This is a fantastic product. I purchases this for my mom who is not tech savvy. It was simple for her to get it linked to her phone. She has been using it everyday and just loves it.

Omg i just received my watch today and i am already loving it. I love that i can shower or wash dishes with it on. I highly recommend this watch.

Oh how i love this fitness tracker watch. I love that you can take the band off and plug the unit straight into my laptop. I also love the sleep monitoring feature. It fits great, super light weight and looks awesome.

I bought this fitness watch for myself. The design, size, and it is very light weight, it does not need to recharge the battery often, it can last a week. Unlike my old watch that needed to be recharged quite often. I’m very happy with this product.

It’s thin and light weight, not bothersome to wear. I like that it tracks your sleep and movements. Just like a fitbit, but wayyyy cheaper.

You can just plug them into your laptop or any usb port for that matter.

Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch Include Replacement Band, Activity Tracker Smart Band with Sleep Monitor, Smart Bracelet Pedometer Wristband for Kids, Women and Men

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  • 【YOUR PRIVATE HEALTH ASSISTANT】 Wesoo pedometer watch track your workouts, steps, distance, calories and activity time. As well as monitor your sleep quality metrics including time, deep and light sleep. Your health assistant now is on your wrist.
  • 【DISCOVER MORE FEATURES】 This smart bracelet supports date & time auto sync, sedentary alert, alarm, incoming call notification. Explore more band features in our App using any iPhone or Android phone. Replaceable wristband makes your everyday workout sty
  • 【ENHANCED ACCURACY】 All-new hardware architecture enables faster processing and more accurate workout data, ineffective data filtration makes Wesoo K1 reloj fitness even smarter than ever.
  • 【MAKE EASY EVEN EASIER】 Built-in USB simplifies the way you charge K1 Fitness watch, simply connect to any universal power adapter, PC or power bank without requiring particular adapter.
  • 【WARRANTY AND SUPPORT】 Wesoo’s 7*24 online support standing by, RISK FREE 100% money-back guarantee, 12-months Replacement Warranty and life-time technical support.
  • included components: user guide

Got it for my daughter and she loves it. It holds the charge all day. Shows steps, heart rate, distance, incoming calls with names and text messages. Not expensive and easy to charge.

Super easy to use, the screen is nice and durable and i really like i can track my sleep too.

I am so in love with this fitness tracker the battery last me a week it lets me know when i reached my step goaland what i love the most is that its waterproof i dont have to take it of to wash my hands.

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This fitness tester does everything that the more expensive models will do at a fraction of the cost. No cord required to charge an the charge will last 3-4 days.

I ordered the blue and black band for. I am extremely happy with this product. It fits well, looks stylish and, as i have worn it everyday. It has just enough stretch so that it doesn’t feel binding , and the water that comes in contact with it does not discolor or stretch it out. Sync great with verifit app. (the app has some issue while in sleep mode).

I’m a picker on a warehouse and i wanted something to track my steps each day. This product holds a charge well and is so simple and easy to use.

I bought this for my son after he begs me for months about a fitbit that his friend has. This one does everything the much more expensive fitness tracker does with a fraction of the cost. It looks nice and my son really like it.

I really like the movement alert feature. You can customize the frequency yourself. This monitor is thinner than my fit bit charge i got a few years ago. You don’t need any special cord just hook it up to any us port. I was a little worried that the wristband would become loose taking it off to charge but that hasn’t been a problem for me. It has a lot of features for the price. It has a sleep monitor but i didn’t use it after the first night because every time you turn over in your sleep the display activates and shines a bright light that disturbed my partner. It does not have a heart rate monitor, but i understand from the app interface that feature is available for higher end models. The phone number and message display works well and is nice to have at thus price point.

This fitness watch is amazing, very easy to setup,good for those who work out,easy to synchronize with your smart phone, will definitely recommend.

Keeps me up to date with my progress throughout the day.

I had a fitbit and this seems to do just as much as it did. It doesn’t hold a charge as long as the fitbit. But it did stay charged for almost three days. For the price it is definitely worth it.

Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch Include Replacement Band, Activity Tracker Smart Band with Sleep Monitor, Smart Bracelet Pedometer Wristband for Kids, Women and Men : Charging is very easy and lasts almost a week. Foam factor is very sleek and looks amazing. Interfaces easily with google fit. Great product for the price.

I have had my watch for 5 days and i’m just charging it now.

You know i love this fitness tracker. In the app you can change the direction of the screen to horizontal to vertical. Whichever you like to have it read. It is accurate and very nice to have. I like that it also keeps track of my sleep. It lets me know in hours of what deep/light sleep i get. I like that it tells me how many calories i am burning in a day. I can activate the exercise function to see what results i produce from being in the gym. This fitness tracker is not bulky. It is very comfortable to wear even while sleeping.

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I purchased this for my son for an early christmas present. Perfect fit, and it comes with band options. Easy to set up with the app for it. Great value, good alternative to the high priced fit bit options out there. I think i will buy another for me to use.

Well at first glance it does not apear like it would be very durable. As a nurse i tend to have a lot of problems with watches. But during my 1st day with it i can honestly tell tou this watch was used and abused. Through hand washing with harsh chemicals, heat inside gloved hands, rubbing against walls and equipment it just kept on going. It is nice to see messages and phone calls discretely. I did not know i walk 12k steps on the regular. For the price it is definitely worth it. I prefer any equipment that can last on my job. So i will see how long this watch will toigh it out.

 i love this fit bit watch, it fits perfectly and i wear it all day everyday, i love all the features it has that come with it and i check them at the end of the day daily tobse my progress and you never really know how many steps you take a day till you start paying attention with a fitbit,.

I really liked that this was really easy to initially setup and use. I thought it worked as well as a fitbit for a lot less cost. You can program it to track your sleep patterns, let you know if you have not taken your target steps in a given timeframe and other things too. My only negative issue with this product is it doesn’t track your steps by gps. For example, one day while i was washing my hair in the shower the fitness tracker showed i took over 1,000 steps. There may be a way to keep this from happening, but i haven’t figured it out yet.

Qaulity design and easy to read display.

Got the watch out of the box. Charged it up and downloaded app every thing works great. I really like the simplicity of mode switch and being pretty water proof. Two color bands are a plus too fantastic.

This is a great luttle gadget keeping track of all my fitness needs. It is well made and easy to set up and use. Beware that if you are a chubby person you will need a band extension. It came very fast even though it was the holidays.

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Nice size (not a bulky device); simple to use; my only mistake was not taking off the wristband on the correct size and so i thought it wasn’t charging; customer support quickly and nicely responded to help me; once i figured out how to charge, it’s been great. I have recommended it to others.

This wesoo fitness watch is amazing. It is small, reasonable price and it does all the works as descibe in the description. It tracks your work out and sleep monitoring. You have to download veryfitpro app and see all the details from it. You do not need the cable to charge this watch. You just charge it directly to adapter and you will see the red light on when you plug it correctly. There is one feature that i think it is useful. Some people might think it is annoying. When you left the phone away and out of range, this watch will vibrate and remind you to find your phone. So far i’m completely satisfied with the product.

Not satisfied, display is not very bright. Reach out to sellers website and address will not respond. Will probably be returning, unless problem is solved. Before i returned watch i was contacted by seller and said that i would receive credit for this watch and just to keep it. Next day i received an email saying that they shipped me another model free of charge. I received it today and looks really nice. That is what i call taking care of your customers.

I have been training for a 5k and i wanted a pedometer that would measure my steps, but without spending $200. This does the job really well. It is fairly accurate and gives me the time. I have also gone running in the rain with now issues. The straps are comfortable and there are 2 different straps included for people with various wrist sizes. Overall, it does its job well without costing the amount of a car payment.

This a smart and cute watch. Battery can last for about one week with one charge, it has concise interface, compare to fitness watch with complex program. This one is better, so simple to use. Also ,it has extra watchband in the box, you can change to the other color watchband when you want. Big surprise if you experience it.

I like that i will never have to search for my charger for unit just pull off bracelet end and plug into any usb device. No dislikes pairs easily with phone to keep track of steps and sleep.

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