This is my favorite band i’ve bought for my fit bit (i have it in the pastel pink) it’s the only one i’ve worn for the last five months and the material doesn’t get dirty like the original band. I do remove the bands and wash them occasionally to remove sweat and dirt underneath but no stains, definitely considering buying more colors very comfortable too.

I purchased this to replace the silicone strap that originally came with my fitbit charge 2, because the silicone was coming apart. This strap fit my fitbit perfectly, and has been basically the exact same as the name-brand strap. Would definitely recommend, and i plan to buy more colors in the future as this one seems to be holding up well (i’ve been wearing this new strap for a few months now).

The band seems to function just as well as any i’ve ordered directly from fitbit – it might even be more rugged – however, the color is definitely not what i expected. The lavender is much lighter and more pastel. If you’re looking for a color match for a cheaper price, this isn’t the band for you. I’ve only had it for a few weeks, so i can’t speak to its longevity. I’m just hoping it doesn’t need to be replaced every 6-8 months like the fitbit ones.

To be honest, i based my decision on which color fitbit charge hr 2 on those bands. Especially the black with rose gold. I receive this before i got my fitbit charge hr 2. It sat in the original package for a few days. As soon as i got my my rose gold fitbit, i immediately changed the band. A reviewer mentioned the rose gold buckle is not the same quality as the one on the fitbit. My buckle had a couple of black marks on it but i still love the band. I haven’t had any issues with it. I’m a runner and this band is comfortable and it stays comfortable through my work out. Great quality for the price.

I actually didn’t expect it to be as nice as they are. They pretty much look and feel like the standard straps. They are soft and durable, i am very pleased with them.

I purchased two of these bands – purple and black. The quality of the band itself it great, and the rose gold buckle is a very close match to fitbit’s rose gold. It’s a bit more flexible and softer than the one that came with my fitbit. In terms of size, i wear it on the last or second last notch, which is one size smaller than i typically wear it the small fitbit band. I deducted a star because the material the band is made from seems to attract lint, which is most noticeable on the black. The purple band wasn’t quite what i was expecting either – it was more of a pinky/purple shade vs what was depicted in the picture. However, i shared this concern with the seller, and they were happy to send me another band in a different colour of my choosing – excellent customer service.

Wearlizer Compatible Fitbit Charge 2 Bands Accessories Silicone Strap Replacement Fitbit Charge 2 Special Edition Lavender Rose Gold Buckle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with fitbit charge 2/ fitbit charge hr 2 activity tracker + heart rate; this fitbit charge 2 wristband fits 5.51inch to 7.87 size wrist
  • 100% Water Resistant Charge2 strap and perfect in durability it gives you 100% comfortably experience while indoor or outdoor
  • Different colors to change your look in an instant;Multiple colors available for this Fitbit Charge 2 Strap: Black, White, Pink, Purple, Hot Pink.
  • Comes with a pair of Fitbit Charge 2 Watch Lugs to easy replace the band; And you can adjust the length to fit your wrist with the metal buckle
  • 12 months no-hassle warranty. We accept returns if you are not happy with the quality. Please feel free to order it. Please search “Wearlizer Charge 2 Strap” for more choices

I’ve purchased a couple different bands on amazon for my fitbit charge 2 and have been pretty unimpressed with the quality. This is the first band i’ve purchased that was actually worthwhile. And finally there are bands that have the rose gold buckle to match my rose gold fitbit. I ordered the black band and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The band is thicker than most i’ve ordered (although not as good as the original fitbit band). The band fits well – i have a small wrist and can wear it on the second to last one comfortably without an excess of loose band flapping around. I’ve been wearing the band for about a month now and the buckle has avoided scratching. If you’re looking for a cheap band that still maintains some quality- don’t hesitate and buy the wearlizer band in every color your heart desires.

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My original fit bit band became discolored only after the first use and broke after 4 months. Hoping this one holds up a lot better. After one week, i haven’t noticed any discoloration.

These bands fit on my fitbit charge 2 perfectly. The bands feel sturdier than another brand i purchased on amazon – which actually cost more. Bands are exactly as pictured.

I really like this band, it is a great replacement for my original rose gold lavender band. It is a bit brighter than the original one (a more saturated purple) but it is still really nice and feels great. I use it for working out so i can switch out my leather band.

I found this band to have the same pattern as the band that came with my rose gold fitbit charge 2 which was nice. The band length was longer and thinner than an actual fitbit band. Ive been wearing it for 1 week so far and i think it was a good purchase for an inexpensive replacement band.

I like this band better than the original fitbit band. It’s easier to put on/take off because the band slides easily through the strap loop, unlike original – which was a painhowever, the extended warranty might be bogus. I tried registering several times but never got the confirmation email. Oh well, if this band lasts two years as stated in warranty, i’ll be happy. Even if it only lasts one year, not bad for $7.

It is slightly softer and more flexible than my original, but this is not a negative. The rose gold matches my fitbit perfectly. I would get another one from this company.

It does say large on the description and is not but3 slots on the band fits my 8 1/4 wrist. I’m an or nurse and wash my hands often.

I bought the silicone band with the rose gold buckle and i like it better than the original fitbit band. It’s more flexible and definitely more soft making it comfortable for sleep. The rose gold buckle matched the rose gold on the fitbit. Liked it so much i just purchased another in a different color.

I am really enjoying my new bands so far. I bought the pink and black bands. Both colors were as expected and the rose gold clasp matches my fit bit perfectly. The bands are lighter and more flexible than the original fit bit band, i actually like it a little better. I’m slightly concerned that it won’t hold up as long, only time will tell. I will update my review if anything changes. Overall i’m extremely happy with my purchase and i would definitely recommend.

Bought my mom a versa for christmas, so i have her rose gold charge2. It snaps in securely and is very comfortable. Can’t beat the price, style, or comfort. I’ll definitely be buying more.

Wearlizer Compatible Fitbit Charge 2 Bands Accessories Silicone Strap Replacement Fitbit Charge 2 Special Edition Lavender Rose Gold Buckle : I bought this band to replace the original one that came with my rose gold fitbit charge 2. I have at least 5 other bands, that i like to interchange, but this one is hands down the most comfortable and best fitting. Its holding up really well during my workouts and is super lightweight. Also, the rose gold buckle is a perfect match for the fitbit itself. Not too shiny and not too matte.

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I originally had a large, lavender/rose-gold band and purchased this because the reviews stated it was sturdy. It feels flimsier than the original but that’s what you’d expect from an aftermarket replacement. (seriously, fitbit has missed out on a money maker by not providing rose-gold replacements. I appreciate that it has a little nub on the band holder that grips empty holes so it doesn’t slide off. The color is vastly different than what is advertised though. My picture has bad lighting and my original is definitely dirty, but the new band is a much brighter, pink color than the pastel lavender the original was. Also, this fits as a small size. I wear the 2nd smallest band on a large and it allows me to comfortably take my watch on and off. I wear the 5th smallest hole with this band and there’s not much band left to finagle with.

These are awesome replacement fitbit bands or when you want to. Just change the look of your fitbit. I’m so happy with the 4 bands i got, and will probably get a couple more colors. They are well made and soft, not stiff like some bands. I highly recommend these bands❤️.

The color of the band is great and the rose gold matches perfectly. The band is much softer than the original. I only have to wear this band a notch tighter than the original. Dust is attracted to this band though.

My wife ordered this when her original band stopped clicking into her fitbit correctly. The rose gold clasp is a perfect match to her fitbit and this one doesn’t fall off.

I am so thrilled i found these bands. I have rose gold fitbit and needed a replacement band and it was so hard to find one that is actually a size small and matches the rose gold perfectly. I originally bought lavender and after i received it i had to order more.I actually prefer this band over my original band.

This blends in with my rose fitbit really well. I’m so satisfied and happy with the way the band looks. The fit is identical to the band that originally came with the fitbit — no difference in length or notch i wear.

After reading reviews for several watch bands and resigning myself to having to spend around 30 dollars to get a spare band for my fitbit i came across this band. I decided to give it a try and only wear it around the house just incase my fitbit came off of the band (which seemed to be a common complaint with other bands). The band came quickly and seemed to attach to my device securely. After wearing it around the house for several days with no problems i forgot to put the original band on when i went grocery shopping. I happy to report i still have my fitbit and this band has been fantastic. I wear it daily and haven’t put the original band back on since. I also bought a white one but haven’t tried it out yet. I assume it will be just as good but will probably still try it around home for a few days to play it safe. All in all i’m very pleased with the look and feel of the band. It is quite a bit softer and more flexible than my original band.

I am very happy with this band. It is almost identical to the band that came with my fitbit charge hr 2. It is a hair bigger than my original band but not anything that makes me regret my purchase. The rose gold buckle matches the rose gold on the device perfectly. And there is a notch on the piece that wraps around the band to keep the extra band in place. If this company could make xs bands they would sell like hot cakes.

It is much softer and flexible than the stock band and it is so pretty. I work on machinea all day so i get covered in grease and oil and it cleans up easily.

It is a bit larger than the original small fitbit brand one, but not excessively so. The rose gold matches really well. The lavendar is a more true lavender whereas my fitbit one was more gray. The band easily snaps into place by pulling back the metal bracket.

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Great band for the fitbit charge 2. I bought it in the grey after my black band broke. The grey is very versatile with all different color outfits. 5 inches around and it fits fine.

I ordered two bands: white and blue. Both bands arrived quickly and are excellent quality. They appear identical to my original fitbit band without the fitbit logo. They are durable, easy to use and clean. I order the rose gold and it matches the rose gold of the fitbit. I would recommend and will buy again if needed or another color is desired.

I’ve had this band for over a month and i love it. It feels softer than the one that came with the fitbit and the white is easy to keep clean. I just wipe it down every day after i exercise.

After the original band that came with my fitbit wore out (yet again) i wanted another band that would look as nice and not be a cheap looking replacement. I actually liked this band better than the original band. It was a little big but nothing that caused a problem. I’ve had this band longer than the original band with no problems with bubbling or the band coming apart.

I really like these replacement band. Would have bought more but they’re a bit expensive so i bought just two~blue and black. The blue is actually more of a teal color though.

I ordered the black/rose gold strap for my fitbit charge 2. Other than the metal magnetic bands i have, this one is my favorite. It looks and feels classy, and matches the rose gold fitbit device. The band slides on and off on the fitbit device easily, and has a notch on the band to hold the band in place while wearing it (see the closeup in one of the provided photos). Not all off-brand silicone bands have the band holder/notch, and i feel as though it is absolutely necessary during workouts. I have an incredibly tiny wrist, so i have to use the first hole in the strap, but this band always stays in place. I’ve only had the band for a week, but i do not think this band will have issues with water or sun damage. I do not have any skin irritation from the materials used, so i feel safe wearing this band for extended periods of time. Very happy with this purchase, thank you.

Bought a different brand replacement band from a different dealer on amazon but buckle on band broke off after 2 months so i decided to try this brand. So far it’s perfect other than the color is not the same as the fitbit lavender, however the color is very pretty. This band is more of a light pinkish purple while real fitbit is more of a grayish light purple. I love that the buckle is matte, like the real fitbit. The other brand i bought was shiny gold buckle, which didn’t match the fitbit face. The band size is one size but it’s equivalent to fitbit small. I have small wrists and most low cost replacement bands are large so i am so happy that this fits well. Also the band loop that holds the straps in place also has a knob so secures if in place. The other brand i bought didnt’ have it so the straps would always fall out of the loop and it was annoying how often i had to fix. This low cost replacement band is perfect.

Looks as expected, rose gold matches perfectly. Instead of hooking it in the 4th hole, this band i have to hook it on the 3rd hole. This band feels a tad longer around too than my original band, but still works and looks great. Would recommend this product to others and will most likely purchase from this seller again.

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