This totally saved my husbands charge hr. The screws were so tiny it made it difficult but other than that the band worked perfectly. So happy to find this rather than buying a whole new fitbit.

The quality appears to be identical to the original band. I saw several concerns regarding the screws being too small, but i was pleasantly surprised that the screw driver was magnetic (see pic). The instructions were easy to follow and make sure to pay attention to the step that says to move the nfc film to the new band (googled this and it’s so your fitbit can pair with the app – otherwise it won’t pair anymore). One word of caution, the color around the button will remain the color of the original band. Mine looks a bit comical because i didn’t realize what parts of the band would remain (see pic).

These bands last about as long as the original factory band. About a year in the humid florida climate.

I was thrilled to find out that i could buy a replacement band for my fitbit hr when it started to come apart from the device. I had thought i might have to replace the whole thing. Replacing the band, for less than $10, fit my budget much better. It comes with the tool you need (and a couple others that are handy, but not necessary), so no need to search for it elsewhere. Even better, it was so easy to put on the new band–maybe 5 minutes. And it turns out the screen is part of the band, so i got my scratched screen replaced as part of the bargain. It’s like having a new fitbit for a tiny fraction of the price.

Surprising this band work great and didn’t cost much. I wasn’t sure since the cost was so low if this band would fit and work but it did work. I followed the directions on how to switch bands. So far it is holding up well.

Very easy to use after watching a u tube video a few times.

Great quality and the tools were so helpful. Instructions could be a bit better but i got through it.

Different color lense also changes font color which is cool.

  • I highly recommend this band
  • Great replacement band for a great price!
  • Great product

Wizvv Compatible Bands Replacement for Fitbit Charge HR,Charge HR 1, with Metal Buckle Fitness Wristband Strap Women Men Large Small

  • Replacement strap for Fitbit Charge HR / Fitbit charge HR 1 (NOT fit Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR 2)
  • Silicon construction and stainless steel watch buckle design provide a lasting protection.
  • Two size to slide with buckle, Small ( 5.4″-6.2″ ), Large ( 6.2″-7.6″ ).
  • Multi-Colors for Choice,you can change the colors that go with your daily style .
  • 2 year Guarantee: Wizvv provide a wonderful shopping experience, if there is any problems, just contact us and then we will offer a solution by replacement or refund immediately.
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Works great, fits like a glove and easy to change out. Be careful when changing out as i lost one screw and had to use a old one.

Due the some reviews i was scared to try but took the risk and was worth it. Didnt expect the extra screws u less i missed it in the details but came with everything you need. Easy to change out, fits and feels just like my original fitbit. Very happy and pleased customer.

Great product, excellent replacement band for my fitbit charge hr. Quick and easy to switch over.

I am very happy with this purchase. This is a great replacement band for my fitbit charge hr. I had to watch a youtube video to help me change the band, but i was able to do it without any major problems. The inside part of the fitbit snaps in very securely to this band, so even though i lost one of the four microscopic screws that holds it in place, it’s fine with just the remaining three. After reading the reviews about how small these bands are, i ordered a large band even though my original fitbit band was a small. Turns out, i have to wear it on the very tightest hole, but that’s certainly better than if it was too small. I’ve had mine for 5 months and it’s holding up great. It’s a sturdy band at a great price.

This was purchased for the fitbit charge. As you can see in the photo, it is too small for the fitbit charge. Unfortunately i missed return date for these items. After contacting the seller they communicated they would refund the money, which turned out to be an amazon gift card in exchane for 5 star rating. I can not give them 5 stars due to them blaming me for ordering the wrong size, even though it was clearly labeled fitbit charge.

Fitbit replacement watch band compatible with my unit and easy to install better quality than original band.

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It was a perfect fit /replacement for the original fitbit charge hr. It took less than 10 minutes to replace. As to color, it is on the edge of being dayglow pink.

After reading other reviews i was nervous about ordering this band but i was pleasantly surprised. Just follow the direction and take your time to change to the new band and it should be no issues.

Fits perfect, includes all the tools. I have been using it for a week now, so far so good.

Tried to put it back in the old band and now it doesnt work at all. 18 customer service got in touch with me and generously offered a credit. Thank you for working with me.

It only took about 10 minutes to install the fitbit in this new band. The fit is very good and the instructions, while not in the best english ever, were good enough to get the job done. Don’t be afraid about using a nail to peel up the nfc chip, the flat coil of wire adhered to the old band between the main fitbit unit and the face of the old band.

Comes with all the tools and screws you need. Only sub-par part was the instruction page. More confusing than helpful. But changing the band is pretty intuitive.

I just had to watch a video from youtube to supplement the picture instructions. The sticker inside the original band didn’t look like the little red flag sort of picture in the directions. They are referring to the gold rectangular sticker. Just pay attention to the placement and peel from the white corner. I used the flat head screwdriver to lift it and place it on the new one.

The only thing more entertaining than the product itself is the poorly translated instructions from chinese.

Just one caution, the fitbit sits in a cradle which is part of the watch band. Don’t attempt to take the cradle out of the watchband. Rather take the fitbit out of the cradle and insert in the new watchband/cradle.

This product itself is fine, be careful to not loose the screws.

Exactly like my original band. There was nothing wrong with the product but the design of the original watch makes it difficult to extract the watch. I had a hard time taking my watch body out of the original band and slightly bent the side plastic clips on the watch body. There is a slight gap that is noticeable after installing in the new band. This is not the fault of new band but the very poor design of the hr 1. The instructions with the replacement band warned me that this was a tricky issue. The instructions could have been larger and had better illustrations that may have helped understand how to tackle the side clips on the hr1.

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I had a fit bit band break up on me. Replaced band with sleeve and it worked perfect. Band retainer broke and i replaced this only. Caused rash on arm and could not wear band. Ordered this band and no issues. Instructions when followed replaced band and i am completly satisfied.

The instructions are fairly easy to follow and i love that the kit came with all the necessary tools to replace the band. My only complaint is that the screen display makes everything a tiny bit darker than the original fitbit band, but it’s a very slight difference and i am still able to see everything on the display.

I was so sad because i’d worn out my charge hr and thought i was going to have to get a new one, there was bunch of bubbling all around the band. And the plastic screen over the top had a bunch of dings knocked out of the plastic. I’d kind of worn the thing to death. I dreaded the thought of shelling out over $100 for a new one, so i started looking for a fix and found out to my joy and amazement that the band is replaceable, so, for a few bucks, i risked getting this band and hooray. I had to wiggle it a bit to fit it in. But not only did it fix the band bubble problem, i discovered that all the broken bits on that had um. Kind of been smashed off by collisions, they weren’t the actual screen. The dings were just from the plastic cover over the screen.

Would not fit properly after installing my fitbit hr charge. ****update 4/27***company, wizvv, reached out to resolve the issue.

The fit is slightly off so i cant really use the side button to scroll through heart rate and steps,etc. Still cheaper than buying a new fitbit.

Also, it comes with four additional screws.

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