the money
  • Heart Rate Monitoring and Sleep Monitoring

I don’t usually write reviews but i have found them extremely helpful when ordering so here it goes. This is exactly what it says it is. I want looking for anything extremely fancy but i did want something that tracked my steps and heart rate and it does that great. Bonus was it tracks your sleep patterns and so far has been pretty dang accurate. The battery lasts and lasts and lasts. I would recommend this product and will probably order one for my daughter.

December 2017 update: my watch just suddenly died and wouldn’t recharge, etc, after 1 year of constant wearing. Considering it’s only $40 or less, i am not changing the rating. It’s still a 4-star product, ie pretty darn good. I ordered a replacement from amazon and the act of activating the new band was actually very easy using their app. And to my point #3 in the cons below, no, i didn’t lose historical data. But, unless you’re someone who syncs the data daily (i don’t), i only lost the few days that i hadn’t synced the band. Really not a big deal in the big scheme of things. It’s just not worth leaving my bluetooth on on my iphone that already drains in 4 hours. And now my original but slightly updated review:apple, eat your heart out.I bought my mi band from another site almost a year ago (and only because amazon didn’t have it yet, it had just come out) and what can i say other than it’s great at least 90% of the time, hence the 4 stars.

After four months of daily use:pros: 1. The app has added more features including better sleep tracking but it sucks up more battery. Battery life is longer than jawbone up 3 and fitbit charge (two other bands i’ve used and is using). I had to push it into the charging dock harder a few times as it wasn’t showing the battery icon. Price is much lower, but it’s three times the price here than what my colleagues in china paid for theirs. But i guess if it was too cheap, then people will question its quality and reliability just like with prices for glasses. Band is more irritating to my wrist than other bands i’ve used. After calibrating band, it is still inconsistent and has a lower count than both the jawbone and fitbit. It is way off when i am using the rowing machine or elliptical or stair machine. It’s only okay for walking or running. Even with running, it is about 10% off of the other two bands. The motion algorithms needs work. When the fitbit has 160 bpm, the mi has 183. Hr is erratic especially when over 160. Its higher than the fitbit and jawbone. It syncs with wechat but the step count isn’t the same as the band. I don’t know why this is the case. It’s usually 5-10% lower on the phone than on the band.

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Awesome product, great price, great battery life, bluetooth is just fine for me, but not quite a super user friendly item, you need to know a little about your phone or tablet and read the on-line instructions for the mi. The little book is toooo small.

Some of the reviews for this were bad, but i bought it anyway since it said it would sync with android. Prosbattery charge lasts weeksdoes sync with my androidinexpensiveworks well, if not exactlygood enoughconsthe band is a little cheap and hard to put on (it’s hard to get the pin in the right hole)sync is sometimes glitchy and won’t always retrieve data from a day or so agosleep tracking does not seem very accurate since it can’t seem to tell when i’ve been up and walking around at night.

Features of Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband with OLED Display Black

  • Fitness Tracker: Monitor your activity levels, sleep patterns, and more with Mi Band 2 which can record your steps, distance, pace, calories burned and active minutes, and sync its data via Bluetooth 4.0 to the Mi Fit app
  • Smart Reminder: When your phone receives calls, messages or other notifications such as from Facebook, Mi Band 2 will vibrate to remind you. Simply lift your arm to view the notification icon on the display screen with caller name/ID when you receive a call
  • Sleep Monitor: MI Band 2 can monitor your whole sleep cycle, automatically recognize the stage of sleep (deep or light sleep) via heart rate monitoring, record the data and duration of every stage accurately, and help to analyze and improve your sleep quality
  • IP67 Water-Resistant Wristband Watch: MI Band 2 is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust and more. You don’t need to worry when doing daily routines, even when washing hands or taking a shower
  • Compatibility: Support for Bluetooth 4.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.1 and above iOS. Install MI Fit app to get instant statistics and set alarms, notification alerts, and other functions

Fitness Tracker: Monitor your activity levels, sleep patterns, and more with Mi Band 2 which can record your steps, distance, pace, calories burned and active minutes, and sync its data via Bluetooth 4.0 to the Mi Fit app

Wanted to get my wife one as she liked the idea of a ‘fitness tracker,’ but i didn’t like the idea of paying $75-$100+ for something that she might not end up using. Turns out that this is simple, has several neat features, all for a fraction of the cost of the bigger names. If you read any reviews that ding this because it doesn’t do this or that, just keep in mind that this is limited, but not in a bad way. What it does, it does every bit as good in that area as any of the big names. It will tell the time, track your steps and distance, your heart rate, vibrate with alarms and some limited messaging from your phone, and moves a lot of the heavy lifting to the phone. I was impressed enough to order one for myself and one for my daughter. I got it through a cheaper source, though, so it is on a slow boat from china as i type this 😉 i highly recommend the xiaomi mi band 2. For the money, you’ll be happy.

This is a functional tracker with par step, heart, and sleep tracking. I’ve had trouble syncing past fitbit’s i’ve owned, while i have not had any dropped data or sync issues with the xiaomi mi band 2. The sleep tracking is basic, though it typically captures accurately when i fall asleep and when i awaken. The stock sync app does not provide advanced sleep analysis, only start of sleep, light/deep sleep differentiation, and time of awakening. The app and english context relevant menus and descriptions lack refined translation, but it doesn’t detract from the units very low-cost value add to the individual looking to record basic exercise, vitals and sleep information. Please note that hr tracking is not continuous, one must initiate an instantaneous hr sample and must remain relatively still while the mi band 2 performs the read. This is obviously less useful for capturing reads amidst active exercise, but very useful for capturing periodic vitals from which to draft trends for analysis. 5 stars for value3 stars for functionality4 overall stars.

I purchased this band as a less expensive alternative to the fitbit. I was planning on using it with google fit but the app that comes with the band seems to be better than google fit. It gives more details but the only thing i don’t like about it is that you cannot set more than one goal. In the instruction manual it says lift your arm to check the time which tells me that the time should display when you lift your arm however you must press the button to show the time. The step counter and the heart rate monitor seem to be accurate. You must press the button and wait to get your heart rate checked and it buzzes when it’s finished. It’s a very simple device and cannot be used for email or texting or anything but i don’t mind that. I’ve only had it a week so if anything goes wrong in the future i will update my review.

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I bought one of these for my wife to replace her aging fitbit charge hr and she loves it. The interchangeable bands are awesome and the battery life is also great. I would buy this as a gift for anyone as they work great and are much cheaper and not overpriced like the other brands,.

On paper, this should be a five star product because it works. . The flaws that exist are not because of the fitness tracker itself, but because of the app that is associated with it — an app that’s free on google app store. Let me point out that my experience with the said app applies only to the android phone samsung (may be the iphone is more receptive to it). The watch time component on the tracker can not be set because it can only do so by syncing with the app. But try as i may, the app refuses to load on the phone. So, no accurate time, and no app to store/track your work activity on. Well, by some act of serendipity i found out that you can sync it with other non-mi band 2 fitness tracking apps from google play store.

Use it for basic step count, activity tracking with heart rate and basic sleep tracking. Step count is good, and activity tracker with heart rate works well. Excellent battery life and charges quickly. The band stays on all the times and does not affect skin unless it’s worn too tight. Its not necessary to wear it tight. The software is basic but works well. The accuracy can be off slightly and sometimes. I’ve noticed syncing issues sometimes. Cannot edit sleep time when found inaccurate. Cannot deduct difference between light sleep and simply lying down awake.

Smart Reminder: When your phone receives calls, messages or other notifications such as from Facebook, Mi Band 2 will vibrate to remind you.

I am sedentary, so i do not use this for activity tracking. I use it to track my heart rate and sleep. After doing some research and asking other people with my sleep disorder what trackers they liked, i decided to go with this. I have used a beddit sleep tracker and a misfit flash in the past which didn’t work properly. I use mi band 2 with the mi band tools (paid) app and the sleep as android (paid) app with their integrated function for the mi band. While this will automatically track sleep through the mi fit app, i use this to manually track sleep in the sleep as android app for more advanced data and charts. It tracks my heart rate while i’m sleeping and gives an estimation of how well i’m sleeping and for how long. The mi band 2 (with tools app) is incredibly versatile and has a long list of useful features which i don’t even use. Highly recommended for sleep tracking.

Great little device – does everything you want fitness tracker to do. The heart rate monitor may not be accurate – i don’t use it.

Same features and other expensive health monitors for a fraction of the price. My wife and i have used them for a year with our iphones and everything is great. Save the money and get these instead.

At this price point i would give it 5 stars if the band was designed better to keep the tracker from getting lost. My notification bar said it was connected to the tracker while sitting at work, so i looked around and found under my desk. I found that the band is 2 main parts. There is a hard plastic ring that has a thin lip to hold the tracker in, and the soft band that goes on your wrist. The hard plastic part is only held on to the soft band with 2 points like rivets. Those 2 points broke so the whole ring and tracker came out of the soft band. Pros:• excellent value for a long battery life hr fitness tracker• very long battery life and i had the hr monitoring set to scan all day and night.

Works well–it’s what i wear at night to track my sleep while my smartwatch charges for the day. It does what it does well, and has 3rd party support for android and ios apps for sleep tracking and fitness tasks, as well as customization for other apps. If you want affordable activity tracking, but with good features, you’ve found your match.

After purchase, i charged it and have worn it for 2 months without having to charge again. It does all i want it to do. Track sleep, count steps, heart rate and lets me know when i’ve been sedentary too long. What a deal for very little cost.

Sleep Monitor: MI Band 2 can monitor your whole sleep cycle, automatically recognize the stage of sleep (deep or light sleep) via heart rate monitoring, record the data and duration of every stage accurately, and help to analyze and improve your sleep quality

The device works well if you just have a desire to know if you’re moving as much as you would like. It tracks your sleep, but i can’t vouch for the validity. It’s supposed to remind you to move, but sometimes i got reminders to move 5 minutes after i sat down, other times no reminder for over an hour. I think the step count is close enough. I had a peaceful 6 months with this. Toward the end (as i think of it), the device started getting loose in the band. It would be nice to think that this was avoidable, but since you have to take it out to charge it, i couldn’t. It fell out once at work, and i retraced my steps, found it, and put it back in, trying to make sure it was stable. Later that same day, the device came out somewhere in public.

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Fitbit for $130 or this guy for $30?. Save the $100 and take your man/lady out to a nice dinner (seriously)i owned the basic fitbit model for about 2 years, worked as promised but the battery was garbage, it only lasted for 3 days tops. I lost the fitbit, all i really wanted out of the band was a watch and a step counter, so i did some research i went with the mi band instead of the newest fitbit. You get so much more for a fraction of the price. The only negative is that the counts are a little off (like 2-3 steps off) the heart rate monitor isn’t very accurate either. But again, its 30 freakin’ dollars. You get what you pay for – still better than what you would get from the lower fitbit model – no regrets.

Amazing device, wish i could give it 6 or 7 stars. Waterproofing works well swimming, bathing, showering, no problem. Charges fast (1-2hrs) and lasts 5-7 days as long as i dont have too many notifications set to make it vibrate. Heartrate monitor is top notch, compared it with a medical grade ekg and hr/bp monitor, and it was never off by more than 2-3 bpm. Otherwise it works great for tracking fitness. Best smartwatch/fitness helper device i have found yet. Cant say enough good things about it. You can get all kinds of aftermarket wrist bands on wish and amazon too.

I didn’t want anything fancy, just something to track how my steps, which it does without any glitches. I have the bonus of checking my pulse, the actual distance i walk in a day, etc. It’s also great to be able to download all the data to my ipad so i can check on my progression.

I’ve never had a fitness band but i just started walking more and purchased this one. Don’t spend the money on a fitbit, try this. I believe with the fitbit you are paying for the excellent phone app, as a lot of these low cost fitness trackers have horrible apps. The xiaomi on the other hand is open software, in other words it allows 3rd parties to write apps that interface with it. It does everything it says it does, and well. As far as the app though, this is the process i suggest (android):1) download the official app (mifit) first and install it and connect it to your mi band 2 — now let the official app update your band firmware and also the fonts. 2) next *unpair* your band (important) from the official app and then uninstall the official app3) download and install the app ‘notify & fitness’ (android) — this is the app i like and have great success with, there are several othersas i look at fitbit’s $150 ‘alta hr’ on their website, i can tell you this does everything that that one does. And the xiaomi is waterproof and the battery lasts 21 days or so. The alta hr is not waterproof and the battery lasts only 7 days according to their website.

This fitness band is awesome. Between my boyfriend and i, we have had 5 different fitbit devices all with problems with batteries, band quality, syncing, etc. I have had this xiaomi mi band 2 for four months and have only charged it twice – and that is only because i thought i should – it actually wasn’t out of battery yet.The app is easy to install, and the syncing is seamless (i have a google pixel). I bought different color bands to change if the mood strikes me, but i have been satisfied with the black band that came with it. Belt style) of the band took a day or two to get used to but now i don’t notice it at all. I have never written a review on amazon before, but i just had to sing the praises of this simple, cute, economical little band.It is so much better than fitbit at 1/3 of the price – i love it.

I’ve seen very mixed reviews for this band. I was skeptical at first, but i have to say it’s really great. The battery life is amazing. I’ve been using it now for almost 3 weeks and i’m down to about 25 percent battery. Good heart beat reads (90 percent of the time). Tracks steps better than my phone (note 8). Allows you to change what you can see, but i keep it simple to those three items. Thing i appreciate the most is the water proof-ness of the watch. I shower and have even gone swimming with it. Has not giving me any issues. And if you don’t like the band you can change it to one that’s a more classy look.

IP67 Water-Resistant Wristband Watch: MI Band 2 is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust and more.

Likessizedesignbattery lifedislikeit doesn’t show the real time of sleeping , like if you take a snap during the day it doen’r recognize. If you are in your bed watching tv after 10:00 pm it shows like you are sleepingit does’t recognize different kinds of exercises , like boxing , jumping, only the basic ones. If you are training on ‘elliptical training’ it doesn’t counts your steps.

Compatibility: Support for Bluetooth 4.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.1 and above iOS.

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