After doing research on these devices, the tickr stood out heads and shoulders above other devices based on amazon reviews. I wanted to use something with my apple watch rather than the built in sensor during workouts. Especially since several of the readings from the watch, even during basic running were jumping all over the place. One registered 215 bpm, that is when i knew i needed a separate sensor if i was going to take fitness seriously. I got the device open, and looked for awhile for an on/off switch. Then i snapped into the strap and viola. The blue light started flashing letting me know we were powered up and good to go. Pairing on my apple watch was a breeze. Go to settings (on the watch) bluetooth, and this device shows up under health devices.

I’m going to be honest and blunt in this review, the previous product (blue hrm) had some issues and failed on me. I wrote a long detailed letter to wahoo fitness (based in atlanta) and they sent me a free upgrade tickr chest strap unit. So immediately the customer support division gets a huge 5 star from me. Being that i have used the previous blue version the polar h7, the garmin forerunner and the scosche rhythm armband. I think i’m qualified to give an everyday user review of this new product. Wahoo took all the lessons from the blue and applied it to the tickr, most important these. They gave the unit two small led lights that tell you if your connected to a device via bluetooth and when its hitting on a heartbeat. So needed, most units you dont know what the status is of the unit, on?. This is solved with the lights, so smart. The output transmission is even more open source, there are a lot of heart rate monitors that force you to use their software or receivers. The new ticker works with all the big iphone apps that i use such as mapmyride, strava, digifit these apps grap and sync with this new unit with no problem.

I ordered the whaoo tickr based upon the reviews and the endorsement of the elitehrv app i intended to use to monitor my recovery. The first week with the tickr, all was great. I had a fast response to pairing, all the readings were spot on (checked with a professional grade ekg unit that i borrowed) and i thought i had finally found an inexpensive bluetooth product that actually worked as advertised. Just as i got comfortable with the tickr, it started acting up. Well, the unit pairs only on occasion with my nexus 6p. All other bluetooth devices pair with ease but the tickr seems to time out frequently. I would not have a problem with it if my morning readings were critical for my daily training routine. Some mornings, i need to reboot my phone, try the strap in various locations, turn the unit upside down, and then finally it will pair after some odd combination of these maneuvers. Simply put, the heart rate monitor strap is not reliable. It will not pair dependably enough to warrant much more than 3 stars and i even debated giving it 2 stars. None of these bluetooth straps seem to work terribly well. We might all need to wait until the manufacturers finally stop selling beta versions of these products and actually stress test them before going to market. I have a wahoo kickr too and that has similar problems with bluetooth pairing. Perhaps there is something awry with wahoo’s bluetooth chips?.

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It’s easy to use, not very large, has good range (about 15 feet for me), and works very well. I found that this one didn’t initially function at all. After a little online digging, i found that sometimes these get confused before the initial use and won’t start up the first time. The solution is to put the battery in backwards for a good ten-count and then put it back in correctly. The reason this works is that electrically, it shorts out the battery contacts without shorting out the battery (it’s perfectly safe). Or, in effect, it “cold boots” the device. While i was initially frustrated and angry that it didn’t work out of the package, knowing that it can be reset if there is an error increases my confidence in the product. This is actually my second unit. The first one got lost and never failed or required a battery change in the couple of years that i had been using it.

I absolutely love this heart rate monitor and the strap. I am by nature a garmin fanboy but let me tell you about my woes with the garmin heart rate strap to help you understand why the tickr is such a gem. I have had over 3 garmin heart rate monitors (yes, the actual unit, the thing that plugs into a strap). Each one of the garmin units never lasts me more than a season of running or riding my bike. First of all, the garmin unit requires screws that are frequently striped upon receiving the unit. This means if you need to replace the battery, well, tough luck. I managed to hulk-strength open one of the garmin units which literally pulled the screw and plastic out with it, and then reinstalled the battery cover with only three screws being able to tighten (the fourth being broken). I’ve had all my units spontaneously die. The garmin straps are of poor quality and while they are comfy, just don’t last.

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I originally purchased this on june 26, 2017 and the unit has worked well up until now. To date, i’ve used it’s bluetooth and ant+ functionality to pair with my phone and pc (for zwift) and to my wahoo elemnt bolt for my road bike and it’s pretty much behaved as expected from day one. That said, the product, as a whole, lasted me just short of a year and the hr strap broke apart at the connection area from corrosion caused by sweat/washing when i removed the hrm yesterday. If the replacement straps were not so pricey, i would have left this product 1 more star. Now i have to decide if i want to buy a 1st party replacement strap, a 3rd party replacement strap, a newer model tickr, or try out a competing product from garmin — all of which i don’t want to think about when my original plan was to start a workout where i need to track my heart rate. With that grievance in mind, i’d still recommend this product for it’s entry level price and features compared to the other models offered by wahoo and from others in the market.

This works (almost) seamlessly with my apple watch. I’m not sure if it is a bug with the watch, or the tickr but after pairing and beginning a workout if i go back and look at the bluetooth settings on my watch it will list the tickr as not paired. This is not actually the case, the device is still paired and is working 100%. At first i was worried that my heart rate was not tracking properly but i confirmed this by lifting up my watch slightly to see that the green light it emits was not on and my hr was still tracking. Other than that oddity i would recommend this to someone who wants to pair a hr monitor to their apple watch. I had a hard time finding one that was guaranteed to work with my watch and i can absolutely say that this one does.

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  • the much needed huge improvement to heart rate monitors that we deserved. Do not hesistate to buy this unit. It is phenominal.

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth / ANT+

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  • Personalized Heart Rate Training – Workout efficiently – view real-time heart rate, training zones and calories burned on your smartphone or tablet with compatible training apps. Official HR Monitor of Team Sky, defending champions of the Tour De France.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ compatibility allows TICKR to connect to smartphones and tablets, as well as GPS watches by Garmin, Polar, and more. TICKR works with iPhone 4S and later, and with select Android devices using Android 4.3.
  • Works with Wahoo RunFit + 50 Smartphone Apps including Nike+ Running, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Strava, Apple Health, Cyclemeter and more.
  • Pair with Wahoo RunFit or Wahoo 7 Minute Workout and other compatible third party apps to personalize heart rate training zones and maximize your workout.
  • Apple Watch Integration – Pair directly with the Apple Watch to track heart rate or sync heart rate data through the Wahoo 7 Minute Workout app or Wahoo RunFit app.

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