It doesn’t have a gps on it like advertised and the instructions on use aren’t very user friendly. If i wouldn’t have dropped it i probably never would have figured out out to turn it on. It said tap 2 times on the instructions, i did that multiple times. They did give me a refund for my faulty tracker. So the customer service is good.

I cannot get it to sync to my galaxy s8, but it synced to my iphone with no problem. Looking forward to seeing how this works in the long run.

I’ve been wanting a fitness tracker for really long time but really didn’t want to spend all that money on a fit bit. But this works just as well as one of those for a much better price. The watch looks great it’s nice looking and that’s important to me. It’s easy to figure out which i really like because if things are too complicated i end up not even using them but this one is really easy to use and good looking. I lucked out with this purchase . I’m really happy with it and i might get some more for christmas presents.

I have a more expensive brand one, bought this one for my husband and am extremely jealous. This one performs so much better. Great price and over exceeded both mine and my husband’s expectations. If you are looking to get in shape and use regularly, this is the product for you. Fits my husband’s wrist just right. Also a great christmas gift for our gym buddies.

I bought this tracker after owning 3 other much more expensive similar items. After reading some reviews, i was not expecting alot for the price. But i have used for days now and i was very pleasantly surprised. The tracker is easy to set up. I have found the step tracker to be extremely close to mu other units i have tried. The heart rate is line with my treadmill. For the money i couldn’t be happier. Actually i wouldn’t expect more for a device costing a 100$ more. I would recommend this tracker to everyone it is compact easy to use amd syncs great with my iphone. Hope it works great for everyone.

Nice band battery lasts a good amount of time with out having to charge it. Shows text messages, notifications from facebook, phone number if i get a call. It tracks my steps sleep pattern. If i’m going to exercise, i can tell it and it keeps track of my exercise. There is an alarms u can set.

I love the small size of this tracker. I’m having fun learning all of its functions. I also like that there is not a separate charger.

The watch connected quickly to my phone through bluetooth and it was really easy to customize my profile through the connected app. I was mostly interested in using the heart rate monitor since i get frequent heart palpitations, and i was pleased that the tracker recognized and displayed my heart rate almost instantly. My only concerns are that it’s a bit hard to pull the watch body out of the straps so i can charge the tracker, but i’d rather have it be hard to detach than to have it come apart while it’s on my wrist. Also, be careful not to stare at the bottom of the watch if you take it off while on heart rate mode, because there’s a bright flashing green light which reads your pulse. Overall, i’m very impressed with this fitness tracker and i really think it’ll help me to be more active in my daily life.

  • Lightweight, sophisticated, premium fitness tracker
  • Willful Fitness Tracker
  • A functional fitness tracker at a good price

Willful Fitness Tracker,Heart Rate Monitor Watch Fitness Watch Pedometer with Step Counter Sleep Monitor 14 Sports Tracking Color Screen IP68 Waterproof Call SMS SNS Display for Women Men Kids

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【 Fitness Tracker】- Accurately track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned,activity time all day.14 training modes available for you to better track your other activities.
  • 【 Key Features,Make it Different 】- 1):IP68 waterproof stand,Willful SW350 can be used when swimming or diving; 2):0.96 inch LCD Color Screen offers excellent HD image quality;3):Adopt the newest Dual-color bands design,make it quite unique from other fitness trackers.
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor】- Adopt the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring;Automatically detect your sleep during 9 pm to 8 am and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep,light sleep and awake time.The silent vibration alarm can wake you up without disturbing others
  • 【 Never Miss Call & Message】- See Calls & Messages on Your Wrist: Receive call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display; never miss important messages
  • 【 Built-in USB Charge & Long-lasting Battery】- Willful SW350 has a USB plug at the end of the host,just remove the bands and charge it with any USB port (no cable needed).One full charge gives you up to 7 days of working time.【100% satisfaction】- We offer 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty,life time technical support.
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I purchased a similar one for my daughter and she liked it so much i purchased one for me. I was able to swim with it and also be notified of any calls or txt as well as track my workout. This watch also fits well and i had no problem connecting to my samsung s8. I would recommend this model.

I bought this fitness tracker for my dad for christmas. Two weeks ago he was feeling sick and his heart was beating very fast. He put the tracker on and saw that his heart rate was drastically elevated. He was rushed to the hospital and it was determined that he had a “cardiac incident” and needed a triple bypass. He is ok and recovering well. After the surgery he said to me, “you know. If i hadn’t seen that number (the heart rate) i probably would have put off going to the hospital and might not have survived the next heart attack. ” that “watch”, as my dad calls it, got a stubborn old man to the hospital when it mattered the most.

Update20190208: seems no matter what time i fall asleep, it starts at tracking at11pm or later. I thought maybe me so had son check on me after bed and asleep. Than had different schedule and slept in afternoon but it didn’t reflect. Still goes on and off exercise modes when i’m exercising or not. Maybe screen too sensitive?update: watch will go into and out of exercise modes with shower pressure or accidentally touching other parts of body. Kept trying to annotate my yoga a couple times but kept exiting and losing workout. Not sure if user error but it did the same think in the shower 3 times. Does great for sleep monitoring. Still think it is a nice watch and is my first time for this type. Says has 14 fitness activities but can only pick 3 at any one time so i’d have to remove 1 or 2 most times in app just to track. Not sure yet if it will save info when switching back and forth. In any one day i do walking everyday & workouts a mix of yoga, elliptical, treadmill, aerobics, biking, and swimmimg. I’ll end up having to use 2different apps.

 this device keeps time and measures your steps and heart rate. It has some other functions as well but these 3 are mainly what i use. It is stylish and comfortable on my wrist. I also like the color display. It doesn’t need to be charged very often (i’ve worn it for a few days and it’s still at 80-something percent) and, when it does, you charge it via a usb port that is revealed when you remove the band, which sounds a bit weird but eliminates the need for having another cable to carry around. You can easily change the settings via a smartphone app. If there is one thing i could change about this i would add additional options that can be customized (e. , changing the date format or the color scheme on the display). Overall this is a good, solid fitness tracker and it doesn’t break the bank.

As someone who vows to live more healthy and more active on the upcoming years, this fitness tracker is a must have for me. I owned a fitbit before and let’s be honest, that brand is way more expensive but this fitness tracker won my heart not only by the price point but also with the features and quality that it offers. This fitness tracker is motivating me to move around and be more active because it can track your steps, calorie, distance, heart rate, your pace and time duration. Everything is just one click away thanks to this awesome gadget.They offer more fun features once you connect it to your phone, like using this as a remote to take a selfie, and checking your sms notifications and even your incoming calls. I am so impressed with the quality of this and i totally love the design. From the hd color screen to the stylish dual-color bands, it will match any outfit you wear. I love going to the beach so knowing that this is waterproof is a huge plus for me. It’s very travel friendly since it has a built-in usb charge so you won’t need to bring any cables with you when traveling. Just plug it in on any usb port and it will charge up your device.

This thing seems to work great, and it does what it says. Hr monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor. Unfortunately it doesn’t track flights of stairs. Also, i did a quick workout yesterday and it didn’t really give me any credit for it. Apparently you have to start and stop your workouts. I’m not sure, but i might switch devices to get these added features.

I was looking for a fitness tracker for my wife as a gift. That is the reason i picked the red color. She doesn’t like to wear watches but she loved this fitness tracker. The first impact is light and comfortable besides others. The design of usb charge is very impressive. You will not need to keep any other adapter other than regular usb out while you are traveling. The user interface is also simple and functional. It will satisfy very much for many different living styles such as people working in the daytime or nighttime. She has been using it a week and has charged only once.

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I am impressed with the features and functionality you get from a $37 fitness tracker. The color screen is a nice upgrade. The app is nicely designed and works on an ipad even though it is designed for a phone. The only downside is having to remove the band to get to the charger, but it shouldn’t need to be charged daily.

Like this coloring so bought it. Charging can plug in directly. , like this function very much.

 bought this for my father in law since he needed to monitor his heart rate & also loves morning walks. . Had my husband try it for a few days so i knew it would function before giving as gift. Once connected and paired through app it pretty much set up itself. Time and date automatically sync correctly through app. The touch screen is very easy to use. Just a light little tap and it changes to the next screen. (see video)randomly it will starting vibrating which we’ve realized is when it’s reading your heart rate and reporting details back to us. To stop the vibration just need to tap and hold the touch screen button & it’ll return to clock. We had to figure that out on our own.

I was wary of how inexpensive this item was, but i had to do something. I have a smartwatch that did what i wanted, but it needed recharging every couple days, is bulky, and just wasnt as comfortable as i wanted. I only really need a few features: a silent, vibrating alarm, a step counter, a heartrate sensor, a sleep monitor and, of course, a watch. This item does all of those things, and a single charge has already lasted 4 days with hardly any power usage. The only ding i would give it is a lack of snooze on the alarm, but i just added an extra alarm 10 minutes after the first every weekday. It connected immediately to my galaxy note 8, and i like all of the information it collects. I tested the heartrate monitor against a professional medical pulse monitor, and it was exactthis item is so light, i forget i’m wearing it. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen they should consider getting one.

The heart rate monitor works well. The only problem is that it is a little larger for my wrist. I have a small wrist (5″) and i feel like i am wearing my dad’s watch.

Works great as a tracker as long as you do not have a samsung j series phone. It will not connect to the app. I did know this prior to buying it for my husband when he had a lg phone. For christmas he switched to a samsung j7 sky pro phone and it will not work so i had to get a refund and find one that will work with his new phone. It sucks because he loved it with his older lg phone, so its not actually a bad tracker, it just won’t work with his phone anymore, which is a huge disappointment. It would be great to see the company come up with a way to work around this. I have a tracker that uses the veryfit 2. 0 app with the samsung j7 and works fine. So there are trackers that will work with those phones.

I had promised myself at the beginning of the year to loose weight, so i started using some apps on my phone, however if you don’t carry your phone all the time it does not give you a true count so i started looking online and found the willful tracker with good recommendations. Purchased it arrived on time. Took about 1 1/2 to charge, downloaded the app on my samsung g8, and paired the tracker to my phone, for me i had to try a couple of times but it did pair. So i only have had one full day this is what i have noticed, my phone tracked that i had 1900 steps the fitness tracker logged 4890 steps for the day. I thought that i would have problem with sleeping with the tracker on have not and when i looked at my sleep time on my phone it was very interesting it tracks your light, medium and deep sleep time with a graph. When you open the app it updates the app information from your tracker, i was worried that it would not do the previous day but it does. Has a camera feature in the app but have not quiet figured that out since it operates your phone camera within the app, it would be great if it took pictures form your tarcker. To get on the moment stats all you have to do is tap the tracker and it goes through the apps displaying the information. The band is comfortable and i got the all black one though they do come in a lot of wonderful colors. The app on your phone has a lot of good information that it tracks.

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I tried this fitness tracker and a few others and this one was the most comfortable as the heart rate monitor is recessed better. Also, it isn’t as bulky as another one that i tried. It’s pretty simple to go through the menu, just tap on the bottom part of the screen and you can scroll through its functions. A long hold will allow you to select the function. I just wish the whole screen was touch screen, but since i’m not doing much on it, it’s fine. You also need to download an app to connect to your phone. It has trends and other info for sleep, steps, and workouts. The app could be better since it seems to have issues with hanging.

 first we bought samsung watch for around $300. It was too heavy for my husband. Plus when you turn your hand towards yourself the screen hardly lightens up and shows the time. Where as he basically wanted to have a watch with simple screen. It didn’t charge at all we had to return both of the gadgets. Finally we bought this fitness tracker and one simple watch for less than $50 both. This fitness tracker tracks steps, calories as per as i know at the moment. Because i have never used such gadget before. I will find out what else it does by the time.

This fitness tracker band has a wide variety of features that makes it more than just your average pedometer. This fitness tracker features a hd color screen to view several screens with the touch of a button, a free app that tracks all of your sleep, heart rate, and fitness progress, a 24 hr heart rate tracker, and it’s waterproof. Additionally, the tracker monitors and analyzes your quality of sleep, alerts you to social media, text, and call alerts to keep you updated even when away from your phone, tracks fitness progress through gps link, and a fantastic pedometer that displays steps, calories burned, time duration of your workout, etc, a reminder to be active when you are sitting for too long, and an alarm system that can hook up to your phones calender to remind you of events and traffic updates. It also has a slim, lightweight, modern design that makes it sophisticated and modern to wear everyday in multiple settings. The tracker can be completely charged in two hours and doesn’t need a cable since all you need to do is take off the wristband and directly plug it into a usb outlet. It is promised to last between 5-7 days without being charged and i’ve found it lasts between 5-6 days depending on how many social media updates i get which is love. There’s even a setting that lets you take pictures from the tracker without your phone and i haven’t figured out how to use it yet 😅 did i mention i’m in love with this tracker?. My previous tracker was an outdated original fitbit that didn’t even show me in numbers how many steps i finished in a day unless i accessed my data from the app. This tracker does so much and accurately has been tracking my fitness, sleep, and heart rate data. I also wear this in the shower and it is waterproof making it convenient to wear and keep on.

The battery on this thing is crazy, i am at 12 days and counting with 2 bars still left. I have owned more than 10 fitbit from the cheapest to very expensive. This does not have all the bells and whistles that the fitbit has but for me and what i used it for this is a no brainer.

I have been looking for a less expensive replacement for my broken fitbit. This tracker was exactly what i was hoping it would be and then some. It pairs with my iphone just as quickly (maybe even a bit faster) than my old fitbit did. Both the tracker and the app are incredibly user friendly. One thing to note, however, is that the heart rate monitor is not always accurate. I have found that the only way to get an accurate reading is by wearing it on the underside (where you would check your pulse) of the wrist. I’ve been blown away by the quality of this tracker given the fact that it wasn’t under $40. It performs just as well as my fitbit did and i’m not sure i’ll ever go back to buying $200 trackers. Thanks to this product by willful, i don’t have to.

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