I love the actual tickr fit device. But after about 2 months of use, the armband that holds it on is almost unusable, and i can’t buy a replacement here on amazon, i have to go through wahoo. At $15 a replacement, i’m bound to spend more on bands than i did the actual device which makes me think i may need to find an alternative to the wahoo tickr fit.

Role model for amazon, feels good.

Easy to pair up and battery lasts all day.

Long lasting is the reason i chose this. From what i read of other reviews, i can confirm that occasionally the heart rate seems to drop off, in which case i nudge it and eventually it returns to normal. I haven’t quite figured out how to avoid that, but it doesn’t happen every time, and it’s not like i absolutely require accuracy to each second. Mostly i use this with the peloton cycle and their floor exercises. It is comfortable to wear on the wrist. One of the other knocks i read is that the coating of the band will wear off. I’m just planning to replace the band when that happens, if necessary. So the convenience of not having to worry about recharging this so frequently makes this worthwhile. I would give it 5 stars if not for the rate drop issue. If i find a solution for that, i post it later.

I’ve never really liked wearing chest strap heart rate monitors so when i saw the new tickr fit i was intrigued. Honestly tho i was hesitant to buy this tickr fit given the number of negative reviews about the strap, but i decided to give it a shot anyway given the very positive track record i’ve had with wahoo. I’m glad i took the chance. I really like wearing this thing. It’s definitely more comfortable for me than a chest strap, and it seems just as accurate. I like that it comes with two band sizes so i can wear it on my wrist if i want sometimes instead of on my upper arm. I’ve tried both locations and they’ve both worked just fine for me. I’ll admit, i’ve only had it a week and we’ll see how the straps hold up over time. I checked with wahoo and the strap is covered by the same 1 year warranty as the device- so if i do have strap issues i know wahoo will step up and replace them during this first year. Hopefully that won’t be necessary but i know wahoo stands behind their products.

This is my 3rd optical hr monitor- used primarily for running (daily) and sometimes cycle (weekly). The mio link and scosche rhythm+ were my other two, each lasting 2 years. The mio had the most durable strap- that stayed on when swimming- but would pick up cadence and had only an 8 hr battery. The scosche was a bit more reliable, sometimes but seldom picking up cadence, and bands would last about 6 mos, and easily replaced. I’ve had this wahoo for a few months now and it’s the smallest, most comfortable, the band- unlike prior comments, seems to be holding up well, it has yet to pick up my cadence and seems to be spot-on with my hr. And- the best part- is the (spec) 30hr of battery life. So far- my best optical hr monitor yet. Now my hr monitor will last for any ultra race, an im, or a 2 week vacation without bringing the charger.

Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Armband, Bluetooth / ANT+

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ultimate precision – TICKR FIT uses the latest in optical heart rate technology to give you accurate heart rate and calorie burn for up to 30 hours
  • Integrated with Bluetooth and ANT+, TICKR FIT connects to smartphones, tablets, GPS watches and bike computers by Wahoo, Polar, Garmin and more
  • Made using performance materials capable of withstanding intense activity. Comfortable and secure to wear on the forearm
  • LED lights make it easy to see if your device is connected and working. Rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 hours
  • Apps – TICKR FIT works with popular fitness apps – Wahoo Fitness, Strava, MapyMyFItness, Runkeeper, Nike+ Running, Apple Health, Cyclemeter and more
  • See workout data while you exercise, including vital metrics such as heart rate and calorie burn when connected to a smartphone or ANT+ device
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I buy one and it is the best i have found, much better than those used in the chest. The wahoo costumer service is 1000% satisfactory, i love you wahoo and your people too, i recommend it 100%. Thanks jorge dimas gonzalez.

My wife and i use this with our concept rower. Connects easily and has been very reliable. It’s fairly comfortable too. Only issue we’ve had so far is that occasionally we have to wait a minute or two for the device to warm up a bit before readings are reliable. Not too terrible to put the band on while setting up. By the time we’re ready to row it’s usually warmed up enough.

Pairs well with my phone, zwift, and my gps head unit. Have used it roughly 20-25 times in the month i have owned it and only charged it once, which was just one day ago. Should be good for another month no problem. Recommend to anyone out there looking for a monitor that doesn’t wrap around the body and simple to put on and off and promptly control.

I am an avid amateur cyclist and was very frustrated with chest heart rate straps that slipped down, quit working, needed batteries changed every few weeks, and/or were just plain uncomfortable. My husband suggested and armband monitor and i went with the wahoo, based on its 30 hour battery life. (i have done 10 hour bike races and needed the longer life. ) i will never use a chest strap again.The armband tickr is very reliable, comfortable and yes, the battery does last 30 hours or longer. The armband slips off the mechanism with ease so i can wash it occasionally. I average 250 miles (12 hours per week) on the bike in the summer and i charge this about every 10-14 days–but my charging is proactive–it has only died once when i couldn’t find the charger.

I am an avid cyclist who has used chest straps with electrode paste for years. This product pairs instantly with garmin and peloton and iphone apps. Accurate, stays in place, comfortable. Rechargeable, long battery life. I won’t be going back to the chest strap.

Have not had any issues, has worked perfectly. I pair this with the wahoo app and strava, and wear during bike rides and indoor training sessions. I no longer even consider the chest strap. Charge holds over many multiple workout sessions.

The device works exactly as expected, the pulse is stable, i would rate the hardware 5 stars. My problem was with the wahoo app. All i wanted was to switch the device on, and see the pulse on my phone screen. The app is much more general- it wants to manage all your sport activities, and allow connection to many devices. The app and it’s ui are not focused around the device. So it is a bit difficult to get the basic pulse reading functionality.

I have been using the wahoo tkr fit for the past 3 weeks in both my hiit workouts, yoga workouts and kickboxing workouts. Love the arm band instead of the chest band. Only a few times it’s slipped off due to sweat (hot yoga) but it never ruined the end results of the workout. I liked the price and it’s proving it’s value. The only problem i had was some initial set-up problems but they worked out after fiddling around and experimenting. The directions were not that helpful. I like the design of the workout results. They are easy to read and give me all the info i need.

Bought this tickr hr monitor for use while road cycling in the mountains, as well as in spin classes. I primarily chose wahoo because i already use their speed/cadence sensors on my road and tt bikes, and have their app on my phone. Pairs quickly, is comfortable to wear and does not lose signal. I’ve been wearing it like a watch on my left wrist and am super impressed with how it consistently delivers accurate hr info. You’re supposed to wear it on your forearm or upper arm but i find that the wrist is more comfortable and delivers the same results. Really excellent little product for the serious cyclist / spinner.

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Like the fact that it is rechargeable and charger is magnetic. Prefer this over chest strap.

Accurate results, long battery life and simple to pair with wahoo and garmin cycling computers as well as your phone. Unlike regular chest straps, i get way more consistent readings with this with no dropouts.

Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Armband, Bluetooth / ANT+ : Would have sent it back but i’m too late. It tends to be very high and stays there. Found this out by using a garmin chest strap monitor.

I ordered this after another hr chest strap broke on me. I always have the same issue with them, eventually they fail because sweat gets inside them. What made me try the tickr fit this was the following: 1) it’s a sealed unit, less likely for sweat to get into it. 2) the battery life compared to the scosche rhythm+ (the rhythm 24 wasn’t available when i ordered it). 3) my overall good experiences with other wahoo devices. Firstly, wearing it is way more comfortable than a chest strap, so that’s a plus. I would however say that that the responsiveness to changes in hr seem a bit slower than a chest strap. Pairing it with my bike computer has been trivial and it doesn’t need to be charged very often (i have charged it once since getting it, last week i road over 170 miles using the strap and it’s still about 50% charged according to the phone app). Overall the hr ranges seem to match well what i was getting using chest straps, but i will say that on my first ride i did get weird couple of minutes where my hr dipped into the 70s, i assume an problem with it locking on (my hr was likely around 140bpm at the time).

Awesome and works great with the ddpynow app.

This sure beats chest monitors. Slip on your wrist and off you go. I like the easy recharge set up and the connectivity without struggle (garmen, torc, spinning bike at gym).

Exactly what i expected for the price. I was going to buy a garmin fenix 5 but i don’t like wearing watches so i decided not too. This works great with my android phone and strava. You may get an inaccurate spike or dip even though i haven’t experienced that so i am totally happy with this heart rate monitor. It’s comfortable and i barely notice i’m wearing it. Great choice and even better price point. Would recommend this to a friend for sure.

I made my own neoprene strap and wear it on my calf. . It has good reading but 5 to 8 seconds of lag compared to the polar h10 chest strap. I wear this almost always as chest straps are meh at best for comfort. The 5 to 8 second delay doesnt bother me when i push the gas when exercising. Overall i would tell everyone on the market to buy it and forget chest straps.

I was able to effortlessly connect the wahoo tickr fit optical heart rate armband to a few mobile apps such as polar beat, wahoo fitness and strava. I got this as i also have the polar oh1 optical hr sensor and wanted to do a comparison piece on my own review site and use it as an alternative hr measurement device with other ant+ wearables. The box comes with 2 armbands, some documentation and a charging cable. I compared the hr measurements against that as recorded by a polar h10 chest strap hrm and found the readings close for some activities and near on par for others. What i like:long battery life of 30 hours. Competitive pricingsupports both ant+ and bluetooth smartwater resistance of up to 5 feetwhat i didn’t like:no on board recording storage function unlike the polar oh1. Needs to be tethered to a mobile device or wearable in order to function and record hrwater resistant rating of ipx7, up to 5 feet only. Scosche 24 is another alternative for consideration. That seems to have on board recording and even a swim mode.

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Very happy with purchase and much more comfortable than chest strap. Also doesn’t cut out/lose connection as often as my chest strap would during cycling sessions. Comfortable on the arm with riding, less so during running, but that is just due to how i swing my arms, not an issue for others. Would recommend if you are tired of dealing with chest strap monitors. Easy to connect and stay connected.

I was worried about the quality of the strap. Numerous reviews indicate that the strap disintegrates after a few weeks, especially after it gets wet. Even the wahoo website has terrible reviews on the replacement straps they sell for 15 eurosthe heart rate monitor itself is superb. I got around the strap problem by removing it altogether and tucking the monitor under the sleeve of my cycling jersey. The monitor is lighweight and is splash proof, so its no sweat when it comes to sweat. Any cycling enthusiast will know how snug cycling jerseys are. The monitor stayed in place throughout my ride, provided constant heart rate readings and it was comfortable enough for me not to notice it was there (remember to remove it when undressing) the strap may be a deal breaker if you have to wear the monitor with the strap on, or if youre a heavy sweater. I think the strap wont last long as it feels flimsy (unlike the wahoo chest strap which feels durable)overall, its a good monitor but i cannot give a 5 star rating to reward bad strap design.

Worked right out of the box with my peloton bike. Just charged it, turned it on and rode. I also liked that it had 2 arm bands.

Great concept to eliminate nasty chest straps. It is extremely light, comfortable to wear, and easily adjusted. I wear it on the upper arm underneath my cycling jerseys. While it is no apparently intended for this position, it works great with the leds on the inside of the arm. Paired easily with the wahoo element bike computer.

The tickr fit is easy to set up and use. Once set up, it connects automatically to the wahoo element mini via bluetooth and provides real time heart rate as well as recorded heart rate via the wahoo element app. Battery life is long and recharge is easy. It works consistently and accurately. It is relatively comfortable to wear.

Have only had it for a week but it paired up easily with my cateye stealth evo+ and has not dropped the signal thus far. I saw another review saying they used it on there upper arm under the cycling jersey and i can attest to it working properly.

The best most reliable hr monitor i’ve used (i’ve owned and operated both the wahoo & garmon chest strap hr systems in the past). It’s been very consistent in recognizing and recording my hr during my cycling activities. I’ve worn this around my upper bicep and this has made much of the difference i think in comparison with my earlier chest strap monitors. I was always having to fiddle with the chest strap devices when they ceased to record after some time into my rides. They were much more uncomfortable in comparison with the arm band of this device. Major problem with this is that the mastery of the arm band started separating and shredding after a month or so. It can’t handle too much sweat before whatever is used to bind the layers gives away.

For hiit this is better than a wrist monitor, but glitches in the middle of a workout. While in the middle of a 30 minute hiit session when my heart rate is up in the 120’s and 130’s (54 yr old male) the monitor will show my heart rate dropping to my resting rate and below. After a few minutes it will recover and show the right (assumed) heart rate again, very frustrating. Am in contact with tickr to see if we can resolve the problem.

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