These bands look identical to the actual fitbit bands (black band in the pictures is the real fitbit band and lavender is the one i ordered. ) they are comfortable and wear the same which is awesome. However, they are the worst to interchange. With the real fitbit band, you press down on the metal realease, push up, and the band pops off almost immediately. With these, you have to fuss and press down really hard to get them to come off. I usually resort to using something metal to pry them off. So, these are great if you’re the kind of person that wants to change bands very intermittently, but if you like to change bands daily or a few times a week, they’re kind of a pain.

These are cheap replacement bands, and they get the job done just as effectively as the fitbit branded straps. When the strap that cane with my fitbit disentegated i considered buying a replacement from fitbit, but i’m glad i didn’t. Even if these last no longer than the expensive brand, the dirt cheap price puts me way ahead. And they come in a wide variety of colors, which is a nice pro.

Good deal for three bands ($8. 99) and they look like good quality however, the colors are not as nice as in the photos. I wish i’d gone with my second choice instead. I got the black/blue/green and the colors are very “flat”. In the photo (which i have looked at on more than one device) they almost have a bit of a sheen or pearl to them, giving the color a little “pop”. The flat black is fine but both the blue and the green are a little disappointing based on what i thought theyd look like. Still, they aren’t bad and i will likely order another set with lighter colors because the quality looks decent. I haven’t had time to use it and be sure about that yet though. It’s a deal if you find colors you like.

They are thinner than the original fitbit bands and also some of the replacement bands i’ve bought from other companies, but i really like them. The main reason i bought these were for the price and color availability since i really wanted a slate and olive green replacement band. So far, they’ve lasted really well and have not broken like i’ve had other bands break.

These look exactly like the original fitbit bands. Good quality, colors as expected from the photo, and the same sizing. I only took away one star because sometimes it’s really hard to disconnect the band from the fitbit to replace it. The first couple times it was frustrating enough that i didn’t change colors as much as i wanted to because it was too much effort. I was also afraid it would break. I can’t get them undone with just my fingers, so i press on the release button with something metal to get it to turn loose. That said, sometimes they are still hard to get off, and sometimes they are easier. I don’t think it’s user error because there’s really only one way to release the bands. Overall it was a good purchase, especially for the price.

Nearly identical in appearance, feel, and fit to the original band that came with my charge hr 2. The colors are nice, the clasp works great. The one thing that i need to point out is that these bands (size small) are about 80% as long as the original band. Its not an issue for me, but if you wear a small and use some of the last (largest) notches these may not fit, so get the larger size.

Good price for replacement bands. The band is slightly smaller than the original band so i am using a different notch than i did on the manufactured one and they fit pretty snug when trying to attach. Beyond that, they look and feel like the originals. Only time will tell how long they will last in comparison. The original lasted about a year before the glue started separating from the attachments.

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The bands look just like the original that came with my fitbit. Only issue is that they dirty very quick and the pink one doesnt clean up very well. After a few months of wear (i switch them out regularly) they look like i have been wearing them for years. Other than that the material is sturdy and they clip into my fitbit perfectly.

  • Great bands, but can be hard to change
  • Bands look identical to Fitbit bands and feel comfortable, but are a pain to interchange.
  • Good deal for three bands ($8

Wepro Bands Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 HR, 3-Pack Adjustable Wrist Replacement Band for Women Men

  • ✅Wepro Bands Replacement Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 only, no Charge 2 device included
  • ✅Premium Sweatproof Material: Bands Replacement Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 is made of flexible elastomer material. Sweat resistant, soft, lightweight and easy to dry. Durable premium material can prevents skin from irritation. Very soft and comfortable to wear
  • ✅Buckle + Notch Design: the buckle is made of Stainless Steel, easy to assemble and resize. Beside, there is a notch under the ring,can double hold your band securely in place and secure the extra length of Charge 2 bands
  • ✅Two Sizes & Multi Colors: Two selected sizes and various colors are available for your Fitbit Charge 2, can personalize your Fitbit Charge 2 to fit your mood and outfit in daily life. Multipack bands can also be mixed wearing, and create your own unique style
  • ✅1 Year Warranty: Free replacement or full refund without return for any quality problem

Worked perfectly for a replacement bandappears to be great quality and fit. Purchased for family member and they are very pleased. I like there’s 3 to a pack so he can have backups.

They’re virtually identical to the fitbit bands that came with it originally. You honestly can’t tell a difference. Only thing is that they don’t have the very small “fitbit” on part of it.

Just as good as the original at the fraction of the price. After looking at many replacement bands and reading tons of reviews i ordered these and they are great . The fit and size are exactly as the original bands that came with my fitbit, and they seem to be the same quality material. Except for a very slight difference on the side markings they just about look like the original bands. I’ve had these for a little over 2 months and have had no trouble with them scratching, getting stained or discoloring like i have read in reviews for other brands.

They are cute colors, but they do not lock into the fitbit like the brand name bands (hard to show in pic). Also, the edges are turning black after a couple of weeks worth of wear. But for the price, you can’t really complains or expect much.

It went on easily and came off easily as i wanted to check based on other reviews. The band is easier to buckle than the original fitbit one. The loop holder does have a tendency to slide out of the hole, so i usually hook it closer to the buckle than the end. This way if it slides, it drops into the next hole. The grey is darker than pictured but the colors work for me.

I wear my fitbit on my ankle while biking, so i bought these bands to replace the original large (6. 1 in) band that was included with the charge 2. While i have to use the 3-4th notch on that, i could barely get these oni don’t see any measurements in the product details here, but i think these replacement bands are either smaller than the original band included with the activity tracker or the notches are set closer to make it smaller. I will have to return these, as it made the fit uncomfortably tight. Otherwise, the product seemed well-made.

I actually liked these bands better than the original ones. I’ve only been wearing the black band for a week and like the way it feels on my wrist compared to the original. In my opinion it’s also a lot easier to take off than the original band. I will be being more colors in the future.

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The band that came with my fitbit went caput, so i got these to replace it and i have to say i’m very happy with the quality and the speed at which they arrived. I might be crazy, but they seem ‘lighter’ or more comfortable than the original band. . Not sure they are or not, but i definitely feel like i notice it on my wrist less. Which to me is a great feeling.

I like these bands and think they are comparable to the original fitbands that the fitbit come with. The material for these bands are less flexible and bendy, they are more rigid. Also the coloring on the pink band is a duller color than shown in the picture. However, for the price you can’t beat it. I am thrilled to have more color options, other reviews mentioned that these bands got dirty quickly, i could see that happening. But these bands are functional, snap in easily, and a great switch up (from my purple band – which i love, but got tired of quickly).

These bands are great quality and materials used are nice. The band is the perfect thickness and quality of rubber has a nice matte finish to it. The buckle is a brushed antiqued silver that does not tarnish and holds up well. The bands fit my fitbit charge 2 and stays on securely. I do house rehabs so i get paint, plaster and all kinds of stuff on these. I have ordered them twice and they have held up nicely to the constant abuse. I replace when i finish a project and to much of the house shows on my band.

My “fitbit 2” practically fell off my wrist (after many, many months), so i needed a new one. As i looked at all that were made just for this fitness tracker, i found this trio for an exceedingly low price and i took a chance on the quality and ordered them. Turned out they were of very good quality and attached in less than 3 seconds. Recommended on price and quality.

I was hesitant to buy an off-brand, but these have held up really well. They easily connect to the watch itself and are the right combination of flexible, comfortable, and durable. I have small wrists, and these bands work great.

I just got these bands out of the bag, i haven’t worn them yet, but will update my review in a few weeks. First, you can tell the quality isn’t the same as if you were to buy a brand name fitbit band. Also, the pink colored band does not look like the one pictured online- its more of a light beige color. As you can see in the photo, the white band came dirty out of the bag; only the white one had a layer of dust on it. I will keep these because i need them to wear my fitbit as my previous band broke, but i wouldn’t buy the pink one again.

I had one band for my fitbit. As much as i liked it, it was starting to look a little worn, plus i wanted new colors. These are nice and seem to be near identical to the original band that came with it. Installed in seconds, nice color choices.

Do not believe the other reviews that say that these do not fit or stay on they are little difficult to put on but once you get them snapped on they are nice and secure i’d rather be a little hard to get them on have them be nice and secure than to be loose and pop off and lose my fitbit these work perfectly i would order again.

I wasn’t expecting amazing due to some of the reviews i read, but i have been so impressed. Funny enough, these are easier to put on and change than my original band. They fit well and clean easily. Look great just like the original fit-bit bands and they are holding up well. I love these colors, as it works for everything.

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After having 2 bands from fitbit snap when i put on / took off winter gloves, i ordered these. They look and feel exactly like the ‘real’ thing (minus the branding) and work exactly as they need to. I’ve used the same one for 2 months with no issues. Would definitely order again.

If you’re looking for new colored bands for your fitbit, this was a good price and gets the job done. The white one didn’t last more than one day after getting grey and grimy. I haven’t tried washing it though so it may clean up nice. These bands work really well with my charge2.

I ordered these to replace the original black band that was ‘bubbling’ up on my charge 2. I was happy to receive this band, which has the same high-quality material and texture as the original. I expect these will last just as long as the original one, but if i ever need a replacement, i will purchase these again.

For the price, these bands are great. At first they are a little stiff and take a few days of wearing to comfortably conform to the wrist. The metal fittings are clearly glued and after daily wear sweating at the gym, the band breaks. I will continue to buy this product though because they are a good price, even if they only last a couple of months.

Well, i almost went to fitbit and paid full price for a new band. Definitely glad i got these. While the gray band was a little busted – the slide piece that keeps the band in place is too big and just slides all over the place, but the black and the blue bands are perfect. Honestly, more comfortable than the original fitbit band.

This was a surprisingly great purchase. For the price i wasn’t expecting too much, but i was sorely mistakened. These replacement straps fit great and are equal to if not better than the originals. The clasp is sturdy and well made. The straps are well made and have some substance to them. These are highly recommended if you need replacement bands for your charge 2.

Overall, they are not a bad product. I ordered the black, white and champagne pink color bands. The champagne one came much more pink than i thought it would be; more like a salmon color than champagne. The white one, which was the one that i really wanted, doesn’t even snap on so it just falls off. The black and pink one snap on, but are very hard to get off. They don’t click on and off easily like the fitbit version so just be aware of that if you order them. All together, they’re not a terrible buy for the good price you pay for 3. Quality just isn’t as good with the attachment function. They do however look just like the fitbit version so without paying close attention, you wouldn’t even know from looking at them that they’re an off brand.

I ordered these replacement bands after my original fitbit band broke. They connect easily and seem to be good quality, i honesty can’t tell the difference from the original bands that came with my fitbit. No problems so far after wearing one band for about a month and it’s nice to have several color choices.

I needed a replacement band for my fitbit charge 2 because my original band was coming apart. I liked the color of these, i needed more neutral colors. These fit as good, if not better than the original one. The clasps are a bit tight, but it’s better than being loose. These are excellent bands and would recommend these to anyone needing a replacement, or just want to change the colors of your fitbit. These were received on time.

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