I was looking for a fitness tracker and didn’t want to spend much on any brand names. I just needed something that tracks my steps and calories during my morning walks. I also don’t like spending too much on gadgets because you just end up throwing them in a drawer. So the idea of something cheap and functional crept in my mind until i saw these smart gadgets on amazon from china. It does track my activity, gives me a good understanding of where i am at burning my calories and what i also like, it has some basic smartwatch functions. It shows whatsapp and facebook messages as well as text and informs you about calling. It is also waterproof, i swim 3 times a week and like that, it can track my swimming too. It is the first time i saw that the charging can be made via usb which also serves as a part of a hand band. Overall this is a good tracker. I wouldn’t spend more on it, but the price it is sold for is a good deal.

I bought this fitness tracker for my mother as a christmas gift. I really didn’t want to spend a ton on a fitbit because she is not tech savvy and needs the bare minimum. This fitness tracker has far exceeded my expectations in regards to you get what you pay for. It has a nice wide band, and it looks just as it does in the photo. Most importantly, my mom is pleased. After syncing phone with watch, she was good to go. She’s getting a kick out of seeing her progress at her fingertips.

Great fitness tracker especially for the price. Does everything i want including heart rate.You take the band off and put into standard usb wall charger. You have to put the app on your phone. The app is good, no complaint in that, but since i downloaded it i’m getting all these ads on my screen which i hate.

This is a great fitness tracker. It is very comfortable to wear and it looks very nice as well. I am really impressed with all the things this tracker does. It was simple to connect to my phone with bluetooth. You can do steps, calories burned, and even find your lost phone with it. My favorite is the ability to read texts, and see who is calling on your phone. The letters are easy to see and read and it buzzez so you know when you are getting a text. I have been showing off and recommending this fitness tracker to everyone. Very good quality and works wonderful.

Honestly, i wasn’t sure what to expect from this fitness watch. I went into it with an open mind and almost no expectations. The main things that i wanted from it were the ability to view text notifications(it also works with messenger/whatsapp too), log my sleep, and of course, my exercise. When i opened the package, i was initially impressed with the quality of the packaging. I know that’s a small thing, but i feel like if someone takes the time to care about the packaging, whats inside should probably be up to the same standard. I wasn’t wrong in my assumption. The screen quality is really solid, the band feels good, and the function is smooth. Of course not, but that’s not really the point. The one negative i have, is that it didn’t come with instructions.

My wife bought me this watch for christmas and i absolutely love it. The heart rate tracks very well, its a very lightweight product, the battery life is excellent, it is easy to set up and use, i walk a trail that is marked every quarter mile and it has been right on every time i check. I use the display to notify me of text messages, phone calls and other useful information that i need throughout the day. Also love that it is waterproof.

This review is for the sw329 model. I was able to connect this fitness tracker watch with my galaxy s4 phone with little problem, however it would not hold a charge for more than 24 hrs. I work nights and it did not monitor my daytime sleep. Not sure this model even monitors sleep as advertised. I liked the interface and software, but the function button was a bit quirky. It really needs a function lock feature in the software to lock out the function button after it is paired to the phone so it is not accidentally changed into an exercise mode by simply bumping the button. This lock could be toggled off/on in the phone connection software. I have requested a return and have ordered a different model of the same brand name. Being a man, i liked the masculine look of this design but the battery life and poorly designed function selector button were not for meupdate: i have upgraded my review to 3 stars from one. I like to wear my watch with the face down so that i roll my palm up to see the face. That was causing me to activate the function button often when it would bump my body. That was causing the watch to consume more battery. I fully charged the watch and put it on face up, and slept at night (i’m off work on weekends) and it did record my sleep after midnight. It has a default setting to record sleep between 9 p.

I got this fitness tracker for my mom. She has been motivated and the fact that she has the ability to set the daily goal makes. The best part is it is waterproof and doesn’t need an extra charger. She liked the way the watch is charged. It is very easy to synchronize to the phone.

  • Great Fitbit alternative!
  • Such a great and affordable fitness tracker!
  • Cannot customize sleep monitoring times for day sleepers. Function button needs lockout Easy returns

Willful Fitness Tracker,Fitness Watch Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker Pedometer Watch with Step Counter,Calories,Sleep Monitor,Alarm Clock,Call SMS SNS Notice for Men Women Kids

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【 Fitness Tracker】- Accurately track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned,activity time all day.Also support Cycling, Jumping Rope, Jumping Jack, Sit-Up,Treadmill tracking.
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitor】 – Adopt the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring.Automatically track your real-time data and you can check the chart in the app
  • 【 Sleep Monitor】 – Automatically detect your sleep during 9pm to 8am and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep and light sleep.Also the silent vibration alarm can wake you up without disturb others
  • 【 Smart Notification】 – The app is responsive and user friendly.Never miss a call,sms or social app message(whatsapp,facebook,twitter,Line,wechat..) if your phone is not at hand.Other functions:music & camera control, sedentary alert,anti-lost,wrist sense, find phone
  • 【Compatibility】 – Supports IOS 8.0 or higher, Android 4.3 or higher. Download APP “9SPORT” by scanning the QR code on the manual or from Apple Store and Google Play. It is not suitable / not compatible with iPad, PC or Tablet;【100% satisfaction】 – We offer 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty. Any problems, please feel free to contact us.
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Not like other fitness watch, when you move your arm it does not count as a step. Having this watch helps me keep track of how many steps i walk a day. It has many other fitness functions of which one is a heart rate moniter that i can use while i’m biking, walking, zumba, and it will measure my sleep hours. I also like that it will vibration when someone calls. It uses an app to connect to your phone and its contacts, so you will see who is calling. You don’t need to look at your phone to see who is calling you. You do not need to look for your phone to see the time. It has many other cool functions.

It only cost half of the fitbit and works exactly the same. It can calculate the walking steps and heart rate. If you don’t want to spend hundred on a fitness tracker, try this one.

Recently, i started looking for a fitness tracker. I have gone through so much last year that i had stress sometimes. I bought this tracker mainly to monitor my heart rate and count the steps that i take everyday. This tracker does a very good job for my everyday need. Now i can monitor my heart rate at work and can take a deep breath to calm myself whenever it goes up. I will recommend the tracker. One more thing is that the battery life is amazing. I had it on for the whole 9 hours at work and the battery life is still strong.

Finally decided to go with the smartwatch, its been a real life-facilitator, i work with people so i cant be lifting out the cell phone in front of them, so i never get to see important messages while i am at work, now i just have to look at my wrist, the syncing is pretty easy, no problems there, i love the sleep tracking function and heart rate, there are so many things you can track with this little thing, great idea to include the charging part within the watch, you dont need anything special to charge it, price is perfect and you get a high quality smartwatch.

I returned the original watch and it was replaced by seller. The new watch works perfectly and it is a real bargain. Instructions are a bit complicated and figuring out how to charge it takes some thought. You pull off the bottom half of the bracelet to reveal the charger end, then you must insert that end in a usb port. That end is not a traditional usb so you need to find the electrical connections on the watch and match them to the electrical connections on the usb port. When you do this correctly, the red light on the watch turns on and it charges. It is possible to insert it backwards in the usb port and the light does not go on and it does not charge. Once charged, you pair with your phone via bluetooth (instructions call it binding) and you are all set. Nice fitness watch at a great price.

I bought this fitness tracker just recently for my husband, as he liked the look of this. I have one myself, and he was a bit reluctant to use, as he does not like to recharge all the time. Fortunately, this watch has a great battery live of almost 4 days and helps him to keep his fitness goals. He loves all the functions this little gem has, however i’m not sure if the blood pressure reading actually works, it seems ok with him. It looks cool, love the rugged look on my husband. So far it seems pretty accurate and he is very happy with it.

Some features that’s worth 4 stars:- soft and nice writst band. – accurate motion detection for indoor work out. For example, jumping rope and jump and zazz, the times only increase when i move my wrist and experience. It’s helpful because every time i count, i forget when to break in and when to break out. My $26 fitness tracker doesn’t have this feature. Something i find frustrating:- the outdoor exercise model. So when i choose the running model and leave my phone indoor. The running icon doesn’t show up, no distance is tracked. I guess i must bring my phone a long with this tracker when i run because it works base on bluetooth connection. But if so, i can just download a random running app on the appstore on my phone without needing this tracker. The bycycle tracking is a built in model so it doesnt need to connect to the app but the running model has to be selected from the app for it to work. And it doesn’t work without your phone being closed to the tracker.

This fitness watch is bigger than i thought. I bought it because the other one broke. The blue color looks nice on my brother.

I got this product not knowing a lot about fitness watches. After opening the watch, it was very easy to figure out. The directions were self explanatory and i was able to get it set up almost immediately. My favorite feature is the step counting feature, it is very accurate and i can even easily track my milage after a run. The calling feature is nice, but also nice that i can easily turn off when i do not want to be distrub by tlseeing texting/calls immediately. I highly recommend this easy to use watch that has many features.

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There are many functions with this relatively cheap wireless fitness watch. Obviously, as a fitness watch, it can give you all health info such as heart rate, feet length, riding length, what’s more, it can exchange info with my iphone healthy data, so that it can track my activities more accurately. What surprised me from this cheap watch, it can remote your camera and music and give you alert when there is a phone call or messages in your various social media apps, such as facebook, twitter, and wechat.

Pros: cheap, tells time, steps if you’re lucky, notifies of texts. Cons: inaccurate steps, inaccurate heart ratehrm – really doesn’t work. I tried moving it to different positions on my wrist, even turned it around so it sits on the bottom side of my wrist- where you check the pulse by hand. It’s very inaccurate and drains the battery fast. Step counter – if you’re walking it’s fine but isn’t accurate on the treadmill and especially the elliptical. Update: the seller contacted me because of my 2 star review above. They asked if i’d be interested in another unit free of charge if i feel mine is defective or if i’d rather want a refund. I opted for the refund which they immediately applied. So i’m giving them a star for their excellent customer service.

At first, as i do with every electronic package, i was looking for the usb charge cable and place where i can plug in the heart rate monitor. It’s a solid watch and i had no place to charge up the watch. Then i started to review the owner’s manual and realized that the watch has the charge unit built in. All i had to do is to remove the wrist strap. I love the idea of not having to keep track of yet another wire specialized for this equipment. The watch plug directly into the usb charger. The battery life on this unit is great. I went over a week without charging, and it keeps track of my heart rate continuously. The pedometer is accurate, and the app is simple to use.

The directions are pretty clear and easy to follow. After charging the time was off since it had just turned on. But once i connected it to the app, it automatically corrected itself. After reading the directions it only took a couple of minutes to figure out how to do everything on the watch. It is easy to use and figure out. Clicking the lower silver tab changes pages, and holding it down starts a function. The biking function (essentially a timer and calorie counter) will combine your times for the day, giving you a total ride time, which i thought was cool. Obviously not a replacement for a bike computer, but being a multifunction tracker, it is a great addition to have. The heart rate monitor works great, i have had no problem getting a reading, the sensor works great. The step counter can be customized (through the app) to your step size which makes it more accurate than other step counters (for the calorie counter).

This could be a five start review but because of some difficulties in the beginning i gave four star. First of all i was scared that i will tear the watch a part while i was trying to find the usb port as described on the user manual. It tells you pull the wrist band from both side i am pulling but nothing comes out and i freaked out that i will break it in 2 pieces but at the end i was able to do it and the second and third try was smooth. Another problem i had was to figure out how the heart rate monitor works i thought it was defective but while i was trying different things i figured out that you have to hold your finger on the button until the up and down line graphics appear than you release your finger that way the hear rate monitor is activated. In order to turn it off you need to hold your finger on the touch button couple seconds. If you can make something work don’t rush in to making judgement that the watch is defective like i did. Oh another thing is that you need to download the app so the time and date will automatically update itself when you connected to your phone. It turned out this was a good order.

I bought this for my boyfriend so we can be matching and i was so suprised when it came to the mail that it was thicker than the one the i owned. But personally its more manly like this so im fine with it. He loves that he can easily can check his sms without checking his actual phone & the fact that it has a usb for charging. Overall satisfied it still working after a month of using it so im still very happy.

I got this for my husband three weeks ago. He uses it to monitor his daily fitness activities and the numbers are comparable to his old samsung’s. He likes it especially the way the watch is charged and the function of call reminder. For the much lower price than fitbit and decent performance, this watch is a good buy.

I have edited the review, the customer service reached out and sent me a new tracker. This level of service is way above and byond. Tried testing the hr monitor at rest, seemed normal, but during a cardio session it never raised above 70 so it dose not read. Now after 3 weeks of ownership it will not charge. I have tried multiple usb ports on different devices and nothing. But hey i guess you get what you pay for.

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 good keeps track of your steps and heart rate also it keeps track of calories burned, connects to an app and gathers your info so you can keep track. I like how it comes apart to charge it. Awsome fitness watchsee my video.

Countless features of both a fitness tracker and a smart watch. My favorite would have to be the heart rate monitor because i have anxiety and when i’m on the verge of a panic attack my heart rate starts to go up and the tracker alerts me and helps me to take a step back from the situation that is triggering me. I also love that it alerts me when i have a text or call. I also wasn’t aware i took over 20,000 steps a day . The only thing i dislike about this tracker is the fact that i have to constantly sync and resync the watch. Other than that it’s stylish and very informative. I plan to buy another for my mom.

I have always loved a fitness tracker rather than a watch, not only because i live in a bike-heavy city, but also because i enjoy some yoga sometimes. This is the third fitness tracker i’ve owned. Compared to the other two (very famous and popular brand) ones, i really don’t think this one is lacking anything in terms of either appearance or function. The strap has a lot of holes allowing it to be adjusted for any wrist size including kids. The fit is very comfortable and flattering on my wrist and it’s very lightweight. I have only had it on 24/7 for a couple days but i did not see the battery level drop at all. I absolutely love that you do not need to carry an extra cable for this watch. As you can see from the second picture, you can remove the strap and plug it directly into a usb port for charging. I love the very clear led display and the “screen-on when turning wrist” function, whose sensitivity is just about right compared to my two famous brand fitness trackers that were both overly sensitive. As a part-time beauty blogger i’m completely in love with the remote photo and video control function which is definitely a bonus for me.

Connects to an app and gathers your info so you can keep track. Keeps track of your steps and heart rate also it keeps track of calories burned, you can also keep track of your calls, message so that you can easily identify which call/message is important for you without taking out your mobile phone. It is available on the universal color so that the it is equally fit for both men and women. Thank you so much for great product.

Covers basic features what normally needs. Need to download and app to make it work. Battery life looks great (two to three months) as per the manual. Only tried the pedometer which looks accurate. The wrist band should be able to fit all normal hands.

The product design is interesting. It is not a bad but at the same time not great. However, the ui is a bit confusing. A few icons aren’t clear what they are. You will need to read the manual which comes with it. Still, you will need to do some trial and error in order to understand how it works (e. Need to sync with a smart phone in order to set the time). The app is easy to find and download.

I like the watch face, and the capabilities. It is a very cheap alternative to other fitness tracker watches.

It’s a perfect size, price and it does all i need it to do.

April 12, 2018 the seller contacted me due to the 3-star rating. They were able to send me directions in english. I’ve posted their attachment below as a jpeg. I’ve updated the score to 4-star. I bought this tracker for my son for valentine’s day. I have a fitbit and he wanted something that tracks too. I got this one in part because it is waterproof, and doesn’t need special charging equipment. I am writing here in part to help others with the directions and in part to save me the hassle of figuring out how this thing works as i just reset it for the time change and it took me over 90 minutes to relearn the watch. When you get it it will need to be charged. You slide off one side of the watchband and charge it like any other usb. You will know you have the correct side plugged in when you see an icon showing a plug on the watch face. Alternatively, you can make sure that you can see copper strands on the part you plug in. The other side (which will not work for charging) does not have the copper and will not result in the little plug icon. After you charge, it will need to synchronize with a phone.

The tracker was delivered on time. Initially when arrived i did thought that it would be bigger for my wife’s hand. But later after few days you get used to it. We liked the way the watch is charged. You actually can plug the watch body into the usb plug. No need to have a cable for charging the watch. The metrics are reported and pretty accurate when we compared with our old fitbit. It’s a less expensive option but reliable and now i can be care free.

Purchased this on discounted lightning sale on amazon and i must say what a great watch. Very easy to sync to phone as well.

I like this product very much. It is easy to use with the product and connect it to your mobile phone, the application is easy to use and saves all infinities. I like being able to get the messages and calls and see who is calling or who is sending the message. The information looks very good. I like the way the product is loaded. I like the possibility of having music control.

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