I like the adjustable wristband, but if you have to put some kind of lotion or vaseline on where the wristband is or can create a form of burn mark possibly due to friction from a bunch of movement. Make sure you wear it loosely so it rub and give you a rash.

I liked that when i can’t wear my fitbit in a pocket, i can put on my wrist and still track. Easy to move between this and the clip on version.

Awesome purchase and fit great with my fitbit.

It stays in and he loves his fitbit being on his wrist.

This woks and seems to be durable. However it has come loose twice but i felt it coming loose and did loose my zip.

The band is fine and does exactly what it says. The problem is everytime you move your wrist for what ever reason, it counts as steps taken. I put in 3 miles at my desk the day i wore it and never left it. I just carry my fitbit in my pants pocket now. My wife’s fitbit fell off her shoe the other day so i don’t really trust that either.

It has kept me from losing my fitbit zip. The band is a little small for my large wrists. If it was a little larger, i give it 5 stars. I don’t lose my zip any more.

Key specs for VOMA for USA Fitbit Zip Wristband/Fitbit Band/Fitbit Zip Band/Fitbit Wristband/Fitbit Bracelet/Fitbit Zip Replacement Band(Black):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Designed Specifically replacement band for Fitbit Zip.Easy access to all features and controls. More Comfortable and Durable.
  • Solving falling-off problem effectively. Easy and direct installation and one second removal.
  • Comparable to others (Refined replacement ,Fit perfectly, Super Comfortable Silicone material, Anti-lost.)
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  • Classic bands for an easy look you’ll love all day

Comments from buyers

” this a try for the price and it is amazing. It holds up really well and is very
, Comfortable
, Comfortably fits larger wrists

I was thrilled when i saw this. I’ve lost 2 fitbit zips atttached to my pants, so when i saw this i was eager to try it. Tracks perfectly, has several holes to fit your size.

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I was looking for a wristband for my fitbit zip and thought i would give this a try for the price and it is amazing. It holds up really well and is very durable.

Fits the zip perfectly and doesn’t block the screen at all. Comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off.

I have a hard time finding bands that fit my large wrists and these fit with room to spare. My original fit bit band i had to wear on the last slots and it was very difficult to put on and off.

Great product, it holds the zip perfect. I recommend this wrist band.

If you are looking for a wristband that will turn your zip into a watch, just buy a watch. This is not poorly made or anything like that. But it does not look ‘nice’. If you are considering this because when you go on a run, you would like to put your zip on your wrist so you can glance at your stats/time/etc. , then this is a good choice. It is sturdy and the tracker fits well. But it is actually pretty ugly as a daily accessory.

The pictures made it look like there was no back behind the zip, which worried me, but when i got it i was pleased to see that was not the case. I’m not sure how some people just ‘lose’ this, it attaches to your wrist just like a watch and has been very secure all day for me. I have been very happy with it and it is much better than the clip my zip came with, i’m no longer running back to the wash to pull my pants out because i forgot to take the zip off.

Product was delivered very quickly and as promised. This is the third voma band i have purchased for my fitbit zip. It works exactly as promised. Once tucked inside the band, there is no possibility of the fitbit zip falling out, as often occurs with the clip-on style holders. I purchased two solid-color wristbands and one with a pattern. The solid colors are definitely the better choice as the printing on the band tends to wear off after you have worn it a while–something that doesn’t occur with the solid-color bands. The price point makes it possible to have a wardrobe of different colors to match your outfits. I would recommend this band for anyone with a fitbit zip because it offers the maximum protection against damage and loss.

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I just received this and am very pleased with it so far. First off, i will address one of the questions i always have, this will fit a larger wrist. I have a 7 3/4 inch wrist circumference, and this fits me very comfortably when buckled on the 3rd notch. I love the feel of it, it is very silky soft to the touch, and very lightweight. It just feels good when you have it on. I have attached a couple of pics with it on, and of one of the best features. The little stay-put tab on the band holder. It’s a little tab that when you slide the band holder over the excess strap after buckling, pops into one of the notches to keep it locked in place. All in all, for only having this one day and wearing for less than 12 hours, i’m pleased with it.

I bought this band for my son to replace a band that broke. He said this one is far more comfortable, easy to put on, breathes and is a great band for his fitbit.

I kept my wrist in the pocket, it was cold so no steps recorded.

Seems to be of a pretty good quality. It fit my old zip perfectly. We’re going to be using this for my son, i may need to add another hole to make it fit but am pretty happy so far.

I was skeptical of this band before i purchased it for several reasons. However, since i have purchased it, i love it. It’s not bulky and the band stays in place very well. I’ve not had a problem with it coming loose. I will be buying more colors. I purchased the black originally.

The little loop to secure the loose end of strap broke and fell off after 2 days. A small rubberband substitutes nicely.

I like that i can now have my zip on my wrist, however i noticed it does mis-track some of my steps due to my arm movements.

Not very feminine, but i think you can tell that from the photo.

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I needed a strong, durable wristband for my fitbit zip and this was exactly what i needed. Wonderful price as well and fast delivery.

Product is perfect for the zip. The material makes your arm sweat a bit. I personally can’t wear it as the clasp is metal and i’m allergic.

Perfect fit for the fitbit zip. It is comfortable and easy to pull out the zip to change batteries.

Mine was stolen from work the five minutes i had it. So my review is based off the short time i had it. First the silicon felt good. The things i didn’t like was the big hole underneath the band. I’m assuming it was there to make the band and or cut weight and cost or silicone. Second is the strap the keeps the extra length of the watch from flapping around when on fell right off. This is something i feel i would loose very easy. Again since it was stolen i can’t say anything else.

Good quality and very comfortable.

This makes wearing the fitbit more convenient, but the strap is not very durable.

Then input the fit bit in my pocket at work.

Only downside is that the wristband gets a bit tacky when wet (such as after washing your hands). Other than this it does a great job of allowing a zip to be work on the wrist.

Very flexible so it’s easy to get the fitbit in and out. Also comfortable to sleep in and i love that it has a watch clasp.

This is a good product for the money. Buyers should be aware that the zip is not designed to be worn on the wrist. It will record arm movements as ‘steps’. You will need to increase your daily step goal to make it meaningful.

Easy to put on and to take it off my fitbit fits perfectly inside.

I started with a fit bit zip, but then i forget it was clipped to my clothes and i would wash it. So i bought a fit bit charge hr, then that broke. But with this wristband, i wear my fit bit zip all the time and it looks better then the higher priced fit bit charge.

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