The fitness tracker is great. It accurately measures the steps, heart rate, and much more. Has all the exercise modes i need. Charging is super-convenient – you just plug it into a usb port, no separate charger is needed. Once charged, it is good for a week of active use. It can even notify you of incoming calls or text messages. And these features for a fraction of the cost of fitbit or something similar.

I absolutely likes this fitness tracker, it works very well and has minimalistic information on the screen. It has time, heart rate, steps counter, alarm and more. Great product and reasonable price. I am definitely recommend this product to my friends.

We purchased this tracker for my daughter. The pictures are compared to my garmin vivosmart hrpro:love the color displayeasy charging. It is great not to need another charging cable to keep track oflong battery life, lasts about 4-5 days between charges similar to garminactivity tracking multiple options not just cardio or run or walkcons:only one spot on touch screen to toggle between different screen. The garmin full screen is touch sensitive. However this may be a positive for some as prevent some accidental calls if connected to your phonenot sure how durable wrist band as feels bit thinner than garminit does fit a bit loose on her wrist (5. 5 inches) which may affect accuracy of steps and heart ratewe haven’t compared the accuracy for sleep or steps. But daughter is loving having a tracker of her own and beating me in steps.

I like this fitness tracker, it fits perfectly, keeps track of my steps throughout the day. My calories burned, my heart rate and distance for my long walks on nice sunny days. It also has sedentary alerts so i know i need to get up off my butt during the day, i only have to charge it once a week and it matches all my clothes.

For the price this is great. You get what you pay for, but i’m happy. It syncs with an app on my phone so i can see messages come through, get notified all calls and health data is recorded. I wanted something that made me more concious of my activity and set goals, but i didn’t want to spend $100s and this does the job.

I purchased this watch as a gift for my sister. I would say it is really a good fitness tracker and watch for its price. It has everything you need, the time, heart rate, steps counter, alarm and more. The usb charging feature is really neat as you don’t have to keep up with charging cords.

I have tried all the name brand fitness trackers before but always returned them from knowing i could use that kind of money for other things since i have 4 kids. I just cant bring myself to spend that kind of money on myself (mom problems lol)but this one caught my eye from good reviews and the cheap price. My husband convinced me to give it a shot. I adore itit trackers all my steps, sleep, heartrate, and workouts.Calories burned, and its comfortable. I can sleep nicely with it on and it feels like i am not even wearing it. The band completely comes off of the face and you put it right into usb to charge. So i never have to wonder where a charger went lol. This was a great gift to myself and really helps me challenge myself to be the best me (as corny as the sounds).

Bought one fitness watch for me, but my daughter take it. I come back to buy a fitness watch for myself. This one is nice and easy to set up, the screen is cute and light.

  • Good design, easy to use.
  • Great Item
  • Heart Rate Monitor

Willful Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker Pedometer Fitness Watch for Women Men Kids (Color Screen,Swimming Waterproof,Sleep Tracker,Call Message Notice,Vibration Alarms Clocks)

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  • 【 Fitness Tracker】- Accurately track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned,activity time all day.14 training modes available for you to better track your other activities.
  • 【 Key Features,Make it Different 】- 1):IP68 waterproof stand,Willful SW351 activity tracker can be used when swimming or diving; 2):0.96 inch LCD Color Screen offers excellent HD image quality;3):Adopt the newest Dual-color bands design,make it quite unique from other fitness trackers.
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor】- Adopt the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring;Automatically detect your sleep during 9 pm to 8 am and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep,light sleep and awake time.The silent vibration alarm can wake you up without disturbing others
  • 【Smart Watch with Notification 】- Never Miss Call & Messages,check Calls & Messages on Your Wrist: Receive call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on Willful SW351 fitness watch,never miss important messages
  • 【 Built-in USB Charge & Long-lasting Battery】- Willful SW351 pedometer watch has a USB plug at the end of the host,just remove the bands and charge it with any USB port (no cable needed).One full charge gives you up to 7 days of working time.【100% satisfaction】- We offer 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty,life time technical support.
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I received the watch a week ago and the battery didn’t drain yet. I like how light it is, still trying to get used to wear it. I mostly use the counting step function and the sedentarry reminder function. The latter is so helpful for me, because it reminds me to move every 15 minutes if i seat for too long. The sedentarry reminder is very good for health of course. At first i stumbled on some issues on how to connect the watch with the phone, but the instruction gave clear steps to follow, and then i understood how to connect to the phone. Other than that, i am very pleased with the watch.

The design of this watch is good. At first i was wondering why there was no a charger. Later, i read the instruction manual and tried to take the strap down. It would be easier to force it from the side. Then you will see a socket similar to a usb flash drive. There is metal on one side and the other side is not. Plugging in a usb charger with metal side, it just failed. Because the metal of the watch is not in contact with the metal of the charger.

It looks nice with several functions, i really like the wake up function that you can now hear the alarm from your watch, and it can be easily turned off too with a tap. I never need to worry about keeping the phone too close to the bed as alarm now.

She has used it 3 days and she very like it. No comparison to the expensive ones. It is so accurate in counting the steps,time,calories burnt. It is so comfortable on your wrist. She hits the gym every day and now she can check her calories more accurate. Great part is that you don’t need a special charging cord. I will distinctly recomend it.

This is a review for my girlfriends tracker, i have tried previous fitness bands in the past and they never lasted. So this time i went low cost, i bought two from this brand one for me and one for the girlfriend and they both work well. The heart rate sensor appears accurate, both trackers gave me the same result and that’s a result that’s normal for me, so i’ll give them points for accuracy for sure. This band is nice and in color ( a little more hightech than the one i got myself). You’ll also notice this band is two tone, with the dominate tone being pink. The bands are entirely replaceable so you could just buy a bunch of bands and change the way it looks every day. It takes like three seconds to trade the bands out. To work the device, you tap the bottom to switch between time, steps, heart rate, or to initiate exercises. The app shows you steps, heart rate, and sleep on the main screen (this is actually screen shots of my app but both bands use the same app. Ive deleted all my data except one heart rate for the photos).

I got to track my steps, my sleep patterns, heart rate, and the time. If you want an affordable fitness tracker, this is pretty worth it.

Excellent quality and awesome price. Simple and easy to work with. I also love the sleek design. Effortless way to measure your steps. Just what i needed to keep on track with my fitness. I totally recommend getting them.

I got this fitness tracker watch for my brother. He has been asking me to get him one for long time. He love is so much he’s using it everyday to school. I was not interested in these types of fitness watches until he showed me all the cool features.

The watch is very comfortable and doesn’t bother my wrist at all. The watch band has a lot of holes, which makes it really easy to get a good fit. I also wear it for tracking my sleep as well as for my alarm, and i hardly notice that it’s there.

Ok, i’ve been using fitness trackers for a while now. Motiv (the ring one) and several fitbits. I had trouble with both methods for various reasons. The fitbits i did love, but no matter which one i tried, i had the problem with a nickel allergy and would break out. Did not have that problem with the motiv, but did not find it an easy app to work with. So, looking for a solution, i found this one listed. Of course my first thought was for the price ($40) it could not possibly work that well, but also for the price, if it did not, not a huge loss. Wow, am i so pleasantly surprised. The app on this is beautiful, tracks everything i need, steps, heart rate and sleep along with the levels of sleep.

Tried it out in various scenarios, for a couple days. Worked just ok – though heartrate measurement was sometimes wildly inaccurate, even when when i was still. I tried various arm positions as recommended. Compared real time to my manual pulse count, as well as to a fingertip o2 monitor. I also participate in cardiac rehab, and the watch’s hr measurement was often way off to the ecg to which i was connected. It might be just my physiology that an accurate hr was not possible, so the product may work for others. Returned this unit, and i’ve just received the fitbit alta hr, and it seems able to measure my hr more accurately. (the fitbit is 4 times the price however).

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I really didn’t want to spend hundred’s of dollars just to keep the tracking of my fitness activity. So, i found this and ordered it. Have been wearing this to my work as well for all my outdoor activities. The color i ordered was blue and it really looks classy on the hand. Does all the functions very well and even after wearing it for the whole day the belt doesn’t cause any irritation. Can be charged via usb port. I like it’s functioning and the bold display.

This fitness tracker is one of my favs so far. I really like the big screen which can display a big font. The tracker is about the right size for my wrist, it is not too big. The good thing about is the battery life since it can last 5 days easily. The bluetooth connection is very stable. The app veryfitpro is easy to use and set up. My fav feature is what the fitness can track me sleep time. It can be of 5-10 min +/- from my actual sleep time but it is not a problem. Accuracy for step count is okay. I felt like it overestimated 5-10% more than actual steps.

I have been testing different fitness trackers and this one exceed my expectations. Is really good for the price and it have everything that you need. I used it 3 days without charging, good quality.

I got this fitness tracker as a birthday gift for my sister, she is really happy with it, it looks great on her and she told me that it does all she needed it for such as tracking her calories burned, steps taken, her sleep quality etc and it does other things that other trackers she had before dis not do such as identifying an specific type of sport and checking her heart rate.

This is my first try of a fitness tracker. I love the sleek design, love pink color i bought and it was very easy to set up. Nice features overall, the touch screen is sensitive enough, which i heard is often a problem with other trackers. I look forward to checking my sleep pattern every morning. I only charged it once since i got it a week ago and the battery still shows 3 bars. Wish iphone could figured out the battery problem so easily. Overall, i’m very happy with the purchase.

It accurately measures the heart rates, calories ,steps walking and etc. Sleep tracker works well too. Comfortable to wear and looks awesome.

Having a other fitness tracker that i use daily i knew what to expect when i ordered this. This fitness tracker is very small which is a plus because having something big and bulky on your wrist while running ordoing exercises is no good. The directions for charging this was not clear at all for me to understand. It took me several times playing with the fitness tracker that you have to take the straps off and plug the fitness tracker into a wall piece itself. The directions could of been better.

I got the fitness tracker for my nephew and he has a big wrist but it fit great and he was able to link it to his phone. He was very excited and work out great.

My very first fitness watch, light and comfy, still need time to get used to these functions, hope this turn out well.

Ive been using my watch for a few days from now and since i received last tuesday i immediately wear it and it was just yesterday when the battery was totally drained. And its a good thing because the battery lasts long. My wife bought a ft as well but her watch was drained in a just like 2 days. Im happy as well with the screen display coz icons are moving.

I bought this watch to check my health condition. I think it is a really good fitness tracker. Also, the price was very good, so i was able to buy it without hesitation. This watch has everything i need, time, heart rate, steps, and alarms. Charging the battery was good because i could bloom the charger immediately without a separate cable.

It looks very sleek and is very easy to use. I got it for my mom and she loves the simple design and an app that it comes with. Battery lasts almost a full week. It tracks steps and sleep patterns. It is very functional without feature overload. You can do a lot thru the app which is very easy.

Neat little package at little cost for features included. Blue tooth distance less than advertised though so phone frequently loses sync. Too, the tracker loses heart rate often as well but it is a great step counter. I’m also surprised at how long the battery lasts. Typically a week depending on regularity of heart rate monitoring. I only monitor heart rate during cardiovascular workouts every few days so not much draw there. Charging is somewhat awkward though i’m at loss to come up with a better alternative. Best to use a usb cable extension.

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I’ve owned a handful of fitness trackers in the past, but never one from the fitbit brand. My garmin devices (vivofit 2, vivosmart hr, vivofit 3) served me well in terms of functionality, but they never seemed to hold my attention. That is to say, the user interface, while functional and useful, simply was not that. Inspiring (excuse the ridiculous pun). I know that’s not important to everyone, but the fitbit app and ui are so much more engaging and easy to use. The garmin devices i sort of just wore and didn’t think much about, but this device and the accompanying app keeps me interested and motivated all day and night long. It’s also an all-in-one solution for me, as opposed to using multiple apps to sync all of my info together to create a complete picture that i can use to motivate myself to be better and do better. We all know the accuracy of all fitness trackers is highly debated and, to be honest, i’ve finally managed to accept that and just keep in mind that the info i’m getting is an approximation. I have found the accuracy to be perfectly acceptable for my needs—it is useful information to work with, regardless of the hyperspecific levels of accuracy of the device. The trends are what matters. The consistency of the device’s info from day to day is ultimately more important than the fact that no, this is not a medical-grade device that will nail every piece of info to a t. And that consistency is certainly there. As far as i know, there are no user-friendly, portable, wearable devices out there that can tout perfect accuracy. The human body’s mechanisms are far too complex to measure precisely.

I purchased this smart watch and is happy with it. When i ordered it was shipped and received it very quickly. I compared it to my samsung gear 2 watch. I compared the step count and heart rate monitor. It matched after a full day of monitoring. It has a built-on usb charge port with is very convention. The android app was easy to install and pair with the watch. This is a very good buy, and i would highly recommend it.

For the price i honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. However i started being impressed right away with the packaging. The the product itself it beautiful, i got the pink and it even has rose gold. I guess you would say hardware?. I also loves that it plugs right into a usb port to charge and i don’t need another charging cord laying around. The app makes it easy to see data. I am trying to lose weight so being able to track everything is helpful so have no way to be 100% sure of the accuracy, but i feel like a general idea is better than nothing. For example even if it were off on the steps, it’s closer than me guessing. I would recommend this product.

This fitness tracker does it all. It monitors heart rate, counts steps, has a watch/clock and a nice color display. It has many different functions which i find quite nice. It will track sleep, walking, riding a bike and many more. Not sure which is my favorite. It is also capable of checking phone calls and messages. It is light weight and barely know you are wearing it. I’m not tech savvy but this fitness tracker was very easy to set up and sync. I would purchase this fitness tracker again and recommend this one if you are thinking about getting one.

This is the second one i buy. The reasons are first tracks the steps, calories, heartbeats, miles tracker. The battery last for more that a week almost 10 days if its not connected to your cell phone by bluetooth. If it connected to your phone it will last for 7 days. It is waterproof but its not okay if you take shower with it the water will not penetrate into it but it will miss up the touchscreen and your data. It track the heartbeat when you are asleep which is really important i use it at night while i fall asleep and in the morning i check my heartbeat during the night and the app tells me or tracks my heartbeat while sleeping and save it into your data. I can track how my sleep was. It is really necessary for everyone even for adult and elder people, tracks their health. These are most important aspects of the fitness tracker some other things are messages and alarm stopwatch.

Primarily used in multiple time zones – auto synch with iphone app automatically sets correct time. Other fitness functions: step count, jogging distance and heart rate monitor work seamlessly and activity history can be tracked via app. Fantastic battery life averages about a week between charges. Excellent customer service: minor problem with broken strap buckle was immediately replaced by seller.