Purchased as a gift for my mother who was upset that her alta didn’t always look as dressy as she would like it to. She loved this and i was impressed with just how nice it looks. She seems to wear this band often and i don’t see any signs of wear on it after a 2+ months of regular use. It should be noted that the spare links were a little difficult to remove, they were kind of stiff and i broke a nail trying to open them.

I have an extremely small wrist, was able to easily remove all the links because of the easy popup edges on them, and was left with just one removable link. The parts that connect to the fitbit edges are rather large, now making them and the fitbit seem to take up all of the surface of my wrist. Hopefully in future versions, the company makes those edge pieces much smaller so they match the smallness of the delicate links – especially for customers (like myself) with very small wrists.

I am delightfully surprised by how much i love this band for my fitbit alta hr. I got the rose gold, which is a beautiful coppery color. It is super easy to adjust to the right size and easy to take on and off. Despite it being easy to remove on purpose, it feels very secure and i’ve never had it fall off on its own no matter what i am doing. It looks so much nicer than the silicone bands and it’s just as comfortable. I get compliments on it constantly. Also, i thought it might look cheesy or feel cheap or peel or smell weird. After all it is really pretty inexpensive. No smell, feels like decent quality metal, no skin irritation, and it looks way nicer than what it cost.

First of all, i have no clue what others are talking about when they say it’s hard to resize. It’s seriously the easiest thing ever. Took me approximately 5 seconds with no tools. Took me another 3 seconds to attach the actual fitbit pebble to it. It’s beautiful, shiny and has a nice weight to it. I just got it today, so i can’t comment on how well it will hold up. The only reason i’m docking a star, is because i can’t get it to fit me right. If i take all the links off, it’s a little too tight and makes indentations on my skin. If i add 1 link, it’s a little too big and slides around.

It is feminine, pretty, and i get tons of compliments. Looks much better with professional attire and my jewelry. When i first took it out of the box, i was upset that i had ordered a small and it seemed so large, but it was extremely easy to remove links and adjust it properly to my wrist.

I’m not into the ‘sporty’ look in general and always sort of disliked the rubber band that came with my fitbit. I wanted something dressier but didn’t want to spend a fortune. I found this band and decided to take a chance. I’ve been wearing it now for about 4 months and it still looks great.I also sleep in it and it doesn’t bother me. I only take it off to shower or when charging my fitbit. I have small wrists and had to remove all but 2 of the links, but that was easy enough. It’s not a problem for me to unsnap it (i have medium length, strong nails). It fastens very securely (which i like), but i could see how some people that maybe don’t have hard nails or lack some strength in the fingers of their opposite hand could have trouble popping the latch. Overall, the band is really very pretty and fits my dressier style much better than the rubber style bands.

 i’ve had this for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. I have a very small wrist and found it super easy to remove the links. The links do no pinch at all, a problem i often have with bracelets. No discoloration on the silver or my skin; feels good quality. The rhinestones are understated (wish i could find one without, but no luck), and the piece feels delicate and comfortable on my wrist. Easy to remove, but feels very secure. So pleased with this purchaseupdate: occasionally pinches hair on my arm, but not bad. Will update if anything changes.

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As someone with small wrists (just over 5 inches around), i had previously purchased alternative fitbit bands on amazon that claimed to fit small wrists but turned out to be massive disappointments. This band not only fits wonderfully (after removing all but two links), it’s also far classier than i had imagined for the price. If you’re worried about the rhinestones and design being tacky in real life like i was, don’t be. This strap turns your watch into such an elegant piece that you honestly won’t be able to tell you’re wearing a fitbit. I deducted one star because the links were initially quite difficult to open, despite my having used watches with this mechanism before and being familiar with it. I initially thought i’d have to unattach the band from the fitbit every time i wanted to take it off. But whether i got unlucky with the other links or they simply warmed up over time (or i stopped being an idiot and magically learned to operate them), i now have no issues unfastening them with ease. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a way to class up your fitbit.

This band is very attractive. I took all but three links out of it though because i have a very small wrist. I feel like i could’ve paid less since i didn’t use most of the band lol. But i’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this band and i love that it makes me feel stylish at work. Before, i had a band that was great for working out but it wasn’t very nice and it got dirty very easy. I won’t be as embarrassed to wear my fitbit to social functions where i need to dress up.

The ‘bracelet’ fitbit alta band arrived today. Band is heavier than i thought it would be; heavier as in ‘not cheap’ feeling. The links were easy to remove in order to make the bracelet fit my wrist. It has 6 fake rhinestones on each side at top of band. Not sure if they will last or fall out. Gold color of bracelet is shiny and looks good. Hoping the color will last and not turn my wrist green. Will update review in a few weeks after i have worn it for awhile.

Looks dressed up, or like a watch band. I hated i always had to take off my fitbit when i got dressed up to go out. The delivery was fast, it arrived 3 days after placing my order. Removing the extra links was simple, they just snap off to adjust the band.

My “stock” fitbit band broke and i was surprised how costly replacements are. Decided to try this band and i love it. The links are removable for the (almost) perfect fit. I have noticed it fits a tad looser and sometimes i can’t pick up my heart rate. Also some links are too easy to open while others are almost impossible. It took a bit of playing around to find a link that was easy enough to open so i could get it on/off but hard enough that it wouldn’t randomly pop open at work or while sleeping. Overall pretty and worth the cost but i wouldn’t wear it hiking or anything strenuous as it could fall off.

Amazing add on bracelet for my fitbit . I wanted something simple and classic that would look professional at work and blend with my jewelry. Arrived quickly, and no link tools required. After daily wear the plating still looks great. Here are the specifications for the Wearlizer Compatible Fitbit Alta Bands Small Rose Fitbit Alta hr Women Metal Replacement Bands Accessories Straps Bracelet Bangle Wrist Bands Small/Large:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with smart watch fitbit alta / fitbit alta hr; Fits 5 to 9 inch wrists, the alta bands will fit different wrist size by removing adjustable links.
  • Fashionable: Premium material, stylish design makes your fitbit look like a jewelry watch
  • Smart Design: No tool is needed. Adopts knock-down buckle design, it is easy to remove and add links by yourself and adjust size without using tools.
  • Come with an elegant gift box. Make your fitbit alta activity and sleep tracker a jewelry watch.Fit your fitbit alta metal strap band perfectly.
  • For Fitbit Alta hr band£º12 months no-hassle warranty. We accept returns if you are not satisfied with the quality of the fitbit alta braclete.
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I have been hunting for a new band and this is so comfy and my skin feels like it can finally breath. It is a little loose on me which is also nice. If you have super thin or extra large wrists it may not be the best. A great dupe for the psny fitbit band without spending $175 and breaking the bank. Initial package lost but they were kind enough to send a replacement.

The wristband is too big for me and can’t be adjusted. It is however very pretty (and looks like it would last a long time) for someone who could wear it. I was very impressed with customer service. They offered me a full refund since i was dissatisfied. I wish every company was like this. One can see they take pride in their business.

I really liked this style & got several complements on the band, but the metal coating wore off within a few weeks and the band turns my wrist green after wearing it for a few hours. I haven’t been able to wear it anymore. ****edited review: the seller quickly responded to my quality issue with this band and offered a replacement. The replacement style is different which they were up front about. I appreciate their prompt response and effort to remedy the issue. I am upgrading my rating from 2 to 4 stars as a result. The alternate model shipped was rose-gold color but was chain link, so it kinks up when i am trying to put it on. I don’t like the design of that band as much as the first one. I haven’t worn it long enough yet to confirm if it has the same issue as the first, but the seller explained that the replacement has a different metal substrate in the band, so it should not make my skin green.

I really like the way this band looks. If this had a magnetic clasp i would have given it 5 stars, although i think it may be easy to hook on a magnetic clasp within the easy-open segments. This band is more work to put on than my magnetic one, so i will probably only use this for more formal occasions. Pros:+ easy to adjust size+ much dressier than most fitbit bands+ makes fitbit slightly more discreetcons:- fitbit alta is top heavy and band slides if not adjusted properly- not as easy to get on and off- rose-gold will not match metal side of fitbit alta (this can be disguised by purchasing a frame/cover for the fitbit).

I have owned lots of fitbit bands in 3 years, leather and rubber. This band is by far the best i have owned. It’s easy to change the size of the band, it feels great on, good quality.Most importantly i can finally sleep with my fitbit on, all night ,every night . ( do to the fact it’s smooth and does not grab ) i did receive one that one side would not lock in correctly i knew i would return it and get another because it was so awesome, however i could see a tiny screw was not all the way in so i fixed myself. . Thankfully because i didn’t want to wait .

It looks more like chrome than steel, it’s so polished. Links feel strong and the joints feel sturdy. I love the no tool needed to remove links part.And slept in it a few days now and it still looks like new.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • An elegant Fitbit solution, great for wrists of all sizes!
  • Now I can dress up with my fitbit!
  • Highly recommended!

Beautiful and as described by seller. It became small enough for me when i removed all but the three ‘half-links,’ which means i removed all six of the whole links. A bit of work to get to the point where small enough. Wiry part of binder clip did job; otherwise i would have demolished my fingernails. Removing so many whole links, it fits but does not look so shiny and dressy as it did right out of box. Suggest if your bare wrist is not at least 5-1/4 inches around, go with another type silvery band.

The quality of this band is very good for the price. It looks nice and makes your fitbit more like wearing a piece of jewelry. My only problem was with adjusting the length. I have a tiny wrist, so i had to take almost all of the removable links out to get it close to fitting. When i took all the links out, it was a little too snug; when i put one link back in, it’s a little too loose. I wear it loose since it’s more comfortable that way. The tool for removing the links is hard to line up with the tiny pins you have to push out, so it took awhile to adjust. The tool started to bend a little because i was pushing against the side of a link instead of the pin. Luckily, i was able to straighten it out again well enough to finish.

It is very well made and looks exactly as pictured. I ordered a small, but it would fit a larger wrist too. It was really easy to resize because there are plenty of extra links, and there are very clear, easy-to -follow directions for removing the links. I haven’t had any problems with the band coming undone while i walk or exercise.

I bought this so that my fitbit hr watch will not look so casual when i go out to a show etc. The band was easy to attach to my watch. I had no trouble removing the links. The watch band looks very nice and right away elevates your wardrobe. I wear it and i hope people notice it. I bought a size small and my wrist is just under 6. I had to remove a few links. After i read the instructions, i had no trouble using my fingernail to open the link. Make sure you use pressure between your fingers to close it. I ended up with three links on my watch in the end. The watch fits loose more like a bracelet and that takes some getting used to. How it fits in the end depends on the size of your wrist so if you expect it to fit tight to your wrist like the original band with a buckle it will likely not fit like that. Also, because it doesn’t have a buckle, you will have to put it on your wrist either by opening a link or by attaching at the watch.

Thank you so so much for this bracelet. I have a yellow gold fitbit alta and it’s nearly impossible to find a nice bracelet replacement for it that’s yellow and not rose gold. Wearlizer came through with this gorgeous and ladylike bracelet. It is perfect for date night, or going out to a nice event. Excellent craftsmanship and design. I have had this band for quite some time and it doesn’t wear out or scratch up.

I really enjoy the look and feel of the band. I’ve had it about 1 1/2 mos. I have noticed unfortunately that the piece that connects to the fitbit occasionally comes apart if i hit my wrist on something, pressure on my arm, or while i’m sleeping. I’m afraid this will happen while i’m out somewhere. It’s always the same side. The latches and sizing all work really well. I have a larger wrist and purchased one for a friend with a small wrist and we were both able to make it work.