I at first got one of these wellness trackers over a month prior and from that point forward each relative has chosen they needed one as well. This tracker does all that it should. It doesn’t take to long to charge with the goal that’s a distinct reward. I like how it accompanied an additional band. I like how this one isn’t a snap on style band like alternate ones we have purchased from different dealers. This band resembles a normal watch band. See my photo underneath so you can see precisely what it looks like. Easy to match with telephone, the heart rate screen is truly useful amid exercise and day by day hones.

The fitness tracker provides me a quick/easy way to not stay to sedentary. After looking at status, i’m sometimes reminded that i need to move.

Love this fitness tracker, i have started really taking being healthy serious so my steps are a big deal to me. It works great for me and does a whole lot more than i thought.

I like the look of my new tracker, but the band rubber/plastic has something in it that bothers my skin. The other brand of tracker i had did not do this.

Battery lasts almost a week, comfortable, works with work clothes, now i just wish i could find it.

Awesome fitness tracker for the price. Most people with fitbit will be jealous you got a device just as good for a 1/3 of the cost. I would have gave 5 stars but amazon dropped the ball on the two day shipping.

Great watch for basic tracking.

Didnt work but received my refund no issues and they responded fast. Thanks-very disappointed it keeps disconnecting from my wife’s phone. Needs to be returned and refunded please.

  • this impressed me in a very good way.
  • Works great indoors! Great customer service!!!
  • Honestly Much Better Than What I was Expecting!

Willful Fitness Tracker,Activity Tracker Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet Watch Sleep Monitor Step Calorie Counter with Alarm Clock Call Message Notice for Kids Women Men

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【 Fitness Tracker】- Accurately track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned,activity time all day.
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitor】 – Adopt the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring.Automatically track your real-time data and you can check the chart in the app
  • 【 Sleep Monitor】 – Automatically detect your sleep during 9pm to 8am and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep,light sleep and awake time.Also the silent vibration alarm can wake you up without disturb others
  • 【 Smart Notification】 – The app is responsive and user friendly.Never miss a call,sms or social app message(whatsapp,facebook,twitter,Line,wechat..) if your phone is not at hand.Other functions:landscape or vertical display,sedentary alert,remote control music/camera,wrist sense, anti-lost,find phone,No disturb
  • 【Compatibility】 – Supports IOS 8.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher. Download APP “VeryFitPro” by scanning the QR code on the manual or from Apple Store and Google Play. It is not suitable / not compatible with iPad, PC or Tablet;【100% satisfaction】 – We offer 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty. Any problems, please feel free to contact us.
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Looks good and it works great.

Has performed as advertised. Might have to download the program a few times.

They said it was very easy to work with and how to use.

(update:willful customer service is amazing. After i returned they were willing to work out way to satisfy my needs. One of the thing they mentioned is that they change the way the tracker gets charged in the new model:fitness tracker,willful fitness watch heart rate monitor watch activity tracker waterproof pedometer watch with step calories counter,sleep monitor,alarm clock,call sms sns notice for iphone android. I am ready to try the new model and let people know how it works. )initial review:i thought the usb ‘charge wherever, whenever’ thing was a good thing but in this case it is not. I returned the item because i didn’t like i have to stretch the silicone band everytime i want to charge (and seems that needs to be charge every 5 days). And the screen light was correct in daylight. You can arrange the setting to display the time landscape or portrait but the rest of the features are always landscape. If you don’t want to spend to much, and only need something to get you moving. This last one is a good way to star.

This a great product it is spot on.

Setting up and using the watch is extremely easy. So far it seems to be working just as advertised.

I am beyond happy with this fitness tracker. First of all, as many of you know, i have a blackberry phone. Not all apps work appropriately if at all on a blackberry. The purpose of the watch, for me, is to track my sleeping. I have sleep apnea and to boot i’m a terrible sleeper. I decided a while ago that in order for me to perform at my best i needed to have a n appropriate amount of sleep and the fact that i go to bed and get up in an eight hour block doesn’t mean that i sleep eight hours nor that i rest a fraction of it. The app tells me exactly how long i’ve slept and of that time how many times i wok up and for how long, how much deep sleep, how much was light sleep etc. It’ll also compare it with previous history, etc. , exactly what i need and was hoping to find.

Nice and clear,great price for this sport watch, it’s a good gift for my little brother.

Overall, this is a great fitness tracker. Unfortunately, out in daylight, you can’t read the screen at all – it looks completely black, you have to move inside (can clearly read it indoors) or move into the shade (can see it enough to make out the screen). At first i thought it was broken, but finally figured this out. Wish there was a way to read it outdoors, as i work outside all day long and like to be able to read incoming calls/texts, or even see the time of day. Update: the company contacted me (twice. And i hadn’t even contacted them) and said they would give me a full refund or replacement. Since i really like this fitness tracker, i went with a replacement. Can’t say enough about how good the customer service is. They quickly sent the replacement, gave me choice of color, etc.

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I like this it motivates me for walk😜.

This fitness tracker was delivered yesterday afternoon and i am already considering it a better investment than other trackers i have purchased. First reason is the ability to plug it into any usb port to charge it up, i have lost so many chargers to previous fitness bands which made them useless. I also am impressed with how many features it has and the fact that you get an extra band right away to change up the look. I will probably be purchasing another for family members who are looking for fitness trackers.

The first day i had it everything was working on it fine, i got text notifications and everything. Now, only 4 days into owning it, i don’t get any notifications nor does the sedentary alert work. I’ve tried rebooting the device but still no notifications. Also, i don’t see an option to control my music, which was a big reason why i picked this one. Overall decent device but i still feel cheating since it doesn’t do everything it says it will. Anyone have advice on how to fix this?.

Really liked the magnetic flap that opens up to show the watch. The watch arrived with the battery drained but after a bit of charging it worked wonderfully. The app quickly synced with my watch without any issues. This watch is worth it for its price point.

I used to have a name brand of these fit watches not long ago. It was ok but i didn’t have as much fun as i am having with this one particular fit watch h right now. This watch when i got it i didn’t give much for it, thought it was cool that it came with an extra colorful blue band for me to switch if i felt like it and that was a nice extra bonus, but the real fun started once i set up the watch. It is very easy to set up this thing, i had downloaded an app on my phone, put my info and there you go, it was all sync in and good to go. The watch gives me the time, date, heart rate, steps taken and calories burned, also measures my sleep patterns and so much more that i am still finding out. I did a little testing as some of these watches measure the steps taken by your arms swing, but not this baby, this watch seems like to be aware of your phones gps and makes the step taking count based on distance walked. The app is super easy to navigate and the data updates in real time. I am very pleased with how easy it is t keep track and to navigate this item. One of the best features here is the way this watch charges, you just literally connect it ti any usb female port and it charges no wires no mess, super easy and quick.

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I am trying to get fit, and unfortunately, apple watch and samsung gear are quite expensive. It is nice to see step tracker on the iphone, but it i believe it isn’t as helpful as having a real fitness tracker. Saw the price point on this one and its features, and thought it would be a good buy. So far, i feel like i’ve made the right decision. It has an easy to read display, bright, and good in most conditions except a super bright sunny day. Has a battery indicator, step counter, heart rate monitor, and all. That’s pretty cool to see after a workout. It even has a swappable band to a different color, which helps in finding it easier.

Very good fitness tracker, especially for the money. Steps seem pretty accurate and it helps me get up and move to achieved my step goals. Also love the heart rate & sleep monitor.

He loves having a watch and monitoring his steps. It’s motivated him to get up and move more. Only been using since the 25th, so hoping it continues to function well. You do need to plug this in to charge. My husband paired it with his phone so he and son and monitor son’s sleep, steps, etc. If you don’t want to attach it to a phone a child can just see his steps for the day.

It gives you everything that you’d want without that huge sticker price. The band is adjustable and very comfortable. The blue was a perfect choice. The app is easy to navigate and download. It will sync with your phone and track for you. This is a great product to have.

Honestly i didn’t expect something of this quality for this price. I was about to go for a fitbit but i’m really glad i went with this one instead. It does everything a fitbit does as far as i can tell. But for a fraction of the price. Really happy with this purchase. Pros:- it does everything a fitbit does- seems to track pretty well as far as i can tell. – helps me get off my butt (i have an office job) and walk around a little :)cons:- ok this isn’t really a con but i do wish that i didn’t have to remove the device from the wristband in order to charge it. The device plugs straight into a usb port, no cables required. Which is kind of great except that it means i have to remove it from the wristband everytime i want to charge it. It’s not a huge inconvenience and the plus side is that it means fewer parts to keep track of but.

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