After my fitbit started to fall apart, i got this cover hoping to limp it along awhile longer. It is much better quality than some of the painted ones i’ve seen other people use. I wish it didn’t have the opening in the back for the heart rate monitor since i don’t have the hr type of fitbit. The rubber is inevitably starting to stretch out and i think it would have lasted longer if that hole wasn’t there.

This was a gift to address bubbled and peeling bands on fitbit charge hr. This covered it up nicely and the girls like how they look. They are a bit of a chore to slip onto the device.

I had issues as many have with the actual rubber from the fitbit band becoming disconnected from the unit, which is why i stopped wearing it, most other units have replacement bands but this model doesn’t for whatever reason. I saw this and decided to give it a shot, and it works great. Only issue i had was getting it into the unit in the first place, obviously it’s very snug, which is a good thing, but it just made it a bit tough to get in place properly. Other than that tiny fact i’m so happy. Great quality and i’ve gotten loads of compliments.

The rubber around my display was peeling off so i decided to get this to mask it until i decide to upgrade to a different watch. It serves its purpose and makes my fitbit stand out. I’ve had many compliments and questions about it.

The color matches perfectly. Very easy to slide over my charge hr. I’ve been looking for something like this that makes my charge look less utilitarian. I wish they had more designs/design colors. The material is flexible – which i like. I thought it would be hard but it’s not and that’s a good thing.

This review is specifically for the xo your sister- fitbit charge/fitbit charge hr slim designer sleeve – band coveri purchased this as a gift for someone that was getting a fitbit charge hr as a birthday gift. I knew that she wanted to customize her new cool gadget so that it was unique. This fit the bill perfectly. It looks great, it fits well and it should last a long time. I’m considering getting some of the other colors and patterns just so that she can mix it up a bit.

WITHit XO Your Sister- Fitbit Charge/Fitbit Charge HR Slim Designer Sleeve – Band Cover

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    by entering your model number.
  • Turns your fitness tracker band into a fashion statement. Track your steps in style wherever you go!
  • Slides easily into place protecting the middle of your band
  • Compatible with the Fitbit Charge and Charge HR. Does NOT include fitness tracker or band. Fits both small and large bands
  • Give your Fitbit the slip!
  • U.S. Patent No. D766,770. U.S.¬†Patent No.¬†9,632,534.

So i was a little apprehensive about spending $13 on a decorative cover for my fitbit, in part because i was worried about how close the colors would match and how it would affect the fit around my wrist. However, this is my third fitbit, and each time i’ve needed a replacement has been because the plastic strip where the power cord plugs in comes loose and pops off. Aside from appearance of the cover itself, i was very concerned with getting something that could help keep that plastic part on the back where it belongs. First thing i noticed upon opening the box was how cute the packaging was. It was also really easy to remove from the package, and ‘installation’ was extremely easy. I’ve tried other (less expensive) covers that were harder to wiggle up the band into place. Not sure if you can tell from my picture but the color is practically identical to the band of my fitbit, at least for the tangerine color. The material itself is just about as soft as the back of the actual fitbit, so no sensation difference there. It does add some thickness, so if your band is borderline uncomfortable on a specific notch, you’ll probably have to loosen it by one to be comfortable with this on.

As with most fitbit devices, the band on my charge hr started bubbling away from the device around it’s one-year anniversary. I didn’t want to replace the whole unit since it still worked but was essentially falling apart. I’m so pleased that the cover allows me to continue to utilize the band while saving a ton of $$ versus buying a replacement.

I have the plum colored one, and it slipped right on. Doesn’t interfere with the buttons, or the monitoring of heart rate. It seems like it’ll help protect my screen without a screen protector, because i’m not bumping the actual screen into things (i had previously had issue with a scratched screen) love iti think the review stating the plum didn’t match doesn’t have the plum fitbit, it looks like the burgundy fitbit (obviously, could be wrong). That is the one i almost ordered too. The plum definitely matches and i’ll attach a picture.

My fitbit hr was separating at where the band joins the electronic part of the fitbit. I was only 1 month out of fotbits warranty but they wouldn’t do anything. So i bought this to hold my strap together. The strap wasn’t completely separated at 1st. So i just used this to hold it together. But when it completely separated, i used gorilla glue to reattach and i’m still using this cover to support the band. This product saved me tons of money since i didn’t have to replace my fit bit. Great product at a great price.

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The band on my fitbit was/is coming apart and i happened to one across this sleeve. I thought it’d be a good and cute cover up. The color matches well with my band. The fit is nice and snug, maybe a little too much. It took me a little while to pull the sleeve into place (and by this point the band actually came completely off), so that was a little frustrating. However once i fixed everything up, it worked out okay and looked great. For the price, i’m okay with my purchase.

Love it, the one thing i missed when i upgraded from my flex to the charge hr was the ability to change out my band to add a little style, this bumper is really well made it is textured not just printed so looks and feels real nice, i got the blue which matched very well to my blue hr, it was easy to put on and doesn’t affect the heart rate monitor or charging port.

Matches my current band and was easy to put on. The quality seems pretty good. I just started using it so i cannot comment on the quality over time. It does make the fitbit look bigger (not gigantic but slightly higher and wider) which makes it stand out more. If you’re not interested in that feature, then you might not want it. Once i wore it for awhile, i got used to the look and was fine with it. My band was beginning to show signs of wear and part of it was bubbling up (for some reason) so this covered all of that. Overall, i’m pleased with it and would recommend it to change the look of your band.

I have a black fitbit charge hr and i decided to go with a contrasting color. The material feels like high-quality silicone cone and is a snug fit over the charge. I feel like the cover will help protect my charge. I have had no trouble with reading my heart rate with the cover on. It is very cute and i’m excited to wear. I will probably buy additional colors.

I bought this because one of my fitbit’s strap broke off and the other one was in the midst of falling off. I really wish i knew these existed because this is my 2nd fitbit within a year that had this issue. Thankfully the sleeve fits tightly, so i was able to put both straps back on. Hopefully this holds up, but i strongly recommend buying one of these if you have a fitbit charge because it appears to be a common issue with the straps.

I bought this product to protect my fitbit charge hr, and it has not disappointed me yet. I really like the design on this sleeve. It fits the product well, and adds a nice amount of style to the fitbit that is always on my wrist. I think it is worth the price for both the protection and style that the sleeve gives. Update: i’ve been wearing this with my fitbit for over six months and it still looks great, and is holding up very well.

It doesn’t match the purple color of the fitbit band exactly, but it’s definitely really close. The original band started to peel away from the face of my fitbit and this solves the problem. The band isn’t tearing away because it’s covered, and the face is a little more protected because of the slight edge all around it. It doesn’t add any significant bulk to the band. I wish i’d gotten this forever ago.

WITHit XO Your Sister- Fitbit Charge/Fitbit Charge HR Slim Designer Sleeve – Band Cover : I got these because my first fitbit charge started falling apart after 7 months. They sent me a new one, but someone suggested that i get these to protect my fitbit during tough works. And it was a great suggestion, you can slide them on and off – they fit very snug. Then you can clean it and add it back. Prevents the bubble up on the charge etc.

Perfect fit for my broken fitbit hr band. I had to glue my fitbit hr band back together after it fell apart and it wasn’t very attractive afterward. This cover fits perfectly and looks very attractive. It covers up the bubbles that had formed in the original band, but has openings where they need to be so the fitbit still works like it should. It was not difficult to slide on, but fits snug and won’t slide around. Until fitbit comes up with a better band option, this is the perfect solution.

This product fits my fitbit charge like a glove. (mine is not the hr) it takes a minute to slide into place but due to the snug fit, it does not move around. Really dresses up my fitbit, looks now like just a cute watch. And my fitbit band is starting to peel and separate around the hard plastic ‘brain’ component and this accessory covers that and i am hoping it will keep the band and watch protected and attached so it will last longer. :0) (i do love my fitbit but would like to see fitbit come up with a better band design as this ‘peeling/separating’ issue is apparently common. ) anyway, highly recommend this accessory as it is very attractive and protective for your fitbit.

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Fits well and does not interfere with using or wearing the fitbit charge hr. Haven’t cleaned my device since putting this cover on but suspect the snug fit may make this slightly difficult if cleaning is needed underneath, but the snug fit also means it isn’t going to move around or snag and tear. Just ordered a replacement after 12 months as the piece across the back tore. The cover still stays on, but moves around so i have to fix it to see the screen or sometimes it gets twisted and pinches my arm, but i still use the original for now.

I absolutely love my fitbit, but i never liked how 80s it looked by its plainness. The fitbit flex has such cute covers and i was so jealous of that. I was so excited one day when i accidentally happened upon this cover. The design fit me to a t, so i purchased it as soon as i saw it. When it came in the mail, i was able to slide it right on. I don’t feel like i have anything extra on my fitbit. It looks so natural as if it’s the way i originally purchased my fitbit. I got the cover for me, but i do enjoy when people do a double take and ask how i got my fitbit like that. It’s such a simple and great idea that i’m so happy about.

I bought the tangerine fitbit but at that time, no turquoise. Never like black items since i love colors. This fits my need perfectly. A little difficult to push it on my fitbit so i’m not likely to want to purchase other colorful accessories but perfectly happy with how it looks and the quality. I have been wearing it for a couple of months now and it still looks new. If i had realized accessories were available, i might have bought black fitbit knowing i can make it more colorful (black was less expensive). I would definitely purchase again from this company.

I have gotten several compliments on this already. My fitbit band was starting to tear up so this was the perfect thing to slide over it to prevent any more damage and to add some pretty detail at the same time. It is hard to get on as you are trying to slide the rubber sleeve over the rubber band but once i got it there it looks beautiful and does exactly what i wanted it to do.

Bought this for my new replacement fitbit charge hr as my old one i had for hardly six months and it had broke. I bought this as a stylish and functionable solution from preventing against the new one breaking like the old one had and it’s fantastic. Very easy to slide onto the band and if looking to match the color of yours to the cover just be careful with names. I have the plum fitbit so i got the plum cover and it matches perfectly.I’ve had a lot of people think it’s how the fitbit comes because i got some sort of new style or model. Very wonderful dual purpose item.

It not only helped with the problem i had with my fitbit by holding down the part that came unglued. It really helped personalize my fitbit. I no longer look like another person wearing a fitbit. My friends have noticed and are looking for a design cover.

I bought the slate sleeve for my slate fitbit charge. The color is a perfect match, and i like that my fitbit now has a little something extra to it. I’ve seen many reviews about people’s fitbits peeling on the side after a few months, so i also wanted a sleeve to prevent that from happening. My only complaint is that it tends to stray out of place. Several times a day, i have to push it back for the front sleeve opening and the fitbit screen to match up.

This took longer to take out of the package than to put on my fitbit (charge). And that only took a few seconds. It fits great and looks great. I hope they come out with some ‘blingy’ bands for when you want to dress up a bit and still wear your fitbit. Update: i just got a charge hr and the band fits great and doesn’t appear to affect the heart rate reading.

I bought this product to protect my fitbit. Like many fitbit owners, my fitbit charge began to peel apart to the point i could no longer wear it. I ended up getting another fitbit charge hr but was afraid the same thing would happen again. I came across these covers and it works perfectly.I like how it adds a little style to the clunky fitbit. I also glued my old fitbit charge back together and bought another cover in teal for my daughter. When i glued the fitbit back together it looked awful. But, adding this cover makes it look as good as new. Plus, the options of colors makes it easy to know which is mine and which is my daughters. I chose this particular brand because the design is not screen printed on.

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I thought i had to throw my fitbit away because the pink plastic band that keeps the side button connected broke off but this was a great solution. I had to tape the band and button back on, but having this sleeve on top of that helps keep everything connected and put together and my fiitbit is working fine nowand yes, this does match the color of the plum-colored fitbit hr. For those curious to know, no, there is no protective rubber on the back to cover the outlet charging hole but i’m ok with that.

My fitbit hr would not charge properly (i had to hold it at a certain angle to charge), the backplate fell off every time i removed the charger, and rubber on the sides were separating. This sleeve has a perfect fit, makes the fitbit looks like a really stylish watch, and holds all of the components together well. The high-quality silicone is comfortable, non-irritating, and makes the button on the side easy to find and press. I purchased this dark blue design for my black fitbit and the product looks seamless.

So i really like how this was an easy way to make my watch look just a little nicer, and more easy to identify. Is that if you’re watch gets wet at all, like when you’re washing your hands. The water gets under this and won’t evaporate and i feel like this is why my watch isn’t quite right. So if it gets wet, take it off and let it dry out.

I’ve had my fit bit for almost two years now and the edges were getting worn, but i’m not ready to upgrade to the next version of fitbit. I was a little worried it would make my band look bulky, but it blends seamlessly and unless you look really closely, you can’t even tell it’s a cover. It makes it look like it’s part of the actual band itself. This cover has hidden the worn look and actually given more of a ‘fancy’ look to take away the plain look of the band. I have purchased new fitbits for both of my daughters and now they want sleeves so they can change the look of their fitbits according to their moods. I’m very happy with this product.

The band on my fitbit charge hr had pulled away from the tracking device. I tried supergluing it back on but that didn’t work for long i purchased this which solves that issue so far. It was a little tricky to get on, but so far seems to be holding the bands in place to enable me to continue using it for exercise when i might get sweaty. I purchased a charge hr 2 with a metal band add on to wear for work, but am keeping this one for cycling etc. As i don’t think i want to get the metal band all sweaty.

Great product for when your fitbit band starts to break apart since there are no replacement bands sold by fitbit. My son got a new fitbit because the band was splitting, so his was passed to his sister and with this cover, it will continue to get some additional life. I was worried about ordering the blue since it didn’t look like the same blue as the actual fitbit band, but it must just be the monitor, because the color match was increadibly close. My daughter didn’t like it at first because she said it was ‘too bulky’ (it adds a little more size to it, but certainly not enough to feel it, i think she was just embarrassed at first because it wasn’t a ‘regular’ fitbit. ) anyway, she wears it all the time now without complaint. Great product if you are trying to squeeze a little extra life out of this fitbit model: it fits perfectly, color matched and it has masked where the original skin was pulling away and breaking apart. The screen display is not cut clear across the band, so the display is made slighly smaller, but it does not interfere at all with seeing your step counts, etc.

Fairly easy to slide onto the fibit charge hr. Looks nice and seems to offer an extra bit of protection as well. My fitbit had a crack on one sie due to some carelessness on my part. As a plus,this covers it and is keeping it from getting worse. I would give it five stars if you also offered them in a plain solid color without the design as there are times i would prefervthe added protection it provides without the ‘flash’.

My fitbit band was torn through and hanging by a thread. Put this over it and it has held together snugly since. I wish i had put one on these on when it was new. Colors match perfectly; go by color description because amazon photo may be off slightly.