Great band, like the design and ordered because of the buckle.

First of all, the band that comes with the fitbit was a nightmare to get on. This is so much easier it’s crazy. Then, it’s more secure as the fitbit bands had problems with coming off that i had to buy the separate piece to secure it. Not necessary with this band. It’s comfortable and very easy to insert the fitbit. It is so adorable and i receive many comments on it. The quality is so amazing for the price. It came in cute packaging and would make a fantastic gift for a fitbit user. The price would allow one to have more than one for variety, though this one with its colors, can go with many outfits.

I have gotten a number of replacement bands for my fitbit flex, and this is by far the best. I have been wearing it everyday for months, and it is still like new. It is very comfortable, soft material. The white on it is also still perfectly white. The clasp is an awesome way to keep it from falling off. I have gotten so many compliments on it and have recommended it to friends.

Just the replacement i was looking for. No more worries about losing my band, it securely holds my fitbit. Even better, i don’t even feel it on my wrist, it is very lightweight and stays put. Well designed so i don’t feel like there is a lump protruding from my wrist either. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before choosing this and am glad i did. I am strongly considering purchasing another one of same style with different colors, bu this black and white works for nearly all my outfits.

Great quality and feels more secure than my original wrist band. Very happy with this purchase.

  • I now own 6 of these bands and have recommended them to all my friends
  • Lovely band at a great price!
  • Don’t Think Twice Just BUY It!!!

It’s so classy and fun to wear. Also, it is more flexible than the original fitbit band, which i really like. The bottom part of the band is also narrower than the original fitbit band and has a metal clasp like a watch might have. I love that about the band as well. I have only had it for 5 days so i can’t speak on the durability i do wish you had a band just like this one in black with white pokadots. . I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

These bands are sturdy, flexible and goes perfectly with any outfit worn. In a sense that you don’t even think much about it because of the colors and style.

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The band is very cute and very comfortable. I would have loved to keep it, but for some reason when i put my flex inside and started walking around, it wasn’t clocking any of my steps. When i put my flex back in it’s original band, it instantly started working again. So i don’t know if this would be a problem for everyone or if my flex is just extra sensitive, but for whatever reason it just didn’t work, so i had to return it.

I really love the look of this wristband. The problem is, it is not comfortably large enough for my wrist. I have to use the last or second to last hole and then the end of the wristband tends to pop out of the loop and is annoying, particularly while sleeping. Great choice for smaller wrists i think.

I like the security of the clasp. I have received compliments since it does not look like a fitbit piece.

Features of XO Your Sister Fitbit Flex Wristband – Fitbit Flex Replacement Band With Secure Chrome Watch Clasp, Unique Handcrafted 3D XO Your Sister Pattern Made from Premium Silicone, Fitbit Flex Color Bands, Fitbit Flex Accessory Band

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Replacement wristband for the Fitbit Flex comes with a secure watchband-style closure to keep your Fitbit on your wrist
  • XO Your Sister replacement band is compatible with the Fitbit Flex
  • XO Your Sister watchband is one size and fits most wrists
  • Fit wrists up to 7.25″ in circumference
  • Fitbit device not included. Replacement band for the Fitbit Flex only.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This wristband fit the fitbit perfect, no problems, does not fall out. Easily washable as it is made of rubber. Nice colors, good fit, comfortable.

Best bracelet yet that i’ve found for the flex. I’ve ordered probably 20 different brands/types for my wife, this is by far the sturdiest. Excellent buy even if it’s a bit more than the cheep chinese knock offs.

It’s soft silicone, very comfortable and durable. Also love that it has a watch closure so i can tighten or loosen it as needed.

I now own 6 of these bands and have recommended them to all my friends. Not only are they incredibly comfortable on. They are also great looking as well. I am constantly being asked where i got my band.I really cannot say enough good things about them other than please come out with more colors and patterns. Coral, purples would be great.

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This is a quality band at an affordable price. The design is pretty and not painted on. The buckle is much easier to use than the fitbit clasp. It is so comfortable to wear and i like the slim styling. I wear the small band, and the fit of this band is perfect. If you wear the large band that comes with the fitbit, i don’t think this band will work for you.

I liked the color and how it fit didn’t like that the loop fell off way to soon.

Replacement wristband for the Fitbit Flex comes with a secure watchband-style closure to keep your Fitbit on your wrist

Easy to get the tracker in and out so it seems unlikely to rip like the one that came with it. Will buy more of this brand.

I love the cool colors and the wristband clasp on these wristbands. I’ve lost several fitband bands that have the original clasps.

Best fit bit band i’ve worn , very comfortable and secure .

I haven’t taken it off since i got it. Very pretty, slim and has a buckle clasp so it wont fall off.

Just got this adorable fitbit flex band a few days ago. Looks just like the picture. The band appears to be solid and durable. Securely holds the fitbit without fear of losing it. I have large wrists and there are enough notches to accommodate. Typically i buy the large bands when given a choice. Very pleased and get lots of complements already.

I’ve always wondered why fitbit bands didn’t have a watch closure. It makes so much more sense than the stock ones that come with your fitbit, or the oem replacement bands. Love the design, love how slim and not-bulky it is, love the colors. I can’t comment yet on how well it holds up to the strain of everyday wear, but so far i’m quite pleased.

XO Your Sister replacement band is compatible with the Fitbit Flex

I love these bandsi have a small wrist and they adjust well to fit and stay secure. Happy colors, this is my second and the first still looks great, just wanted another color option. I wish they came in solid colors too for when i go to work because they are great, my favorite band.

This is a stylish, high quality replacement band, very comfortable, flexible material and great to have a buckle rather than the traditional fitbit clasp which often comes open. Wish i had found it much sooner.

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So stylish and i wear it just about everyday. Beats the plain looking wristbands.

I really like the ability to be able to fasten securely. My other bands had come loose and i almost lost my tracker. The colors are bright and the pattern is very modern.

I like the french bull brand a little better. They seem to be not quite as bulky.

I wish i had bought this band sooner. I nearly lost my fit bit several times and when i finally did this is what i replaced the band with. In my opinion it is superior to the original not only because it has a secure clasp but it also does not have moisture build up in the band.

Great wristband absolutely love it.

XO Your Sister watchband is one size and fits most wrists

I am enjoying my fitbit flex wristband. It is comfortable and i like the wristband type closure. I would order from this seller again.

The product has qood quality and design , it is exactly as shown in the picture , nice colorsi like it .

The design is not a sticker, it’s etched on. The band itself is soft & very flexible. My fitbit has continued to count my steps accurately while in the band. I love not having to worry about losing the fitbit, which fits perfectly inside. Just know that you cannot wear the band while showering or swimming because the window to display the dots is open not sealed with plastic. That’s fine with me, i just remove it before showering & then put it back on, not a big deal. I will be purchasing more bands from this company in the future.

Love the soft silicone, the bright color and the gorgeous etched design (well represented on the picture), and, above all, the easy-to-use watch closure.

Such a fun band, only had it a week and already getting complements on it. Love the bracelet closure and it is easy to get my fitbit out for charging.

This replacement bracelet is much better than the one that originally came with my fit bit. It’s slightly stretchy and very comfortable.

Fit wrists up to 7.25″ in circumference

What can i say- i will never lose my fitbit with this wristband. It is comfortable and stays on. It’s also fashionable- i mean let’s face it. Some of the fitbit wristbands are super ugly. I also add other bracelets for some fashion flair. Keep in mind this is not waterproof or water resistant but it stays on until you take it off. I highly recommend this item.