I will absolutely buy again when i want new colors.

It’s great to be able to change colors when i want to. Pleasure doing business with.

They’re very comfy, stylish, and it holds in place as the original bands. Don’t wear dark clothing, it will bleed onto the bands, and the dye doesn’t come off.

I have tried several different bands on my fitbit from amazon and these are my favorite. They feel good and look good and don’t tear up or aren’t easily broken or arrive already messed up. I own about 8 different colors now.

Easy to change, great quality. Great price for a nice looking selection of bands.

I love the pretty lavendar one. Snap into the watch great and they don’t feel loose.

I like being able to change the different color band with my outfits just love it.

The colors aren’t exactly as depicted–the aqua ended up being more of a greenish teal and the ‘blush pink’ was flesh colored (not a very flattering color). However the quality and feel isn’t far off from an original fitbit band, which i’m very happy about. It fits the same as a fitbit brand band other than a very small, barely noticeable gap between the band and where it attaches to the fitbit itself. This doesn’t bother me though seeing as they were a fraction of the price of a band bought from fitbit. Overall i’m very happy with the purchase and you can’t beat the price.

My first impression of the bands was,” what the heck did i buy?” honestly, i regretted the purchase for a second but that changed when i tried on the bands on my fitbit. After trying the bands on, i was surprised by how great they were. I do have to say though that the pink band is a little lighter in color than what i expected but overall the bands suit their purpose.

They are exactly the same as the official fitbit bands. I literally cannot tell a difference.

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These are better than i thought. Bright colors, flexible, perfect fit, very easy to attach to the ionic, durable, excellent quality, stylish and all around awesome.

I bought a 3 pack for under 15 bucks. So happy i bought these, so much cheaper than buying from fitbit and i don’t see any difference.

Quality is excellent with these bands. Colors look great — i ordered the white, black, and plum. I would definitely order other colors in the future. These are very well made for a great price.

The original band on my ionic broke after over a year of daily wear so i brought this as a replacement. I’m a petite woman and found the original too large and clunky, but it was what it was. Now this replacement band is so much better than the original. It’s just a little skinnier and seems less stiff that the og band. It also fits my wrist better so it doesn’t move around as much during a workout. And i love the color options. Honestly if i had known, i would have bought this when i first got my ionic and used this band instead of the one that came with it.

I love changing the bands depending on my outfit.

I just got these in the mail today. I read the reviews before purchasing because the price seemed too good to be true, but so far, they live up to previous good reviews and good rating. I love the bright colors and the comfy fit. It fits snug and was easy to connect to my watch.

Wepro for Fitbit Ionic Band, Watch Replacement Sport Strap for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, Large, Small : The only issue i have is that it only comes in silver. I have a burnt orange face but regardless, i made the order and tried them out. It really isn’t that noticeable and the band’s work perfectly. I love the price for the quantity. I only ordered a 3 pack but as dirty as they get from me using them, i can see myself making multiple purchases, especially since they’re so reasonably priced.

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I just got it a couple of days ago and put it right on. The turquoise blue is the one i wanted the most and it’s so nice. I was getting sick of the gray band that came with it. It attached easily and stays on, it’s just like the one that comes with your fitbit.

They looked good but the connection to the ionic was questionable. There were gaps bw the ionic and the bands where it connected. I was pretty sure that would get worse over time and ionic is too expensive to risk it falling off and getting damaged or lost. I did like that the watch clasp laid flat, even my original fitbit band doesn’t do that. Also i didn’t like the silver hardware since my ionic is the smoke grey finish.

I work out 4 times a week, work on my farm and constant home improvement projects. It has held up very well the purple still looks new and is very comfortable.

Nice fitting bands, but as the other reviewers have noted the light color bands stain easily on the outside, likely from clothing dye. Unless it is the color coming off. If anyone else finds a way to remove the staining pls share.The inside of the band is not stained. Purple is not plum as pictured but a brighter purple.

I have the purple one on today just cause.

Great quality for a great price. Haven’t had any issues at all.

I haven’t had it long enough to see if can take all things i around the yard.

I ordered a 3 pack- black, white, purple. They fit the ionic well, stay in well. There are only two things that bug me. First the excess strap doesn’t always stay in place. The little piece isn’t exactly lined up with the holes so it won’t lay flat. The other thing is the white band is not staying white and i can’t seem to find anything that will clean it.

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Extremely durable, well built and love the colors.

Definitely will be purchasing other colours.

I just received these today and am very pleased. I love the purple color which is the one i wanted most. It will also be nice to change bands occasionally since i wear my ionic 24/7. On the original band that came with it i was using part of the small band and part of the large to get a good fit. Not too tight, not too loose. Hopefully i won’t get a rash like i did with every other band i’ve tried.

Almost exactly like original equipment. It just doesn’t snap in as tight as original.

The color combination was perfect. It’s hard to find navy blue.

I’m currently loving my fitbit ionic, but i really hated the boring gray band it came with. I bought this three pack to spruce up my watch, and i’m super happy i did. The price is totally reasonable, especially since you get three. They fit perfectly with the ionic, so don’t be worried about that. The only issue i have is that they pick up clothing dye super easily. I’ve been wearing the blush colored band since i bought this pack, and almost immediately it had dark stains around the outside of the band. I’m sure it’s from my long sleeve clothing, since it’s winter. I’ve tried to use a magic eraser (no luck) and nail polish remover (also no luck) so if anyone has any suggestions, i’d love to hear how to remove the stains. Anyway, for the price, it’s no big deal and i still love them even though they stain easily.

I have several cases for my ionic these bands set off the case.

Comfortable, colors are exact, durable, and connects perfectly. I find these better than the original. The clasp doesn’t come loose and made of quality material.

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