Beautiful watch band, but very difficult to put on to fasten and unfasten. The links are uniquely designed in that each one is independently linked and no tools are necessary to make proper adjustment. However, the clasp fastener is difficult to fit into the link to close it as it does not open fully and often pinches my skin in order to try to close it. This particular clasp would be easier to wear if someone were available to help open and close it. It’s hard for old fingers to work easily. Maybe fingers less than 70 years old would not find this a problem.

I was pleased with this purchase. I had ordered a different band from somewhere else and the one side did not clip properly so i was worried it would happen with this one too, but it did not. The look is very nice as well. Definitely will dress up my fitbit.

I love using this band as an accessory piece with fancy clothes. I typically wear it with my fitbit when going out to special events (or when teaching). It really makes the fitbit become a fashion piece. It is easy to take on and off, and the rhinestones have stayed on without issue. My biggest issue with this is that the metal is becoming slightly discolored (i’m assuming it’s from the oils on my skin). There is also one part right by the fitbit where it must have gotten scratched, and now there are two black lines. I’d recommend this product to anyone who is looking to accessorize their fitbit at a low cost.

Updated: after my original review i heard from customer service and they sent a replacement band. I have had no problems with the replacement band at all. Super cute style, helpful customer service. I have been wearing my new band daily for several months now and love it. I get compliments all the time on the style. Original: super cute, pretty band for daily wear but it constantly comes unclasped after wearing it for less than a week. Not quality material which is disappointing because it’s exactly the style i wanted.

The links were a little hard to get apart to re-size, but i’d rather have it be a little difficult than for the links to come apart to easy and lose my fitbit. While it looks good, the material feels like plastic and a little ‘cheap’, so i am a little concerned about how it will wear. Given that the material feels like plastic, i think this was somewhat over-priced.

I’ve had this for over a month now and there’s minimal scuffing, i love that you can remove links to get it to fit right. It takes a bit of getting used to but now that i’ve been wearing it a while i love it. I get lots of compliments on it and it looks much better than the normal rubber band.

Fits fairly well, but my wrist apparently is an in between size. If i take out another link it is too small and pinches my skin, but at the only next link size up it is too big and dangles like a bracelet. It does scratch, it is metal after all. But it is pretty and does really dress up the fitbit a lot. Just be prepared for the above.

Key specs for Wearlizer Compatible Fitbit Charge 2 Bands Metal Replacement Fitbit Charge hr 2 Bands/Assesories/Strap Adjustable for Fit bit Bands Charge 2 No Tool is Needed:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • No Tool is needed to resize this charge 2 strap. Fits 5.5-8.6inch wrists. NOTE: The watch is not included.
  • Premium metal, standing as a symbol of luxury, nobility, elegance and durability.
  • Enhances style, giving a stylish classic business look, win you more compliments on any dressy occassions.
  • Improved clamp. Easy installation and removal. No worry about the Fitbit stuck with this Charge 2 stainless steel band.
  • 1 year Warranty. Order with confidence with a 1 year warranty for replacement or full refund without return the charge 2 fitbit band.
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Comments from buyers

“I’m in love
, Looks Good, fits ok, service was above & beyond.
, Pretty and pretty non-functional

As other reviewers stated, the band is softer and more comfortable. The ‘rose gold’ color is definitely more pink than gold and does not match the original very well, but not terrible. The pink and lavendar are too bright for my taste, but are fine. See picture to see difference from the original fitbit lavendar band. Will definitely get use out of the white and black bands.

I love these replacement bands. The rose gold matches my special edition fitbit and the band sizes fit my small wrist. The colors are great as well. The purple is more lilac than lavender which is nice since i have a lavender band already.

Cute but gives me a rash after wearing. Thought it was something that got under the band the first time but the second wearing confirmed my suspicion. Still a very cute band, clasps worked well and got plenty of compliments when i did wear it. Stayed nicely on my wrist through desk work and general hotel cleaning work. Update: the company contacted me, offered a replacement or resolution for the effect i had from the band. Posting the amount of stars i would have given had it not given me a rash.

I ordered this to ‘dress up’ my fitbit to wear when not working out. This rose gold band is perfect. It looks great, is comfortable and holds my fitbit securely without losing any function. It is a very comfortable band and i even sleep in it with no problems. I occasionally forget to swap it out when i work out and this band has held up well to the sweat and activity. I bought the band with the frame so i just pop out the fitbit and pop it into the band. It is much easier than dealing with pins and having to switch bands, plus the frame matches the band, so definitely the way to go. I highly recommend this band.

My goal was to get a new band to replace the ugly purple band with something nicer so icould start wearing bracelets again. I quite honestly did not expect much for a cheap $20 band. I mainly just wanted something that wasn’t going to cost a lot, was well reviewed and wouldn’t turn green as is an issue with my skin and silver. I love that i could shorten it so easily by taking out links (no tool required) so it fits perfectly and it’s just beautiful. It a shiny sterling silver and pairs so well with my other jewelry. I have gotten so many compliments on this band. In fact, people don’t even realize it’s a fit bit and i’ve been asked more than once if i bought a new watch.

Had for a month now and it is holding up great. Wish i had bought it sooner. I agonized over all the reviews and now i realize how silly that was for a $20 item.

When i decided to change out my charge 2 bands i wasn’t sure how successful a jewelry/bracelet style option would work – but this is perfect. It’s adjustable, and after removing a few links (super easy btw) i am able to be fit and cute. It bumps a bit and rubs on my desk at work, but no different than any other bracelet would. I like the bling on it and can’t wait to grab some other finishes to work with other outfits.

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As far as the accuracy of the description & the service i received. The band looked good when it arrived and was really easy to adjust. However, it isnt quite my size. I either had to wear it a little too big or just right. It is sturdy, it looks good, and apart from an imperfect but tolerable fit, i’m completely happy with it. When the seller heard about my less than excellent experience, they went out of their way to make it right. I was both surprised & impressed by their response. If my fitbit continues to outlast my bands, i will definitely be purchasing my next band here again.

Looks great on the fitbit charge 2. . I always get compliments when wearing this one. . You just easily take out links to make it smaller. Each one of the links can actually open the band which was different than just having one opening to get the band off.

This is a solid and beautiful addition to my fitbit. I had originally bought it w the plain blue plastic-y band and would take it off if i wanted to dress up a bit. Who knew there were products like these??. I needed to remove 2 links for a perfect fit. Each link has a standard bracelet clasp. Took me all of 3 minutes to swap bands and remove the 2 links. I will be ordering another one just like this as a back up because black goes w everything lol.

I got the rose gold, and there is a slight pink tone, but not too pink–i think it looks great, but really most impressed with the metal look of the band, and i think any color would look good. I also got the large band and it fits great (just like the size of the fitbit i bought originally). I would recommend paying the little more to get the one with the frame attached. It is the same color as the band. The watch band and frame will come already together, so all you have to do is snap in your fitbit and go.

The band looks like exactly what i wanted it to, a nice watch. However after wearing it for 8 days i had already lost 2 of the gems and now after 2 weeks it’s up to 3 missing. For $22 i would have expected at least to make it 6 months before that started. I probably wouldn’t buy this again unless they were 2 or 3 for that price if that’s the quality level you can expect.

This metal band is great to wear for a dressier look instead of the usual colored or decorative vinyl bands. It has a few clear stones that look like diamonds on both ends to give more sparkle to the appearance. It is large enough to fit my large wrist yet has links that can easily be removed for smaller wrists. I was very satisfied with the fast delivery too. As a prime member, i received the band, the following day in the morning.

I really liked the appearance and the clasping mechanism of this band. I chose the black finish, which i felt goes well with both my casual outfits and nicer clothing. I tried using the band as my everyday fitbit band, but after about 3 weeks my wrist was starting to feel sore around the band. I took it off and noticed that the black finish was rubbing off on the inside, near where the band attaches to the fitbit, exposing the cheaper metal underneath. While it still looks great, i can no longer wear the band for more than about an hour, due to my mild nickel allergy. Anyone with a more severe allergy should avoid these bands all together, because the coating rubs off too easily.

Wanted something a little nicer since i wear my fitbit on the same arms as my wedding rings. This truly is a very nice bracelet. Dressy and stylish with a little ‘bling’ on the sides, but not over-the-top. Love how the links are completely individual – so easy to adjust sizing.

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I love the watch band and it fits beautifully. The links are easy to remove and you don’t need to hassle with a pin remover tool. I was missing instructions with my original order and didn’t realize you just opened a buckle on each link after i spent some time shortening another band with a pin remover tool. The company’s customer service is amazing and they were extremely helpful.

I like how fancy this replacement band looks ( i got a ton of compliments on it when i wore it. People had no idea it was a fitbit) but i can see myself only using this for special occasions and not for everyday use. It was difficult for me to take some of the links off (messed up my nails in the process) and there isn’t a way to easily undo the band. I have to unhook one of the links in order to get it off and it’s so hard : (.

I got this band for my fitbit because i wanted something dressy when i wore it out in the evenings, and this really fits the bill. I got the band in small as i have about a 5 and 3/4 inch wrist. I have to put my original fitbit band on the closest hole, which is as tight as i can get it, and it’s still a tad loose. This band doesn’t have that problem. I had to take out all but 2 of the links, but it fits perfectly. And i have lots of extra links should the need arise. I would definitely recommend this band.

Omg i love this band, i ordered the rose gold and it’s so beautiful. The original black fitbit band made looked so bulky and manly. This band in the rose gold color makes me feel as if i’m wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, less bulky, super comfortable and securei’m gonna order the silver and possibly the black next.

I just got it today and it fit perfect on my fitbit. It looks great and is super easy to resize and get on and off.

I bought this band so that i would have a nice band for my fitbit charge 2 when i have to dress formally. I have received many comments on how it doesn’t look like a fitbit, and that it looks so expensive. Very comfortable, and no problem taking out a couple of links to adjust the size of the band. I would definitely purchase another one.Very pleased with this purchase.

Itant at first since i have such small wrist but it stated that you could adjust it w/o tools. I did without any problems and took off the extra links and saved them. I needed something with a little ‘bling’ to wear at to an event and i just love it.

2018 and the clasp broke in nov. 2018; but i loved this style so much and constantly got compliments on it that i reordered it again. This gives me a way to wear my fitbit in a corporate environment, but not look like i have a fitbit on — it’s very stylish and i get many compliments on it.

The esthetics of her fitbit always disappointed my wife with the ugly pink leather strap that always looked dirty. With this new strap it actually looks like an expensive fashion accessory. Each link is a latch and she did have trouble snapping it on and off at first but now has no problem. It only been two weeks so can’t say how well the finish will hold up but for now it really does look great.

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