I’m a hairy guy and this works well with a little dab of conductive jell. I had the original tickr and it was reliable for 2-3 years. The ‘run’ version is working well and i’m getting no false high heart rate reading spikes. Also, the double tap function feature works great, i have it set to advance my music track and find i can’t run/jog/walk without it.

I love how this works with the wahoo fitness app. Unfortunately, it misreads heart rate if i try to use it with mapmyrun, which is my preferred running app. If i figure out how to make it work with mapmyrun, i’ll update this with instructions.

As a mac computer tech, i’m pretty serious about my electronics. I’ve owned other heart rate monitors, none come close to the wahoo tickr runso many great features, in hardware & software. First and foremost — fantastic battery life. I’ve had others, (scoche bluetooth hrm) that went through batteries in a matter of weeks, sometimes days.I love that the wahoo hrm is smart enough to shut itself off when not in use which really helps conserve battery usegreat features:battery lifeactivity indicators on hrmdoes not activate until both leads of strap are connectedworks well w/ wahoo appworks well w. 3rd party appsshares data w/ 3rd part websites & ios 8 healthkitmultitude of featuresi have a feeling this will be the last hrm i will be buying. Really happy with my purchase.

I got this because i wanted a hrm that would work with the iphone and my garmin 500 and i am happy to say is that it does work with both of these, so i am a happy camper. It will send a signal to all of the apps and the garmins at the same time so you can use both at the same time. I will update as i use it more, i have used it just once so far just to see if it would do what i wanted it too.

Treadmill tracking is pretty accurate calibrated. I don’t like the app but i’ve been using run keeper for a long time and i may be a little partial to its user interfaceupdate:this product worked great for the first battery. After i changed the battery the first time, i needed to put in a new one every day – the battery was drained. This became very expensive and should not happen. I was able to extend the life of the battery by pulling it out after each use, but that is a pain.

I use this with runkeeper and it works perfectly. Battery wears quickly, but i use this every day. Love it and have bought this for my friends.

Completely meet my expectations, great product, great integration with ua record app, endomondo app and nike+ running beside help me to get my heart rare monitoring even when my trx training.

Key specs for Wahoo TICKR RUN Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth / ANT+:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Personalized Heart Rate Training  – Work out efficiently – view real-time heart rate, training zones and calories burned on your smartphone or tablet with compatible training apps.
  • Ideal For Runners – Built-in accelerometer measures running form across three dimensions to help you improve your individual form and become a stronger runner. Treadmill mode tracks speed and distance while on the treadmill.
  • Dual Technology – ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities allow TICKR to connect to smartphones and tablets,  as well as GPS watches by Garmin, Polar, and more.  TICKR works with iPhone 4S and later, and with select Android devices using Android 4.3.
  • Pair with Wahoo Runfit and other compatible third party apps to personalize heart rate training zones and maximize your workout. Works with over 50 Smartphone Apps including Nike+ Running, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, RidewithGPS, and Apple Health.
  • Apple Watch Integration – Pair directly with the Apple Watch to track heart rate or sync heart rate data through the Wahoo 7 Minute Workout app or Wahoo RunFit app.

Comments from buyers

“Gave it a fair try
, My go to option for BT HRM. Excellent choice.
, Easy to snap on

The tickr run work good like any other heart rate chest strap. The difference is that it is able to calculate the cadence from the strap by it self and another metric that can be only used by the wahoo app no other app used that metric that i know. It is not the only heart rate strap that do cadence by itself, garmin introduced this in it own heart rate strap a few month ago. But this two are not compatible each other. The bad think here is that wahoo do not offer full support to android phone so tu you have to used an iphone to work. The second bad thing about it is that it don’t work in the same way in a treadmill. If you do interval it don’t recognize the walking portion of the treadmill for the cadence and distance. And the last thing is that when you sport the workout to garmin connect it report the double on cadence so a cadence or stride of 170 become a 340, woo o super runner.

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I’ve used this for about a month now (primarily when cycling, though also while hiking), and i have nothing but good things to say about it. It has reliably maintained a connection with my phone, accurately records my heart rate, and syncs well with the app i primarily use during exercise (strava). It’s also pretty comfortable (as far as chest heart rate monitors go).

I’m a big fan of wahoo products. I have the cadence monitor, the rfklt, this is my second tickr, the first one lasted about 5 years and at some point was just draining the battery in a couple of hours. The run version has this cool feature that tells you how much you wobble while running. It doesn’t help you correct it but makes you aware. The tap function is also really useful, i use it to create new laps while riding my bike and to change music while running. Also, maybe one of the best features is the wahoo support, at some point, ​they even shipped me an arm of the cadence monitor that i replaced myself.

However, this syncs with my strava on both android and ios as well as my ant+ watch so you are by no means tied to their app. But, if you want running metrics, you really do need to use their app.

Overall the hr band is great for hr monitoring. I even like the wahoo app because it lets me export data directly to nike+ and runkeeper (only one i’ve found that does that). However when i tried the app on a treadmill the sensor clocked my 3 mile run as a 1. I would imagine it’s either the software and or the accelerometer. I will say it works great with gps and outdoor runs. So if you’re looking to do a lot of indoor running stick to the simple tikr and not the run or rx. You’ll save your self about $20.

It is important that the skin contact ‘pick-ups’ on the strap be adequately wetted. I recommend wetting the entirety of each end under running water and/or using electrode gel. With good contacts, it has been very reliable. When used at the same time as my apple watch, average heart rate over a 30 min workout is very similar by both methods. The watch is consistently 1 – 2% higher average hr. I have the tickr paired with my iphone. My chief complaint is with the wahoo fitness app. It’s very hard for me while running to reliably touch the ‘button’ for lap times. Have had no trouble adjusting the strap for a comfortable and secure fit.

I love this heartrate monitor. I wear this to my jazzercise classes, when i work out, when i walk the dogs and even when i clean the house. Being able to track calorie burn helps me be so much more motivated. I also love the fact that i can throw it on and do a workout and it will download to the app at a later time.It can be a pain to always start your phone and start a workout in order to track your progress and this little heartrate monitor has solved that problem. I also love the feature that if you are listening to music on your phone and you double tap the monitor it will change the song.

I’m an avid runner & triathlete. Over the years i had heart-rate monitors from polar & timex. They were expensive ($300+) & failed to work after a few months. This is by far the best heart rate monitor that i’ve ever own regardless of price. It syncs flawlessly with my iphone 6 & healthkit every time. I’ve gone on 15+ miles runs & 100 miles bike rides with it & no problem what so ever. The only issue is that no sure if its feature ‘running smoothness’ really works. As a heart-rate monitor – this is awesome.

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This works well and i like it. It uses low power bluetooth so read the instruction for pairing it with your iphone (mine is iphone6+) meaning, you do not pair it with your phone; each app needs to be paired individually (much easier than it sounds). Positive note is that i can use it with my iphone to get my pulse rate while listening to music on my bluetooth headset; very convenient when exercising practicing high intensity interval training programs. I cannot comment on how long the battery will last but i have been using it for about 3 times a week of about 5 weeks and still working fine. I have 2 issues with the belt otherwise it would get a 5 star rating:- the connection to the software failed 1 out of 4 time which requires deleting the old pairing and setting it up fresh- the chest strap is low quality and it quickly warps out of shape but remains usablei am using it with the wahoo software which gets a 3 star but better than some others.

Fits great, band is gentle on the skin, aditional data is great. And don’t need an additional footpod for treadmill.

This is my fourth wahoo chest strap. The first two were the old wahoo blue devices and served their purpose. Purchased the wahoo tickr x in december 2014 and just returned it (may 2015)because it quit working. I decided to downgrade to this one because the auto-record workout feature on the x drove me nuts. I’ve had the run version for a few weeks now and it is working well for my workout goals so far.

Good hrm the pedometer is meh not as good as a footpod but still overall pretty good. Update: the hrm has been fine, its only dropped while running once. The accelerometer to measure distance ( even when calibrated on a track) is pretty poor and there are some quirks ( like tapping to start and pause, it never seems to work for me, it always does ‘workout paused/workout resumed’. If you really want to get an accurate distance on a treadmill you are probably going to need a real footpod which means you can’t use the wahoo app anymore. But for a hrm its the most comfortable one i’ve used.

I’ve connected to an lg g3, samsung s tab 8. No issues whatsoever and works well. I really like the lights to let you know it’s connected.

Very comfortable and offers some nice stats to be able to track how my runs went. But their app leaves something to be desired. So if i was to do it over again, i’d probably just get the normal tickr and pair it with my running app of choice on my phone. I pair this with a garmin watch (fr230) as well, so the run version of the tickr doesn’t add any other data vs the normal tickr would in my situation. You have to use the app for the extra data, and while running it’s a bit hard to try to read all that data on the screen.

As a hrm, this is an excellent device. It is small and easy to fasten. Stays in place even when pounding out the pavement. Was very intrigued by the added ‘run’ features, particularly the concept of running smoothness. As others have mentioned, it is required that you use the wahoo specific apps on ios to record and review the running smoothness results. This turned out to be a bigger headache for me than it was worth in the end. As an apple watch user, i have a favorite running app already–namely runtastic pro. I was reluctant to switch to the wahoo runfit app just to be able to have this hrm recording the extra run metrics (which actually require wahoo fitness instead of wahoo runfit) to the runfit app on my iphone. I did give it a fair try and while the runfit app worked alright on my iphone and apple watch, it did not track some of the other metrics that runtastic pro captures. Also, there were times when the wahoo fitness app would simply not record any of the running smoothness metrics–they wouldn’t even appear in the list of available metrics to review at the end of a run.

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I originally started out using the polar bt hrm. But you really needed to make sure everything was wet or lubricated well for it to give consistently accurate readings until you could work up a sweat to keep it lubricated. And the more i used it, the more lubricating it seemed to need from the start, which got very frustrating. So based on reviews i picked up a wahoo tickr. I find that i only need to splash a small amount of water on my skin where the belt and hrm sit and its reads perfect from the start. The original one i bought was for myself and was not this tickr run version. But i liked it so much, that when my wife was looking for one i bought her this. The only somewhat minor complaint i would have regarding the tickr is that you almost need to start your app, connect and run as so you snap the hrm to the strap. It seems like if you connect and then don’t start your run for a few minutes, it sometimes seems to get stuck and i need to unsnap and re-snap to get it going again within the app i use to run. I suppose maybe it goes into some sort of sleep status?. But overall, best hrm we have used and i will likely upgrade myself to either the run or possibly x version soon as well.

It is a little unfortunate that you have to keep your phone so close to you during a workout to work. Best for independent running/exercising and not for group classes because of this feature.

Looks like it has been open before. It was not in a cellophane wrap and it had scratches on the box from what it looks like an old sticker price tag. Will let you know if it works okay after christmas.

I ordered the wahoo tickr run heart rate tracker to pair with the nike running app that i was using to train for a half marathon. The device was easy to pair and i have not had any issues with it yet (approximately 10 runs to date). Being able to monitor my heart rate throughout the run has definitely improved my ability to train at the appropriate levels and remain in key training zones. The fit was fine and there is no discomfort while wearing, however the band can have a tendency to ‘wrinkle’ on longer runs (5+ miles).

The ant+ and bluetooth connect well to the galaxy s4, galaxy tab 3, iphone 4s (bluetooth only), garmin 610 (ant+), and polar m400 (bluetooth). Some random comments on this and other apps/accessories. — if it’s connected to my polar m400 (bluetooth), it cannot connect via bluetooth at the same time to the iphone 4s— the wahoo fitness app for iphone displays more data from the tickr run than does the fitness app for android— the run metrics will only show on the android app if it’s connected through bluetooth— the tickr does not work with adidas micoach fitness app even though the app recognizes the— i like the blinking lights to show it’s connecting to a device— the polar m400 fitness test will not work with the tickr run.

Very pleased with the exercise performance. But i also wanted a good reliable heart monitor to use with my sleep app. The problem is that it has ‘auto-off’ if you are not moving after a period of time. A monitor should work they way *i* tell it to work. Battery changing is not difficult with this monitor. It’s so good that i want the tickr x for even more precise cycling performance. But i won’t buy another until this one issue is resolved. There needs to be an option to disable auto-off.

When it’s working it’s great. It does not work as reliably as my older polar system from the 1990s. This strap too often will not connect to phone and tablet that it used to work fine with. I have no idea what is wrong, as the devices still say they are paired to this strap. The strap seems like it might have an accelerometer inside it because when i bang on it on my chest, the lights start to blink and it seems like the strap tries to reconnect to the device when i do that.