This fit my fitbit one perfectly. The only thing that stinks about it was that you needed to take the fitbit out of the wristband to charge it, so that became an issue trying to take it out and put it back in.

Even though they don’t sell the fitbit one anymore, i still have one that i love. The wrist bands let me wear my one and coordinate with what i’m wearing.

Nice band to use for sleep, instead of the one that is included with the fitbit one. The band is far more comfortable in my opinion then the velcro one you get from fitbit. My only down side is that you have to tuck the band in or under the other band , compared to how a watch band would overlap when fastened. This makes it a really weird and slight awkward when trying to put on. The snap is much easier to connect then the cheaper ones you see being sold , the big reason we gave these a try. My wife has had hers for a couple weeks now and it has never fallen off while sleeping. Fitbit does not recommend wearing the one on your wrist since it is calibrated to be worn in or on your pocket or on a bra. We have only worn during sleep and would recommend to anyone looking for a night time replacement from the larger velcro band.

It’s so much better than the last band i bought, which partially broke. It’s easy to get this adjusted, doesn’t come loose, and provides a secure fit.

I was worried about how this would change my step-count. It does increase my step count, i’m sure. I’ve been using a fit-bit for years and after three days of wearing it, i’ve had a much easier time hitting the 10k well before i typically would. However, i really like how this case works and fits and am going to adjust my baseline accordingly. It’s a great mid-way point until i can justify replacing my fitbit with a wearable. I have a tiny wrist (really tiny) and i still could tighten it two more notches if i needed. . I found a round item the same diameter as my wrist, put my fitbit in, and let the band form around it over night. After that, no more of the flat-wrist squishing feeling (because the fitbit is slightly wider than my wrist, this helped get the curve on the band a little more forgiving).

Fits my fitbit one perfectly. A little snug, but you want that so it doesn’t fall out; best way to insert the fitbit into the wristband is from the back side. My wrist is 6 1/2 inches (tape held snug against my wrist, but not tight enough to cut off circulation), and it fits on the very smallest notch. Because i use a walker frequently, i also strap it to my ankle; ankle is 8 1/4 inches, and it fits on the biggest notch, but it’s very snug. I tried it both on my wrist and my ankle, it tracked 50 steps on each accurately. Unfortunately the white one picks up color from *anything* it touches. I’ve added 2 pictures, one with flash and one without. The band is a night bright white, except for the places it apparently rubbed against my sheets (i’ve had them for about 2 years, so they shouldn’t be transferring color to anything at this point). So my nice, new band looks like it’s old and worn out. Aside from the color transfer, i’m happy with my purchase.

I’ve had the fitbit one for over 2 years now and i’ve honestly thought about upgrading to one of the newer models until i found this band. The one clip that comes with it breaks all the time, in fact fitbit has replaced it for me about 5 times. Perfect size for both big and small wrists. Would highly recommend if you want to have your fitbit on your wrist without upgrading.

This 4-star rating is based on the wristband’s quality and not accuracy of the device data while wearing it. The accuracy of the data has more to do with how the fitbit one was designed and has little to do with the construction of the wristband accessory. I will comment on the accuracy of the fitbit while using this device. No this is not the best option for 24 hr wear of the fitbit one, sadly this is a lesson i learned quickly. So those who want to save money by adapting their one, like me, will be disappointed. Simply put, it was never meant to be worn on the wrist while moving and doing so will give you inaccurate results. I was looking for a cheaper solution than buying a fitbit charge as wearing it on my bra and hip prevented me from being able to check it frequently. I realized after using it for 1 yr checking the app all the time got old and it eventually becomes ‘out of mind out of sight. ‘on the other hand, this wristband is pretty sturdy. I see from the photos that mine is a little different. I don’t see how one’s fitbit could fall out of this band. It hold it pretty snug and it securely fits with the wrap under connection (see photos). I have large wrist for a woman and i was able second notch.

  • Well Designed, but Only useful for Sleeping.
  • Fits well, but the white band absorbs colors.
  • great accessory, but a cpl of things I’ve noticed
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WoCase OneBand Fitbit One Accessory Wristband Bracelet Collection (2015 Lastest Version, Bundled or Single Band) and Rainbow Pack Fasteners(SOLD SEPARATELY) for Fitbit ONE Activity and Sleep Tracker (Turn Your Fitbit ONE into Wearable FLEX/FORCE/CHARGE, Gift Ready Retail Package)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • First wristband (patent pending) for Fitbit ONE activity tracker that turns your ONE into wearable Fitbit FLEX/FORCE/CHARGE.
  • 2016 Upgraded version. More secured, smaller, lighter. Lost proof design. Turn you Fitbit One into a watch.
  • Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with these brand new color choices.
  • Perfect fit for your Fitbit One activity tracker and comfortable wearing experience.30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Please note that the step count sensitivity of the tracker might be altered when worn on wrist depending on tightness. However, the trend of your daily activity will NOT be affected.

It seems to be a very handy little accessory for my fitbit. I have noticed that i do get an inflated active minutes/calories for the same number of steps previously to wearing the wristband, but i just take that into consideration. If i’m doing something that requires a lot of arm movements i’m training myself to stick it in my pocket, but it’s spot on for deliberate movement/exercise. I don’t wear it when i leave the house, just because i’m paranoid about losing my fitbit (i’ve been a fit bit wearer for almost 3 years, and have lost 80 lbs. Still 60 more to go) so i just pop it back into the hip clip when i’m out running errands. I do take the wrist band with me when i’m at the gym, because i am pretty conscious of it on my wrist. Overall if you use some common sense with some activities and keep a cpl things in mind, it’s a great additional/accessory.

Loved it when it first arrived. The fitbit one fits snuggly inside with no fear of it coming out. Is that i’ve only had it a week and it’s dirty looking with no way to clean it. I’ve tried to clean it with soap and water, wet wipes. No idea how to make it look better. :/ if i were to buy again i would go for the black.

The fitbit one fits snugly in the wristband. It will not come out easily so that’s a good safety feature. The adjustable band also stays secure and won’t pop off your wrist. The wristband does get dirty/ stained quite easily and the discoloration doesn’t come off. I bought the pink one and should’ve bought a darker color. So beware when purchasing the lighter colors. They are pretty but will look old and dirty after the first time you wear it no matter how careful you are with it.

The product is as advertised. It’s a little bit bulkier then i expected but i did want to wear the fitbit one on the wrist to prevent loss and this seems to do that job.

Nice product, but a little difficult for my 82 year old mother to get her fitbit one in and out of it, also a learning curve for her figuring out how to secure it to her wrist. But now that she’s used to it, she loves it, especially the color. I thought i ordered the light blue, but i must have ordered the turquoise/blue-green one instead, but she loves the color (she calls it tiffany blue), so all is good.

I love this band, very comfortable and i like being able to view my numbers while at work. I am a tall woman and my wrist (at the bony part) is 8′ so this band fits only on the largest setting, wish it could adjust a little longer to wear a little higher on my forearm. It does stay clasped right at the wrist, though. That’s not a deal-breaker because sizing trouble is par for the course with me. I would love to see more colors and designs.

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I has reservations about this before i purchased it but it’s been working like a charm for a couple months now. It’s a little bit bulky but not enough to be annoying (it only occasionally gets stuck putting coats on, getting dressed, etc). I like it and wear it more frequently these days instead of the one i got with purchase (the clip). It’s easier to see the time and i use it like a watch now. If it broke, i would purchase it again. Dislikes:-it comes unlatched frequently (thank goodness for the free band they sent with it. Otherwise i would have lost it by now)-sometimes it gives me a small blister. -it smells a little bit when i get really sweaty.

I love that i can now wear my fitbit one on my wrist. Thought i would like the hidden clip feature of the one, but find most days that not seeing my numbers easily defeats the incentive i seem to need. This accessory gives me the best of both worlds. I can have it hidden at times and on my wrist most of the time. The band is made of soft comfortable material and it holds the fitbit securely. The only negative i have is the color i chose. I went with white but it is more a butter cream color and not the bright white that is displayed on the picture. Still i am very happy with this purchase.

Wearing the fitbit one has been great but now i can wear it on my wrist, and that has made a huge difference with this wristband. This is the tracker with the most features from fitbit so i do not want to give it up and now i can wear it in style thanks to this oneband. It’s been almost a month since it arrived and started wearing daily and it feels very comfortable and there is no irritation to my skin (as i had with the flex, for example). I like the color selection also and the fact that i can chose between colors at any time depending on what clothes i am wearing. I am very happy with this purchase.

The wristband allowed me to carry the fitbit one on my wrist instead of just clipping it to my pants or gear. It looks and feels well built. This is actually my second one. The first one i bought eventually broke on me after about a year and few months of continued use.

This wrist band has a nice, tight fit around the one model. It seems to show marks pretty quickly. But, i would expect something worn on the wrist, all the time, to show some wear and tear. My wrist is 6 inchest in circumference. The smallest band setting has a little wiggle room for me. The color i ordered looked like the color of the picture provided on amazon.

I really liked the item but i suggest getting the darker colors. It’s comfortable to wear even when i sleep. I ordered the white wristband and found that it got dirty really quickly. It takes effort to clean it. I am accustomed to wearing swatch watches that you don’t need to clean often, other than polishing here and there. Since this is for exercise and everyday wear i found that the white band was almost useless because of how used/dirty it looks after frequent use. I ordered the vibrant pack and i’m expecting that i will use the black band the most. (i’ll update my review at a later time. ) if you order the white you should periodically, unless you want to clean it daily.

This fit bit one assessor he wristband fits great with the fit bit one. I got this for my son because i figured he take off a watch quicker than he would take off the zipper clip that was used for the fit bit one so that it wouldn’t get washed in the washer. I rely on reviews to help me make my purchasing decisions so i try to be helpful and true with my own reviews to help others.

These wristbands are good quality and work fine. However there are two problems. The plastic (rubber?) is not as flexible as the clip on style, making it a little more difficult to get the fit bit in and out of it. It exposes the fitbit to a lot more abuse and scratching potential than the clips when you wear the clip inside your waist pocket. If you wear your fitbit on your wrist be aware of the punishment it can take there.

I would really give this bracelet a 3. It is 100% better than the original sleep band with the velcro on it. It is pretty comfortable and definitely durable. At first it is tight to get the fitbit in and out of the bracelet, but it gets easier over time. My biggest complaint is putting it on. There is a little rubber band that goes around the two layers of the bracelet closure and it is a pain every time i have to take it off, but is even more frustrating whilst putting it on. They need to rethink the closure part of this bracelet.

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When i first received my wristband, i was ecstatic. It fit my fitbit perfectly, and it looked super sleek. I became upset that, after the first day of wearing it, it was already super dirty. It transfers dyes from shirts very easily. I should have figured this, but i expected that it would clean easily like an apple watch band. After numerous tries to clean my wristband, i pretty much gave up hope. The only reason this review doesn’t have one star is because when i contacted the sellers, they offered suggestions and offered to send a new one for free. I haven’t received this yet, but i have confidence that it will appear. Hopefully this one will be a better wristband.

This band is exactly what i wanted. I was contemplating buying a new fitbit to wear on my wrist and decided to explore whether a product like this existed and here it was. My fitbit one meets all my needs and i’ve had it since it first came out. Reasonably priced, fits securely and is easy to fasten on either wrist. I choose the gray which for me is the perfect neutral. I highly recommend this band.

I purchased this to replace the flimsy night time band that comes with the fitbit one and its great. Like other people have said, is a little tricky to place the fitibit on, but it stays put thru the night. I have even wore it during the day and it works great.

Better than using the cumbersome velcro wristband that fitbit provided for the one. However the “one size fits most” description by the seller doesn’t apply to small wrists because i’m a male with a medium size wrist and it’s much too big for my preference, and probably wouldn’t be small enough for many users. The loop-style mechanism is similar in concept to the apple watch design, but is not even close the the quality or function of the apple sport bands. I kept the band, but ordered another on amazon made by cikishield that is much better in every way.

I had originally posted this review: “nice but not very comfortable to wear. ” and was contacted by the company inquiring for more detail. I explained that i like the product and the color, etc. But it just did not fit my wrist comfortably. I have a large wrist, the bracelet sat on the boney protrusion from my wrist. They responded by issuing me a refund and will send an improved wristband when it is released later in the year. Pretty amazing customer service. I did not expect anything other than my own mistake. Thank you, wocase(i could not edit my previous review so it was removed and i’m reposting).

It holds my fitbit one securely and makes me look like one of the cool kids for much less $$$. 😉 stays on my wrist, unlike other models that come unclipped. It tracks my steps closely enough. If you’ve got a fitbit one and don’t want to worry about clipping it to something, forgetting about it, and sending it through the wash, this is the perfect accessory for you.

After the velcro on my wristband that came with my fitbit didn’t work anymore and i replaced it once already. I was looking for something else to wear as i sleep and this fit the bill. A bit hard to insert, but, after you do it once or twice you get the knack of it. It isn’t going anywhere, whereas my fitbit in the velcro wrist band would sometimes fall out during sleep. Lots of adjustments for the size of your wrist. Very comfortable, more so than the velcro kind for me.

Quality seems good, but of slightly different design than expected. The closure is the button kind–not buckle– and somewhat difficult to secure. Even on the smallest setting, it does not fit snugly on my wrist. I’m not a tiny person, but have somewhat slender wrists. I’ll keep it as a backup for older ones that are showing signs of wear.

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