The only issue is the lighter colored bands do pick up some color off of fabric after a little while. I had dark purple bedsheets (old, not new) and it ended up rubbing around the edges of this band. Doesn’t show with the darker colors though like the maroon.

I love having options and switching out bands and these are great. Very close to the one that came with my fitbit but so many more colors to choose from.

These look like the originals from fitbit versa, but, they are easier to attach than the fitbits.

I ordered these so i would have different color options for my new fitbit. A major plus is that they come in so many colors which i love. However, the only other positive is that you get three bands for under $10. I have worn my burgundy band for about two weeks and it just is not very comfortable. The bands are not as soft or flexible as a true fitbit band, and they do hurt my wrist after a short time. A further issue i have had is with the buckles. I was bummed when i noticed that the buckles were silver because i have a rose gold fitbit, well that issue worsened when the silver began chipping off significantly. My final negative for this product was how difficult the band was to install on the fitbit. While the original band disconnected and reconnected with little trouble, i struggled with attaching these bands.

Very pleased with this fit bit. My husband needed it for a medical issue and it has been perfect. You can’t leave the screen on continually as it zaps the battery quickly. The band was way too small but easily replaced.

The first set i purchased i could not get the strap without the buckle to attach, not one. A new set was sent and received 2 days later. While they aren’t the easiest to put on, they did fit. Other reviewers have mentioned discoloration from rubbing against clothing. But at the end of the day i take a damp cloth and wipe the bands and they appear good as new. I’ll also say that is not necessarily unique to this brand. I’ve had others in the past for my fitbit alta that did the same thing. The colors are nice though the light purple seems lighter than in the picture. For less than $6 they are just fine and i’m pleased.

  • Within 3 days it’s already falling apart/ UPDATE on bad review
  • Nice Band for the Price – Actual Review
  • Not terrible, but not the best

First off, the original fitbit versa kbands are super soft and flexible. These bands are not a perfect match, but they are a good runner up for only costing $10 for 3 bands. The little metal bar has a tendency to slide out, so be careful not to lose it. Once attached to the watch, this isn’t a problem. I do wish all the claspsmatched the band color like the fitbit bands. Overall a very nice band for the price. I actually own a fitbit versa and i paid for the bands ;).

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Fits charge 3 ok but clips seem a bit cheap. At a quarter of the price as the original version its good value and perfect for day to day use. Just don’t expect too much.

Except i received two navy blue and one grey. The color i was really after is black and i bought the three pack figuring it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple color options besides the black band that was also supposed to be in the package. The original short black band broke and i switched to the long band that was also included with the watch. I included it with the three new bands to show the difference between the black and navy blue. Time will tell how durable these bands happen to be.

For the price, it’s pretty decent. Not as smooth and flexible as the original that comes with the fitbit device, which is why i give this 4 stars instead of 5.

I love the colors they are very vibrant. Good quality, fast shipping.

fitbit versa bands 1

Wepro bands are soft, lightweight, sweat resistant & water resistant, easy to dry when get wet, perfect for sports and working!

Wepro bands compatible with fitbit versa smart watch 2

Wepro bands compatible with fitbit versa smart watch 3

Wepro bands compatible with fitbit versa smart watch 4

fitbit versa bands 5

fitbit versa bands 7

fitbit versa bands 6

Wepro bands compatible with fitbit versa smart watch 3

Wepro bands compatible with fitbit versa smart watch 12

Wepro bands compatible with fitbit versa smart watch 11

4 5 6
Soft Soft Soft Silicone bands for Fitbit Versa Soft Soft Soft Silicone bands for Fitbit Versa Soft Soft Soft Silicone bands for Fitbit Versa Milanese Loop Metal bands for Fitbit Versa Milanese Loop Metal bands for Fitbit Versa Milanese Loop Metal bands for Fitbit Versa
Material Soft Silicone Soft Silicone Soft Silicone Milanese Loop Metal Milanese Loop Metal Milanese Loop Metal
Two Size Available Small: 5.5″ – 6.9″, Large: 6.9″ -8.5″ Small: 5.5″ – 6.9″, Large: 6.9″ -8.5″ Small: 5.5″ – 6.9″, Large: 6.9″ -8.5″ Small, 5.5″-7.9″ ; Large, 6.7″-9.2″ Small, 5.5″-7.9″ ; Large, 6.7″-9.2″ Small, 5.5″-7.9″ ; Large, 6.7″-9.2″

✅Wepro Bands Replacement for Fitbit Versa SmartWatch and Versa Lite SE Watch Only

Plastic was very uncomfortable from the get-go, but 1 of 3 did not attach to the versa itself b/c of being too wide.

Loved the colors and the material was similar to the fitbit original. Unfortunately i had to return them as i could’t get any of them to fit my watch. Something was definitely off.

They are a much harder plastic than a traditional fit bit band. They have very good quality pins on them and they are easy to wash.

Quality is just like the original fitbit versa – same material; fantastic. They all fit perfectly into the fitbit also, for being a generic brand. I love the colors of my bands – the plum, pink, and lavender. However, one thing i didn’t notice about the product is the buckles. The pink one has the rosegold buckle (which matches my rosegold fitbit versa), but the lavender and plum have silver buckles. Really great deal overall though. I totally recommend this product. I wish they sold them individually though, so i could buy bands that are rose gold to match.

Very comfortable and easy to install onto device. I like the smooth texture it doesnt pull on my arm hair or get smelly (but i also wipe it down every time it gets wet and let it sit overnight to air out after charging).

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I was very surprised with this purchase. I was a bit skeptical given the very low price but they did not disappoint. They are easy to attach and take off of the versa. I love the ability to change the bands to coordinate with whatever i am wearing. They are very close to the stock band you receive with the versa. They are a little stiff at first but with wear they relax. Very happy with this purchase and will be purchasing more colors.

✅Premium Material: Bands Replacement for Fitbit Versa SmartWatch and Versa Lite SE Watch is made of durable and flexible elastomer. Lightweight and sweat resistant. Premium material can prevents skin from irritation.

Cute colors and attach like the real bands. Rose gold has no shimmer except for the buckle part.

Looks just like the fitbit brand and quality is great. I’ll definitely be buying other colors. I have zero complaints about the 3 i received.I had no issues putting them on they fit perfectly.

The bands we’re delivered on time. I had to watch some youtube videos on how to change the bands on my versa fitbit. It took me about 15-20 minutes to change out the bands, so i don’t know if it was due to the tiny prongs or i’m just terrible at doing this. However, i’m very satisfied with this product. I’d purchase it again and would recommend others to purchase this product if they want to spiffy up their versa fitbit.

I got the three pack of the peach, light purple, and fuchsia or whatever color you want to call that. The bands are okay, they do not seem like they are the best quality. I say this because one of the hook thingies fell off the watch band and i couldn’t get it back on because it looks to be as if it was made wrong. I had an extra hard time trying to get them on the watch and was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, i bought a watch band from another company and had no problems getting it on the watch. Take that for what you will.

Bought for my fit bit versa immediately after i biught it. I’ve had my versa less that 2 weeks i hit my arm on door way walking (i’m clumsy) and cracked my screen. I was devastated, called to see if my warranty on my fit bit covered it it does not. Then i remembered i had a screem protector on it.

Great for the price but one of the bands wouldn’t snap into the versa. The metal piece was the tiniest bit too long so i only have the two colors instead of three which is why i give it 4 stars. Gets dirty pretty easily but a little splash of water and some rubbing will get it right off.

✅Buckle + Notch Design: the buckle is made of Stainless Steel, easy to assemble and resize.

I’ve been wearing this band for a total of 3 days. I’ve worked out in my new band only once (1 hour of weightlifting) and its already becoming ruined. I haven’t gotten it wet but have worn it for everyday use (once again, only 3 days) and as you can see the band is becoming stained. It looks orange and it’s all over the sides of the band. This band is extremely cheap and disappointing. I have a few issues with the band. I have sensitive skin and this band has caused a bitch of itchiness in my wrist. It was extremely difficult to get this band on, it’s easy to put my original band on but for some reason putting this band on my fitbit becme a difficult task.

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Great colors and they fit well, however, i’m allergic to the band and it gave me a burn like rash.

These are great quality with a metal clasp unlike the fitbit version. But the instructions these came with are the ones that finally clicked with me how to change the bands.

These were very easy to install and feel almost identical to the brand name strap. The price was great for three bands, and i’m happy to have a few color options.

I purchased this item because the price was good and it was exactly what i was looking for. Replacement bands for my fitbit versa made of rubber material. I chose the peach, gray, and white three pack, and was excited to use them with my watch. Unfortunately, as you can see in the pictures the peach one has picked up dark colors from different shirts, and that was only from about 6 days of wear. I won’t be returning this item because i like the colors and the price was decent, but it is just annoying that it did that after so little time. I haven’t worn the gray and white one yet, so i will see what dark colors do to them.

I am so pleased with these bands. They fit my watch perfectly and at such an amazing price. I love that i can change the look of my watch to match my outfits. The only issue i had was with the white band, my long sleeve shirt got its color on the band, i guess from it rubbing. Other than that, i would def recommend theseupdate as of 1/01/19so originally i gave these bands 5 stars but had to dock a star because the buckle started to chip. I dont think its metal (obviously, lol) it feels like a painted plastic of some sort.

Great watch bands, the are just as described by the seller. Yes, i will definitely purchase more.

✅Size & Colors: Small size for 5.5″ – 7.2″ wrist, Large Size for 7.2″ -8.7″ wrist.

Received a fitbit versa and wanted to change out the band. Overall i was pleased with my order, the bands ordered are a bit tougher than the original fitbit versa band, but still waterproof and don’t irritate my skin, so i am happy.

✅1 Year Warranty: Free replacement or full refund without return for any quality problem

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