Everything as just as the ad said. It looks exactly like the picture, is as flexible as the original band and sized the same. I had the small alta band and this fits me the same. The white color is part of the rubber like material so it doesn’t flake off. The buckle is much more secure and makes the band much easier to put on. I had my original alta band catch in my coat sleeve and fly off the first week i wore it. This band fixed that problem. The only thing i would change is a more delicate or subtle pattern to wear with a business suit. My photo shows the designer band in relation to the original small size band.

I have purchased several other fitbit bands from other sellers. They all looked nice but quickly fell apart. This band is the first one that looks nice and seems to be holding up well. The design isn’t printed on , but appears to be inlaid so i think it will hold up well. The design is really cute and goes with everything. It does run a bit small, which is perfect for me, but i’m guessing it might be an issue if you are big-boned.

I thought it might be a little bright and wild for me, but i haven’t taken it off. The band is smooth on both sides the pattern is slight enough in texture it does not get snagged on anything and is super comfortable. I will be keeping my eyes on this brand for future purchases for sure.

Wish they made one for the apple watch. I get compliments every time i ware the band.

I do wish the outside solid color was another color but still, the band is very durable. I bought it for my gold alta. I’ve now had this for two weeks and it is just as bright as it was the first day i purchased. It doesn’t collect much dirt and residue from sweat on the outside like it does on the inside. I am so very satisfied with my purchase being a love of colorful things this is worth the buy.

Great looking bad, love the colors and the fit. Most bands fit me loose, but this one i’m able to adjust to my small wrist.

. When my fitbit alta from 2016 died, i ordered a alta hr so i could keep using this band. Actually, after an incident with a foster kitty eating part of my band, i’ve always had a backup. So last week when my fitbit died, i knew i wanted to keep using the fun colorful band. Great product and it takes a while to start looking worn. I’ve upload a photo of the one i’ve been wearing for the last two years to the brand new one, so you can see for yourself.

Key specs for WITHit Designer Silicone Band for Fitbit Alta & Alta HR by French Bull:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Secure, adjustable watch style band
  • Sweat and water resistant*
  • Hardware included for easy attachment to and removal from your Fitbit Alta & Alta HR device
  • Fits most wrists (5.5″ to 7.25″)
  • *Please follow Fitbit’s recommendation on water use for the device.

Comments from buyers

“After reading reviewers complaints about lost Alta’s due to the poor engineering of the factory band I immediately set about
, Accurate sized band compared with the original, comfortable and secure.
, WAY better than expected – super soft and better quality than the original Fitbit band!

Very soft and flexible band and pops out and catch your eyes for sure. I had to return this because its possibly because my wrist is not wide enough for the band so horizontal side gets too big with too much gab when vertical side fits too tight, if that makes sense. If i tighten it up, up and bottom of my wrist feels too tight while left and right side gets fit.

My original fitbit band broke so i ordered this as a replacement. I actually like this band much better than the original. The original would frequently slide off from the fit bit device and fall off my arm. This one has a tiny clip and so far it hasn’t slipped off. I like the traditional watch band/belt style closure better than the fitbit ‘buttons’ that would eventually get loose and not stay on tight. The fitbit band would frequently give me a rash on my arm.

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So far this band has been great. I don’t worry about it falling off during the day because it has the watch style clasp. It is comfortable on my wrist and matches my alta perfectly. Don’t hesitate like i did and wait forever to buy it.

This was a bit pricey for a replacement band. But – i love the color combos – and look way better made than the cheaper ones. The band is actually a small band – so it fits my wrist without 3 inches of extra band in the way. The band itself is super soft – better quality than the original fitbit band. It’s also actually better than was pictured. Going to order another – it’s stupid cute.

Really, really cute band, very comfortable. The only criticism, as others have noted, is that if you have a larger wrist, it’s very short. I’m keeping it because it is cute, but i am in the 3rd to last hole and the strap holding the end in place only just covers it. That is in my opinion a real problem and very unfortunate as lots of people have mentioned this without the seller making adjustments to the band. It is more expensive than other replacement bands, but i would pay that amount again if in the future the band length is adjusted.

This is super comfortable and attractive. I get compliments all the time. It has held up well as i only take off my fitbit to shower. So i’m wearing it all day and sleeping in it.

This is a very colorful band to wear with summercasuals. I especially like the added lock-in feature for the band. It makes your fitbit very secure.

I don’t write many reviews but really wanted to on this purchase. I love changing out my alta fitbit bands depending on my day/mood and this one is my absolute favorite. The colors are vibrant and the band is very well made. It puts a smile on my face every time i wear it which is more times than not.

I purchased the replacement band from withit not thinking that it would be exactly as described. The black and white band is super comfortable, wears well and is the perfect size for my wrist which is a little less than 7 inches. I wear my tracker practically 24/7 and didn’t have to clean it so far. We live in a hot climate, but my wrist is barely sweating under the band, and the band doesn’t leave marks. By far the best replacement band i’ve purchased. I am waiting to see if more colors and patterns will be available. I will definitely purchase another band from this company.

The curve of the band at the connections is not the same as the original, and doesn’t hug small wrists. I guess that’s what happens when they try to do a one-size-fits-all type.

Got this in a couple days ago and i haven’t worn it yet, but i must say this is the softest and silkest feeling silicone i have ever laid hands on. I can’t imagine it not being comfortable in any way. It’s very well crafted and yet very flexable. I look forward to switching to this band once i am tired of the my current one, which was a christmas gift so i’m still enjoying it at the moment.

I am wearing this band right now and have been wearing it for a week. It is well made, very pretty/classy look, so easy to switch out and is just like a watch band that you can cinch to fit your wrist. I have a size small fitbit alta and it changed right out and fits just fine. Really nice, well priced upgrade. I will be ordering the other colors.

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I have a brand new fitbit alta with the inferior factory band which was impossible to get on. After reading reviewers complaints about lost alta’s due to the poor engineering of the factory band i immediately set about to replace it with something more secure and stylish. After many disappointing amazon purchases i’ve become more careful about reading reviews before i spend my hard-earned cash. I recently purchased replacement bands for my alta and this one is by far my favorite. It’s stylish and seems to be very sturdy yet so soft to the touch and is not so ginormous as to leave a long trail of extra band. The design is actually carved into the band so the chances of it wearing off seem pretty unlikely my first impression. This was well worth the extra money. I’ll definitely purchase this brand of replacement band again if it holds up to everyday wear. If i find that it doesn’t i’ll be back to update my review. Update to reveiw, september 2018.

I was hoping to get this band months ago, but it was sold out. I was super excited when it was available again. Th colors are bright and fun-exactly as you see them in the picture. The silicone band is nice and flexible (unlike some bands which can be stiff). May order the purple multi next 😉.

This band is great, super soft and sporty. I had a problem with the initial order and the seller took care of it immediately. The band is of great quality and fits perfectly with the original band securing mechanism. I love the fact that this has a typical watch band clasp.

I bought this for a coworker as a gift. Her fitbit is a large and we were worried it wouldn’t fit since it’s a one size. She loves it and wears it all the time. It’s definit worth purchasing.I bought one for myself and love it. Great quality and well worth the money.

I love the clasp which prevents the band from coming off (which can happen with some of the other design styles).

It was very easy to switch out and stays on perfectly. It’s very cute toojust an update- i’ve had this a year now. It’s still in perfect condition and i wear it everyday to work.

Granted, i’ve only had a fitbit for a week, but the difference between the original band and this one is like night and dayfirst off, it feels like baby skin. It does run small as others have mentioned, but i’m a woman with a large wrist and there are still 2 holes left, and the excess band fits into the sleeve, so i prefer this to a whole bunch of extra band sticking out. There is also enough flex in the material that it doesn’t seem like it would break or snap from extended use. I will update my review if that happens. It fits flush to my arm (even when on a looser setting) without feeling tight, so that when i sleep on my arm, i’m not hyper-aware of it being there like i was with the band it came with. Basically, with this band, my fitbit has just become an extension of my arm. Lastly, the design is carved into the band, so no chance of it wearing off and the fastening pins are bent down towards the band so it can be easily attached one-handed. I’m super pleased with this product–you really do get what you pay for.

I love the soft, flexibility of the fitbit band. The colors are delicious and will really inspire me to work out to my best ability. I can’t wait to show it off to my friends. The bonus is that with all those great colors, it will match with a wide variety of my workout and street clothes while it is classy enough to complement many of my clothes i wear for more special occasions.

I’s beautiful, unique, and easy to clean and put on. I get many compliments on it, and though i was afraid it would be too ‘busy’, especially with my turquoise bracelets, but it complements them. It is beautiful and comfortable, and the size is just right.

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Purchased because of the brand name, i love french bull patterns and bright colors. This band is by far the most comfortable, and lives up to the brand name in vibrancy.

I purchased all three of these french bull bands. They are value priced for the excellent quality. Very well made, super comfortable, easy to swap and no color fading or bleeding. I only wish they offered more colors and designs. They are, by far, the best bands i own for my fitbit. Please offer more design options for the alta.

Love this band better than the fitbit bands. All the fitbit bands turn color and get a dirt look to them that doesn’t clean off. Really like the withit french bull colors and designs.

I do not like that it is short. Most ppl i know wear the larger band and i neglected to check the length of this one. I’m fairly big boned and wear it on the third loosest hole. Just be aware if you like the large band it is not that size. It is also sort of hot as it is rubber that can trap sweat when working out or when it’s hot out.

Beautiful band, very soft and comfortable. Sometimes i forget i’m wearing it. It’s much better quality and much more comfortable than the original fitbit alta band. I got a large and i have 4-5 holes to go before i run out of room. I like the buckle–so much easier to put on than the original fitbit snap band. I feel confident that this won’t fall off, too. And, most importantly, i get tons of compliments on it.

Got this band for my 8 year old daughter. She has wore the band daily for a week. Does not get dirty & she’s plays hard outside everyday. Love that the design is not printed on so no worries of it fading off. Buckle is metal & not cheap plastic. This band seems like it will hold up just as well as a genuine fitbit band. I just wish it was available in more patterns.

This band is super comfortable. All the edges feel smooth on my skin. It fastens like a watch band and the metal is well made with no thin or sharp edges. The silicone material is very nice- high quality. It attaches easily & securely to the fitbit alta. I really like the vibrant color, too. This is by far the best replacement band i have found.

I bought this after my black fitbit band was looking yucky, and i couldn’t be more pleased. Pros:(1) more comfortable than actual fitbit band. This black and white design goes with almost everything. Band makes fitbit more secure than with original band. Got it in expected shipping time. Fantastic valuecons:nonei’m submitting a photo to show what it looks like.

Does not irritate my skin even after a heavy workout. Definitely want to get more.

I dropped a star due to my personal preference. . I am sure it wall last quite well. The band itself is thicker than i like and therefore not as comfortable. Maybe i have to decide which is more important to me long lasting or wearability. The french bull design is really in your face.

I absolutely love this band-it has completely transformed my fitbit alta in a great way, and has brought so much new life back into my tracker. As a bonus, it hasn’t fallen off once since i bought it, which had been a problem with the original band which came with the fitbit.

I purchased the ziggy as a gift for my daughter who has a fitbit alta. She says that it is very pretty, easy to take off and put back on, and very comfortable. She has gotten lots of compliments. I have one, too, and have to agree with her assessment. The ziggy alta band was very well packaged, and arrived before i expected it, which is always a plus in my book. Withit is a great company to work with.

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