It’s worth the price and it looks good.

Once unpackaged iwas surprised to see a fitness tracker with usermanual and a charger,. The fit andquality seem comparable to my fitbit. I bought this for the hr without the$100+ price tag of a fitbit with hr. The battery life is 3-4 days depending onhow much i mess with it. Everything works as described, the hr reads your heartrate. The band receives texts and is nice for a quick view when your phoneisn’t convenient. If you are looking for a ‘smart watch’ with added features at adecent price this isn’t a bad way to go since it does everything the $100+bands do at a fraction of the price.

It really helps you to be more aware of your actual activity and gets you moving. Was so cool when i achieved my first goal.

Everything is as in the description, charged through the charger, included. We took a gift for my niece, she is happy with it.

Red band band does show dirt after repeated wear.

The tracker oveall is a good quality, however i would like to utilize the features that are suppose to be available. I do not get notified when i am recieving a call, the app doesn’t keep my data stored for previous days, and also the sleep tracker is there but has never worked. I am not very pleased with this tracker but i do like the blood pressure feature and i like that i can track my steps.

  • Good first impression
  • I am extremely satisfied with this watch
  • Helpful

It is a light, quality and stylish tracker. Since i make the decision to lose weight, it counts the steps and calories for me. Notice me the text, call , facebook and whatsapp that i don’t need to always keep eyes on my phone. Also i won’t get confused when i hear the phone ringing in the public area anymore.It’s a good value for money.

Good product, it works well. I ‘ve already used it for a couple of months and i really liked it, i can swim and take a shower with it, the battery lasts about a week, it’s pretty.

Works great just wish the steps were more accurate. Love the blood pressure and the h2o meter.

Nice color graphics on the screen.

This watch looks pretty , have lots of option , 5 modes are good and yes it is for reference but dont use it for medical purpose.

Features of Warmwave Fitness Tracker, Slim Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer for Kids Women and Men

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  • ❤️STYLISH SMART BREATHABLE WRISTBAND: 0.96 inch TFT color screen crystal clear display offers excellent HD image quality. Supports Breathable lamp,steps, calories burned and distance tracking; Heart Rate, blood pressure and sleep monitoring; notifications, clock and sedentary alert; camera control, countdown, wrist sense, connect mobile GPS to map the run path, etc
  • ❤️IP68 SWIMMING WATERPROOF FITNESS TRACKER: Adopts the superior waterproof material , Suitable for bathing , swimming and water rafting , enjoying no limitation and flexible wearing experience .
  • ❤️SMART HEALTH MANGER: The Sports fitness watch will track Blood Pressure & Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen through accurate optical sensor and advanced algorithms . Help to know the exact condition.
  • ❤️All-DAY SPORTS TRACKER: The smart wristband has 5 sports modes and will real-time record all-day activities automatically. Connect the GPS on your cellphone can show run stats like place and distance and record a map of your workout route.
  • ❤️Wider Compatibility&:Supports a wide selection of Android and iOS mobile devices, install the App “JYouPro” in your phone and pair the device from it. Check your personal health data from the App

From the manufacturer






Step Calories Counter

Automatically and accurately track your all day steps,calories,distance and duration time.

Intuitive HR Monitoring

Your heart is a major indicator of how healthy you are. This tracker monitors your heart rate automatically all day so that you can change your life style for better heart health.

Sleep Tracking

A good night’s sleep helps you wake up physically refreshed and mentally sharp. The tracker tracks your sleep automatically, measuring deep, light and wake sleep.It starts to monitor your sleep from 21:00 P.M-8:00 A.M.

Blood pressure and Oxygen Monitoring

This tracker monitors your blood pressure and oxygen so that you can change your life style for better heart health.





Multiple Sports Tracking

Records up to 5 exercises like walking, running, and riding,help you track your various of workout.

Sedentary Reminder

When you are busy at work and sit for a long period, the tracker vibrates gently to remind you to move to stay healthy and refreshed.

Waterproof Fitness Tracker

This watch is waterproof standard,you can wear it when washing your hand or going to swimming.Warning:Don’t put it into hot water or wear the bracelet to take a hot bath or shower.

App Supported

Use it with our well-designed ‘Jyoupro’ app to read detailed exercise data and explore more functions.Go to ‘Jyoupro’ app -> Device->Bind Device, tap on ‘S5’ and confirm to bind the tracker.Long press 3s to power on the bracelets .Long press 3s to enter selection.One touch to switch interface/selection.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Difficult to see the data on the sun.

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It works great but the app could use an overhaul. It might be nice also if the watch face would not just randomly display the time in different ways.

Great smartwatch with a lot of features. Solid quality and easy to use. Has a lot of function for a very good price. Very pleased to have won it. Specificsit is very easy to use. Setting it up with my iphone 7 was easy. Qr code is on the box so downloading app was very easy. You can start immediately even without reading the manual. Colour of bracelet is nice and fits well with the watch itself.

I decided on this fitness tracker because i liked the colorful graphics and it comes with a separate charger. I downloaded the app easily although instructions for set up are vague. Some features do not work, but it does count steps, blood pressure and heartrate seem to be accurate. Not able to get phone messsages, but overall not bad. Customer service number does not seem to be valid.

Such a beautiful design and color. Lilac strap is very beautiful. The display is bright, colorful. The application is convenient, understandable. The phone quickly conned with the bracelet (phone sony xa ultra dual). On a female thin hand looks great, for a man’s hand it seems to me they are small. I am happy as an elephant fast delivery and the bracelet itself. Conveniently charged, came semi-charged. I took it because of the water resistance to go to the pool.

It works ok, but not consistent. Sleep monitor works half of the time, bluetooth disconnect unexpectedly. But i guess it’s ok for the price. (not sure the steps counts is accurate, either).

❤️STYLISH SMART BREATHABLE WRISTBAND: 0.96 inch TFT color screen crystal clear display offers excellent HD image quality.

This is perfect and i love it. The bpm accurate and the text future and the rest of the stuffworks perfectly. I’m very happy with my purchases,automatically tracks your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake sleep. Tracker has5 sport modes such as running, riding,hiking,climbing and swimming which tracksyour detail data during each exercise, helping you push your fitness further. Automatically tracks your real-time heart rate with resting heart rate, averageheart rate, and max/min heart rate data report in the app. So glad the seller sellgood product and provided excellent customer service. Definitly will be buyinganother one.

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Description is accurate, asked a question on charging, the seller answered immediately. The goods was shipped immediately, the track is tracked all the way. The tracker came loaded at 60%, everything works.

I’m happy with the tracker and how it works. I can’t be sure of the accuracy but it seems to give a good idea. Pulse seemed accurate, it was most accurate with turn to face the inside of the wrist. Not sure how accurate blood pressure is. It was generally lower on the tracker than with a blood pressure cuff.

I liked how easy it was to set up, and it does keep all data on the face cover for you to review at anytime. The data for the most part is accurate. I going to get one for my granddaughter who likes to walk, and for the price it tracks a lot of data.

Simple, attractive at first. I previously had a fitbit but didn’t want to spend a ton to get a more modern tracker. This has a lot of features and seems fairly accurate. The only thing that drives me crazy is how black this gets. I clean it regularly and it just picks up color constantly.

This is the second fitness tracker i purchased within the last few weeks. The first one i bought you had to pull the bands off in order to charge it. That seems to be the most common design. I really don’t like that design because the bands on the one i bought were very difficult to take off and i could tell the force required was causing stress to the charging connector. I was determined to find a different fitness tracker that had a separate charging cable that would be used instead of removing the bands. I also really like the different features of the fitness tracker and the screens are colorful and bright. I do find it mostly accurate and compared the heartrate and blood pressure readings with the other fitness tracker i bought and they were both the same. My only complaint so far is that the step counter is not at all accurate. I realize that it works by movement, but i put on my shirt this morning and apparently walked 21 steps while putting it on. That is a small complaint though since i did primarily buy this for the other monitoring features. I figure that there are plenty of times i am walking with my hands in my pockets or holding something which keeps my arms still causing my steps to not be counted at all so maybe it evens out in the end. Overall i feel this fitness tracker is a really good buy for this price and would buy another.

❤️IP68 SWIMMING WATERPROOF FITNESS TRACKER: Adopts the superior waterproof material , Suitable for bathing , swimming and water rafting , enjoying no limitation and flexible wearing experience .

Did a run with it, steps seemed to be pretty accurate. I was lost interested in heart rate and a little bummed i have to have the app open to see that on my wrist. Unexpected i didn’t realize it vibrates with texts and facebook messages with is cool. The price is right so hopefully i continue to enjoy it.

Quality product that my hard to please husband wears, which says a lot itself. Ordered one for myself today.

Great device for the price with fun, bright graphics.

Sent for a different tracker but sent it back as i could not get it to pair with my phone plus other problems. As there is so many trackers on amazon with all prices, which one to buy. This one from warmwave had good ratings and the seller had good ratings too. Ordered it on sunday got it on tuesday very fast great and for under $30. Charged it for an hour, opened the jyoupro app on my android phone. With blue tooth turned on just hit the search button and instantly there was the number for the tracker. All done just as simple as that. One can download google fit on android phone as well. That app is more extensive then the jyoupro app. Like the blood pressure on the tracker and on my cuff that i use were off from each other but on a consistent bases. I just add 15 to the top number and minus 10 on the bottom number that makes it about the same as the cuff. The pros easy to use, works as advertised , great price, seller emails you in a couple of days. If you want a good all around tracker that works and is light get this one you just can’t go wrong.

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Final update: after having my new tracker for almost a week i am pleased to note that this one works great at the pool. The only issue is that the app does not track swimming which is strange to me. This factor is easily reminded though as i just record my numbers from the bracelet in a notebook for my swimming needs. Otherwise the tracker works wonderfully and the app is fairly easy to use. I am still over the moon about this companies customer service and am pleased with how valued their service staff makes me feel. For both these things i am pleased to update my review from 3 to 4 stars. Update: wow this company truly knows how to do customer service. After hearing of the trouble i had they within a few days reached out to me and made to see if there was anything they could do to help. I assured them the replacement was all that was needed. However, the fact that they reached out to me and were so kind about their product made me truly feel listened to.

Era lo que se esperaba y decidan en la descripción del producto.

1st thing i noticed, was the instructions to have to download the app on a smartphone in order to even use the watch. It would be nice to be able to still useit without having to do so, or it won’t work. Nothing too exeptional compared to other fitness tracker on the marketplace. Hearate accuracy: always different from the treadmill sensor. But i’m not sure which one is inaccurate, the gym treadmill or this fitness tracker?msg and alarm allert: vibrate for about 3 seconds. – running distance and step: display samenumbers with treadmill. – app: easy to intall and use. Display thetracker’s battery and can rotate th screenoveral experience: satisfied.

❤️SMART HEALTH MANGER: The Sports fitness watch will track Blood Pressure & Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen through accurate optical sensor and advanced algorithms .

While i might have stopped at giving a full 5 stars, i will say i am very satisfied with my purchase. It is unfair to compare this to a tracker or smartwatch at 4-10 times the cost. It does what it claims to do. The proprietary app you use with the tracker is very basic and hardly easy to understand, but it does work. The company does seem committed to offering good customer service. Like all fitness trackers that i am aware of, the blood pressure function is virtually worthless. You can not get accurate bp from a single skin sensor. I would say this tracker is best suited for a kid who wants a tracker like mom or dad, or someone like me who wants to try a tracker to see if it is useful before investing a lot of money. All in all, i definitely feel i got my moneys’ worth.

❤️All-DAY SPORTS TRACKER: The smart wristband has 5 sports modes and will real-time record all-day activities automatically.

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