Exactly what i expected and wanted in a replacement and am very happy there were other color options, not just the original color.

Very nice looking watch band – love the feel and color. Fits better than the original did.

I like the original black band, but i was looking for a band with more of a “pop. ” i’m not typically a pink kind of girl, but i took a risk and bought this shade of pink. To my surprise, the pink is much more sporty than i had thought.I flipped the band around in order to have the black and pink on the outside. The band is extremely soft yet durable- i can’t even feel it around my wrist. The only struggle is assembling the new band onto the watch. It’s quite simple, but at first it was confused because the pins wouldn’t unscrew. In order to get the pin out, you must apply pressure to the other pin with the second screw driver sent so that way they aren’t both turning at the same time.From there on it’s extremely easy.

Great color, great comfort, great quality.

I love the color and the texture of the band. It’s soft and comfortable. The only thing that i don’t like is the watch strap holder. It’s not sturdy enough to hold the band. It’s loose and the band keeps coming out of it. I switched to the extra one they sent but same issue. The original strap holder has a longer little stick and sturdy enough to hold. Maybe that’s what they need to fix.

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Very nice so easy to put on.

Much cheaper than the name brand replacement and works great.

Garmin’s replacement band is around $28. This one was $10, goes on super easy once i figured out you need to use both tools at the same time (one to hold the small bolt in place, the other to unscrew the other side). It fits perfectly, and i think is better than the original band (softer, lighter).

I ordered this band as a replacement for my forerunner 220. My band keeper snapped, and it was cheaper to order a new band than to order the keeper, plus i liked the sea foam color. With my prime account it arrived in 1. Package came with the band, 2 keepers, and the 2 tools needed to replace the band. I had read another review about how to replace the band, and i’m glad i did, it saved me some time. So on regular watches the pin that holds the band is push style, no tools required (kinda works like a toilet paper roll holder). On this watch the pin is screw style. Lay the watch flat, using both hands insert the tools on each side, and turn left (lefty loosey). You may have a little trouble getting the pin out, but just push in with one of the tools and the other side will push out enough that you can grab it and pull out. Repeat for the other side and reverse to install new band. This band seems softer than the original, but still great quality. The keeper doesn’t seem too sturdy, it’s also soft silicone, but it comes with 2 so we’ll see.

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A little hard to install but looks great.

Buen producto, a la fecha sin problemas y muy flexible la correa.

Was easy to change band and it is super comfortable.

Easy to install and love the feel of the strap. Here are the specifications for the Wizvv Compatible Bands Replacement:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 100% high quality with Cooling Holes design is suitable for Sport, Business, Daily life, Party for Garmin Forerunner 220 230 235 620 630 735.
  • TWO-Colored personalize wristband to fits your mood and outfits with this brand new color choices.
  • Much more supple, flexible, soft, easy to install.
  • One size fits most wrist: 5.5-8.1inches
  • This Newest Garmin Forerunner 235 230 620 630 735 band is perfect for everyone. It’s a good choice as an exquisite and shiny gift for any occasion: Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…

I’ve had it for 3 months, after the first band broke. It’s still in great shape.

Comfortable fit on wrist and love the colors.

I flipped the watch straps around and it made it so it would cling on to my coat and make it uncomfortable. The side with the metal should go on the left side and the side with the holes should go on the right.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality, love the color!
  • Affordable replacement for my Garmin 220!
  • Durable, flexible, comfortable and beautiful band!

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