Looks and fits perfect – even though i do not have the special edition rose gold charge 2 hr.

I have the brown/rose gold style. I initially purchased this band and one of the little screws came loose in the clip after about a month. I emailed the seller and they sent me a brand new band. It has been several months and i have had no issues with the new band.

I was concerned about changing bands but this was very easy. Buying one for my husband now.

The first one i received was defective; it wouldn’t snap onto my fitbit mechanism. I contacted the seller and they sent me a replacement for free. The only problem is that the rose gold on the band doesn’t match the rose gold on my fitbit, but that may be because my fitbit is fairly old and the color might be warped due to age. Other than that, a great product.

I am delighted with my new leather band for my fitbit charge 2. The leather band makes the my fitbit look like a trendy watch that i enjoy wearing. The band is very nicely made and the leather is soft and comfortable to wear. I am planning on ordering some other colors.

This band turned out to be surprisingly nice and comfortable. I wanted a band that resembled a watch band and be more on the feminine side, and i was very pleased with this. The finish was what i was expecting and it was comfortable to wear – breathable and bendable on the wrist. The color was exactly as shown (beige). I’m thinking about getting another one in a different color.

  • Satisfied with quality and service; wish it was a smaller size
  • Pretty and comfortable
  • Five Stars

A little long for small wrists, but the strap stays secure with the loops. I’ve gotten several compliments. It looks great with the rose gold edition.

The quality of this product has disappointingly gone down. I’ve owned 2 other wearlizer leather bands and those were of a higher quality, with thicker and sturdier material in the band itself. This one is rather thin and flimsy, and probably won’t last as long. I’m disappointed because i was a fan of this product and would’ve liked to keep buying them.

This band was super cute when i first got it, but it quickly changed color and shows lots of signs of wear even though i was really careful with it. I swapped out the band for the standard black one when i was sleeping and exercising – to keep it clean. I was also very careful not to get the band wet. Even with these precautions, the band is discolored in some places and looks dirty and old even though i’ve only had it for a few months. It was on the cheap side so i suppose you get what you pay for, but i do not recommend getting any of the more suede looking bands. Update – after seeing my review, they offered to send another band to me. I selected the brown band which seems to be a much better material and is holding up well.

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I purchased the fitbit with rose gold and really didn’t care for it once i started wearing it. The rose gold with the lavender band it came with was just kind of ugly. So i purchased this band as a replacement and i am so happy with it. The rose gold with this leather band takes on a much more sophisticated look. The clasp matches perfectly. The leather is a beautiful natural color and attaches to the fitbit with ease. High quality leather, well stitched, durable. My band is a slightly darker shade than the one pictured, but just slightly and i am very happy with it.

I am both very satisfied with the quality and prompt delivery. It’s not super high quality leather but it was not expected to be a $$$$ band for a price under $25. My only issue is that there was not a size option – or at least i was unable to find one at the time i was placing order. Since i always use a size small in fitbit bands, the excess is a bit of a pain. There is a second loop to hold excess length, but with this much excess it tends to always slip and i’m left with this ‘floppy’ piece that is catching on clothing etc. I would buy again in probably a couple other colors if size small were available.

Features of Wearlizer Compatible for with Leather Fitbit Charge 2 Bands Special Edition Lavender Rose Gold Buckle Replacement Charge 2 hr Band Straps Accessories Small Large Women

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Specifically designed for Fitbit Charge 2 (Watch Band Only, The Fitbit Device is not included)
  • Made of High Quality Genuine Leather Material: This Fitbit Charge 2 Strap is Soft & Durable, Comfortable & Eco-friendly for human skin to wear
  • Adjustable Size: This size designed for most people, no matter teenagers or the aged, men or women, for wrists size 5.5″-8.2″. Stainless steel buckle and precise multiple alternative holes allow you to adjust the suitable size
  • Easy to install and remove: This Fitbit Charge 2 band comes with metal clasps on both ends, which locks onto the Charge 2 precisely and securely
  • 1 year warranty, we accept returns if you are not happy with the quality of this fitbit charge 2 replacement band.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Looks great and got many compliments. I needed a band for my corporate professional job attire. The band is starting to discolor after weeks of use but i’m ok with it. No one can see the leather band much on the underside anyway.

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Only viewed horizontally not vertically. Some sites are only viewed vertical. Otherwise it is good quality.

Would like another one in black soon.

Love it, much more upscale than silicone.

I bought this in champagne looking for a more elegant, daily wear option for my rose gold fitbit charge 2. I also experienced some irritation from the rubber band the fb came with. Was thrilled to see the metal color matched the metal on my fitbit. I’ve been wearing it almost non-stop for a week now and have had no issues at all.

I thought this band was very pretty and super comfortable but i’ve only had it about a week or 2 and it’s already filthy because it is more like suede material than a smooth leather. It soaked up the oil and water when i washed my hands. So, i wouldn’t suggest against it if you plan to take it off every time you wash your hands or you get a darker color (i bought beige) but if you plan to wear it 24/7 i wouldn’t buy it. **update** after seeing my review the company emailed me and offered to send a replacement band. I accepted the offer and asked to get a darker shade, i chose brown. The material is different it’s more like a regular leather that isn’t porous. I’ve only had it on one day so far but i can already tell it isn’t going to have the same problem.

Specifically designed for Fitbit Charge 2 (Watch Band Only, The Fitbit Device is not included)

I love the band and color my only issue is that the one i recently got fits larger than my previous one so it moves around on my wrist quite a bot.

If you wear your fitbit constantly and want to make it look more professional when at work, these faux leather bands do the trick. This particular color gets dirty quickly, but a little water cleans it up. The metal matches the gold of the fitbit perfectly, and it is very easy to switch the band in and out.

Love the finish on this as it looks like leather. Holding up so much better than a suede one i bought. Thinking of buying another in a different color.

Update; seller contacted about leather changing color. The leather on the new band appears a much better quality. The leather colar has change drastically. Turned a very dark brown and has gotten hard. My wife bought to accessorize for going out. She went wear this band after 1 month if use.

The strap that came with my fitbit originally gave out after a year. I had never really liked it anyway. So i replaced it with this tan leather strap with rose gold attachments. It’s really nice looking and is so much more comfortable to wear and easier to get on and off. I have a tiny wrist and it still fits with one hole left. Thanks for such a nice product.

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Made of High Quality Genuine Leather Material: This Fitbit Charge 2 Strap is Soft & Durable, Comfortable & Eco-friendly for human skin to wear

After a full year of wearing this band, i finally had to switch it out for a newer one. Daily use with hand washing made it a bit funky so i purchased a new band, same model/color, and it’s just as good as the first. Original review:i’ve been wearing this band with my fitbit charge 2 for 3 weeks now and its absolutely perfect. Comfortable, sleek, and stylish. And it’s super easy to take on/off the device if i want to use the original band or another band.

The rose gold does not match exactly, but i don’t mind. Although the watch band is listed as leather, i did not know that this watch band was suede. I would have preferred regular leather. Easy to attach to my fitbit.

I was under the impression it was a small. I have a 5 3/4 inch wrist and it barely fits on the tightest notch.

I love wearing it and have gotten many compliments on it. But it is leather – so careful not to get it wet and not practical for gym use – i wore it and did 5k on the treadmill at the gym a few times and it got, well, smelly. I tried to clean it but ended up ruining the color. So, use it to be stylish, but don’t use it when you’re going to work out and get sweaty – another plus is that the band quickly snaps on and off so it’s easy to change into a ‘gym appropriate’ band in seconds.

A very pretty band i really like the taper to a smaller band too bad the rose gold finish on this and the rose gold on the fitbit don’t match.

Perfect and exactly what i was looking for. The leather is nice quality, the rose gold matches the fitbit perfectly and the fit is excellent because it works for a small, medium, or large wrist (lots of holes in the band to accommodate different sizes).

A nice upgrade to fit bit making it look less sporty for nicer occasions. It does seem hard to clean bc it’s suede. I would buy it again anyway.

Adjustable Size: This size designed for most people, no matter teenagers or the aged, men or women, for wrists size 5.5″-8.2″.

I like the look and the ease of connecting to the fitbit. The band is a little easier to hook than the one that comes with it.

Easy to install and remove: This Fitbit Charge 2 band comes with metal clasps on both ends, which locks onto the Charge 2 precisely and securely

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