Got this band in and spent over an hour trying to get it attached to my versa. It appears to be a decent watch band but can’t comment further as i was unable to attach it to my watch. Have changed the band before in about 10 minutes. This time it would not line up with both pin holes. Mark this up as a loss as it isn’t worth driving 10 miles to a ups store. 12-05-2019: after being in communications with wepro and being impressed with their customer service i am raising my review to 4 stars. Will continue to update this if i can get the watch band to work. 12-07-2019: wepro made good on their 100% satisfaction to customers policy. Got a second watch band in and got it installed with minimal work. Band feels good on my wrist and will update this if i have any further concerns or comments.

It is a nice grape color and feels very light on the wrist. It was a little hard to get on until i realized you have to hold it at the angle it will sit when attached then it goes on smoothly. No problem with it in the shower either.

This was a good value and a comfortable watch band. I got the white and wish the pattern for the material was the same for the other colors, rather than than the more dark/light look of the other patterns.

I guess i should have expected what i got, considering the price. The color wasn’t quite as dark as i expected and the band feels stiffer and less comfortable than an original fitbit band. The buckle must be plated or something because the color deteriorated quickly and it rubbed a raw spot in my wrist.

Good price, good quality, but stiffer and a little less comfortable to put on and wear than the original band, for sure. You will notice the difference.

I like the band, today is the first day wearing it. It went on my fitbit as it should have. I will say that if you normally wear a large (fitbit brand) size down on this one. I should have ordered a small.

I bought this based on reviews that said it feels just like the original bands from fitbit. It’s a much stiffer material and not really soft at all. It also doesn’t quite fit properly where it attaches to the watch which makes it feel stiffer. It looks good, though, and while it’s not as good as an original fitbit band, it’s not terrible by any means.

Acabo de recibirla y me agrado mucho, verde es mi color favorito. Me encanta como se ve, me gustaría que hagan más variedad de colores. Espero que cuando la moje siga siendo mi favorita, ya que no me quito el reloj para nada, ya escribiré mi opinión. Por lo pronto estoy contenta.

  • Broken Pin
  • Feels identical to official Fitbit-branded bandsbut at a much better price!
  • Perfect fit & even better quality??

Wepro Bands Compatible with Fitbit Versa SmartWatch and Versa Lite SE Watch for Women Men, Small and Large, Multi Colors

  • ✅Wepro Bands Replacement for Fitbit Versa SmartWatch and Versa Lite SE Watch Only
  • ✅Premium Material: Bands Replacement for Fitbit Versa SmartWatch and Versa Lite SE Watch is made of durable and flexible elastomer. Lightweight and sweat resistant. Premium material can prevents skin from irritation. Very soft and comfortable to wear
  • ✅Buckle + Notch Design: the buckle is made of Stainless Steel, easy to assemble and resize. Beside, there is a notch under the ring,can double hold your Versa Lite SE Watch band securely in place and secure the extra length
  • ✅Size & Colors: Small size for 5.5″ – 7.2″ wrist, Large Size for 7.2″ -8.7″ wrist. Various 12 plain colors available for your Fitbit Versa Watch and Versa Lite SE Watch, can personalize your Fitbit Versa Lite Watch to fit your mood and outfit in daily life
  • ✅1 Year Warranty: Free replacement or full refund without return for any quality problem
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They fit my fitbit great with practically no effort on my part. And i am a person who gets bored with the same thing everyday so i change them often just to make myself feel like i have something new. A cheap alternative the name brand bands at a fraction of the cost and they are just as good as the name brand ones.

00 (other brand) band that outweighs a $30. Installation took less than 10 seconds. For those that didn’t comprehend the instructions stating the band needs to be at a 90 degree angle and totally screwed up you need to picture what 90 degrees (or so) is. I took a photo of the watch laying flat on the table and the installation angle that worked for me. The band is free standing at that angle, i am not holding the bands at that angle. If you have fat fingers it may be a challenge since at that angle it’s tough to get your finger or fingernail in there to pull back the spring knob. Once you’ve done this a couple times then you’ll be changing out your bands in just a few seconds.

It was a great price and is sturdier than the actual fitbit brand bands which i find tend to slip off when i sleep. I haven’t had it that long, so i can’t comment on how it’ll hold up, but it connects to the watch firmly so i don’t think there will be any issues. My only complaint is the buckle is silver with no rose gold options offered, so it doesn’t match the housing of my versa.

Easy to install and uninstall on fitbit versa, just like the fitbit brand. However, this particular band is a little less pliable than the original making it less comfortable for all day, everyday use. Will use it mostly for outdoor and high impact activities to preserve the original band. It does get a funky plastic smell after activity, make sure to wipe band down after prolonged wear or activity. In all, a good product and would purchase again.

Really sturdy material and vivid color. To put these on my versa wasn’t the easiest task – the pins are tricky – but i knew that going into the replacement in general and cannot fault this product for it.

The product is perfect for the price. The pictures on the charger is 4 days later installed. You definitely need to clean it though after each workout, i was able to see the dirty dead skin accumulate around the back of the band. I recommend if you want to change bands frequently or want different colors for the priceupdate ***i’ve had this one for 2 months almost, and i’ve posted pictures how dirty the band has gotten and worn it looks. I wear it everyday, i don’t wash it everyday. But i’ve put my black band back on. Need to find how to cure the dirtyness.

Bands are really hard to put on. Not quite as soft as the original fitbit band but they are the best i found so far. Once you put a few on, the process gets easier but they are not as easy to put on as the original bands. They are way more economical so i will fight to get them on rather than spend $30 for a true fitbit band.

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I just put the white one on my fitbit rose-gold watch and it looks beautiful.My clock face is mesmerize by marc groen. It’s one of the few delivered faces that i can read with my glasses off. The colors swirl through the 6 circles clockwise. Someone complained about the band getting discolored. But you can scrub the band or simply avoid leaning your wrist into dirty places, especially like tables with spilled soy sauce, coke, tomato sauce, etc.

I was disappointed in the lack of color variety offered by fitbit for my new versa, so i decided to consider a 3rd party alternative. Overall i am very impressed with the fit and quality of this wepro band. The dark blue color looks nice on my versa, and when i compare it to my official black fitbit band, it is nearly identical, down to the little plastic nub that keeps the sliding band holder in place. Installation was no more difficult than on my fitbit-branded band, which is to say not exactly easy but manageable unless you have sausage fingers like me. However, the small lever on the clasp side of the band broke off while i was installing it. I don’t fault wepro for this. It’s more of a design flaw from fitbit as i had the same thing happen on one of my fitbit bands. The difference is that the customer service folks at wepro, upon receiving a picture of the damage, shipped me a replacement band almost immediately. All in all, i can’t complain and considering i can purchase almost 4 bands in different colors for the price of one fitbit-branded band, seems like a no-brainer to give these guys a shot.

I ordered the teal, it’s a good color, but wished it was a little brighter. These bands are so easy to put on. 100% easier than the real fitbit bands, and it’s great that they also send replacement little metal pieces, because i already bent one of my fitbit’s and can’t use it anymore. I think the band is comfortable.

It’s cute but gets dirty easily and doesnt wash off well. I’ll probably need to order more in darker colors. My band is stained from normal everyday activity. Bands dont lay flat so the charger has to lie on its side when charging but the band is comfortable and flexible. A little hard to attach to versa face but once on it feels secure.

Great color, it’s a lot stiffer than the bands that come with the fitbit tho. So it can be a little uncomfortable when sleeping. But after wearing for a couple of weeks it softens a bit. If you like the feel of the original band you wont like this unless you are desperate. I hated the peach color that came with mine that’s why i was desperate to get this one. Color is great, a little hard to get on.

This band is a great replacement band and the price is terrific. It was easy to change the band and it looks just like the one that came with the watch.

The band came in a timely manner, it fits the fitbit perfectly, i really like it. It did however get discolored from a darker colored shirt, i’ve worn the shirt multiple times and washed it multiple times, but the band does have some dark spots on it.

I bought the plum color and it looks great. However, it’s not quite as flexible as the fitbit brand bands, so it cuts into the side of your wrists a little bit, especially if you have big wrists like i do. The pin also slid out of one side of the band, but they provide a replacement. However, it is built in the same fashion that fitbit brand ones are, and i’m glad for that. All worth the price, in mu opinion, because i wasn’t about to pay fitbit an extra $30 for a new band.

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Very cute but super hard to get on.

I bought these for my versa and they for perfectly. Installation was really easy. They are not soft silicone like original band but they are perfect for and comfortable to wear.

I have 2 different colors (turquoise and slate). Both fit flush with the fitbit, not clicking like others i have tried. Each band comes with extra pins. They are sturdy and well made.

I got the rose gold fitbit versa because i love the shade but i absolutely detest the pink band that came with it. I got this band as a replacement thinking that the color combination would go well together. Products often look very different from what is described or photographed but this really is a lovely slate blue. It took me a little while to get the band on but you should expect that even with the original fitbit products.

I would have to say that i am very disappointed on this product. After reviewing all the reviews i found it ideal to order one because, after all black goes with everything, especially from working out you wont be able to see the stains. Now i have to say that when i placed it on my fitbit versa i was having trouble putting it on and after all the pin broke and the pin was left inside. Idk if it’s because it’s not from the manufacturer but i was overall disappointed. My fitbit versa actually got scratched because i had to use a knife to take out the pin. Horrible and i just bought this saturday****08/01/2018****the company got in touch with me and they offered to ship me three bands and i appreciate the fact that they took in charge my review and acted quickly, i am hoping that the new bands will fit properly.

It’s easy to wash and still looks the same color as when i bought it. It’s super easy to put on and durable. I don’t love the pink one that’s more of a watch band, but it’s high quality if you like those.

I like using it while exercising because it works just right and i don’t like wearing my woven band for that. This band is nice for everyday use as well. It was a little tricky to figure out changing them, but the sellers were very helpful with that. I will definitely have to get more colors.

The band looks great and matches well. They do wear and my first on broke today after a month or so. However, with the price of the bands, it is worth order replacements.

I originally purchased a periwinkle and a blue replacement band. Because the colors were true, well made, and comparable to versa’s factory band, i bought the rose and olive green colored band. The bands fit the versa unit well so exchanging bands out is not a problem at all. Tehe different colors give your outfits a different, cohesive look. The fit is accurate, packaging was appropriate, and shipping was fast. I recommend these replacement bands as the quality is great and the price is fair.

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