These are great, the rose gold color is really close to the special edition fitbit – you have to hold the clasp up right beside the edge of the tracker to tell the difference. The bands are comfortable; i wear a size small in fitbit bands, and although these are a little longer, they still fit well and don’t look strange. I haven’t had them that long, but i’ve used each color several times and they seem well made and durable.

These fit my fitbit perfectly and match the rose gold on the face like they were meant for each other. I’m happy with the colors , the fit and the quality of these bands.

Received my three pack (pink, white and black) today and could not be happier. The bands are very lightweight but durable and the rose gold clasp matches my chrage 2 tracker beautifully. I had the lavender & rose gold limited edition, but the lavender was looking dinghy. I’m sure the white band in his pack will not stay bright, but i’m glad i have all three to swap out.

Ive had these for several months. They have not lost their shape. They rose gold buckle is still the same color and did not fade. I were the black one everyday.

Surprisingly good quality for the amount they cost. The silicone is soft and i haven’t had any issues. Update 6 months later: i am pleasantly surprised that the bands are still in great condition. I’ve been wearing the white almost daily, sometimes swapping for black, and there are no signs of wear. I saw another review that said the material seems more flimsy than the original. I don’t disagree that it’s thinner and lighter, but i don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I am a stickler for quality and i think it’s just a little different, but not of worse quality. Personally, i like that it’s a bit softer.

I am so happy to find bands for my fitbit charge 2 hr. I have the rose gold and lilac color fitbit. I normally buy the large bands but these are small. As previous costumer reviews if you normally wear a large band and use the hole closer to end you may not want to get this band since they would be too small.

  • Overall nice product
  • I can tell they are as good quality as the original
  • Not a true small + color fades but overall looks nice and wears well.

I love the three colors that these bands come in. I really just wanted the black and white but when they arrived i loved the peachy/pink color and have been wearing it ever since, for about a week now. The band size is definitely bigger it seems than a normal small, which i usually wear. I have to wear it on the smallest buckle hole, whereas with my fitbit brand small i still have holes left. I wish i could make it smaller. The rose gold buckle is a great match to the special edition rose gold fitbit. The pink band that i have been wearing for 1 week now has definitely faded in color unfortunately, i do wear it in the sun a lot but it’s a little disappointing that it’s faded so much after only 1 week. Makes me wonder about the black one and how fast it might fade. Overall, for the price it’s a pretty good deal since there are not a lot of rose gold options right now. The band does seem to stay clean and not show dirt like some previous bands that i have worn.

I’ve been having trouble with my replacement bands staying on and breaking. But so far these seem to be ok, i’ve only had them a few weeks. They came sooner than expected and a nice email with them.

I have ordered other replacement bands for my fitbit before from a different brand, but these are far the best ones i have received. In the past the strap that holds the band into place has discolored almost immediately (it looked dirty even though the band was still as white as ever), but with this brand the strap (i am wearing the white band) is still as white as the day i put it on, which has been almost a month now. I will be purchasing this brand for sure in the future.

They are a thinner rubber than the fitbit bands, but in my opinion they are better, less bulky and more form fitting. They are very well made and do not look cheap at all, which is one thing i was worried about. I have already gotten several compliments on how nice they look with my rose gold fitbit. I would definitely purchase these again.

I’m super impressed with these bands, so soft and light and flexible, it’s the same soft rubber feeling as the fitbit brand how ever, it feels softer and lighter and honestly more comfortable while looking just like the original.I’m so excited and i adore the pink one in the pack, it’s almost a soft pastel hot pink color.

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Features of Wearlizer Compatible with Charge 2 Bands Accessories Silicone Strap Replacement Charge 2 Special Edition Lavender 3 Pack

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2/ charge hr 2 activity tracker + heart rate; this charge 2 wristband fits 5.51inch to 7.87 size wrist
  • 100% Water Resistant Charge2 strap and perfect in durability it gives you 100% comfortably experience while indoor or outdoor
  • Different colors to change your look in an instant;Multiple colors available for this Charge 2 Strap: Black, White, Pink, Purple, Hot Pink.
  • Comes with a pair of Charge 2 Watch Lugs to easy replace the band; And you can adjust the length to your wrist with the metal buckle
  • 12 months no-hassle warranty. We accept returns if you are not happy with the quality. Please feel free to order it. Please search “Wearlizer Charge 2 Strap” for more choices

Enjoy your colorful days

Product description

1. Compatible with 2016 New Release Fitbit Charge 2 Special Edition Lavender Rose Gold 2. 100% Water Resistant and perfect in durability it gives you 100% comfortably experience while indoor or outdoor 3. Different colors to change your look in an instant 4. Comes with a pair of Fitbit Charge 2 Watch Lugs to easy replace the band; And you can adjust the length to fit your wrist with the metal buckle 5. 3 years after selling service and full replacement If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product What’s in the Box 3 x watch bands for Fitbit Charge 2

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bands are thinner than the original fitbit band but this is not a problem at all. The straps are longer than my original small fitbit band, but they have the loop to keep the strap down. Because they are slightly thinner, sometimes the end of the strap pulls out of the loop when i am sleeping but this is not a problem. Most importantly, the rose gold matches my fitbit and the clasps are secure when attached but easy to switch out.

I’ve been using these for a few months at this point and they work well. I like to coordinate with the days outfit as the original mint green band got old and dirty looking. These were a perfect replacement.

Bought these as a gift for a friend to change her purple band. Color of the bands are exactly as advertised in pictures. Rubber needs little break-in to loosen up the stiffness. Otherwise no complaints, looks great so far.

Purchased these after my lavender fit bit band stained almost immediately after purchasing. These are great and much cheaper than the fit bit brand. Only complaint was the rose gold isn’t a perfect match to the fit bit watch but its on the other side so not a big deal.

Good, secure fit at fraction of cost of fitbit accessories. Rose gold color is not an exact match, but its close and the clasp is on opposite side of your wrist than the pebble–so it’s not very noticeable. These bands are also a little softer than the original fitbit bands.

I bought these bands specifically for the rose gold hardware, as i have the special edition lavender and rose gold fitbit charge 2. The lavender band is light in color and shows dirt easily, so i want to be able to change it out. The bands have the a similar diamond pattern to those that come with the special edition charges. However, they do not seem to be quite the same material, and seem a bit less sturdy in that they are thinner and more flexible. This is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. The bands are comfortable and pleasant to the touch. The bands don’t fit to the tracker quite as securely as the original band, but i don’t think the fit is loose enough to be bothersome or to worry about. I had a charge hr before i got my new charge 2, and i’ve gotten a large band in both because before purchasing my original tracker i heard that the bands run small. However, my wrists are on the small side and i found the large to be quite roomy in both models. I believe that the new charge 2 version has a longer band, so i buckle it to the smallest hole and there is still space.

Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2/ charge hr 2 activity tracker + heart rate; this charge 2 wristband fits 5.51inch to 7.87 size wrist

I bought the lavender and rose gold charge 2 fitbit. It was challenging finding the matching rose gold bands. The clip at the end of the band isn’t as firm as the actual fitbit brand, but it doesn’t bother me at all. My fitbit band is large, and these bands are smaller. I like the fit of these better than my large band. Great product and great price.

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Rose gold is a perfect match to fitbit lavender rose gold edition. I was worried after other reviews said they didn’t match at all. I’m pretty picky and these are spot on. The diamond pattern looks real close to the fitbit pattern. They also have the little lip on the band to keep the band loop locked in place so any excess length isn’t flapping around. The only issue i have is picking a favorite color. The pink is a nice pink too. I was worried about it being bubblegum or something but it’s right on trend with the blush pink.

I know another reviewer mentioned the hardware of this was a totally different color than the ‘rose gold’ color of the fitbit, but they must have changed the color as they are almost the same. The shade is exactly the same and i would say the finish it shinier/brighter on the bands and more brushed/duller on the fitbit. As someone who is very ocd about details it’s not even noticable once the band is attached and it is on your wrist. I would say these bands are a bit softer and silkier than the original band and slightly thinner. I can tell they are as good quality as the original, but. For the price they are excellent. Could not recommend more and i wish they came in more colors.

I have the rose gold/lavendar charge 2. I wondered about the quality of the bands but they are so pretty. I feel like i’m wearing a new watch every day. I didn’t think this would be the case, but the black is my favorite. It looks so sharp with the rose gold. Highly recommend to match your rose gold fitbit charge 2.

My fitbit lavender band broke within a month. I exchanged it for a new one, as it was within the 30 day return policy. The new one lasted 6 months (making progress). I love my fitbit, i just hate the issues with the band. I ordered the three-pack replacement set to match the rose gold accent. They look just like the original. I love having the option to change colors. The rose gold matches perfectly. Not sure if it will be more durable since i’ve only had it for a week now, but i hope so.

The rose gold accent matches the fitbit face perfectly. I love the flexibility of these 3 color options. The band is super soft and almost feels silky. I have been wearing the pink the most but have switched to black for work/meetings and can’t wait for summer to wear the white.

100% Water Resistant Charge2 strap and perfect in durability it gives you 100% comfortably experience while indoor or outdoor

Perfect match for the rose gold fitbit, which has proved hard to find. Love the sleek look of the black so far, excited to try the others. Band is soft and flexible which is nice. I wore the second smallest hole on my large fitbit band and i wear 4th smallest on this. Perfect for me, but wouldn’t work if you were in the outside largest size holes potentially so check the size you need.

My rose gold lavender band for the charge 2 started discoloring soon after i purchased it, so i found this replacement pack. The rose gold matches perfectly and looks great. Very happy with this purchase.

I am so happy with this purchase. I believe these bands are great quality for a very reasonable price. I was unable to tolerate wearing my original fitbit at night. With these bands, which are only slightly lighter and more flexible than the original, i am completely comfortable wearing my fitbit to track my sleep as well as my steps. The rose gold buckle matches perfectly, and i like having the three band color change option.

Very cute bands, and they appear to be better quality than the original one that came with my fitbit. I wear the white one almost everyday, and it has held up well.

Other users mentioned comments about them seeming large. I typically wear a small band and it was perfect for me. I think it would fit well on either a small or large wrist. I really like the rose gold buckle; it matches nicely with the rose gold fitbit. I wasn’t sure what to expect with these, but i am beyond delighted. I definitely recommend; they are really comfortable and look great.

So far i’m really happy with these bands. I’ve been wearing them for a couple weeks now and had no issues thus far but will certainly update promptly if i do. They are soft and very comfortable, noticeably less rigid than the original, yet still feel secure and durable enough for what i do on a typical basis adls to exercise. The black especially looks real nice with the rose gold clasp, a sleeker alternative to the origal lilac. The clasps btw appear to match like 90% perfect to the fitbit’s (i at first thought it was a perfect match until i got close enough to take an up close photo, but even then a difference is negligible). For the price especially i’m satisfied with the purchase.

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These bands are perfect for my fitbit charge 2. I got the lavender band because it had the rose gold metallic trim. However, i’m not really a fan of lavender. So i bought these bands to give me more options. I do like the pink, although i wish it was more of a blush pink. But the price can’t be beat. The design is identical to the band i received from fitbit. It’s very easy to put on and take off. If you are looking for bands with rose gold metal trim, these are perfect.

Different colors to change your look in an instant;Multiple colors available for this Charge 2 Strap: Black, White, Pink, Purple, Hot Pink.

These bands are really nice. I like that you have the option for a black band with rose gold buckle, which fitbit does not offer. Matches the rose gold on my charge 2 unit perfectly. The bands are softer than the fitbit brand bands which makes them easier to take on and off. But, the softness has caused them to wear down faster. After a few months, the texture of the band is really starting to disappear due to wear. For the price, i can’t complain.

These were delivered on time, product is as advertised. Includes all three band colors. The rose gold metallic shade is pretty close, definitely not an exact match, but i would say maybe the official purple band has more of a metallic matte finish on the buckle, however it complements the fitbit rose gold just fine in my opinion. I also agree with other reviewers that the silicone bands are ‘looser’ in the sense in regards to the original band from fitbit, which is less flexible in comparison to these accessory bands. I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing, i find these accessory bands are more comfortable to wear because of that. I’ve worn 2/3 so far this week, received plenty of compliments on the white and pink one, especially because these replicate the pattern on the original purple band. I work as a cardiac nurse at the hospital, so i often go through alot of hand sanitizer and cavicide. I find that cleaning these bands are pretty easy at the end of the day, no issues, no color loss or staining so far. Overall, i think these are great buy if you want more band options and have the rose gold special edition. I’m going to with hold a 5th star until i get more use out of these bands to further evaluate them.

I bought this to go with my rose gold fitbit. The clasp matches the rose gold metal of the fitbit itself really well. There is a slight difference, but it is not noticeable. They’re comfortable for long-term wearing, and the colors are vibrant and i’m very happy with it.

No problems changing out and they seem a bit softer and more flexible than the original.

These bands have a really good fit with my fitbit charge 2 special edition. The rose-gold buckle is a close match to the rose-gold on the fitbit tracker, but the buckle is very slightly rosier than the tracker (not an issue at all). The bands click into position quickly and easily. These bands have the same ‘diamond cut’ design on the band as the fitbit special edition band and they feel like the same material. The band length is only slightly longer than the length of the fitbit small band (just move up one notch for a perfect fit). I love the bands and the three colors available. However, i wish wearlizer would offer even more band colors with the rose-gold buckle.

Attaches just fine and all in all is what i expected. However, the clasp can break easily thus making you worry to loose the fitbit itself. Thank god i had my strap secured with little slide or i would have lost my device. White strap broke first time i wore it.

Comes with a pair of Charge 2 Watch Lugs to easy replace the band; And you can adjust the length to your wrist with the metal buckle

I love these special edition bands. The only differences my husband and i see is the omission of the fitbit logo and the s/p (indicating small on the fitbit band). The hardware is slightly different, but similar and appears secure. The bands feel slightly softer on my skin. As pictured, the rose gold buckle matches the fitbit and the original buckle perfectly. If they come out with more bands i wouldn’t hesitate to buy more. *these were purchased by myself; absolutely no discount was given for a favorable review.