It’s stylish and comfortable. The price is very reasonable. The color is somewhat neutral and can be word with most outfits. I wish that this particular style came in more colors. I do really like the one i have. I am pleased with my purchase.

This item really surprised me; i have had it for months now and it has aged well, survived a few dish-washing incidents and is still going strong. For the price i have been pleasantly surprised by this band.

Love the leather band – it’s more comfortable & gives a ‘classier’ look to the fitbit. Good for people with latex allergies.

Decent quality leather but i want to find a good leather band that is large band. I have to buckle this so close to the end that it doesn’t latch on second band to hold down strap.

Love this – makes my fitbit look more professional for work.

Bought this because the official band made my wrist very sweaty during daily activities. This feels more like a traditional watch now. I would switch the band back while doing intentional exercising.

This looks great, the only reason i gave it 3 stars instead of 5 is that it’s extremely uncomfortable to sleep in, it sort of slides up my arm a bit and sticks in a way that creates pressure. I end up ripping it off after about an hour every night i’ve tried to wear it.

Sturdy quality but the color was way off. Cant imagine how dark the dark brown leather band would be. Also came with a scratch on the band right near the watch face so was very noticeable. Not a 1 or 2 star because still good, sturdy quality that snapped into fitbit easily and seemed like it would stay well.

It only looks cooler with time as the real leather gets some wear and tear. It’s super comfortable and i get compliments on this all of the time.

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This is a fine fitbit band with one major flaw. It looks really nice if the conventional watch look is what you’re going for, no complaints there. The problem is that it is pretty much unusable if you’re working out with it. It’s fine during the workout, but it collects a bad smell immediately. Obviously all fitbit bands should be washed often, but this band really soaks up all of the sweat and holds it in. Even vigorous washing with soap didn’t get all of the smell out. And that’s only after working out a couple times with it. I recommend you use your standard fitbit band when working out. The band is perfectly stylish, but unfit for 24/7 use.

Was playing with my dog and she pulled my wrist band, it tore one of the loops off of the band 🙁 very flimsy cheaper seeming leather. Easy installation and fits so nice.

I wear it everyday constantly and it has maintained its shape and is very sturdy.

My wife loves her fitbit charge 2, but the stock silicone band can irritate her wrist, especially now that it’s hot outside. She chose this strap from some options i sent her, and has been very happy with it so far. Installation is very fast and easy, the leather looks good, and it feels like it will hold up well. She’s not reported any irritation yet, either. Here are the specifications for the VOMA Compatible:

  • Replacement Leather Watch Band for Fitbit Charge 2.
  • Tactile and Tough: Made of top genuine leather with stainless steel buckle.
  • Fits for wrist size : 5.5″ – 8.1″ .
  • Watch Band Only. The Fitbit Tracker is not included.
  • Warranty: One year free replacement warranty or refund without return.
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Bought the chocolate brown band. Looks good and fits great (small wrist).

The only problem i had with this order is that i wanted the longer length band that i previously ordered but when i pulled up the previous order it did not prompt me for the size just colors options. I chose the darker band this time and assumed that it would arrive in the large size previously ordered but “i” was wrong and received the small band. Do not assume that you are ordering the exact same thing with exception to the color, cancel out of a reorder and look for the size selection.

Very nice bands, we have appreciated have one for daily use and one that we keep protected from the impact of painting, yardwork, etc.

I like the smooth look and the comfortable fit and that i do not need to do a lot to make it fit just move to the next bigger notch. I have a tendency to swell and have circulation problems so my size will vary thought out the day. This is the perfect fit through out the day.

Perfecti have little wrists so the band is a little too long but i love the way it looks.

I normally where my purple band. This band is perfect for those occasions where fashion color don’t for the situation.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stylish and Kool!!!
  • Double Check Your Order If There Are Choices
  • Five Stars

My husband was having an issue with the original material of the fitbit band. This leather band looks great and does not irritate his skin.

I am very happy with my new leather band for my fitbit charge 2. Unlike most all the other leather non-fitbit brand bands, voma’s does not have those ugly metal plates that connect the fitbit device to the band. – voma is waaay ahead of the curve. I withheld one star because i would like to see how it wears after a few weeks.

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Pretty decent quality leather and a good value for the price but not a fan of glued leather as it will separate over time, would recommend. Would be a 5 star band if it had been stitched.

This strap seems quite nice. Even though it says genuine leather, it does look different from genuine leather i have seen. I trust they aren’t lying, but i had to get used to this. At first it put me off and even seemed to dfifer from the product page, but it really does look nice on the watch, and leather varies. I got the chocolate brown, which is the best looking one imo. I also assume the strap will break in over time.

Feels better than the original band and nicely dresses up charge 2. Will be good to see how it wears over the longer duration. I’m not sure this would be a good band for someone with an 8′ wrist though. My wrist is just over 7 1/2′ and there is only two notches left.

This is the best fitbit bracelet i have had so far. I have very small wrists and this is not as bulky as some of the other bracelets i’ve tried as the leather strap goes right up to the fitbit. Also, it does not cause a rash like so many of the other metal bracelets i’ve tried. Yes, i would buy this again and recommend it to others.

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