I used a small chain to hook this to my bra. I didn’t like it as well as the clip because i could feel it moving.

It really is a choker length but it works very well. Flexible enough to get the fitbit in easily. I am going to affix one to my shoe for when i run.

Works great but based on a previous review i bought a longer chain. If the chain was longer i wound give it a 5.

The case itself is good, but the cord it comes with is not well made. While it was not terribly expensive, a better made cord would not cost that much more and be much better.

It seems to accurately count steps with its placement (i keep checking it). It stays on-even through a cedar point trip-steel vengeance, maverick, top thrill dragster. Only downside is you can’t really read it while wearing it, you have to pop it out. I think it’s worth it and i would recommend it.

Good quality, arrived on time, works great with fitbit one.

Nice as you can use fitbit one with a necklace as an option.

  • Great Solution for Fitbit
  • Serves its purpose well
  • Wonderful product for any Fitbit one owners.

WoCase Pendant Necklace (Classic Style) for Fitbit One (Best Gift for Fitbit One User) Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband Band Bracelet (One Size, Fits Most Wrist)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Best pendant (patent pending) for Fitbit One activity and sleep tracker.
  • Lost-proof Design and Stylish.
  • A new way to wear your One and personalize your One to match your daily style with these brand new color choices.
  • Perfect fit to your One tracker and comfortable wearing experience.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee.
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The case is excellent but the cord was way too short. I expected to be able to wear it under my clothes, in no way is a fitbit any sort of jewelry i want to display.

But i have a lanyard with an alligator clip that works wonderful as a replacementi love the darker colors and this product seems to fit well and secure with my fitbit one. I also purchased a zip sweatband case,in which i just pop on a case place in the sweatband,zip place around my ankle or wrist and im off.

These really fit the fitbit one well and they look great. They give you more options on the wearing.

I keep this attached to my work lanyard for days when i’m wearing dresses and can’t otherwise attach my fitbit.

It’s great to finally be able to wear my fit bit around my neck rather than on my wrist – it was always so ugly and unflattering as a bracelet. Anyway, the cord it comes with, as others have said, is pretty useless since it’s basically a choker. So i’ve strung mine on a long, silver chain and keep it tucked into my clothing so it doesn’t bounce around when i’m walking, exercising, etc. It seems to still track very accurately and the rubber case is easier to use and more pliable than the original one the fit bit came with. I’d give this five stars if it came with a usable neck cord.

We bought these for a friend and for ourselves (wife wanted a white one to wear under her shirt) because we liked this brand and are happy with the quality and durability.

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Wocase fits my fitbit perfectly and will be great when i don’t want to clip it.

The cord is the perfect length for me to wear with dresses and it’s fashionable enough to. I mean, it’s still a sporty look, but at least i still get credit for my steps.

The length of the necklace is short but i wasn’t planning on using the one it came with anyway. I put it on a long necklace with no problem. No worries of it falling off. I have the magnetic kind too and those fly off me when i get close to a lard metal cabinet.

The silicone holder is really nice but the necklace is far too short for anyone that’s not petite. If the fitbit one was shower proof, it would be ok, but taking it off or out of the holder daily is a bit of a hassle when it’s so short.

Item is exactly as advertised and designed to fit the fitbit one perfectly. I received mine this morning, hung it on a chain, and went for my usual daily walk. I received results consistent with wearing the fitbit in a pocket clip, both in terms of steps taken and stairs climbed. If you’re looking for a pendant case for your fitbit, i can recommend this product. I’m giving this product 4-stars rather than 5 because the included necklace is very short, the product would be better served by having a short, mid-length, and long string included.

The only negative thing for me is that the clasp is small and hard for me to work.

The necklace cord sent with it was too short, so i swiped one from another necklace. I also put a split ring on the bail of the cover, and puta jump ri ng on that so the fitbit would lay right. This is so much easier for me (and on my clothes) than trying to clamp my fitbit one on my shirt or pocket. I used a 10mm split ring for the bail, and a small (3-4mm) jump ring on the split ring. No tools required, but fingernails help.

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Favorite way to wear my fitbit. I feel that my fitbit is totally secure in this pendant case;.