Cute portable carrier, but the cord wss smaller than thought.

Fits my fitbit perfectly but it is a little heavy to wear around my neck. Not sure if this is a keeper or not.

I like the pendant for my fitbit but the necklace didn’t give me total trust in knowing that it would be secure on my neck. The necklace is about 20′ not including the pendant but i lost one fitbit to a necklace that claim to be durable. I may put the pendant on a regular chain/necklace and go from there, but for now, i will continue to wear my wristband.

It is small and cord is small, it is easy to hide under clothing. The fitbit is nice and tight in the pendent. I could not stand it on my wrist so i stick it around neck. I wish the pendent was prettier though.

Great product for fitbit flex first generation.

I bought this to use as a keychain so i won’t be commenting on the necklace as it went directly into the trash. Because most of the product photos are renders of the product i had the false impression that the case was plastic. I did wonder how i’d get the flex into the case but didn’t think much of it, and no photos or renders of the back are provided so i imagined it just slide into the top. It is not hard plastic, it’s soft silicone softer than what the original bracelet is made of. When it’s in my pocket it picks up lint just like the older soft silicone phone cases that no one really likes so they stopped making. Another issue is the the window on the case doesn’t’ match the location of the lights on the flex. It’s a few millimeters off so that the lights are partially covered by the case. It doesn’t’ really effect the use of the case it’s just annoying when you pay $8 for $. 05 worth of molded silicone that it doesn’t even line up correctly. The lights on the product photos that aren’t renders were obviously photoshopped on because they are in the right position and are way too bright.

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Key specs for WoCase Pendant Necklace (Classic Style) for Fitbit Flex (Best Gift for Fitbit Flex User) Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband Band Bracelet (One Size, Fits Most Wrist):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lost-proof Design and Stylish. Best pendant (patent pending) for Fitbit Flex activity and sleep tracker.
  • To open the clasp, push the two pices of the clasp toward each other until there is no gap between them, then twist the two pieces in the opposite direction (While pushing them toward each other.

Comments from buyers

“Good Option for Daytime Wear
, Using it as a keychain. Works OK but is soft silicone and attracts tons of lint.
, Necklace on this pendant is Okay but NO Guarantees

I purchased the wocase pendant necklace for my fitbit flex (original version – not flex2), to give me alternate wearing options for my device. First, let me speak to how the pendant necklace works as a holder for the fitbit flex device. The pendant was a perfect fit for my fitbit flex (again – i have the original fitbit flex and not the newer flex2). The lights on the fitbit aligned with the display window on the pendant with no trouble (some reviewers said otherwise, but i had no issues). I’m not a huge fan of the necklace cord closure, but i was able to open/close it following the provided directions, so it works. I also found i could easily attach the pendant to a c-clip or keychain circle for wearing on a lanyard, keychain, or even clipped to a belt loop. The color of the pendant was true to what i ordered, and while the material is pliable (so you can pop the device in and out), i didn’t find it to be too soft or ‘tacky’ feeling. Next, let me speak to my fitbit’s performance while using the pendant instead of the wristband that came with my device. I noticed a slight difference in step counts when wearing my fitbit in the pendant versus in device wristband, but not enough to be a concern. Plus, it was nice to have a wearing option other than just the wristband (the wristband isn’t uncomfortable, but a break is nice).

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Works fine but case is kind of small.

Pendant fit the fitbit great. The lights are all fully visible through the slit.

Instead of using it at a necklace it i put it on an opening o-ring and clip it to my work badge, keys, or belt loop. The step count is a little less but not so much where it drastically changes what it would be when the fitbit is worn on my wrist.

Very happy i found these fitbit pendant holders. I prefer them over the regular bands in hot weather. They don’t get sweaty and grimey like the bands do in the heat.

I really love the pendant option for my tracker. Sometimes the wrist clasp gets caught and i’ve dropped it a few times, however, the pendant is out of the way and still tracks successfully. It allows me the freedom to wear a watch or another bracelet if i so desired.