I have this watch for over a year and really love it. It is classy and track my activity very well when i play golf, run, ping pong, etc. I even recommended to many of my friends. However, however, recently, they have a dramatic software update to a totally different platform. It is very user unfriendly, can’t even detect my golf activity. Sometimes i wonder the reason for messing up a great product. I wish i would not need to looking for my next favorite activity watch again.

If you want a basic tracking device hidden inside a beautiful watch (even more in person than what you see through pictures), this is the one for you. This device wants to disappear in your wrist, doesn’t want to call the attention except when you need to know what time it is, or when you want to follow the progress of the goal you have set for the day. The silicone strap is really comfortable, and you can get any 18mm leather strap from a different brand if you want to substitute it. The app does what it has to do tracking your everyday activity and sleep, and it syncs with the watch easily. I bought it for my husband as a present, but after wearing it for a week he decided he was not ready to give up using his regular watch.

Very comfortable to wear, looks stylish and i have received many compliments. I also like to watch the tracker function go from zero to 100, and start overas i also use cpap and have an app monitoring my sleep i wasn’t too worried about tracking that. I have discovered that the sleep tracking function doesn’t jibe with my cpap data as to length of time sleeping. However perhaps it does give clues as to whether i am restless while asleep, which is why the length of time sleeping doesn’t seem to match. I would love more information on how they track or what the tracker uses as data to determine sleep and the levels of sleep it says it tracks. On one occasion it said i was sleeping but i was reading the news. As i don’t run unless it’s to save others or myself from an horrific event, i do not have experience with the runner tracking. However tracking my walking is very handy in helping me to analyze how much i am walking and motivating me to walk more. I really like to see the dial move up.

I bought 2 of these for my younger sisters (21) as gifts. They are both swimmers as a part of their workout routine. The watch works great for swimming laps (outside of kicking laps, which makes sense for something on your arm) and goes from casual to work to fun easily. It looks like a normal watch and isn’t too bulky on either of them (they’re both around 5 ft tall). The only complaint i’ve gotten is that since the watch only counts steps when your arms are actually moving it’s wayyy off after a shift as a waitress (kinda hard to swing your arms when you’re carrying food lol).

I personally did not like it, however that was because the dial for the steps was not encouraging, i prefer to see the numbers move like on the fit bit, so i returned it. The design was very sleek and neat, if you want a watch first and the steps second.

The screen scratched very easily though – wish i would have purchased the screen protectors – i think i scratched the face faster than i have ever scratched anything. The band is pretty cheap for the price of the watch. Overall, i’ll keep it, i’ll wear it – it works for looking like a watch but acting as a tracker.

  • Great Style, Cheap Band, Horrible Sleep Tracking, Horrible Customer Support, Mediocre App, Closed Ecosystem
  • Beautiful, elegant solution to activity tracking.
  • Best tracker for my lifestyle!

I get compliments on the style of this watch all the time. I bought this for swimming and was a little disappointed by the tracking. It takes a few minutes before it knows that i am swimming. I love that it is waterproof and professional though.

I’ve had it for a couple months now and i love it. I’ve repeatedly received compliments on its appearance, and people seem really surprised when i tell them it’s also a fitness tracker. I’ve enjoyed the fitness tracking capabilities too. It may not be quite as nice as some others (i’ve had a fitbit too), but i’m much more inclined to wear it every day. (and i love the fact that i don’t have to constantly charge it.

This watch is pretty accurate. Waterproof and does not need a weekly charging as most of the trackers on the market. I have it for more a month now and i am very happy with it. The sleep calculation is good because it helps me to manage my sleeping time better. The app does not have a good grade but i am sure there will be some updates in the future. Design is fantastic and very simple : the only down side is that it’s a little thick. But overall a very good product.

I bought this device to do simple activity tracking and sleep tracking. I didn’t want the bloat of functionality that some watches have. I liked this one partially for the analog look to it and i was attracted to the 8 month projected battery life. I liked the simplicity of the interface in the app. I’ve only had it a few days and i love it. I had a minor problem setting it. I notified withings customer service. They quickly replied with a suggestion that solved my issue. This device is doing exactly what i wanted with no ‘wasted motion’, no wasted functionality. It is comfortable to wear, simple to use, motivating.

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I’ve received so many complements on my new ‘watch’ and love telling people it’s actually an activity tracker. While the look of the activité is what sold me, i really like the functionality. The app is easy to use, has a cool heart rate monitor feature and syncs with myfitnesspal (which in turn syncs with mapmyrun, so bike rides and such are counted). I hope future iterations of this model include the ability to track other activities, such as yoga, which is what i do most frequently.

Features of Withings Activité Steel – Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

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  • Sorry, Withings no longer provides support, updates or repairs for this product. Please visit our website for the latest product launches and news.

From the manufacturer

Works with free Health Mate app
  • iOS (7 and up)
  • Android (4.3 and up)

Styled for life. Built for health.

Meet the award-winning activity tracking watch that automatically tracks all your activity (steps, runs, swims, distance and calories burned), analyzes your sleep, and lets you visualize all progress on your smartphone and at a glance on the analog activity dial. No charging and no button to press — the sleek design and stainless steel finish make it the perfect accessory to help you get moving without compromising on style. (Syncs with the free Health Mate app – iOS and Android).

  • Automatic activity tracking – Walk, run, swim (water resistant – 50m) and calories burned
  • Sleep monitoring – Sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) plus silent vibrating alarm
  • Automatic synchronization – Visualize trends and data on your smartphone with the free Health Mate app
  • Premium materials – Stainless steel, chrome hands, silicon sport strap
  • No charging – Up to 8-month battery life

In The Know and On The Move

Track your activity at a glance. Fully automatic tracking means no buttons to press. The tachometer-inspired sub-dial tracks progress towards your daily goal. Activité Steel automatically detects and tracks all activity, including walks, runs, swims, and sleep. Set your personal goal in the Health Mate app. Activity automatically syncs to the app via BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Water Activity Encouraged

Activité Steel is water-resistant up to 5 ATM (50 meters – 150 feet). Steel automatically detects swimming, so you can track and analyze your water workouts in the Health Mate app.

Sleep Tracking with Silent Alarm

Activité Steel automatically detects sleep, and recognizes sleep patterns including light and deep sleep cycles, sleep interruptions, and the total duration of sleep. Set a silent alarm in the app to start your day with a gentle wake-up vibration.

No Charging Needed

No need for any cables or dock – Activité Steel operates on a standard button cell watch battery to provide up to 8 months of battery life. No charging means you never miss a step.

Visualize Trends and Data

Steel syncs automatically with your phone so that you can track all progress and view graphs in the free Health Mate app. The app offers expert coaching every step of the way with Activity Insights, a Leaderboard, and Reminders to help you reach your goals.

In-App Food Tracking and More

Full MyFitnessPal integration combines food logging and activity tracking to help balance calories (intake and burned). Health Mate is also compatible with over 100 top health and fitness apps such as MapMyRun, Nike+, Apple Health and many others.

High-end Finish

Beyond technology, Steel’s state-of-the-art finish boasts a 316L stainless steel case, chrome hands and a soft silicone sport strap. Its sleek design make it the perfect accessory to help unlock your potential, without compromising on style.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It took me forever to find a watch that looked classy but also could be used to track activity and wasn’t the size of a balloon. One of my volunteer jobs requires i have a watch that isn’t super noticeable – this is it. People are amazed when i say it’s also a fitness tracker. The face did get a scratch on it when i was moving furniture, but i can’t even tell where anymore, which is really weird. I’ve had it for a few months now with no problems. In fact, maybe i should buy a second one just in case they stop making it.

I have tried a number of activity trackers over the last ten years. I have accidentally flushed a few sleek fitbits down the toilet and got used to taking my chunky polar units off my writs before i put on my jacket. As a very long term user, i found myself looking for something a bit elegant. There are many units that pack lots of features but look too chunky to wear all the time. So i decided to get withings activité steel to use at all times except when i am working out. The analog dial is easy to read even if i don’t have my eyeglasses on to correct my astigmatism. The unit has a replaceable battery with a rated life of 8 months. The watch and the silicone strap it ships with are both water proof. More stylish leather straps are available for a modest additional cost. It reliably syncs up over bluetooth with the nokia/withings app which in turn syncs up with apple health.

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I had used the withings pulse in the past but was dissatisfied with how easy it was to misplace and that it was not water resistant. This solved those issues for me, plus it’s a really nice looking watch in its own right. The large face is stylish but does not overwhelm my arm, several people have complimented the watch, not realizing it was a fitness tracker.The sleep tracker is great, i love that it tracks everything automatically and syncs with the app via bluetooth. The silent alarm works well, it wakes me up and doesn’t bother my spouse at all. I thought i would hate the silicone wristband, and had planned to order a different strap, but i quickly got used to it and now have no plans to order a different type. I am rough on it, banging it against things and getting it wet many times a day, has a couple scratches of course but it still looks great and keeps good time. All in all, highly recommend over any tracker currently on the market.

This is a nice compromise between a normal men’s watch and a fitness wrist band. I like the clean, uncluttered look, and it does fine measuring steps and providing some sleep habit feedback. Minor gripes: i wish it were available in a slightly smaller diameter face, and (perhaps) that it had minor tick marks for the 5 minute 1-12 increments. The original rubber band irritated my skin after a few weeks, but i was able to buy a leather strap and easily change it. Things have been much better since then.

Thought it was going to be the coolest activity tracker ever. Switched from a misfit shine, doesn’t seem to track steps and sync as reliably as the misfit did. I wanted the watch functionality but i think i loss some of the fitness tracking capability. I also like the misfit app much better than the withings app. I am still hopeful that i will get use to it.

Before buying this product, i probably did close to 100 hours of research on hybrid smartwatches on the market – current and future. Garmin was too clunky, fossil was too fragile. Nowa and the other kickstarter-fubded ones were too expensive and untested. The withings activité steel does everything i want it to do – and nothing that i don’t. I’ve had smartwatches that distracted me with notifications, interesting features, and bright lights. I just wanted something that told time, counted steps, and measured sleep. This does all of those things superbly. The app is intuitive and motivational without being too naggy. It does advertise their products rather heavily, but that’s something i expect and am able to ignore. The only thing i wish this watch had is a second hand, but not enough to be a deal breaker.

Sorry, Withings no longer provides support, updates or repairs for this product.

I have had this watch for 3 days now. It is very stylish, lightweight, and it utilizes quick release straps. I just ordered a leather strap from barton on amazon, should have it by monday. Setting up the watch through the app was pretty easy to do. The app is very intuitive and easy to use. You can set up how many steps you want to complete through the app, and the meter on the watch will tell you how far you have come on your daily goal. Once you have completed it, you will receive a notification on your phone letting you know that you have hit your goal. The app allows you track to other things like sleep and swimming, but i have yet to use these. The watch is rated at 50 meters water resistance, so it can be used in the pool.

Currently i’m wearing an old swiss army watch on one wrist and a misfit flash on the other. Telling time on the flash is a production that takes too much effort and takes too much time. The withings activieé (steel or sapphire) is the perfect solution here. It is a watch with some extra smarts. The watch is beautifully crafted:- the metal casing adds a nice heft and refined look. – the simple face gives it an elegance that a flashier watch will never obtain. – the lack of a crown (button) is subconsciously noticeable. One of those, ‘something is missing but i don’t know what. ‘- the multi-month battery life is a big win. Otherwise, when are you expected to charge a sleep tracker?the application works well and has a nice look:- setting and calibrating the watch was so slick.

This is a great looking fitness tracker, i get lots of comments from people. I love that you can fit standard 18mm bands to change the look. As a women with pretty small hands it’s a fraction too large but still wearable. Unfortunately its usefulness as anything other than a regular watch is greatly diminished because:1. I have a four month old, and my primary/preferred exercise method is walking and running with the stroller. Sadly, the activité does not register steps whilst pushing a stroller, so i’ll get a grand total of 100 steps for a 6km (hour long) walk. This has been confirmed to me as expected behaviour by withings support. Sleep tracking works maybe 5% of nights; most nights it won’t figure out i’m asleep till about 2am, so i get maybe 3-4 hours’ sleep recognised a night. According to the faq this is because i’m not moving my hand enough for it to notice i’m asleep, but i’m afraid i don’t have any control over that, so i don’t bother wearing it at night anymore.

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Great watch, fitness tracking and sleep monitor. This was my first withings purchase but after owning it for a few weeks i was inspired to buy the blood pressure monitor and cardio scale. It’s simple and doesn’t need to be recharged. It isn’t so huge that i want to take it off all the time. It feels like a normal watch to me. It easily syncs with their app which is on my iphone. I like having a lot of data that is collected often to see patterns emerge.

Rubber wristband irritated my wrist, but i got a leather one instead.

I love that it looks like a watch but is a fitness tracker. The setup is very simple and the app is easy to use.

Its design and comfort far exceed my previous ‘smartwatches’ (pebble steel and microsoft band 2) and its tracking features are great. I personally enjoy the lack of smartphone notifications because i check my phone enough as it is. I wish its sleep tracking feature had better accuracy, but i could always by the withings aura instead. All their products integrate with the very well-designed health mate app. The app also connects to several other health and fitness apps, including google fit. Only complaint is the curved glass, it is nice but i would prefer a flat surface.

A quick glance at the dial to see how well you’re doing on your daily activity. The biggest advantage this watch has is no nightly charging.Sleep function is adequate as is step count. I was going to order one for myself but after trying hers on i’ve changed my mind. The watch face is way to small for my wrist. It looks fine on my wife’s smaller wrist but it looks like a kids watch on mine. For reference i’m fairly average six foot tall guy a little on the heavy side. So if you have a larger wrist i’d recommend trying to find someone who has one so you can try it on to see if you think the size is ok.

Very nice looking, and very accurate for timing. Also, though i never counted the actual steps in comparison with the steps recorded in the watch, the watch is, at least, very accurate in knowing what i’m doing, walking, running, etc. If i just go for a walk after dinner, it will automatically and precisely record when i started, when i ended, and the distance that i walked. Pretty convenient, and easy to check from the app.

I love that this activity tracker looks like a minimalist watch. It is lightweight, is comfortable to wear, looks good, and has accurate tracking. I’ve worn it running and it very accurately tracked my steps and distance and also the intensity of the workout. Sleep monitoring is pretty accurate too. I was also able to seamlessly import the data into my apple health app. I have small wrists and the watch face pretty much covers my whole wrist, but i bought some different colored watchbands to change it up and it looks like a fun accessory. I have enough devices to charge all the time so i really like that i don’t have to charge this one.

I hate having a fitbit because i have to charge it all the time and the time is difficult to see somethings. This is the perfect watch/fitness tracker. They have a very good, personalized app experience.

It’s one of the best purchases i’ve made all yearfirst and foremost, it’s a beautiful piece of equipment. It looks classy and stylish. People are shocked when i tell them it’s an activity tracker. It’s goes with everything and is very comfortable to wear 24/7 (which i do). It’s been five months on the original battery (using a daily alarm) and it’s still going. It even goes in my daily shower, no problems. Plan on swapping out the band. I used a steel mesh one from an old skagen. Any watch band of proper size will do.

The look is classy- in the white. I liked it so much i bought black and can’t believe how cheap it looks in comparison. The step tracking compared to fitbit and i like seeing where i am on my 10,000 with just a glance. The waterproof aspect is a huge plus. Love that i don’t have to charge the thing. The first battery lasted almost exactly18 months. I order replacement battery on amazon and changed it out myself and works great- still waterproof. Only negative is the band really needs to come in a smaller size. I bought a metal mesh replacement band and i get compliments on the watch all the time.

Here are my initial thoughts after owning this for 11 days now. First, i want to start by stating that i have owned an apple watch sport for a year now. While i have had fun with it for the past year, but the novelty has worn off for me. For starters it is bulk, heavy, not really that great looking, and just seems to constantly interrupt my life with notifications and information. I was eyeing the activite pop when the apple watch was announced, but decided against it. So, as i grew tired of my apple watch, i turned back to withings and saw they released the steel and decided to give it a try. I have to say that this thing looks really sleek and stylish. I actually like it more than the apple watch as far as form goes. The round dial, simple minimalistic markings, and steel case and hands make this look very nice. If you pair this with a nice leather strap it really makes it look great.